Southern Finland的缤纷体验

Southern Finland的缤纷体验


Southern Finland周边的所有活动

Embark on this exciting walking tour around Helsinki and learn many fascinating things about the city, the country of Finland and its people from a local guide! My hope is that Finland and Finns will become fully personified to you through our time together. We shall explore both the authentic Helsinki away from tourist crowds, with places such as: - Scenic seaside - Cafe Ursula - Huvilakatu/Eira - oasis of Art Nouveau as well as the usual busy sites such as: - Senate Square - Market Square & Central Harbour - Old Food Market - The Grand Central station - Oodi Library (world´s best modern library) (site list may vary in winter) The distance we cover is approximately 5 km (3,5 miles) with a tea/coffee break and a chance to sit down, relax and taste typical Finnish cuisine. In some cases, we might even use the excellent public transport. As someone who also spent a few years studying and working away from Finland, I can share insights into Finnish history and culture both as local as well as an outsider thus making it more relatable to you. Why Finns love sauna so much? What makes Finnish education system one of the best in the world? Why is there a church carved into a granite rock? What common beverage Finns are the biggest consumers of in the world and why? All these questions and more you'll get the answers to on our tour. Welcome! Other times/dates upon request
Explore the Finnish Archipelago in an incredible nature reserve where the forest meets the sea. Pick berries, learn about wild mushrooms, throw snowballs, or watch great migrations of birds. This wild archipelago destination is one of our favourite places to explore in every season and share with travellers from all over. Highlights: ★ Easy-going nature walk through Finnish forest to the Baltic Sea ★ Capture fantastic photo opportunities along the coastline ★ Unwind and enjoy a scenic Finnish-style lunch by the sea ★ Sustainable Travel Finland Certified tour We will walk along forest paths, rolling rocks and the beautiful coast, where we have the perfect place for a break, overlooking the Baltic Sea. Your guide will prepare a delicious lunch to enjoy while you freely explore wonderful landscapes and find your peace in nature. -- ♥ With a focus on responsibility, this tour proudly holds the Sustainable Travel Finland label and Green Activities certificate. We treat everyone in an equal manner and welcome you to join us for an adventure that contributes positively to the environment. Feel free to request alternative tour dates!
This day trip takes us to a real hidden gem outside of Helsinki: Liesjärvi national park. A remote landscape carved by glaciers and shrouded by old-growth forest that will provide a magical setting for your day exploring nature. Highlights: ★ Experience pristine nature in a wild and off-the-beaten-path national park ★ Learn about local plants and wildlife from a professional guide ★ Relax and enjoy a Finnish-style dining experience by a lake ★ Sustainable Travel Finland Certified tour During this easygoing forest hike, you will learn about Finnish nature and wildlife from your guide. You will walk through pristine trails to a scenic lunch spot by the lake, where the guide will prepare a delicious Finnish lunch for you. Meanwhile, you will have free time to explore and relax in nature. No matter what time of year you visit, every season offers new and curious perspectives into the Taiga forest. Whether it is a winter wonderland, spring blooms, lush summer forests and blueberries , or autumns wild mushrooms; this trip will create memories to last you a lifetime! -- ♥ Committed to sustainability, this tour has the Sustainable Travel Finland label and the Green Activities certificate. We treat everyone in an equal manner and welcome you to join us for an adventure that contributes positively to the environment. Feel free to request other dates.
I will welcome you in my home in the design district, Punavuori. The plan for the evening is to create together a traditional Finnish meal consisting of a starter, a main course and dessert. You will get your hands dirty with peeling, chopping and kneading. Sounds like a lot? Finns like to keep things uncomplicated in all aspects of life - including cooking - so we will finish prepping on time. An example menu looks like: Lohikeitto (salmon soup) Lihapyörykät (Finnish meatballs) Korvapuusti (cinnamon rolls) THE MENU WILL CHANGE ACCORDING TO SEASON AND THE REQUEST OF GUESTS THAT SIGNED UP. While we are preparing dinner together, you will have the chance to learn about various exotic Nordic ingredients from the seas and forests exclusive to this region. At the dinner table we can then discuss the latest gossips of the Finnish gastro scene, and you can ask me for tips and recommendations where to eat next. You will also take home a printed version of the recipes with you, so you can share them with your friends and family when your vacation is over. I have vegetarian, vegan, lactose- and gluten-free menu options too. Just ask.
With Backpacker Helsinki Tour you will enjoy a perfect guiding hike in the National Park of Nuuksio or Sipoonkorppi. On our way, we will cross many different lakes and type of landscapes ! Nuuksio and Sipoonkorppi National Park reflect perfectly the spectacular beauty of the Finnish forest ! On our trip, I will share with you many informations about Finland. Depending on the season, you will have the opportunity to pick berries or mushrooms ! In the heart of the winter, when there is snow enough, possibility to practice snowshoes during the hike ! During the break in the middle of the Taïga forest, you will enjoy a delicious "Glögi" served with Finnish biscuits. And on the summer, get the chance to swim in a pristine lake ! I will propose you the perfect trek corresponding to your level of hiking. In the Laavu, the traditional Finnish fire camp, we will end by sharing an authentic home made Finnish soup (also vegetarian option) served with a traditional bread and beverage ! Duration: 4 h Transportation: By car. Meeting at the street Museokatu 8, near to the parliament. Group capacity: From 1 to 4 persons New ! Have a look at my experiences "Day trip in Torronsuo National Park" and "Ice fishing in Helsinki Region" ! Do not hesitate to ask for other dates than those on the calendar :)
A unique bicycle tour is waiting for you: cycle and walk in less known areas. It's a not 'a classic touristic tour' but a sportive discovery of local culture & nature. Instead of the touristy city center, we go for the hidden gems. QUIZ: Who was one of the most prominent & controversial persons in Finland? Let's discover it together! THIS TOUR IS A GREAT IDEA FOR A GIFT DO TOUR AS YOU ARRIVE IN HELSINKI For solos, couples, groups, teams, and it's great for team-build too. You will discover: Nature (parks: Keskuspuisto & Seurasaari) Food (vegetarian/vegan) Sauna (like a Finn) Iconic spots (that you may not find otherwise) WE WILL: Smell pure air, Taste Finnish food, Touch the trees & stones that made Finland's landscapes unique, Talk about Finnish and Nordic history, Have quizzes! We will cycle three routes, each of about 5 km. We take two long stops, one for the BBQ and another for the sauna (possible nudity). The road may be sometimes uphill, but no mountains! You could also try an ebike, if available (ask beforehand). The tour ends at the same place as the start: Huopalahti station. Flying back home? We can store bags too, train journey end-point to airport= 30min. WHAT IS PROVIDED - Towels for sauna - Food & a drink for BBQ - Bikes, Helmets, & equipment. No tour scheduled? Ask me, or rent our (e)bicycles.
Forget those pre-scripted, crowded, boring touristy tours! In my walking tours, I use my creativity and knowledge to adjust the tour according to your interests and preferences, the group size and the weather conditions; so you will get the best of Helsinki. We will walk together in and around the city center, discovering Helsinki's secrets, learning its history, culture and traditions. Why do Helsinki people have picnic on top of graves? What was the meeting point of the bohemian people of 1880s in Helsinki? How did they build a church inside a giant granite rock? Where did Lenin hide when he was running away from the Tsarist Russia? Which statue is the one that seagulls hate the most? Where did they bury thousands of bodies during the plague? Why is the largest Orthodox cathedral located in a Lutheran country? Where can you eat the best salmon soup of your life? Why Finnish people still cheer for the opponents of the Swedish national football team? How did a Finnish architect influence generations of American architects and skyscraper designs? We will find answers to all of these questions and more, while visiting each of these important locations in Helsinki. Other things to note Be prepared to walk 6-7 km and come with comfortable walking shoes and extra layers for warmth. Please remember to check your messages on your Airbnb account or Airbnb mobile app as that is the main communication tool. You can check out my website for various tours
Helsinki is a gem for architecture enthusiasts. It is difficult to find another urban space that houses a wide range of architectural styles like Helsinki; neoclassical, neorenaissance, neogothic, art nouveau-jugendstil, nordic classicism, modernism, and contemporary styles in a compact city centre. In addition to its rich architectural history and variety, Helsinki was chosen as the World Design Capital in 2012 and was awarded with City of Design status by UNESCO in 2014. All these features coupled with the importance given to design elevated Helsinki into being a major city of architecture. Different historical periods left their marks on Helsinki; however it is easy to miss these great works of world renowned architects (from Engel to Saarinen, from Sonck to Aalto) in ordinary city tours as there are layers of architecture in each corner of the white city of the North. We will start our tour at the historical centre, visiting various landmarks, and then make our way to the modern centre. I will explain the political, social, cultural, economic changes and trends that gave way to various style changes in Finland so you will get a clear picture of Finnish design and architecture’s progress over two centuries. This architecture tour also offers you superb opportunities for taking great pictures on our route. Please check out my bio to go to my website for various tours.
Experience the relaxing and refreshing effects of a forest on this nature walk in a national park, enjoy a campfire barbecue and top it off with a relaxing visit to a traditional smoke sauna. Highlights: ★ Discover wild nature close to Helsinki ★ Enjoy a Finnish BBQ lunch overlooking a lake ★ Experience a traditional Finnish smoke sauna ★ Sustainable Travel Finland Certified tour During this experience, you will hike in the beautiful Sipoonkorpi national park with a professional wilderness guide. The guide will lead you through the park and tell you about Finnish nature and wildlife around you. Our trail leads us to a rocky vista overlooking a forested lake where we will have a campfire barbecue. After the nature walk (total 6km) we will continue to the traditional smoke sauna next to the national park for a relaxing sauna and swim. The sauna is located next to a lake so we can go for a refreshing dip on our sauna breaks - even during the winter time! You may have heard that the Finns go to sauna naked, but since we are at the public smoke sauna it is necessary to wear a bathing suit. -- ♥ Committed to sustainability, this tour has the Sustainable Travel Finland label and the Green Activities certificate. We treat everyone in an equal manner and invite you to join us for an adventure that positively impacts the environment. Feel free to request other dates
Helsinki; the city where things work, and public transportation is no exception. It works flawlessly and is ranked among the best, not just in Europe but in the world. Helsinki also has one of the oldest tram systems in the world that dates back to 1891! In the city center areas, trams are the first choice of the locals when it comes to transportation. For Helsinkians, the sound of the trams in the neighborhoods, especially during the silent nights, is a delightful and comforting thing. In this tour, we will visit various parts of this beautiful city that would not have tourist crowds and you will enjoy it like a local, by using the famous tram system of Helsinki. You will discover hidden locations that you wouldn’t find in standard tour itineraries; places full of secret parks, beautiful cafes and pubs, flea markets, great views and needless to say impressive architecture. In addition to all of these, you will get to keep your day ticket after the tour which is valid for 24 hours. We will have a beautiful route covering various neighborhoods: Kruununhaka, Punavuori, Eira, Ullanlinna, Kaartinkaupunki, Kamppi, Töölö. Other things to note: We'll use the trams but we'll also walk around 5 km during the tour so please dress according to weather. Please check out my bio to reach my website for various tours.
Join us for a hands-on wild clay taster workshop in Helsinki and fulfill your pottery dreams! Our experienced master artisan ceramist, Eva Spoof, will provide a short demonstration on the wheel, guiding you through the process. You'll have two pieces of 600g clay to work with, one with Eva's assistance and the other for independent exploration. The workshop lasts approximately 30 minutes per person. Create and learn with our rich Finnish red clay, capturing memories with adorable pictures. As a souvenir, you'll receive a small wild clay flowerpot to commemorate your pottery adventure. Pottery invites us to release expectations and attachments, letting go of perfectionism and judgment. Our wild Kultela clay adds a grounding touch, connecting you to nature as you work with it. Please note that your finished pottery will take a few weeks to a month to arrive. Shipping costs can be expensive, depending on your location. Alternatively, you can choose a small Udumbara planter pot as an immediate memory of your visit. The event duration varies based on visitor numbers, ranging from 40 minutes to 2 hours. We'll provide a clear and joyous experience throughout your time with us.
跟着 Elisa 游赫尔辛基
This 2 hours walking tour will cover main sites and much more! We will walk about 3-4 km route .We start the walking in front Roberts Jugend coffee shop next to beautiful Esplanade park (address: Pohjoisesplanadi 19). Then we continue the Senate square. I will be telling interesting fact based stories in an engaging way of Helsinki historic center and for example both Sweden´s and Russian´s influences on Helsinki´s center. We will visit main Helsinki Cathedral and Alexandre library to admire most beautiful interior decor. We will continue behind the cathedral to find out few architectural gems.We visit museum secret rooms at the main Orthodox Cathedral.Along the way I will be telling facts and stories behind the historical buildings. Tour will include visit to see hidden things at the museum.We will discover a secret spot to visit at the Tori quarters at the oldest blocks and I will share story of food Finland´s history. Then Market hall to hear of Finnish food stories and perhaps coffee and some bear meat piece or sweet Alexander´s pie , you will get a good insight of food history too .We will visit a wonderful sightseeing point. After the tour one will have an idea of a past, current and the future of Helsinki,and one can recognize different architectural zones and get tips for possible places to visit and possible new food choices while staying in Helsinki!
The Journy starts from the Helsinki city center (Rautatientori) close to the main Train Station coming by bus to the direction of Vantaa/Sipoonkorpi National Park, Am usually waiting at the bus stop/meeting location close to the national park waiting for you to arrive and stop the bus, if, needed, you just need to catch the bus on time from city center close to the main railwaystation. The starting time depends on the bus timetable and bus trip is not included in the estimated 3 hours time. From the meeting location we walk together no one left behind until we reach the forest trails. Walking/Hiking at the park is about an hour or two to enjoy the quietness of the woods, relax and discover some wild mushrooms, berries and learning about different species and types of Mushrooms, Berries, Herbs and Trees depends on the season and also the weather. Welcome to discover a national park near Helsinki, home made food and grilling on open fire place, at the end public sauna and swimming by the lake which is totally optional for everyone inccluding me and cost about few euros, you just need to take towel and swimming suit.
Finnish Cuisines are a combination of traditional country food and contemporary nordic cooking, prepared of fresh and natural ingredients from fish, meat to mushrooms, berries and herbs. Together in group we will discover some basic traditional cooking and baking methods in both historical and contemporary step by step, have resulted in a healthy and delicious finnish food twisted by you and me. So, be prepared for hand on dough making, chopping, crusting and rolling that you might not have experienced before! Due to signed guests dietary references and restrictions we will prepare a 3-course meal respecting traditions and using of basic tools, techniques and methods. Menu Karelian Pies Finnish Style Pie, Salmon Soup, Meatballs /Meatballs Pie Cinnamon Roll, Blueberry Pie, Oven Baked Pancake More authentic flavuor of Finland home made organic Wine/Juice and Chaga tea is possible to taste with the meals. Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Lactose-free, Keto and dairy free dietry restrictions and references are available at Nicolas's Kitchen for signed guests. Welcome to make food with love and passion!
Liemisen Pizzakoulu kaiken tasoisille
Learn how to make perfect pizza at home! This fun course is available for all ages from beginners beyond. I have opened five pizzerias and will teach you all about pizza! The course takes place in stylish and cozy location with sea view. All attendees will have pizza at the end of the lesson so no one will leave hungry.