“Remarkable architecture in this city centrepiece, near all the key galleries and museums and across the road from the Arts Precinct. Lovely to wander in the summer. If you follow the side down to the river there are some great little bars and restaurants hidden away.”
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Theme Park
“Overlooking the famous Port Phillip Bay, this historic park has been a destination for Melbourne families for the past century. With 2012 celebrating 100 years of fun-filled adventures, Luna Park continues to surge forward with a generous mix of heritage listed attractions and brand new thrill rides to satisfy all thrill seekers. The most famous of the Park’s attractions is its Roller Coaster – The Great Scenic Railway, a large wooden coaster that projects its passengers, at high speed, around the outside of the entire Park. It boasts the title of being the oldest continually operating wooden roller coaster in the world and the only one of its kind. ”
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“墨尔本最具知名度的地标性建筑——战争纪念馆 (Shrine Of Remembrance) 是在1928年7月至1934年11月间修建完成的,旨在纪念在第一次世界大战 (Great War)(1914-1918) 中牺牲的114,000名维多利亚州人。 Ray of Light是战争纪念馆内的一大特色。凭借着天文学家、数学家和测量师的精诚合作,每年11月11日的上午11点,一束名为“Ray of Light”的阳光便会洒落在神圣纪念碑表面所刻的“LOVE”字上,而且这一奇景将至少再持续5000年。 这个日期和时间,是用以纪念第一次世界大战签署停战协议 (Armistice) 为标志的结束时刻。馆内每隔半小时就会为游客模拟演示一次Ray of Light。 第二次世界大战 (World War II) 结束后,这里又增加了一处缅怀牺牲和奉献的十字型纪念广场 (Memorial Forecourt),其中设有三根旗杆、永不熄灭的长明火 (Eternal Flame) 和纪念碑 (Cenotaph)。 位于纪念馆庭院内西侧斜坡上的水景花园,被称为缅怀花园 (Remembrance Garden),旨在纪念1945年后在马来半岛 (Malaya)、婆罗洲 (Borneo)、朝鲜 (Korea)、越南 (Vietnam)、科威特 (Kuwait)、巴尔干半岛 (Balkans)、柬埔寨 (Cambodia)、索马里 (Somalia) 以及东帝汶 (East Timor) 等地发生的武装冲突。 如今,战争纪念馆每年都会接待数以千计的游客,有的是来吊唁英魂,有的是来馆中沉思,当然也有仅以游览为目的的游客。 纪念馆内设有游客中心 (Visitor Centre) 和教育中心 (Education Centre),可为各年龄段的游客提供综合性游览体验。战争纪念馆的管理者积极鼓励学校团体前来参观,希望澳大利亚的下一代能在此了解军队传统以及纪念的重大意义。 馆内共有90多名志愿者,他们利用个人时间承担了纪念馆的日常导游工作。 有关即将举办的展览和活动的相关信息,请访问战争纪念馆官方网站。”
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Cultural Center
“Right next door to Collingwood Children's Farm and only a short 15 minute stroll along the Yarra River you will find the historic Abbotsford convent. It has a fantastic bakery and other restaurants with local artists and designers taking residence there throughout the year. A local must see!”
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“Different events on every weekend, worth to visits! Also, the garden is huge excellent to spend time to read and enjoy the sun”
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“Retail gallery with brand-name shops & quaint restaurants in an elegant former post office.”
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Place to shop
“From the spectacular Great Ocean Road to the world famous little penguins on Phillip Island, from the pristine beaches of the southernmost region of mainland Australia, Wilsons Promontory to the charming Mornington Peninsula, Bunyip Tours features so many unique places to visit and things to see & do for tourists visiting Melbourne. We have a 5% discount code available on request. Closest pick ups are from Crown Metropol (next door) or Urban Central (across the road)”
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“Iconic Astor cinema, great for viewing a film in the local hood, with plenty of wining/dining options in the local hood. ”
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History Museum
“A short walk across the Yarra River. Formerly Customs House. There is usually always an exhibition celebrating those who have arrived in Australia to call it home. Also has a cafe and toilets ”
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“This is a place where I go to walk my dogs and I literally just stumbled across this place. I really enjoyed it with beautiful surrounds. You are close to Westfield shopping centre.”
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“Historic mansion now owned by a trust welcoming walk-throughs and garden parties. Check website for special events through out the year such as teddy bear picnics, holiday parties for Christmas, Easter, Alison & Wonderland garden party and more. ”
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“Cooks' Cottage, previously known as Captain Cook's Cottage, is located in the Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne, Australia. ”
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“1885 cargo vessel turned museum ship with guided tours, reenactments & family-oriented events.”
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“A great inner city park with extensive gardens and bordered by a scenic walking path”
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“Fab alternative venue with the most amazing intact deco interior - don't be fooled by the drab exterior”
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“One of the world's oldest remaining exhibition pavilions of the 19th century, the Exhibition Building was then the site of Australia's first Federal Parliament. Now it's a gorgeous location for expos and wedding photos.”
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