“Buzzing, rustic-chic cafe with a sunny courtyard, for coffee of the day and inventive breakfasts.”
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“Myer offers you the best range of products in terms of pretty much everything. Good discounts on Saturdays. A must for shop addicted :) ”
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“A few blocks down Little Bourke Street lies Brother Baba Budan. Coffee giant Mark Dundon’s first endeavour into the city, this small venue quickly earned a massive reputation as one of Melbourne’s landmark cafés when it opened in 2003. Named after the legendary figure who smuggled coffee beans out of the Middle East in the 17th century, Brother Baba Budan serves the espresso blend from Seven Seeds – Dundon’s Carlton roastery – for milk-based coffees, as well as single origins for espresso and batch brew filters. Huge history, only 15 seats and always a bustling atmosphere.”
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“Named for the printing press that originally stood here, Manchester Press is a huge lucent space softened with old timbers and quirky junkyard installations. The cafe offers a focused menu, but the coffee reigns here. Generating enviable acclaim only hours after its opening, this laneway cafe ceaselessly gathers steam among the coffee coterie.”
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Community Center
“Organic cafe, organic market and groceries, a nursery, chooks, playground and even a bike repair shop! This gorgeous inner-city urban farm is a delight for families and anyone interested in great food, farmer's markets, coffee and sustainability”
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“Good place for lunch if you're in the Southern Cross and downtown area. They serve a healthy spread of sandwiches and kitchen selections.”
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“Another North Melbourne cafe! This local spot has the best mushroom and bacon plate, ever. The coffee is marvelous, service is good and it’s local. www.twentyandsix.com.au”
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“12-18 Yarra Place south Melbourne 96862990 - it's busy because it's good excellent coffee and food 7-6pm”
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“The baby of the Melbourne shopping family, this two-year old centre, that’s bounded by Lonsdale and Little Bourke streets, has bags full of sass and style, housing only the most impressive of international brands and a few local ones to round out the pack. I’m talking Manning Cartell, Calibre and Willow, to name a few.”
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“Crown Casino is a place you must come to visit.They have best food,good shopping also a chance to change your life(just kidding).You can walk side of yarra river,listen someone play violin watch the fire tower in the night.Here is a best place to fit all of us.皇冠赌场是一个你一定要来看看的地方,这里有最棒的食物,购物中心还有一个可以改变你一生的机会(哈哈哈开玩笑)。你可以在亚拉河边听着街边艺人的小提琴看着赌场火塔的火柱。这是一个可以容纳所有人的地方”
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“10min walk but this is a massive DFO Direct Factory Outlet with super specials on top brands to suit everyone. Really great eateries on the outside overlooking the Yarra River when you need a break.”
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“Good outlet centre with a nice selection of stores. Right next door to southern cross station. Also has a decent eatery. Worth a visit.”
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““There’s no such thing as too many shopping centres in a one-kilometre CBD radius”, said Melbourne City Council, clearly. A stone’s throw from Melbourne Emporium and Bourke Street Mall, you have Melbourne Central, which stretches from Lonsdale to La Trobe streets depth-wise, Swanston to Elizabeth streets width-wise and up five floors height-wise. It’s home to 300 speciality shops (including Sephora, SABA and a Hoyts) and has its own train station (creatively-named Melbourne Central Station). Look up and you’ll see the iconic and historic Shot Tower that this impressive shopping destination has been built around.”
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“Village cinema a 10-15 minute walk away. Complete with it's own sophisticated bar for some pre or post movie beverages. ”
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“Largest shopping centre in Australia. Has the best selection of retail shops in Australia.”
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“Retail gallery with brand-name shops & quaint restaurants in an elegant former post office.”
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“Named as Melbourne’s No.1 food market, Prahran Markets offer the best fruit and veg you can find. Organic, sustainable and free range are all words that Prahran Markets stand by, so you can be sure you’re getting the best quality produce. You’ll find fish, seafood, meat, game, organic fruit and veg, artisan products, cheeses and more.”
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Night Market
“来澳洲旅游的中国旅客们在吃多了西餐之后,顽固的中国胃一定会有些难受了吧!这个时候可以去维多利亚女王市场或者超市里购买一些新鲜食材拿回来我们的民宿自己烹煮哦! 新鲜的三文鱼、生蚝、大虾、牛排、羊排应有尽有! 步行7分钟即可到达哦~~”
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“The Rose Street Market is a quirky boutique market that is based on similar markets in London, Berlin and New York. Already going for 15 years, this is the place where Melbourne’s best design talent show up here every weekend to display their creations.You’ll find artworks, fashion, furniture, design, jewellery and more, plus it’s all handmade and unique.”
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Night Market
“Melbourne's iconic market where you would get everything from food to souvenirs ”
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“A few stops away on the train. It’s not as crowded with tourists like South Melbourne Markets. Good produce, food stalls - shop like a local.”
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“Great place if you like Asian Cuisine. There's a good variety here. Worthy to pop by if you wish to shop ( Big W and Woolworths here! ) and eat as there's quite a few great snack options here such as bubble tea, ice cream, bread as well as crepes. ”
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“Hank Marvin Market is relatively new on the scene but is becoming a popular celebration of Melbourne foodie culture. The weekly street food market provides punters with all sorts of goodies, from granola to paleo burgers hailing from everywhere from Jamaica to Japan. In Alma Park every Saturday from 9am to 3pm.”
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