Chic Modern Oasis
Lush, green, and private, this modern oasis connects you to nature. Impeccably decorated, the serene estate recently underwent a renovation that left the interior with a sleek, natural palette, textured accent rugs, artful fixtures, and soft wooden décor. Located in the heart of East Hampton, you’re just a short 5-minute drive away from town where you’ll find beaches, lakes, and verdant vineyards. A multitude of windows set the interior ablaze during the brightest times of day, exuding a light and airy atmosphere. Flowing common spaces connect to the rest of the home; there are plenty of seating areas to gather around with the whole crew or to intimately converse in a small group. Sumptuous, sugar-white sofas invite you to take a seat in front of the roaring living room fireplace—perhaps with a cup of hot cocoa in hand? From the mahogany deck, stroll down the landscaped backyard to reach the heated saltwater pool.  The 2-acre property features its own trails that wind their way through a dense forest. Endless beach shorelines, swaying ocean tides, and a lush nature reserve are less than 2 miles north; a tranquil walk or jog from the house. Rent a bike in nearby Amagansett and cycle around to various museums, parks, and squares. A trip to Sag Harbor will complete your stay with a selection of seaside restaurants serving the freshest fare and local wines.  Copyright © Luxury Retreats. All rights reserved. BEDROOM & BATHROOM First floor • Bedroom 1 - Master: King size bed, Ensuite bathroom with stand-alone shower, Walk-in closet, Television • Bedroom 2: Queen size bed, Ensuite bathroom with shower/bathtub combo, Television • Bedroom 3: 3 Twin size beds, Ensuite bathroom with stand-alone shower Ground floor • Bedroom 4: Queen size bed, Access to hallway bathroom with stand-alone shower, Television, Private balcony • Bedroom 5: Double size bed, Twin size bed, Access to hallway bathroom with stand-alone shower, Television Additional Bedding • Spare Room: Sofa bed FEATURES & AMENITIES • Fully equipped kitchen with breakfast bar • Dishwasher • Ice maker • Formal dining area with seating for 8 • Wood-burning fireplace • Wi-Fi • Cable television • Central air conditioning • Heating • Washer/Dryer • Iron/Ironing board OUTDOOR FEATURES • Terrace • Salt-water swimming pool - heating included • Barbecue • Alfresco dining with seating for 8 • Outdoor furniture • Parking - 4 spaces STAFF & SERVICES Extra Cost (advance notice may be required): • Pre-stocking • Activities and excursions • Private chef • Spa services • Housekeeping • Airport transfer
每晚 $900
Deep Woods Dwelling
Pick a book from the library and find a shady spot under a tree at this secluded Hamptons house in Amagansett. Wander the gardens and sip your morning tea while the kids splash around in the pool. Later, take some time for yourself in the sauna or catch a flick in the media room. Then, head out for a fresh lobster dinner followed by drinks at a hotel bar on East Hampton’s bustling Main Street.  Nestled into the woods, this traditional shingle house shows off authentic Hamptons style from the peaked roof to the hardwood floor. Inside, you’ll appreciate beachy-vibes, with a relaxing color palette, plenty of natural sunlight, and a breezy, open-concept layout. If you’re keeping with work, or working out, there’s a cozy library/office and a state of the art home gym. Outside, gather the group for a barbecue and grill up something fresh from the Farmer’s Market. After, sip cocktails around the fire pit or move the party inside to try your luck at the poker table.  Start the next morning on the beach. In Amagansett, you’ll have a few options. If you’re traveling with kids, the roped-off beach at Albert’s Landing is best for swimming. If you’re looking for a spot to rent an umbrella, work on your tan, or hang out at the bar, Atlantic Beach is the spot. Later, walk the Jackson Pollock paint-splattered floors of Pollock-Krasner House on a guided tour.  Copyright © Luxury Retreats. All rights reserved. BEDROOM & BATHROOM • Bedroom 1 - Master: King size bed, Ensuite bathroom with jetted bathtub/shower combo, Walk-in closet, Television, Desk • Bedroom 2: King size bed, Ensuite bathroom with stand-alone shower, Television • Bedroom 3: King size bed, Access to hallway bathroom with shower/bathtub combo, Television • Bedroom 4: King size bed, Shared access to hallway bathroom with bedroom 5, Stand-alone shower, Television, Desk • Bedroom 5: Queen size bed, Shared access to hallway bathroom with bedroom 4, Stand-alone shower, Television, Desk Additional Bedding • Spare Room: Double size sofa bed FEATURES & AMENITIES • Fully equipped kitchen with breakfast bar • Dishwasher • Ice maker • Formal dining area with seating for 12 • Wi-Fi • Smart TV • Cable television • Integrated sound system • Gym • Sauna • Wood-burning fireplace • Heating • Washer/Dryer • Iron/Ironing board OUTDOOR FEATURES • Terrace • Swimming pool - heating at extra cost, pool available between Memorial Day to Labor Day • Barbecue • Alfresco dining with seating for 8 • Fire pit • Driveway parking - 8 spaces STAFF & SERVICES Extra cost (advance notice may be required): • Private chef • Housekeeping • Laundry service • Villa pre-stocking • Airport transfer • Activities & excursions LOCATION Points of Interest • 5 minute drive to Main Street East Hampton • 10 miles to Sag Harbor Golf Course • 11 miles to Bridgehampton • 12 miles to Sag Harbor Beach Access • 3 minute drive to Fresh Pond Park • 7 minute drive to Napeague Ocean Beach • 7 minute drive to Indian Wells Beach Airport • 8.6 miles to East Hampton Airport (HTO) • 97 miles to John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
每晚 $1,392
Meadow Estate
Contemporary vaulted villa near Flying Point Beach
每晚 $1,100



Beautiful Bridgehampton
每晚 $5,500
Contemporary Waterfront Paradise
每晚 $9,000
Southampton Historic
每晚 $4,000
Amagansett Beach House
每晚 $2,714
Stylish Wainscott Shingle
每晚 $1,643
Southampton Charm
每晚 $2,242
Georgica Pond Grandeur
每晚 $1,946
Skimhampton Road
每晚 $4,071
Wooded Oasis in Southampton
每晚 $2,400
Southampton Village Luxury bike to ocean beaches
每晚 $1,000
Erica's Lane
每晚 $8,404
Bridgehampton Gem
每晚 $6,142


正在计划汉普顿度假之旅? 我们来帮您!

忍受不了曼哈顿夏季 30 度的高温和超过 150 万挥汗如雨的人?难怪从五月到十月,纽约的有钱人一有机会就跑到汉普顿,回到那些因价格高昂(全美最贵)而引人瞩目的度假房产中。风景如画的村庄沿着长岛南叉半岛(South Fork)的东端铺陈开来,带着新英格兰风情的木瓦房顺着道路连成一片,农贸市场和平价海鲜餐厅点缀在其间,提醒人们如今的高端度假胜地有着耕作和捕鱼的过往。而宽阔的大西洋海滩、连绵起伏的葡萄园和蓬勃发展的艺术社区也是这座上流精品「游乐场」吸引人的地方。


汉普顿的空间感和多风天气中的壮丽风景长期以来吸引着艺术家们的目光。他们向长岛东端蜂拥而来,远离纽约拥挤的阁楼,从野外的美丽风光中汲取灵感。19 世纪末,美国印象派艺术家们在这里建立了工作室;20 世纪中叶,来自纽约学校(New York School)的艺术家也都来到了这里,其中就包括如今大名鼎鼎的罗伊·利希滕斯坦、威廉·德·库宁和伊莱恩·德·库宁。

这群人中最著名的大概是杰克逊·波洛克及其涂满油彩的巨型画布。如果您去东汉普顿,还可以参观他创作抽象表现主义杰作时所居住的房子。1945 年,波洛克与同为艺术家的李·克拉斯纳成婚,从纽约搬到了汉普顿。这座房子现今是波洛克-克拉斯纳之家和研究中心,而波洛克曾挥毫泼墨的谷仓仍然见证着他的创造力——这座工作室的地面保留着他在 1946 年至 1952 年期间创作《秋韵》《汇聚》《蓝杆》等作品时留下的潦草滴彩痕迹。

在更往西的 Water Mill,帕里什美术馆(Parrish Art Museum)收藏了 2600 多幅美国印象派风景画,时间跨度从 19 世纪初一直到 20 世纪和 21 世纪。这座博物馆于 1898 年由纽约律师 Samuel Longstreth Parrish 创立,用于保管他收藏的意大利文艺复兴时期的油画和雕塑。博物馆最初位于南安普敦一座 19 世纪后期建造的房屋中,但在 2012 年,它搬迁到现在这座由赫尔佐格和德梅隆设计的建筑中并重新开放。这座巨大的谷仓式建筑拥有 1130 平方米左右的展览空间,用于陈列博物馆的藏品(大部分是美国艺术品);其中还设有咖啡馆和开放体验工作室,孩子们可以在展品的启发下创作自己的作品。


说到孩子,东部地区也有很多适合家庭的体验活动。位于南安普敦的 Hank's Farmstand 和位于 Water Mill 的 Pumpkintown 将大乡村农场与玉米和南瓜主题乐园结合起来,适合在夏季和秋季前去体验。在 Farmstand,您可以采摘甜玉米、树莓和苹果,还有当地农产品可供购买。 到了秋天,Pumpkintown 会变成一片橙色的海洋,并会开展丰富多彩的活动项目,包括高大的玉米墙迷宫、马车和拖拉机小火车之旅、套小牛、挤奶体验、鸭子和小猪赛跑等等。此外,还有热气腾腾的黄油烤玉米和令人欲罢不能的美味苹果酒甜甜圈。

如果想要参加一些既有趣又有教育意义的活动,不妨把小家伙们带去南叉半岛自然历史博物馆和自然中心。那里设有海洋沙盘,孩子们可以了解栖息在当地水域中的动物,摸一摸海星、螃蟹、海胆和海螺。馆外是五彩斑斓的自然蝴蝶和野生花卉花园,占地 2.7 公顷的葡萄种植园保护区就在博物馆旁边,游客可以在大自然中徒步,探索 Long Pond Greenbelt 全长约 10 公里的步道,绕过相互连接的池塘,在满是稀有动植物的树林和湿地间穿行。


汉普顿是桃红葡萄酒的主场,长岛日益繁荣的葡萄酒产业满足了夏季度假者们的酒瘾。Croteaux Vineyard 位于北叉半岛历史悠久的绍斯霍尔德镇,是美国唯一一座将全部产量投入生产桃红酒的葡萄园。不妨去它的品酒屋看看,那里通往一处美丽的庭院,提供这种以普罗旺斯为灵感的自酿葡萄酒。不过动作要快,在本年存货销售一空之后,这座酒庄就会关闭,到来年的葡萄酒季才会重新开放。

萨加波纳克(Sagaponack)的 Wolffer Estate & Vineyard 是另一处顶级葡萄栽培胜地。这座曾是马铃薯农场的庄园供应屡获殊荣的葡萄酒,适合周五傍晚前来,站在夕阳照耀下的露天酒架旁,俯瞰庄园美景,享受现场音乐,小酌 Summer in a Bottle Rosé 桃红酒、 Noblesse Oblige 气泡酒或 Wolffer Cuvee 苹果酒,开启愉快的周末时光。


无论您是在炎热的夏天来汉普顿,享受海滩,在盛产鱼类的海边品尝大餐(Coopers Beach 和东汉普顿主海滩都是绝佳选择);还是在农产品丰收的秋天前来,准备大快朵颐一番;汉普顿总有一处适合您的城镇、乡村或世外桃源。





Water Mill 房源

Water Mill 是一座较小的村庄,也是一处坐落在南安普敦和东汉普顿道路之间的宁静世外桃园。我们在 Water Mill 度假屋是一处风景优美的避世之所,您可以在这里的私人球场打网球,在泳池边小酌一杯清凉的桃红葡萄酒、尽情放松,或是在蒸气房中坐下来、偷得浮生半日闲。