“位于中心地带,吉隆坡购物最主要场所,所有档次一应俱全。 可以从KLCC 步行天桥到 柏威年 大概10-15分钟 。入口通道在 Maybank (马来亚银行) 隔壁 / 在KLCC 的公园找入口”
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“没有来到KLCC还能称来过吉隆坡吗?KLCC常年都非常多人,游客来到这里当然少不了和双峰塔自拍一张。 拍完照片觉得天气热还能到阳光广场内逛逛和欣赏美食。 当然,您还能到双峰塔的观景桥欣赏吉隆坡的美景。”
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“吉隆坡塔位于Bukit Nanas上,是游客的必到景点。吉隆坡塔是现今世界上第七高的通讯塔,高421米,从底楼到观望塔只须54秒。 在观望台360度观看吉隆坡的全景。塔上还有一间旋转餐厅,有兴趣的可以选择晚上来这用膳,在421公尺的高空一边用餐,一边欣赏吉隆坡迷人的夜景。 开放时间:上午9点到晚10点。”
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“Located in the serene and scenic Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens, it is only 10 minutes drive away from the city centre of Kuala Lumpur. It is the home to more than 3,000 birds of approximately 200 species of local and foreign birds.”
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“Within the KLCC precinct lies the KLCC Park, a lush, 50-acre urban sanctuary. Visitors can come to enjoy the lush greenery or the park’s wide range of amenities – from the two-acre children’s playground, wading pool and jogging track to shelters and benches, patterned footpaths and sculptures.”
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“位于KLCC旁的国际会展中心(KL Convention Centre)的底楼。 Aquaria KLCC拥有号称”城市里的大鱼缸”,占地60000多坪,里面有5000多只超过150种的海底生物,还有一条亚洲最长的水族馆观光隧道。 开放时间:周一到五:11AM ~ 8PM,周六日和公众假期:10:30AM ~ 8PM。逢一、三、六3PM~4PM喂鲨鱼表演。”
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“All the rage in Kuala Lumpur now, Changkat Bukit Bintang nightlife is well-regarded as the ‘it’ party venue in the city’s lively yet fluid clubbing scene. A busy street that’s lined with plenty of international two-storey restobars, snazzy nightclubs, posh cocktail lounges, subdued whisky bars, and lively Irish pubs, it is one of the city’s most vibrant boulevards. Hosting plenty of themed nights, international DJs, and live band performances, it’s safe to say that nightlife in Changkat Bukit Bintang is anything but dull. Amongst the bevy of watering holes available here, there are a few establishments that stand out due to their unique concepts. Stand-up comedy, gay friendly parties, foreig”
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“是标志性建筑 是购物狂天堂 是吃货的深渊 一切在双峰塔 交通 乘LRT到KLCC站,出站便可到达KLCC商场内。 【打车】Grab / Uber - KLCC”
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“吉隆坡的唐人街。当然,本地人都把它当成外老街了,因为路边摊都被都是外劳在营业。 但是里面还有很多老招牌美食,还有一些华人老店。 本地人还是能够来这里品尝美食的”
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“独立广场+苏丹阿都沙末大厦 独立广场因1957年马来西亚国旗在此第一次升起,象征独立而得名。苏是吉隆坡最高法院所在大楼,标志建筑,1897年建成,曾是殖民者的总部”
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“Looking for a place to spend your holidays with kids? I am sure the baby boss will like this place! There are many kinds of animals in this zoo and all well tamed, sometimes there will be random events inside too! How to go there: Grab: It will take around 20 minutes car distance and the cost will be aroun RM 20.”
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“Zouk means 'party' in French Creole and this world-famous club certainly lives up to its name, with each of the club’s spaces featuring different decor and offering diverse clubbing experiences. Zouk KL is best known for welcoming an ever-changing line-up of international DJs such as legends Paul Van Dyk and Tiesto, and more recently Hardwell, Martin Garrix and Laidback Luke. They also host themed party nights like retro Mambo Jambo (70s and 80s hits remixed with house music) on Wednesday nights. ”
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Light Rail Station
“we r so close to KLCC and 10 mins been there by walk .双峰塔是目前全世界最高的两座相连建筑物,共有88层楼高的双峰塔,距离城市地平线有452米。这座美仑美奂的特出建筑物的建筑理念是由伊斯兰五大支柱思想所激发而来的。它是吉隆坡市政中心KLCC范围内,最经典的一座超现代的建筑物。双峰塔内设有国油交响乐厅,是马来西亚交响乐队及国油表演艺术团例常练习及”
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“亚罗街夜市是吉隆坡的著名夜市,这里有许多马来西亚的特色美食,例如福建炒面、炒粿条、沙嗲、烤魔鬼鱼等,都是这里的招牌小吃。这里也能找到各式各样的水果、烧烤、炸物等,夜市里的摊贩大约下午开始营业,一直持续开到深夜三点,每天晚上,这里都挤满了闻香而来的观光客。 即使过了午夜,小吃摊仍然有许多的顾客等着满足自己的味蕾,不过因为这里是以观光目的为主的观光夜市,价位会比其他地方稍贵一点,但对于乐于享受美食的旅人而言,这绝对是不可错过的景点之一!”
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Flea Market
“Central Market 位于中央艺术坊旁的卡斯杜丽走廊,是2011年新增设的露天行人购物街。游客可在50多家传统马来屋造型的摊位中一边品尝令人垂涎三尺的本地美食一边欣赏琳琅满目的纪念品。 此外,中央艺术坊建筑后方是游客体验当代马来西亚地方特色的文化艺术的好去处。 在这里,有令人流连忘返的3D幻觉艺术博物馆、无奇不有的民族文物馆和一条聚集本地画家的艺术走廊。从当代艺术、肖像漫画、铅笔素描、人物画像到蜡染手工制作教学,多元化的风格让喜欢艺术文化的您能轻易找到在属于自己的心头好。 Central Market Kuala Lumpur’s emphasis on art is also evident with the transformation of Central Market Annexe to house a variety of eclectic art galleries. Located behind the main building, Central Market Annexe features an Illusion 3D Art Museum, Art House Gallery, and the Central Market Art Lane, an art corner comprising of 10 unique studios that features exciting works of art by local artists. From contemporary art to caricature, architectural ar”
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“One of the famous western restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Serves good western food and drinks that are very satisfied no matter the quality or portion.”
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“Awesome place at night : views on Petronas, the design ... great stay for a drink”
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Night Club
“Beach Club is just 400m away from Park View Residence. It's one of the most popular club in Kuala Lumpur. They also serve food.”
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“When Malaysian food is mentioned, the nasi lemak dish will always come up in conversation. It's usually crowded here but the search for a seat will be well worth it when you get to savour the taste of their fragant coconut rice, delicious sambal and well-fried chicken. You can even ask for a bit of squid sauce or "kuah sotong) for even more taste.”
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“A special restaurant serving fusion western food which is similar to the local taste. Special food such as rendang stir fry pasta, nasi lemak waffle, grilled salmon with green curry gravy and etc.”
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“Price is slightly expensive, but you can either chill by the bar or loose yourself on the dance floor. They serve ice cold beer with good snack choices. There are also hawker stalls at the sidewalk to satisfy your late night cravings.”
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“Located in Changkat Bukit Bintang for a fine dining experience you won't forget. Incorporates the idea of dining with new people in the dark and getting to know them through a friendly dinner and maybe more if you're lucky!”
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“Local Chinese restaurant established before WWII. The have a god menu for breakfast and lunch. Be prepared to wait for a table.”
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