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512 Faneromenis, Platres.
整套住宅 · 8 位房客 · 5 张床 · 4 个卫生间

512 Faneromenis, Platres.一栋独立房屋,可欣赏村庄的美景,步行即可抵达教堂、Sparti绳索公园、前往米洛梅里瀑布( Milomeri Falls )的路线和许多咖啡馆和酒馆。

Rancho Relaxo Sia
整套别墅 · 2 位房客 · 2 张床 · 1 间卫生间

Rancho Relaxo Sia距离尼科西亚( Nicosia )仅几分钟车程,是寻求私密和奢华环境的房客的绝佳选择。 牧场宁静安全,美丽无比。这里拥有郁郁葱葱的花园、瀑布、游泳池、异国风情棕榈树、石材元素和白色美学风景,是独一无二的环境! 无线网络、高清平板电脑、卫星频道(欧洲主要频道)、微波炉、冰箱、桌子、咖啡机、干净毛巾、洗发水/护发素。

整套客用套房 · 2 位房客 · 1 张床 · 1 间卫生间

僻静的花园附件注: 1月份,专业团队来砍伐树木和灌木,以确保花园的健康。 春天中,花朵绽放。 这栋小附属公寓位于传统石头村庄房屋的马厩内,经过翻修,配备睡眠和起居区、带早餐吧台的小厨房以及一个卫生间、淋浴器和马桶。 独立起立,配有一个小露台,为您提供隐私。 家具简单但舒适,可以有一张大号双人床或两张单人床。 早餐是自助服务。



  • 民宿
  • 酒店
  • 特色住宿


  • 厨房
  • 无线网络
  • 游泳池
  • 免费停车位
  • 空调


  1. 整套公寓型住宅
  2. Pedoulas
Vasiliki House, studio 3
  1. 整套住宅
  2. Kyperounta
  1. 微型住宅
  2. Askas
Lulu 's place
  1. 整套公寓型住宅
  2. 尼科西亚(Nicosia )
位于尼科西亚( Nicosia )的现代双卧室公寓
  1. 整套住宅
  2. Potamitissa
Casa Ariadne山区天堂
  1. 整套住宅
  2. Vyzakia
Ktima Athena -带泳池的山地小屋。
  1. 整套住宅
  2. Kato Platres
  1. 整套公寓型住宅
  2. 尼科西亚(Nicosia )
  1. 整套公寓型住宅
  2. Pano Platres
  1. 整套住宅
  2. Kakopetria
  1. 整套公寓型住宅
  2. Πάνω Πλάτρες
普拉特斯( Platres )舒适的山区公寓
  1. 整套公寓型住宅
  2. 斯特罗沃洛斯(Strovolos)


Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • 「国王葡萄酒」的故事
    Fun wine tasting and storytelling session designed for the adventurous wine explorer. Book a private session and make this a unique custom event just for your group. Sip your way through this wine tasting experience as we take a journey across the captivating story of the first wine in the world to be named after its Protected Designated Area of Origin. Pronounced as “The King of Wines and the Wine of Kings” and named by the Knights of St John in the 12th century. I will tell you three stories from the medieval era that made Commandaria wine famous around the world. From the ancient Greeks, to the Crusaders, to today's reality we’ll learn how this naturally sweet wine is produced, and explore the method of evaluating and food pairing. Then I will help you perform your own wine tasting sensory analysis using the wine you will bring along and your senses (See- Smell- Taste- Touch). I will point out to you what exactly to look for when you evaluate a wine and turn this hour into a fun party you will remember for a while. *If you are looking for a team building activity or a private wine class, I have different formats that can be personalised to suit your event - Just Ask!!
    每人 价格$18
  • 神奇的帆船之旅
    One of the benefits of being docked in Zygi is that it is between Larnaca and Limassol (Limassol being the closest). You can get a bus from Larnaca as well as from Limassol to drive you to Zygi. We shall cast off from the port of Zygi and head towards Governors beach, checking out the shore as we go. We shall open up the sails, kill the engine and let the power of the wind carry us. Right after the Zygi port we shall pass the docking station of Vassiliko where large freight ships are docked for loading and unloading cargo. Passing Vassiliko the fish farms will be our next checkpoint, where usually sea turtles and dolfins show up. Right next to the farms our final destination will be Governors beach, where we shall drop anchor and relax before heading back. Sailboats are not Power boats, although they go majestically, they are slower, so although this may sound like a small trip in reality it will be more that enough. Other things to note Please note that sailing may not always be possible if the weather is bad or if i think that it might turn bad. The available dates i have in the calendar are based on latest weather forecast and i try to watch it as often as possible. Safety as well as a pleasant experience are my main goals.
    每人 价格$48
  • 塞浦路斯盛景一日游
    Are You in Cyprus???!!! Let's visit the most beautiful part of Cyprus. We can have Gorgeous Day in Cape Greko, which is in the eastern side of Cyprus. The Capo Greko is National park, that offers a lot of opportunities for those who likes traveling. In a four hours trip, we can see sea caves, natural bridges, churches, and spectacular landscapes. Other things to note After your booking i will contact you to speak about meeting point. Pick up service from Hotels, hostels and apartments within your area is also available. Please note that Pick up service is also available from other cities. You can also choose time of your trip by contacting in advance! See You
    每人 价格$71
  • 深度探访尼科西亚缓冲区
    This is not a regular city walk, but a passage through a town frozen in time. It will give you an insight into the current situation of the Buffer Zone “Green Line” off the beaten track, on streets that are hard to discover without the experience of a local guide. You will see the Venetian walls and how they form a boarder around the Old City, so unusual that once seen on a map will never be forgotten as a design synonymous with the unique shape of this ancient fortification. On our walk we will explore the Southern side of the city and follow the infamous “Green line” that cuts through the centre, separating the city into southern and northern sections. This division has kept the two major communities, of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots apart for more than four decades. Our journey begins at the Ledra Palace Hotel known in its era as the largest and most majestic hotels of the capital. You will witness life having evolved along either side of this schism, something once impossible to do until recent agreements between the two sides to open border crossings. We will explore Ledra Street located at heart of the aforementioned walled city now once again rekindled to one of the most popular pedestrian commercial streets accented by abandoned buildings reclaimed by nature through decades of lost time scarred by bullet holes, military outposts and barricades. Other things to note Kindly note that our walk could last between 3.5-4 hours with our break, so make sure to wear comfortable shoes! Group Tours are also offered with a slightly varied itinerary, tailored to your needs. Please ask for details and all arrangements can be made.
    每人 价格$67
  • 皮划艇探险之旅
    The people who book the experience, they can come at the place where we have the kayaks and be ready to learn and make practice with them. At the beginning we make some oral lesson and after when every one be ready I'll start practice. The duration of the experience is one hour, you can choose between the hours 06:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. Other things to note You dont need super power to do kayak just you need good mood :), kayak it's for everyone ! Bring with you a hat, suncream, and sportswear and you are ready !
    每人 价格$31