Night Market
“It’s the most popular market in Huahin. A lot of local food vendors, and local unique to shop. There is also a place to sit, have beer and listen to live band music Open Thursday to Sunday evening”
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Theme Park
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“泰国自由行芭提雅日落网红餐厅The Sky Gallery 芭提雅一定要去的餐厅 推荐行程下午三点去尝尝楼下的小饭店的菜再一直顺着路走到底到The Sky Gallery下午茶吃个晚餐 我一般是三点钟到The Sky Gallery附近,想着晚上在The Sky gallery看夕阳吃饭,就先去小饭店垫垫肚子,再去Sky Gallery。 我一般不打电话预定The Sky Gallery位置,下午去位置还蛮多的可以自己选。电话预订只支持泰文(别看我住在泰国,我也不会啊),他的网站一般是打不开的。 我先喝下午茶然后跟服务员预定了个晚上用餐的位置 晚餐我最推荐的排骨糯米饭、咖喱蟹。 工作人员服务很好 下午茶的位置有阳光晒进来会给我们挪沙发 也会把风扇对着我们吹 要怎么去这地方呢?我手机下载的是Grab国外版滴滴打车软件 如果你坐摩托车可以讲价 注意坐摩托的时候抓紧哦 摩托开的速度很快 。”
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“The salad restaurant where you can eat from 6.30 am to 22.00 pm everyday. The food is nice and fresh. ”
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“酒吧+餐厅这个组合,你可能觉得没有什么特别,再加上有乐队现场演奏,你都可能见怪不怪,但若,再加上船上用餐,你又觉得如何? The Riverside 就可以满足以上所有愿望!店内以木为主题,饰以旧式广告画,充满美国西部牛仔的风格,据说美国前第一任夫人希拉里曾是座上客,店里有摆放着她前来用餐的照片。”
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“is one of Bangkok ‘s most popular rooftop, well known from the movie Hangover ll, located on the 63rd floor of Tower Club at lebua Hotel. It’s the fabulous 360 degrees view all over Bangkok. You will have one of the best rooftop experience in the world Go to the G floor. Go to Lebua Lobby at the next door. Take the elevator to 63rd floor. Enjoy your night!”
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“- Michelin Star restaurant - Make sure to go early or reserve 3 weeks in advance - Has been covered in food documentaries all over the world”
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“Sit right on the waters edge with your feet in the sand, good variety of food selection on the menu, a bit more pricey than local restaurants but the view is worth it. ”
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“Here is one of my favourite place of all time. To describe this place in one word "Best coffee in town" The owner of the shop has won a lot of barista prize, and also have their own roaster. You can try their Ristr8to blend or single origin like Columbia, Brazil, Ethiopia. Tips: My favourite one is Magic and Flat White. 这个是我最经常去的咖啡店之一。当然这个是清迈网红店但是真的可以说他们是提供清迈最好喝的咖啡。老板本人赢过很多世界拉花比赛,他们店也有自己烘咖啡豆跟从国外进口咖啡豆比如哥伦比亚,巴西,埃塞俄比亚。可以选择的咖啡豆很丰富。 我常常点的是Magic和Flat White”
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“Great coffee and fine cuisine, get your breakfast there to energize you for day of adventure.”
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“This is an artists village. It is filled with paintings, jewelry, and clothing handmade from local Thai artists. A must visit for unique gifts.”
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“coffee,cakes,smoothie and it is a lifestyle shop. 甜品+正餐 花 艺术画廊 高峰时候人比较多,不适合发呆工作聊人生”
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“The most must-have sacred place of Huamei IG in Hua Hin, the beauty of nets everywhere, classic clear water model buildings, infinity pools, perfume bottles, iced tea, must-have glass houses, Thailand's well-known HOBS, fashion brand clothing, accessories, furniture, etc”
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“This place is for a coffee lover. You can get good coffee with great atmosphere here. The store decorate in loft style so it’s nice to visit Use BTS to Phrompong station and walk 7mins ”
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“Delicious healthy breakfast options and awesome coffee, vegan and vegetarian options ”
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Pet Café
“曼谷拥有着东南亚最多的咖啡店,咖啡文化非常浓厚,其中自然有不少佼佼者,这一家动物咖啡馆【The Animal Cafe】就是其一。 店主养着非常多珍稀的不常见的动物,猫头鹰,蜥蜴,小熊猫,豹猫,北美狐狸,英短美短之类的更只是常规操作。 在这里可以跟动物近距离接触(它们都不怕人)喜欢撸猫撸狗的小姐姐别错过了~咖啡还行,关键是撸动物!撸到10只才及格!!! 咖啡出品及格,食物已西式食物跟甜品为主,价格稍贵,不过还可以接受。 ”
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“附近有四面佛、bigc特产超市、世贸大厦等。Nearby Erawan Shrine, bigc specialty supermarket, World Trade Building, etc.”
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“The best home made ice cream and sweets in Chiangmai. Decoration with unique style. you should come to check it out when you visit Chiangmai ”
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“Nice place for breakfasts, but also have a lunch and dinner menu. Local foreigners love it.”
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“Thai most popular ice flake dessert (Bingsu) in Thailand at Central Bangna or Mega Bangna.”
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“Blueberry cheesecake,chocolate cake, salad,pizza,Thai steamed rice-skin dumplings”
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“Favorite all day dining with Thai/International dishes. They famous variety of cake and pastry is something you must try.”
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“If you asking for where to have some proper Thai food near by where you live, I'd suggest this restaurant and coffee shop. where you can have authentic thai food and some western menu also... open from 10 am to 10pm.”
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“One of my favourite place for breakfast or afternoon coffee and desert. Great selections and beautiful interior! ”
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