The Athens Concert Hall

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HCS HΩRIZΩN Cyprus Services
June 1, 2020
The place is excellent, very modern, the halls are multiple inside as well as can accommodate a huge audience. There are multiple cafeterias inside and shops too. They also host different live broadcasts of English plays, especially from the National Theatre Live. It's truly a nice experience to…
February 10, 2020
The best theater for classical or any other quality music
November 23, 2019
If you're a music fan, this is the place to go! Marvelous halls with great acoustics and affordable international performances. Be sure to check the events by visiting: www.megaron.gr
August 6, 2019
The Music Hall of Athens.
June 5, 2019
Athens Concert Hall with various performances all year round, be it classical music concerts, operas, ballet or dance performances.




History Museum
“A vividly curated trove of stunning sculptures, ceramics, and other treasures from the Acropolis.The 14,000 square-metre glass and concrete landmark, designed by the architect Bernard Tschumi, was completed in 2009.Beyond the obvious reason that it houses the treasures of the Acropolis, the museum has also consistently figured on lists of the world’s top 10 museums, both for its contents and its design.The grounds of the early 19th-century Weiler Building, which had been used in the 1930s as an army barracks and later gendarmerie. It now houses the Acropolis Studies Centre. Must-see: The Parthenon Gallery on the top floor is ingeniously designed to recreate the magnificent temple’s frieze, using cast copies of sections currently in the British Museum and other collections. ”
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“A park with a statue of Eleftherios Venizelos (sculpted by the sculptor G. Pappas). In the rear section are three stone built buildings, accommodating the Athens Municipality Arts Centre and the Eleftherios Venizelos Museum. Facing the park is a row of three unadorned neoclassical buildings of the hospitals Aeginitio, Aretaeio, and Alexandra. ”
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“Its first name for the National Garden until 1974 was "Royal Garden". The park is located next to the Greek Parliament and extends to the south where the Zappeion Palace is located opposite the Panathinaikos Stadium where the first Modern Olympic Games were held in 1896. The National Garden is 15.5 hectares. It is located in the center of Athens and, adding the garden of Zappeion with an area of ​​13 hectares, the park has an area of ​​28.5 hectares, ie a total of 285 acres. The garden houses ancient ruins, columns, mosaics, etc. At its southeastern end are the busts of Ioannis Kapodistrias, the great Philelina Eynardos, while at its southern end is the bust of the national poet Dionysios Solomos and Aristotle.”
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“Greece's oldest private museum received a spectacular addition in 2004, with a hypermodern new branch that looks like it was airlifted in from New York City. The imposing neoclassical mansion in the posh Kolonaki neighborhood was turned into a museum in 1926 by an illustrious Athenian family and was one of the first to place emphasis on Greece's later heritage at a time when many archaeologists were destroying Byzantine artifacts to access ancient objects. The permanent collection (more than 20,000 items are on display in 36 rooms, and that's only a sample of the holdings) moves chronologically from the ground floor upward, from prehistory to the formation of the modern Greek state. You might see anything from a 5,000-year-old hammered-gold bowl to an austere Byzantine icon of the Virgin Mary to Lord Byron's pistols to the Nobel medals awarded to poets George Seferis and Odysseus Elytis. Some exhibits are just plain fun—the re-creation of a Kozani (Macedonian town) living room; a Karaghiozi shadow puppet piloting a toy plane—all contrasted against the marble and crystal-chandelier grandeur of the Benaki home. The mansion that serves as the main building of the museum was designed by Anastassios Metaxas, the architect who helped restore the Panathenaic Stadium. The Benaki's gift shop, a destination in itself, tempts with exquisitely reproduced ceramics and jewelry, some with exciting contemporary design twists. The second-floor café is on a generous veranda overlooking the National Garden. The annex at 138 Pireos Street in the Gazi-Keremeikos neighborhood displays avant-garde temporary exhibitions, while behind Kerameikos Cemetery stands the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art. Topping the complex off is a state-of-the-art amphitheater.”
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“Even the most jaded of world travelers cannot visit ancient Greece's most iconic attraction without being awestruck. Crowning a dramatic limestone crag, the Acropolis stands high above modern Athens as a symbol of the city's former glory, recalling the culture that flourished more than two millennia ago. In addition to the Parthenon, you'll find many more things to see among these emblematic ancient ruins. While wandering around the many archaeological remains of the Acropolis, you follow in the footsteps of Socrates, Pericles, and Sophocles and discover the building blocks of Western Civilization.The main attraction at the Acropolis is the Parthenon, but there are several key sites. After entering through the main gate, you will pass the theater Odeon of Herodes Atticus, then walk through the Beulé Gate before reaching the Propylaia, which is the dramatic main entrance to the Acropolis. If you look to the right as you are climbing up to the Propylaia, you'll see the Temple of Athena Nike perched up high. When you exit the Propylaia at the top, you can immediately see the Parthenon to the right and the Erechtheion complex on the left, with the easily recognizable statues of the Porch of the Caryatids. The attractions below offer more detail on each of these highlights of the Acropolis, as well as several others.”
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