Buddhist Temple
“(Kinkakuji) Gold -plated 3story old temple. World heritage sight.Open 9:00-17:00.Tickets:Adults 400yen, Junior 300yen. *************************************** 京都着名的“金阁”,金阁寺是日本最着名的景点之一,主殿,璀璨的金叶,闪亮的反射池是真正壮观的上面说,由于它的美丽,寺庙可以包装任何一天 因此,我们建议今天早些时候或者只是预先关闭,理想地在一个大厦被建立在139作为退休为shogun足柄义吉。。世界遗产。09:00-17:00、票价:成人400円,儿童300円。”
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Buddhist Temple
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“世界的に有名な京都伏見稲荷大社 Vermilion of beautiful torii , also lasted for about 5000 groups from the foot to the summit”
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“Kyoto Imperial Palace was the Imperial Family's residence until 1868. Kyoto Imperial Park, which surround the Palace, is an ideal place to walk and relax. You can enjoy reading a book on a bench, do your morning run, do a picnic, etc. To visit the Imperial Palace, you need to reserve in advance. Distance: 21minutes' walk from Kogane-an Entrance fee: Free”
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“Yasaka Shrine is one of the most famous shrines in Kyoto and is well-known for its festival, Gion Matsuri which is hold in summer. All year long, you can enjoy eating at food stands. ”
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“Fushimi Inari(伏見稲荷大社)" Shrine is a popular spot for foreign tourists.The scenery that countless torii lined is magnificent.”
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Buddhist Temple
“Ginkakuji Temple, also called the Silver Pavilion, is also a famous sight of Kyoto. A must-see destination! Distance: 28minutes by bus (bus n.204 and 93 , 230JPY) Entrance fee: 500 for adults, 300 for children Opening hours: 8:30~17:00 (9:00~16:30 from December to February)”
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Buddhist Temple
“At this place, you can see thousand statues of Buddha. They are so great. You will feel something mysterious there. Sanjusangendo is close to Kyoto National Museum, so you should go both.”
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“Heian Jingu Shrine is a must-see destination of Kyoto! The garden is of an outstanding beauty. Distance: 27minutes' walk from Tsuyukusa-an Entrance fee: -Shrine grounds: free -Garden : 600JPY for adults, 300 for children Opening hours: -Shrine: 6:00~17:30 -Garden: 6:00~17:00”
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“You can enjoy a Japanese flea market in Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine 25th every month. There are many antique Japanese items. ”
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“賀茂御祖神社為一位於京都市左京區的神社,通稱下鴨神社。為二十二社之一、式內社、山城國一宮、舊社格為官幣大社。主祭神為玉依姬命與賀茂建角身命。例祭日為5月15日。 賀茂御祖神社是聯合國科教文組織 所登記的世界文化遺產之一,是遺產項目古都京都的文化財的其中一部份。”
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“The Kamo Shrines, Shimogamo Shrine and Kamigamo Shrine, are both recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. They are two of the most important and oldest shrines in Kyoto. In fact, the Kamo Shrines even predate the city's establishment as national capital in 794. Throughout the thousand years that Kyoto served as Japan's capital city, the Imperial Court patronized the shrines as establishments dedicated to the city's protection and prosperity. Shimogamo Shrine (下鴨神社, Shimogamo Jinja, "Lower Kamo Shrine") is located at the junction of the Takano and Kamo rivers. It is surrounded by the Tadasu no Mori, a forest which was preserved during the modernization of the city and contains trees that are up to 600 years old.”
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Buddhist Temple
“The three gates of Chion-in is known for the “Three achievement of enlightenment”, which represents “Vacuity”, “No form” and “Natural”. It was constructed by the donation from 2nd Shogun, Hidetada Tokugawa in 1621. These three gates of the temple have the tallest height for wooden gate in Japan. The width is 26.6 m and the height is 23.8 m from the foundation stone to the roof. It has the typical shape of three gates which is the Gokensanko-nikainjyu-mon in the Iriomoya-Tsukuri style and clay tile roofing. The frame of Kacho-zan set up in the front of the temple three gates was painted by the Emperor Reigen. Entering the temple three gates, you may see two kinds of slopes which is called Otokozaka (Men’s slope) and Onnazaka (Women’s slope). On the Otokozaka there are steep stairways, on the other hand the Onnazaka has more gentle stairways but slightly longer slope. Now, which way will you select?”
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“1-2 mins on foot from Nyosui Kan. Very small and tiny shrine, but many people come to pray for Abeno Seimei -onmyoji.”
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“Kibune (貴船) is a small town in a forested valley in the northern mountains of Kyoto City, which developed around Kifune Shrine. According to legend, a goddess traveled in a boat from Osaka all the way up the river into the mountains north of Kyoto, and Kifune Shrine was built at the site where her boat journey had come to an end.”
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Buddhist Temple
“最佳賞楓/賞銀杏時間:11月中旬~12月上旬 交通⽅式:JR「京都站」搭5號公車,車程約25分鐘,在「南禪寺永觀堂道」站下車,徒步約3分鐘即到 入⾨費⽤:成人1,000日幣、學生600日幣、夜楓600日幣 開放時間:09:00~17:00(夜楓11月7日~12月6日17:30~21:30) 種有上千株楓樹的永觀堂,被旅客稱為「紅葉永觀堂」,是京都最經典必去的賞楓景點。白天賞楓,寺內全境會在有如火焰般震撼氣勢的楓葉群中感到一股和風禪意。入夜後,寺內燈光打在紅楓樹林上的湖面倒影,加上日式殿堂塔樓和夜楓若隱若現的組合,更是令人驚豔。如果想要同時目睹白天紅葉與夜晚夢幻般夜楓的朋友,京都賞楓自由行來永觀堂就對了!”
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