“Nearby shopping center with many local and international restaurant options in the food court. Vegeatarian options available in restaurant named "Crepes and Waffles".”
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“Caronlina Park is like the timesquare but little, you can make some exercise like running or make some bicycle, also you have sport courts, but one thing you have to visit is the botanic garden inside the park.”
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“-Bungalow is perfect for dancing and having huge fishbowls with different cocktails -Finn McCool's Irish Pub it´s perfect to have some beers before you go out to party ”
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“ok so this Virgin with Wings is the one that takes care of Quito, go pay the visit and enjoy the views of the city, from north to south. - and the andes all around.”
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“At this movie theater, you get the latest movies on the market. The theater has the latest sounds and seats available. Great place to go. ”
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Sublocality Level 1
“Best preserved historic center of Latin America filled with churched embedded in gold!”
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“Movies, Dance, Ballet and theatre shows. Plenty free options too. and museum ”
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“Really close if you grab a taxi no more than $3 per ride. Emblematic cultural place and incredible architecture.”
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“ 世界上位于赤道线上的国家有十多个:印度尼西亚、瑙鲁、基里巴斯、厄瓜多尔、哥伦比亚、巴西、圣多美和普林西比、加蓬、刚果(布)、刚果(金)、乌干达、肯尼亚、索马里、马尔代夫。  但用“赤道”命名的国家就只有“厄瓜多尔”(Ecuador--西班牙文原意是赤道),因为在厄瓜多尔的首都基多以北27公里有一个被联合国教科文组织确认是世界上最准确的赤道标记,被称为“赤道纪念碑”,也被厄瓜多尔人叫做“地球的中心”,是外国游人的必到之处。该碑建成于1982年8月9日。  碑顶设有瞭望台,站在碑顶平台上可以远眺安第斯山区的风光。 ”
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“Perfecto see some beautiful handcrafted items ecuador has very talented artisans, perfect to get some good price souvenirs ”
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“ La Compañía de Jesús is Quito’s most ornate church and a standout among the baroque splendors of the Old Town. Including its Moorish elements, perfect symmetry (right down to the trompe l’oeil staircase at the rear), symbolic elements (bright-red walls are a reminder of Christ’s blood) and its syncretism (Ecuadorian plants and indigenous faces are hidden along the pillars). Construction on this marvelously gilded Jesuit church began in 1605 but wasn't completed for another 160 years; the main altarpiece alone took 20 years (former president Gabriel García Moreno is buried here). The made-in-the-USA organ is circa 1889. Check out the chiaroscuro-style series of paintings called the 16 Prophets by Nicolás Javier de Goríbar and the large canvas Hell and Final Judgement from 1879 – it's still a mystery what happened to the original, painted by Hermano Hernando de la Cruz in 1620. Quiteños proudly call it the most beautiful church in the country, and it’s easy to see why.”
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“在基多Morales和Rocafuerte交叉路口,有一幢看上去比较不错的建筑,这就是免费参观的基多城市博物馆(Museo de la Ciudad)。该建筑已被联合国教科文组织指定为世界文化遗产,1995年,政府使用与原有建筑相同的材料,对受损的区域进行了修复,并于1998年正式成立。 博物馆的前身是距今有400多年历史,占地10200平方米的圣胡安迪奥斯(Hospital San Juan de Dios)医院。当时是这里的第一家医疗机构,它独门独院,石刻精细,古香古色,其最大的亮点是使用古石在露台上建造的多立克式柱廊、石头门廊和石铺。医院前医生们收集的显示医院历史的大大小小各种物件,在这里得到了有效的保存,博物馆专门设有一个展馆展出这些物品。 除此之外,博物馆还有其他三大藏品,总共10个展馆,四周是修复车间和办公室。这里的每件藏品都反映了基多的历史、文化、生活和风俗。博物馆会定期展出这些藏品,常设的有“16-19世纪基多的历史”和被称为“一个新的社会秩序突破:十九世纪基多”两个主题展览会。据说,隐藏在基多旧城几千座大大小小的博物馆等历史建筑中,最能全面展现基多城市历史风貌的就是这座基多城市博物馆,所以它是基多市民的骄傲。 漫步其间,仿佛走进了平常生活中一个古老的建筑庭院,没有一点医院的感觉,走累了坐在椅子上小憩,微风轻拂,凉爽惬意,当天没有主题活动,院子里很安静,人们悄然地了解着基多的传统与变迁。出了博物馆的后门,台阶连着大马路,马路的对面就是面包山,远远的便可以看见山上那座巨大的圣母玛利亚塑像(Monumento a la Virgen de Quito)。 ”
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“trails with really forest like trees. you can book a spot to have a bbq and the park also has some pretty nice view points. ”
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“Colonial Center with exquisite arquitecture, plazas, churches, museums and lovely courtyards. ”
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“-Enter to the towers of the biggest gothic church of South America. -You can go by walking.”
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“The oldest mall in the city. It has a supermarket (for groceries and almost everything you could need), a cinema, a food mart (small budget restaurants), a theater, and a lot of stores for everything you could need.”
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“这是一小段位于山坡上,连错车都很困难的狭窄街道,路面由鹅卵石铺砌,街道两旁有10来家专供人们休闲、娱乐观景的咖啡厅、小酒吧,其中属CAFE MOSAICO开的最早,食物最地道,名气也最大,所以这里生意火爆,如果不是提前进行了预约,需排队等上1-2小时。  仅看字母,酒吧的名字前有“咖啡”的字样,但却不是咖啡厅,也不完全是仅卖酒的酒吧,实际上是一个特色美食餐厅。餐厅只有两层楼,进门一楼的右侧是操作间,大厅在左前方,最里面靠近窗子处是个小舞台。每天晚上8点半有小型的演出,节目主要以当地人的弹唱为主,此时正值新年,因此餐厅的布置具有浓浓的节日氛围。由于我们提前3天进行了预定,所以不需要等待,侍者直接把我们带到了2楼靠着阳台的位置。 来的早,客人还不算很多,点上餐厅最具特色的巧克力咖啡、热甜酒等饮品,站在阳台上边喝边欣赏着从白天到夜晚,一直变幻着的基多美景。夜幕降临华灯初上时,山谷中的基多仿佛披上了一件由一块块金子拼成的火色外衣,与漫天的彩霞相互映衬,愈发显得梦幻与迷离。 ”
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“NOE a sushi Ecuadorian place and the restaurants on the zone are a most. Great atmosphere at night. More info at www.noesushibar.com ”
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“The best Pub with a lot of local Craft Beer you never find in other places. They also serve german sausages. ”
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“Good food with an even better view. Go at sunset and watch the city lights turn on or go at night and view the city lights! - Ecuadorian and American food - AMAZING View over the city with outside rooftop patio. -$$”
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“One of the nicest places to have a dink in Quito. Nice people and not that expensive.”
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“It´s a nice place to have dinner and a drink. The food is good and the view amazing. Un buen lugar para comer y tomar algo. La comida es buena y la vista increible. ”
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“El ambiente y la comida es excelente... Si te gusta la comida Mexicana esta es un excelente opción, y queda a 1 cuadra de mi departamento.”
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“Its so good chef comes to your table, customize your order .. omg its great!”
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