“Schönbrunn ( beautiful spring)... Main summer residence of the Habsburg rulers, located in Hietzing! ”
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“The Stephansdom Vienna with the famous Pummerin bell is a world wide known cultural possession and one of Vienna landmarks. The local people use also the name Steffel for this impressive cathedral. Pummerin Bell: In 1951 the new Pummerin was casted in St. Florian partly out the material of the old bell which tumbled down at the fire in 1945. It was pulled up in 1957 onto the 68 m high north tower. The biggest and heaviest bell of Austria weighs 21.383 kg. Stephansdom data and facts: To reach the top room of the high tower, which is the 137 m high south tower and also commonly known as Steffl, you need to climb 343 steps.The cathedral itself is 107 m long and 34 m wide. The central aisle is 28 m high and the three choir halls are 22 m high. Visitor Info: The cathedral of Vienna is definitely worth a visit. The entrance to this imposing building is free, but only some areas may be visited without paying an entrance fee. For the main area of the cathedral a guided tour by audio guide is available for around 6,00 Euro. At this tour you will see numerous art historical and architectural highlights like paintings, altars and sculptures. Both towers offer an impressive view over the city center. Of course you need to pay an entrance fee for this experience. The elevator onto the north tower with Pummerin bell costs approx. 6,00 Euro. For the south tower you have to pay only about 5,00 Euro, but you must tackle the 343 steps on foot. Who prefers to step downstairs instead of upstairs, can also visit the catacombs in a guided tour (approx. 6,00 Euro). In the Bischofsgruft you can find the urns of the Habsburger and the tomb monument for emperor Friedrichs II, which is made of red marble. You may visit all the tours listed above at a reasonable price with an all-inclusive ticket. This ticket costs around 14,90 Euro. www.stephanskirche.at All-Inclusive Ticket cheaper at Tiqets* with 10% discount code 10CWTQ”
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“It is a place where find nature and the old history of Europe, just go there and meditate here😋😍😋”
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“Discover St. Stephen’s underground burial sites and learn more about the Habsburgs’ unique burial rituals. A mysterious labyrinth of underground corridors awaits you.”
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Capitol Building
“One of the most beautiful parliaments on the globe. Go and see its real beauty.”
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“Built by the famous Austrian artist Hundertwasser. Inside you'll find his artwork as well as temporary exhibitions ”
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“If you came to Vienna in winter time, or to be more precise mid November and end of December, you have to visit, experience and enjoy the vast variety of Christmas markets that Vienna has to offer. Here is a small selection (in no specific order): Rathausplatz - this one is for sure the most famous one but by far not the best. Am Hof & Freyung - right in the heart of the first district, perfect place to stop by for a Glühwein after some historical sightseeing Schönbrunn - you couldn't ask for a better backdrop than the majestic castle Karlsplatz - offers a diverse children's program and above all handicrafts to buy. Spittelberg - close to the busy shopping street Mariahilferstrasse, hidden in the little winding streets. Museums Quartier - It's not your typical christmas market, offering DJ sets on special days and in general catering to a more younger vibrant crowd. ”
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“The architect and artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser was a rebel. His vision was the free architecture for all, without standards, specifications and straight lines. Everyone should have the opportunity to create a small paradise on earth. ”
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“Just next to the university of Vienna is this beautiful jewel, a church often mistaken for the famous St.Stephens Cathedral due to it's similar structure. Yet smaller and more fragile, it is a must visit. Both inside and outside are spectacular sights. Highly recommended!”
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“Christmas market, Ice-Skating, Summer and film festival,... there are many activeties offered in front of Viennas townhall. So have a look if you are lucky to catch one :-)”
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“Dating back to the time of Emperor Maximilian II, the superb Spanish Riding School was established after the ruler had the famous Lipizzaner horses introduced to his courtesans in 1562. Today, it's one of Vienna's leading attractions, thrilling audiences with fabulous displays of equestrian skills in the Baroque Winter Riding School in the grounds of the Hofburg Palace, where it has been located since 1735. Tickets to performances sell quickly, so be sure to book as far in advance as possible.”
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“Heldenplatz is a famous square just across the Austrian National Library. It's a walking distance to the Museum of Natural History and the National Art museum, the city hall and Burgtheater (the most important theater in Austria).”
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“The Danube Tower- Donauturm is a tower in Vienna, the tallest structure in Austria at 252 metres , and among the 75 tallest towers in the world.”
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“This 99-hectare (245-acre) park, in the 22nd District between the Danube Canal and the Alte Donau (Old Danube), was converted in 1964 from a garbage dump to a park with flowers, shrubs, and walks, as well as a bird sanctuary. You'll find a bee house, an aviary with native and exotic birds, a small-animal paddock, a horse-riding course, playgrounds, and games. An outstanding feature of the park is the Donauturm (Danube Tower), a 253m (830-ft.) tower with two rotating cafe-restaurants from which you have a panoramic view of Vienna.”
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“Why? Because only there you can admire the crown of the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire or the Agate bowl that was belived to be the Holy Grail.”
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“Impressive to see the baroque tombs of the old Austrian emperor. Secret tip.”
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