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June 19, 2018
The most famous bakery in town and the price is valuable.
Kim Keong
Kim Keong
April 1, 2018
The Bakery shop are just next building



“新的大型购物中心面积为125万平方英尺,有4个级别的“零售”,可容纳约300家商店。如果您想知道所有热门话题,以下是5个吸引您的理由: 1.与宜家Tebrau集成 Toppen是马来西亚第三家由宜家主导的购物中心,而东南亚则是第四家购物中心,与塔曼德萨·特布鲁(Taman Desa Tebrau)的新山宜家购物中心相连。距AEON Tebrau City购物中心(位于对面)仅一箭之遥。因此,如果您已完成对Toppen和宜家的探索,那么永旺仍然存在。 2. 80%的房客是新来的 其中一些新品牌包括电竞竞技场The Pantheon(9至9)和Concept Haus。 Toppen提供了Hush Puppies,高级街头服饰和运动休闲零售商在马来西亚首创的线上到线下旗舰概念。购物者还可以在此找到家喻户晓的名字,例如Ben’s Independent Grocer(B.I.G.)和Harvey Norman。 3.供公众使用的开放式屋顶 Toppen还声称是马来西亚第一个引入开放式公共屋顶的购物中心,父母可以在那里带小孩到现场游乐场或水上游乐区。在一个空间中也有专门从事运动的领域。其中包括攀岩墙,滑板公园和篮球场。但是,我们最喜欢的是美丽的屋顶花园,它在夜晚活跃起来。这是放松和放松的好地方。 4. #JelesEk节 您是否知道这个购物中心也被称为马来西亚最“ TikTokable”的购物中心?您可以在每个楼层找到各种TikTok角落。柔佛明星Joe Flizzow和Joyce Chu也为Toppen制作了特别的音乐录影带。 邀请公众跳舞和嘴唇同步到这首歌。参赛者将有机会赢取价值RM10,000的奖品。不仅如此,TikTok还在场地内组织寻宝活动。 5.首家设有Flexound礼堂的TGV电影院 让自己沉浸在TGV的下一个电影体验中。 TGV的最新旗舰店现在拥有世界上最大的Flexound装置,并且是东南亚第一个Flexound厅。根据新闻稿,定制的座椅带有“嵌入式扬声器,通过提高对话的清晰度,触觉感官效果和完美的音质,与座椅位置无关,可提供真正的个人沉浸感”。 简而言之,您现在可以“感觉”到声音了。 看电影的人还可以在TGV Toppen找到首个可乐区和Sony互动区。拍摄一些可用于Instagram的图片,享受免费的高速Wi-Fi,如果您的智能手机用完了电量,充电站将为您服务的。 The new sprawling mall spans 1.25 million square-feet in size and has 4 levels of “retailtainment”, housing approximately 300 stores. If you’re wondering what’s all the buzz about, here are 5 reasons to entice you: 1. Integrated with IKEA Tebrau As the third anchored-by-IKEA shopping centre in Malaysia and the fourth in Southeast Asia, Toppen is connected to the Johor Bahru IKEA mall at Taman Desa Tebrau. It’s also a stone’s throw away from the AEON Tebrau City mall (located opposite). So if you’re done exploring Toppen and IKEA, there’s still AEON. 2. 80% of the tenants are new to the city Some of the new brands include e-sports arena The Pantheon, 9 to 9, and Concept Haus. Toppen offers a first-in-Malaysia flagship online-to-offline concept from Hush Puppies, premium streetwear and athleisure retailer. Shoppers can also find household names like Ben’s Independent Grocer (B.I.G.) and Harvey Norman there. 3. An open rooftop for public use Toppen also claims to be the first Malaysian mall to introduce an open public rooftop where parents can take their young kids to the on-site playground or water play area. There’s also areas dedicated to sports in one space. They include a climbing wall, skateboard park and basketball court. But what we like best is the gorgeous rooftop garden that comes alive at night. It’s a great place to just chill and unwind. 4. The #JelesEk Festival Did you know that this shopping centre is also dubbed as the most “TikTokable” mall in Malaysia? You can find various TikTok corners on every floor. Johorean stars Joe Flizzow and Joyce Chu have also created a special music video for Toppen. The public are invited to dance and lip sync to the song. Participants will stand chance to win RM10,000 worth of prizes. That’s not all as TikTok is also organising treasure hunts in the venue. 5. First TGV Cinema with a Flexound Hall Immerse yourselves in TGV’s next level of cinematic experience. TGV’s latest flagship now hosts the largest Flexound installation in the world and the first Flexound hall in Southeast Asia. According to the press release, the customised seats come with “embedded speakers which deliver true personal immersion through improved clarity of dialogue, tactile sensory effects and perfect sound quality independent of seat location”. In short, you can now “feel” the sound. Movie-goers can also find the first ever Coke Zone and Sony Interactive Zone at TGV Toppen. Snap some Instagram-worthy pictures, enjoy the free high speed Wi-Fi and if your smartphones run out of juice, the charging stations are at your service.”
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“This amazingly delicious laksa house is known as W. W. Laksa House which stands for Water Works Laksa House 水塘路辣沙 and it is located along Jalan Kolam Air, Taman Water Works, Johor Bahru (JB town area) The restaurant needed no introduction as the signboard generally spoke for itself. It is indeed famous for it's signature dish, the laksa which was filled with tau pok, fired beancurd skin, fried fish cake slices, bean sprouts, fragrant basil leaves, not to mention fresh cockles. Food Type: Noodles, Otah-otah Recommended for breakfast and lunch Non air-conditioned Non-halal restaurant Address:Jalan Kolam Ayer, 36A& 36A1, Taman Kolam Air, 80200 Johor Bahru, Johor Business Hours: Monday12am–3pm Tuesday8am–3pm WednesdayClosed Thursday8am–3pm Friday8am–3pm Saturday8am–3pm Sunday9am–3pm ”
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“Famous Seafood Restaurant. Black Pepper Crab is a must to order. Salted Egg Crab is another favourite. 1/2 the price of Singapore seafood. ”
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