“You must see Cristo Velato, one of the best sculpture in the world! Book in time your visit before you arrive in Naples!”
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“Is A very strong and intense experience walk on the cratere of vulcano spento ..now it is sleeping .. but nobody knows for Many time ”
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“From three years the best Italian museum! You can discover the history of the town of Naples through the history of his art. This is an excellent site of culture and history. From Mariolina Amato Art Gallery you can arrive walking 25 minutes through the historic side of the town. ”
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“Amalfi nestles in the ravine of the Valle dei Mulini. Its churches, towers, and arcaded houses, grouped together with attractive irregularity, rise above a small harbor, and are backed by precipices of wild magnificence. In its heyday, when it was a Maritime Republic, Amalfi rivaled Pisa, Genoa and Venice. By the 7th century the city was ruled by Doges, as Venice, and was recognized as the greatest naval power in the West. Its navel expertise led to the invention of the compass and the codification of the earliest maritime laws. In the 12th century, this great maritime republic had a population of 100,00 people who masterminded regional trade with the East. Shortly afterwards, the Normans from Sicily vanquished Amalfi and the city was repeatedly sacked by Pisa, its greatest rival. Amalfi merchants established trading posts in Byzantium, Asia Minor and Africa. In the Holy Land, they founded the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, from which the Crusader Knights of St. John developed. Their symbol, the Maltese cross, is still carved on Amalfi's street comers. Webster's brooding revenge drama, The Duchess of Malfi, was based on the tragic life of Joanna of Aragon, the Duke of Amalfi's consort in the 15th century. The Regatta of the Four Ancient Maritime Republics, complete with galleons, is a magnificent evocation of the past, held in Amalfi every four years. Since the collapse of the republic, Amalfi sunk into oblivion until Edwardian times. As a favorite winter resort, it was then a genteel haunt for foreigners who tireed of the excesses on the French Riviera. Amalfi today, with a population of 6,000, is a shadow of its former self but retains an air of faded elegance. Horse-drawn carts still ply the Lungomare dei Cavalieri for visitors' amusement, much as they did in Edwardian days. The Duomo, the glittering Cathedral, is viewed from down below. The steep walk up is a chance to appreciate the spindly Moorish archways andgeometric facade, inlaid with vivid mosaics. While looking autenthentic, the facade was reconstructed in the 19th century, based on the medieval model, Henry Swinburne, the 18th century traveler, was not sympathetic to the Arab influences, calling the cathedral typical of the "barbarous ages, when Grecian rules and proportions were forgotten". Yet framed by mountains and monasteries, the Norman Saracen bell-tower presents a striking vision to visitors. The baroque interior leads to a crypt containing the remains of St. Andrew the Apostle, moved here from Constantinople in 1208. Like the miraculous liquefaction of San Gennaro's blood in Naples, the cult of St. Andrew, a mysterious oil, is said to seep from his bones. Even St. Francis of Assisi declared himself a devotee.”
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Natural Feature
“The most famous Island of the Gulf. One day trip to visit Capri, Anacapri, blu Grotto.”
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“The most fascinating itinerary in the subsoil of Naples Napoli Sotterranea is a must in Naples. A substratum rich in history and linked to the rediscovery of a rare, if not unique, heritage. Works of great civil engineering, left long abandoned and today recovered to new life thanks to the wise work of Underground Naples. Indescribable beauties and suggestive places to be discovered. Taking part in the excursion means making a journey through history over 2400 years, from the Greek to the modern era, 40 meters deep between tunnels and cisterns. During the excursion, in addition to admiring the remains of the ancient Greek-Roman aqueduct and the anti-aircraft shelters of the Second World War, we will visit the War Museum, the Orti Ipogei (www.ortipogei.it), the Seismic Station "Arianna" and much more. Finally, it will be possible to visit for free the remains of the ancient Greek-Roman Theater, accessible from a private property.”
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“Once inside please visit the outisde 13 hectars park with its fantastic Fountains”
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“Firstly guests should bring with them comfortable shoes for walking as so there are so many rocky roads in Pompeii. Is better to enter city from Villa dei Misteri side as untill Piazza Anfiteatro along walking roads getting down step by step, as from Piazza Immacolata to Santa Mauro Superiore roads needs to climb on rocky massive. ”
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“Oldest Castle in the city, date 1 century B.C The view form the castle are amazing as are its rooms. Visiting this gem is entirely free!!”
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“Via Toledo is one of the most famous shopping streets in Naples. In addition to the famous and beautiful metro, it leads directly to Piazza Trieste and Trento and Piazza del Plebiscito. By the way you can find clothes shops of the most famous brands and artisans. A vast and delicious gastronomic proposal: pizza, fried food, desserts and fried pizza. I recommend the sfogliatella from Pintauro and the pizza from Gennaro Salvo.”
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“A nice Piazza to hang out for an aperitivo! You should try the Aperol Spritz by Bar del Lepoga (Da Peppe 6-9pm), it's really good and convenient. It's getting crowed, especialy in the weekend around 23/ 24 pm.”
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“The most notorious pizzeria in Naples only serving Margherita and Marinara, for good reasons.”
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“The Palazzo Reale is a historic building which is very pleasant to see. Although the piazza is very mesmerizing, it also leads to the ocean which again offers gorgeous views and a relaxing stroll along the seashore. ”
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Opera House
“The most beautiful theatre of the world is 10 minutes walking from Mariolina Amato Art Gallery! Don't lose the visit!”
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“This is one of the best choice in Naples, with a spectacular Museum and garden around where lie with magnifique landscape. Then there's the wood where walking or running for long miles... I really love it! ”
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“It covers an area of ​​approximately 92,000 m² at 150 m above sea level, on the promontory of the hill of Posillipo [2], which is crossed by the cave of Seiano under the park.”
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“The most notorious pizzeria in Naples only serving Margherita and Marinara, for good reasons.”
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“We are the ideal restaurant for organizing group lunches, banquets, birthday parties or small groups, our traditional cuisine makes all our diners fall in love, full of Mediterranean tastes and flavors always presented in their maximum freshness. And also, you can attend the waiters' show with lots of music and dancing. A few minutes walk from Casa Carmela.”
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“Gino Sorbillo belongs to one of the oldest pizza chef families in Naples. His grandparents, Luigi Sorbillo and Carolina Esposito, founded the first pizzeria in 1935 on via dei Tribunali, defined by many as the "Via della Pizza Napoletana" in the ancient center of the city. 10 min walk from Casa Carmela.”
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“Another very very good pizza here, also they cook some amazing typical neapolitan street food! Try their "Frittatina" :D”
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“The best pizza in Naples! Try a selection of the little deep-fried starters, you can order per piece, particularly the stuffed zucchini flower. Pizzas are simply amazing. For dessert, its specialty of fried dough balls dripping in warm Nutella is a must.”
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“One of the best pizzeria in town. Halfway between traditional and gourmet pizza.”
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“Poseidon is a thermal park that takes advantage of Ischia's natural hot springs where visitors are able to use 22 different swimming and bathing pools, each with their own different temperatures. With Ischia's volcanic activity bubbling away under the surface of the island, the thermal water used at Poseidon naturally flows into the complex at very high temperatures. In order to achieve the required temperature at each pool, the water is cooled and systematically diverted to the different areas with temperatures ranging from 15 to 40° Celcius”
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“Visiting Sanità, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Naples and rich in testimonies of the past, is a unique experience. It is here that the Paleochristian Catacombs and the Fontanelle Cemetery are located. It is here that ancient noble palaces with a baroque sign rise. Another reason to visit it is a gluttony story. It is in Sanità, in fact, that you can taste one of the best Neapolitan pizzas, that of Ciro Oliva. 20 min walk from Casa Carmela.”
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