Botanical Garden
“The Botanical Gardens it's home to 5,500+ plant species, a botanic library, a museum, assorted monuments and five greenhouses.”
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“A place to relax amid the bustle of the city. The Japanese Gardens are one of the most relaxing places in Buenos Aires. Located beside Tres de Febrero park, the site was inaugurated in 1967 to coincide with a visit by the future emperor of Japan, Akihito, and his wife Michiko. The various elements of the gardens were designed to create balance and harmony. There is a wide variety of plants, a pond with carp (koi), an island with bridges, and sculptures based on Japanese culture. The park also has a cultural center, a Japanese restaurant, a craft shop and a nursery when visitors can buy bonsai trees and other plants.”
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Nature Preserve
“Located in the downtown area, the Ecological Reserve, Costanera Sur draws families, joggers and cyclists during the weekends, is part of the new Puerto Madero urbanization. It's a wonderful place to exercise and enjoy fresh air. ”
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“Located within the Palermo neighbourhood's Parque Tres de Febrero - one of the most popular parks in the city, is this collection of more than 18,000 roses surrounded by a lake and acres of parkland. ”
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“If you want to take a walk, jog, roller skate, bike, or even go on a boat in the lakes, go enjoy one of the largest green spaces the city has to offer.”
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“Plaza Francia (Spanish: "France Square") is a public square in the barrio of Recoleta in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The nearby Plaza Intendente Alvear is commonly but mistakenly known by the same name. It was created by a Municipal Ordinance on October 19, 1909, as part of the changes introduced in the urban landscape on the occasion of the Argentina Centennial. Designed by French landscape architecture Carlos Thays, it is part of a broad set of squares including Plaza Intendente Alvear, Plaza San Martín de Tours, Plaza Juan XXIII, Plaza Ramón J. Cárcano, Plaza Dante and Plaza Rubén Darío, among others. The square is dominated by Émile Peynot's Monument of France to Argentina, inaugurated in 1910 and gifted by the French community on the occasion of the Centennial. Its four bas-reliefs in bronze evoke central facts of the history of both countries: the Primera Junta and the Crossing of the Andes for Argentina, and the Storming of the Bastille and Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen for France. The two female figures that crown the monument symbolize Argentina and France, guided by an angel that personifies Glory. The monument also features plaques that commemorate personalities of French origin: grenadier Domingo Porteau, who died during the Battle of San Lorenzo in the Argentine War of Independence, and writer Émile Zola. A monument to Louis Braille within Plaza Francia was inaugurated in 1977.”
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“At weekends it works here and over defensa street a famous street market is posible to find amazing antiques and curiositys. On sunday there is a beatifull milonga at the scuare were people of the area mets.”
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“The fair in Plaza serrano, like Plaza Armenia, is an ideal place to find unique native objects from Argentina. If you want to bring a beautiful memory of Argentina that is from this place. I don't recommend eating or having drinks there, it's expensive and of poor quality. - La feria de Plaza serrano al igual que Plaza Armenia es una lugar ideal par encontrar objetos únicos autóctonos de Argentina. Si deseas llevar un hermoso recuerdo de argentina que sea de este lugar. No recomiendo comer ni tomar tragos allí, es caro y de mala calidad. ”
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“Centenario Park is one of the most visited urban park in Buenos Aires. The mile-long perimete is a great jogger's route and a number of important public institutions are open along the park's surroundings, such as the Museum of Natural Sciences and The Friends of Astronomy observatory. There is also a miscellaneous fair on weekends. ”
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“During the weekends, Plaza Armenia offers a hippie market with handmade objects that may turn into that special souvenir you are looking for someone back home!”
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“Half a block away - nice place to sit in the shade. Used to be a former penitentiary. ”
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“It is located in the neighborhood of Caballito and is famous for its fair of books, magazines and used discs, which works daily. Between its sculptures, is the Monument to the Mother, of Luis Perlotti and one dedicated to the Liberator Simon Bolivar. There is also an old Ferris wheel (the only original construction from the time the park belonged to the Lezica family) that functions as a fountain and a skating rink for children. On Sundays, a fair dedicated to the sale, purchase and exchange of items related to philately and numismatics also functions in one of the main entrances to the park.”
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“Hermoso parque para pasear, hacer picnic o deporte. / Beautiful park to take a walk, go for picnic or do sport activities.”
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“The comic strip Mafalda – written by humorist Quino (Joaquin Salvador Lavado) – was based on the barrio and Plaza Mafalda is dedicated to the creator and his creation.”
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“The Square at the corner , always gives a fresh break. Kids, dogs, friends, etc. Sun ! trees! relax. ”
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“Nice, peaceful Square with the beautiful Church of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. Have a walk around!”
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“Located in the northeast of the city, is one of the parks opened more recently, with a privileged view of the River of the Silver. By its proximity to the coast and the wind that usually blows there, is one of the preferred spaces for lovers of the kegs (can be rented on the spot). In addition, the park has, in its 32 hectares, a great variety of species of native birds such as the Chingolo, El Benteveo and bellbird, among others. Has ample free parking, various bike paths, areas for recreational games with sandboxes, OTHER with trees and tables for picnic, a coastal road (from which you can watch the boats sail the Rio de la Plata) and A footbridge that connects the park with the City of Vicente López in the province of Buenos Aires. Also hay nursing services, bathrooms, drinking fountains and kiosks. Buenos Aires Playa During the summer, the Government of the City launches Buenos Aires Buenos Aires Programme Playa, in the Install that within the Children's Park, artificial sand beaches umbrellas against, beach chairs, showers and organizes various sports activities for families enjoy the sun and the outdoors. free connection: There is also an Internet through a network of wi fi. Days and times: 8 1 January March 1. Tuesday one Sunday from 10 to 20h. Walk the neighborhoods most emblematic and find out all the activities of the City in the Cultural Agenda.”
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