To eat with locals, in local places called "Huecas", good local food, to pay them straight for the food, it is the best way for me to show you my culture. (VEGETARIANS ARE WELCOME, ask me for my wonderful vegetarians route) This is "not one usual food tour", because my main goal is to allow visitors to immerse themselves in Quito´s life and it's local gastronomy. I find the best foodie spots in an awesome, Anthony Bourdain´s style walking tour. In our capital city of Quito, a Hueca stands for a boutique, frequently family-run eatery, which offers quality dishes and beverages, often with the unique twist of a secret family style. It’s a very vibrant part of Quito's culinary stage. I’m extending my heartfelt invitation for you to join us and sincerely hope you will find these special places to be irresistible. They offer a rich history and have fascinating stories to share. So... Ready to be one of us? In my point of view, if you are not clouse to the locals, You didn´t experience one culture... Remember that you have to pay for your food, but it's not even 10 extra dollars for everything.
Immerse yourself in the largest and best-preserved eucalyptus forest for an unforgettable adventure filled with flora and fauna. + Hike to awesome viewpoints that offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and volcanoes. ~Capture the awe-inspiring scenes, a dream come true for photography enthusiasts ! + After that you will embark on a trip with the iconic animals of the Ecuadorian mountains: llamas... ! >> Enjoy the unique flavors of Ecuador with a delightful vegetarian lunch. This adventure is offered in English and Spanish. » As the expedition concludes, descend through another trail, appreciating the vastness of this giant forest. ✓ Don't let this opportunity pass you by!
If you are passing by this listing. Then you have just found the right person! 331 tours at this location done and counting up. If you could check any departure date that fits on your plans where to join others will be highly appreciate it. Due to the hard drive. We want to prioritize time and recourses. (Only if possible if not that's ok) We start at 7 am. We won't enter to the Cotopaxi national park using the regular way all travel companies do but we will do it on our way out in order to cover more space. Passing through 3 volcanoes PASOCHOA, RUMIÑAHUI and SINCHOLAGUA going through the real AVENUE OF THE VOLCANOES Driving around a beautiful agricultural area with amazing views until we get to the Park rangers North Control just before we arrive to our first part of the experience. The HORSEBACK RIDING will be inside the Cotopaxi national park all along the meadows and high grass hills. After this experience, we will drive for about half hour until the parking lot located on the 14800 feet or 4700 mts above sea level from where the hike to the BASE CAMP will start. After 50 minutes hike, we will get to our objective the base camp where we will enjoy a hot chocolate or coca tea to celebrate our summit. (If not interested on this hard hike experience, we can choose a soft option around LIMPIOPUNGO LAGOON down in the meadows area. We will start coming back to Quito.
Hi! We are Jorge & Jose ¡We are doing a lot and you will never be rushed! Pick up and drop off from your location if applicable. ∆ MITAD DEL MUNDO ( equator line) Here, We will visit the real equator line. We will have here a very interesting museum guided tour for about 1 hour tour where you will get some interesting introduction tour our history and why this line is very representative to our country. ∆ TELEFÉRICO (CABLE CAR) We will ascend by cable car to the 13000 ft or 4000 mts and once there we will take a short walking to next stop. ∆ SWING IN THE CLOUDS Taking photos from this spot will be a highlight. ∆ BASILICA DEL VOTO NACIONAL We are climbing to the towers with amazing views inside the biggest neogothic church in south America. ∆ LUNCH A local Menu option will be provided during one of the stops. ∆ HISTORICAL DISTRICT Once here we will walk around some of the most beautiful areas around the old town of Quito Listed below: ∆ Independence square ∆ President's palace (outside) ∆ El Sagrario church (inside) ∆ La compañía church (outside) ∆ Central bank (outside) ∆ San Francisco Square & Church (inside) ∆ CHOCOLATE TASTING. We are having a taste of the best dark chocolate in the world. ∆ KEEP IN MIND THAT ∆ *Tickets NOT INCLUDED.
This experience is perfect for those who don't like the usual scripted, rushed, and expensive tours. Quito is bursting with stories, scandals, and drama, just like in soap operas. We'll dive into these stories as we walk through the city. We'll start at the Basilica del Voto Nacional, where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the city — a great place for a selfie or a new cover photo. I'll also share our first conspiracy theory here. Then, we'll head to Calle de las 7 Cruces and visit my family's house in the historic district, which has been in our family for nearly 300 years. You'll get to try some amazing chocolate and look around this old colonial house while I tell you about the city's food and architecture and share stories that have happened within these walls, including a real ghost story. Next, we'll go to Plaza Grande, or Freedom Square, where you'll learn about the revolutions that changed Latin America. Standing in the Colonial city center, you'll see the Spanish architectural influence and hear stories about romance, life lessons, and even some gossip about former presidents. Our last stop is La Compañía, or The Golden Church. Here, you'll be surrounded by incredible art and hear stories of miracles.
Transforma una semilla de cacao en la mejor aventura para tus cinco sentidos: <> Prepara chocolate de forma artesanal desde la semilla del cacao hasta el más delicioso chocolate 100%. Esto incluye: tostado de la semilla en un tiesto de barro, pelado de la semilla y molienda de la semilla en un tradicional molino de piedra. <> Cosecha frutas exóticas y diversas plantas medicinales directamente desde mi jardín y fusiónalas con el chocolate fresco para crear la mejor experiencia para tu paladar. Prepararemos chocolate que lo mezclaré con 7 sabores <> Disfruta de una relajante exfoliación de manos en una increíble chocoterapia, mientras te deleitas de un ancestral té de cacao tostado o una taza de chocolate caliente. <> Concluye tu gran experiencia brindando por la vida con un excepcional coctel de chocolate y frutas exóticas. En Ecuador amamos el cacao y todo el proceso que atraviesa para convertirse en el gran chocolate, de esta experiencia obtendrás los siguientes beneficios: - El cacao en todas sus presentaciones es alto en antioxidantes, alivia el estrés, disminuye los niveles de colesterol e incluso funciona como diurético. - Podrás disfrutar de una inmersión cultural con personas apasionadas por compartir lo mejor de sí mismas con los demás. ¡Estamos seguros de que es una experiencia inolvidable! *** Esta experiencia puede ser vegana o vegetariana a elección.
Cooking class at a Colonial House with a professional Chef
There's no better way to understand a culture than by cooking in a kitchen where the city's history and its people come together. You'll dive into the history of my family's home, which has been in our lineage for seven generations, while you learn to cook two quintessential dishes of Quiteño culture. These recipes have been passed down from my late grandfather and grandmother. We use only local and organic ingredients to support local businesses. You'll make Canelazo, a traditional beverage, without liquor, and empanadas de viento, which are fried dough pastries filled with cheese, both from scratch. While we wait for everything to cook, we'll also enjoy a chocolate tasting. Finally, you'll get to eat and drink what you've made while we share our culture. Note: If you are vegan or vegetarian, we will happily accommodate your dietary preferences by using alternative fillings for the empanadas and appropriate ingredients for the dough. Just let us know when you book your experience!
Leave the typical touristy food tour behind and join us on these 5 HUECAS "hole on the wall" along The Floresta, Guapulo and Vicentina neighborhoods. Note: 4 kls (2.5 miles) walking distance in total but with delicius breaks. Our Experience will start from our meeting point: at flags sticks at Swiss Hotel (12 de Octubre and Luis Cordero streets). A perfect combination between Hidden restaurants and Street food places. 1 stop: (APPETIZER): * We will have 2 Ecuadorian typical snacks here. 2nd Stop: (MAIN DISH): * A very traditional dish from the Coast region. 3rd Stop: (DESSERT): * A vegan ice cream (dark chocolate & passion fruit) 4th Stop: (DRINK): * Quito's typical hot cocktail with a great view. 5th Stop: (YAPA / Kichwa word for bonus): We will make an stop by a traditional PARK full of street food options to eat empanadas. You can stay at the end of this tour in this street food park if interested on trying more food if you still had space on your stomach. Haha. Our experience let you have a closeup view of our delicious culinary.
Papallacta Hot Springs, a paradisiacal place, where you will live a relaxing and unparalleled experience. We will leave Quito towards Papallacta, in a journey of approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. We will visit a trail of the Cayambe-Coca National Park, here we will find a long river with some beautiful waterfalls and incredible landscapes with endemic flora. Later, we will visit the Papallacta Hot Springs; which are thermal pools that will provide you with health and well-being due to their medicinal and relaxing properties My service includes transportation and guidance, but does not include entrance fees at Termas de Papallacta. These hot springs have a value of $10 dollars for Adults
Juega Cuarenta:深入了解厄瓜多尔纸牌游戏传统
Experience the heart and soul of Ecuadorian traditions by joining us in a captivating card game session where you'll learn to play "40," a beloved Ecuadorian card game. Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of this classic game, passed down through generations, as we guide you through every exciting twist and turn. You'll be guided step by step through the rules, strategies, and intricacies of "40." Learn how to form runs and groups, draw from the pile, and create winning combinations. Whether you're a novice or have some experience, no worries, we will be patiente and ensure everyone feels comfortable and engaged. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of "40" as you play alongside fellow participants. Engage in friendly competition, trade tips, and experience the thrill of going out with a winning hand! Whether you're a solo traveler, a couple seeking a unique date night, or a group of friends eager to try something new, our "Learn to Play 40" experience promises an unforgettable journey into Ecuadorian culture. Join us and take home not only cherished memories but also a newfound skill that you can share and enjoy for years to come. Book your spot now and let the cards reveal the magic of Ecuador's rich cultural heritage. Vamos a jugar! (Let's play!)
*This experience starts with two people and above, if you are traveling solo please contact the host before booking * On this walking tour you will go past come of the most interesting and famous places in the old town, Quito Historic Center is a world heritage site declared by the UNESCO and offers a whole range of interesting buildings, places and activities. The tour starts at ‘'Basilica of de National Vote" biggest neogothic church of Latin America, waking down to Camilo Egas art museum, the next stop is the traditional paila ice cream where you will taste more than 7 fruit flavors at ¨San Agustin ice cream shop¨ with 150 years of tradition, walk a little and visit the Independence Plaza also known as ¨Plaza Grande¨, the next stop is "The Society of Jesus Church" most beautiful religious temple of Latin America and 1st place you need visit in Quito, afterwards have lunch on a traditional restaurant ¨San Ignacio¨, walk to ¨San Francisco Church and convent¨ oldest church of Quito known as Escorial of the New World, then visit Yumbos Chocolate to taste dark chocolate and our final stop will be ¨La Ronda Street¨ center of fun and traditions and picturesque street to take photos or visit shops of traditional toys, handicrafts etc. Important: * Be with 10 minutes in advance of the tour. * Tickets for churches are not included. * Lunch is not included
Tour Monumento Mitad del Mundo, Museo y Volcán Pululahua
Combo de 3 lugares más visitados Sector Mitad del Mundo La recogida será de tu hospedaje siempre te encuentres ubicado en el Centro o Norte de Quito. Al finalizar el Tour de igual manera te dejaremos en tu hospedaje :) ✔️MITAD DEL MUNDO (Entrada Incluida) a 30 minutos de la ciudad de Quito (Entrada Incluida al Parque), Tiempo aproximado de 2 horas para que puedas recorrer todo el parque. ✔️MUSEO MITAD DEL MUNDO INTIÑAN (Entrada Incluida) que queda a 5 minutos del Parque donde podrás ver como parar un huevo de gallina en un clavo en plena latitud y longitud 0, con guía turístico, explicaciones sobre la historia, la ubicación y algunos experimentos para demostrar que estamos en la línea ecuatorial Tiempo aproximado de 1 hora. ✔️MIRADOR VOLCÁN PULULAHUA (Entrada Incluida al Parque) que se encuentra a unos 10 minutos del Museo Intiñan donde podrás observar desde el borde del cráter la población que se acentúa y habita en medio del volcán (cráter) ✔️ ALMUERZO O REFRIGERIO con varias opciones para almorzar, Tiempo aproximado de 1 hora. Posteriormente regresaremos a la ciudad de Quito, Tiempo aproximado de 30 a 45 minutos.
MEETING PLACE (New Quito, 6 de Diciembre and Batán Street) at 8am MIDDLE OF THE WORLD: Ethnohistoric Museum Intiñán, we will do unique experiments in the Middle of the World. PANECILLO Beautiful sightseen from what I was the temple of the sun for the Incas HISTORICAL CENTER INDEPENDENCE SQUARE ARCHBISHOP'S PALACE (exterior) GOVERNMENT PALACE (exterior) CITY HALL (exterior) SAGRARIO TEMPLE (interior) CHURCH OF THE COMPANY OF JESÚS, the most important Baroque Temple in Latin America (interior) PLAZA AND CHURCH OF SAN FRANCISCO (exteriors) THE CONVENT OF SAN FRANCISCO (exterior) Beautiful Colonial House with a restaurant. * We can arrange pick up and drop off from the airport for an additional charge $40 each way, WE HAVE A BIG CAR.
Visit otavalo market and cycle in the middle of the world
Join me to cycle through unique trails in the Middle of the World. We will start our adventure in the community of "Guachala" where the equinoctial line crosses. You can check several times with your GPS that you are at latitude 0'0 "0". We will also visit pre-Columbian archaeological sites that were used by our ancestors as astronomical observatories and that offer us incredible views of the Cayambe volcano. We will visit all these beautiful places by bicycle along a route of approximately 25km (could be adjusted for your level) full of history and adventure. After we ride our bikes we visit the very famous Otavalo craftmarket if you are looking for beautiful handycrafts this is the place.
Electronic underground night in Quito
Electronic underground night in Quito! We will start with a pre-party in a unique pub where we will have a few drinks and set ourselves with music referring to the night, whether minimal, techno or house. Then we will mobilise to the selected club at night and at the end it will be the option of the client to go to the after party or not