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“Bearing a significant resemblance to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, this bright orange tall radio tower was built in 1958 to symbolize the country's recovery after the destruction of World War Two. Rising up to 333 meters, Tokyo Tower used to be the tallest tower in Japan until the completion of Tokyo Skytree in 2012. You can choose to take the elevator or walk up 600 steps to the main deck, located 150 meters above the ground. If you are lucky, on sunny days you can even catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji rising in the distance. If you are not afraid of heights, try standing on the glass floor sections and look directly down to the ground—almost 145 meters under your feet. ”
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Donburi Restaurant
“Tsukiji Market is best known as one of the world's largest fish markets, handling over 2,000 tons of marine products per day.位於日本東京都中央區築地的公營批發市場,為東京都政府設置的中央批發市場之一,亦是日本最大的魚市場。”
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“Roppongi Hills is one of Japan's largest integrated property. Shopping malls,restaurants, cafes,movie theater,museum,a major TV studio,observatory and Mori Garden. Access: NishiNippori stn(Chiyoda line)--Hibiya stn(Hibiya line)--Roppongi stn”
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Colloquial Area
“お台場是位於東京灣人工島上的高科技娛樂設施區。台田巴可以通過未來派的尤里卡莫梅或步行或汽車穿過彩虹橋到達。在台田海濱公園的沙灘上放鬆,從摩天輪看富士山,參觀科學與創新的Miraikan,與機器人互動,等等。酒店還設有一個購物中心,如維納斯堡和Aqua City,以威尼斯為主題,從水邊的壽司店,您可以欣賞摩天大樓連接的市中心景色。 ”
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“银座(ぎんざ)是日本东京中央区的一个主要商业区,号称“亚洲最昂贵的地方”,象征着日本的繁荣,以高级购物商店闻名。这里汇聚着世界各地的名牌商品,街道两旁巨型商场林立,时尚、个性的服饰随处可见,算得上是一个购物者的天堂。 街道附近汇聚有意大利、法国、阿拉伯等地的餐厅,人们在这一条街上,能品尝到世界各地的美味。 银座分为银座一丁目(类似于汉语里“街”)至银座八丁目,银座四丁目与银座五丁目之间被晴海街所分隔,全部8个丁目由中央大道贯通。17 世纪初叶这里开设了第一家店,随后在在新桥与京桥两桥间,形成了繁盛的商业区,成为东京其中一个代表性地区,同时也是日本有代表性的最大最繁华的商业街区。 银座两旁人行道宽阔,每逢周末,车辆禁止通行,变成人潮拥挤的步行商业街。 --购物 银座由八个街区组成, 是东京最奢华的商业区,号称“亚洲最昂贵的地方”。根据国土交通省统计,银座在日本全国商业地产价格中,连续9年排行第一位。这里也被称作地球上最昂贵的房地产区。其中,与那些知名豪华品牌店并排的是东京的标志性商店 ——三越百货、和光百货(他们的钟即是这里的标志性建筑也是商家自身的标志,和光来自于服部钟表店-精工表的零售部门)和14层楼高、有着七家电影院和两家百货商店的马里昂大楼(Marion)。许多商店橱窗里精致的陈列体现了典型的日本文化特色。还有松屋百货、松坂屋、Melusa(メルサ)、春天百货银座等多家百货公司。高级品牌专门店如爱马仕、Gucci、Chanel,亦有各式饮食店及高级餐厅,高级夜总会等。 日本全国著名大百货商店、特种工艺品的小商店,以及一些高级小吃店,各式饮食店及高级餐厅,高级夜总会等都在银座落座,也是文化娱乐中心。 四丁目的十字路口可以称的上是整个银座街区最繁华、最热闹的地段。14层楼高的现代化三爱大楼与19世纪风格的和光老店遥相呼应。一个光彩照人,一个雄伟堂皇,一个华美新颖,一个古朴高雅。 在两者强烈的反差中,一种对历史的崇敬和对现代的自豪的感情油然而生。横过路口就是日本商界颇有名望的三越百货公司大楼,这个江户时代的“越后屋和服店”最早实行了对商品的明码标价,从而改变了当时盛行的讨价还价之风,被日本人誉为“大百货商店的开拓者”。同“三越公司”的商品相比,和光老店以专售高档名贵服装闻名于世,它所经营的服装不仅衣料精良、做工考究,而且样式各异,没有一件是重样的,成了身份地位和名望的代表。而“三越公司”则是以年轻人为主要营销对象,专营时髦商品,每天的顾客超过十万。它像一架飞速旋转的马车,永不停歇的追赶明天的太阳。银座后街则是另一番景象,这里容纳了1000多家酒吧、歌舞厅、夜总会。虽然大小各异、档次不同,但可都是名副其实的“消金窟”。6个人一晚上消费10万日元以上是很正常的,正因为如此,这里的夜总会、酒吧的经理们拥有十分丰厚的收入,足可以让大学教授们望洋兴叹。”
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“The Kabuki-za was originally opened by a Meiji era journalist, Fukuchi Gen'ichirō. Fukuchi wrote kabuki dramas in which Ichikawa Danjūrō IX and others starred; upon Danjūrō's death in 1903, Fukuchi retired from the management of the theater. The theater is now run by the Shochiku Corporation which took over in 1914. The original Kabuki-za was a wooden structure, built in 1889 on land which had been either the Tokyo residence of the Hosokawa clan of Kumamoto, or that of Matsudaira clan of Izu. The building was destroyed on October 30, 1921, by an electrical fire.[3] The reconstruction, which commenced in 1922, was designed to "be fireproof, yet carry traditional Japanese architectural”
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“The National Art Center (国立新美術館 Kokuritsu Shin-Bijutsukan) (NACT) is a museum in Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. A joint project of the Agency for Cultural Affairs and the National Museums Independent Administrative Institution, it stands on a site formerly occupied by a research facility of the University of Tokyo. The building has been designed by Kisho Kurokawa. It is one of the largest exhibition spaces in the country.[2] Access is from Nogizaka Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line. Unlike Japan's other national art museums, NACT is an 'empty museum', without a collection, permanent display, and curators. Like Kunsthalle in German-speaking regions, it accommodates temporary exhibiti”
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Point of Interest
“This composite facility includes over 200 restaurants and stores, the first cinema complex in the city (TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills), a world-class hotel (Grand Hyatt Tokyo), Mori Museum, and a viewing platform "Tokyo City View," providing a variety of functionality all in one place.”
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“I recommend you to come at lunch time to see the park next to Tokyo Midtown and have pasta lunch at KNOCK terrace balcony and feel the breeze and see Sakura.”
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“'Omotesando Hills' a building packed with high-brand boutiques, interiors, gourmet restaurant, and even the art gallery And don’t miss out the building itself, the spiral slope at the heart of building is a must-see.”
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“Tokyo is massive and there are lots to see and do in the city, but if you just want to focus on the kawaii and fashion capital that is Harajuku, this list is for you. Harajuku is the neighbourhood that gave us Lolita girls, decora, the pancake boom and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. This Shibuya neighbourhood has been the epicentre of Tokyo teen fashion (and vintage stores) for decades, and it's still nurturing unorthodox, garish styles even as big-name international retailers like H&M, Zara and American Eagle Outfitters muscle in on the area.”
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Place of Worship
“Standing next to Tokyo Tower, Zojoji Temple (増上寺, Zōjōji) is the head temple of the Jodo sect of Japanese Buddhism in the Kanto Region. Access: Nippori stn(Yamanote line)--Hamamatsucho stn.”
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“Ginza Mitshukoshi (Access) Right next to Ginza Station, on the Tokyo Metro Ginza, Marunouchi and Hibiya lines Ginza is a world famous shopping district, highly evolved into a concentration of high-end brands. The depachika of Ginza Mitsukoshi, in front of Ginza Station, offers an array of items you can’t get anywhere else, like wafashi that originated in the district, and limited-edition sweets. It’s the ideal place to look for souvenirs of tourism in Ginza.”
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“Atop Mori Tower this gigantic gallery space sports high ceilings, broad views and thematic programs that continue to live up to all the hype associated with Roppongi Hills. Contemporary exhibits are beautifully presented and include superstars of the art world from both Japan and abroad.”
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“One of famous Japanese traditional style garden parks in Tokyo! It's in a water front! One of famous Autumn leaves parks.”
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“Meiji Jingu Gaien is one of the city's largest green spaces and one of the best places to see Ginko trees when the leaves turn in November. Home to the Meiji Picture Gallery and the new National Stadium being constructed for the 2020 Olympics.”
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“AFURI ramen is different from ramen you’ve had elsewhere. It’s lighter, refreshing—even a little delicate. We’re particular about all our ingredients—but there’s one ingredient in particular that makes AFURI ramen special. We make our signature ramen with yuzu, a small yellow citrus fruit native to Asia. We splash it in our fresh chicken broth and we garnish it on top, too. It adds a touch of freshness to our ramen and pairs perfectly with our broth and charcoal-grilled pork. We think of it as a thoughtful, refreshing update on everything that makes ramen so great.”
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Sake Bar
“Great for families, wide range of Japanese cuisines like Yakitori and sushi. One of the scenes where "Kill Bill: The Movie" was filmed. ”
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“Among all the ninja restaurants, the most famous one is " Ninja Akasaka " Akasaka is the name of the place which is at the center of Tokyo. Inside of this restaurant it is dim and the construction of both the interior and exterior of Ninja Akasaka is like that of a ninja’s house. It has the ancient fashioned design of a Japanese building and a small waterfall and five tiny ponds can be found in this restaurant. The foods on the menu of this restaurant are quite familiar. Customers can order Sushi, Sashimi, salads, meat and fish dishes and some courses. The prices of dishes are not so expensive. For instance, " Kunoichi course " costs 5,500 Japanese yen and the highest price course " Hideyosh”
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“Udon restaurant. It's worth trying! because it was very tasty bowl and you can have much enough!”
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Tonkatsu Restaurant
“Best tonkatsu of Tokyo! Amazing experience to see all the staff working in front of you to prepare a delicious japanese meal. Get ready to wait around 20 minutes.”
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Night Club
“The wide worldwide community is offered with international and luxurious SPACE. The luxurious inside of store adds a floor different in 5 from the 1st floor of underground to the 4th floor to feeling and a scene and associates freely, and is the restaurant you enjoy, a music lounge and a bar.”
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“Blue Note Tokyo is a high-end jazz venue, the most expensive in Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan”
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Kaiseki Restaurant
“The spacious interior with Japanese garden has a serene and calm atmosphere. We serve kaiseki cuisine using seasonal ingredients and tofu.”
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