“Bernardine Garden is situated right in the heart of Vilnius, between Gediminas Hill, the Vilnelė River and the Bernardine monastery. After more than a year of renovations, the Bernardine Gardens (former Sereikiškės Park) have opened to Vilnius residents and guests. The restored park has regained its historic name, which was used from the end of the XVth century up until World War II, as well as its authentic appearance, which was created by artist Vladislovas Štrausas in the XIX century.”
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“Dating from the 13th century, the castle was rebuilt by Grand Duke Vytautas after a major fire in 1419. By the early 1600s it was being used as a prison for disobedient members of the ruling classes, but during the chaotic 17th-century Russian occupation the towers and defensive walls were almost completely destroyed, with partial restoration work only beginning in 1930. Inside the tower are models of the structure as it appeared in the 14th and 18th centuries, plus other bits and pieces on its history. The views from the top are worth the visit alone.”
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“This is the central recreational area of Minsk with children’s rides, a couple of simple cafés and the training center of the Hockey Club Yunost-Minsk (where even in the summer you can roll around in the snow that comes when they clean the ice in the rink). We advise that you take a ride or two on the Ferris Wheel; just make sure you pick the closed cabins – they are better for viewing the city.”
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“Новый современный парк , есть классный музей Кто любит пешие прогулки рекомендую! ”
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“The Vilnius AKROPOLIS is the largest multi-functional shopping centre in the Baltic countries in terms of area, number of shops, choice of services and entertainment. The largest tenants of the shopping and entertainment centre are "Maxima", "Ermitažas", "Elektromarkt", "Forum cinemas", H&M, "Zara", "Apranga", "Sports Direct", "Sportland", "Reserved", "Eurovaistinė", JYSK, "Delano", "Pegasas". Entertainment offered: 2.400 seats at restaurants and cafes, 8 cinema halls, ice arena, 20-lane bowling, more than 700 m2 entertainment area for children, the largest bookshop in Lithuania.”
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“Троицкое предместье, находящееся в историческом центре города Минска, представляет собой уютный старинный квартал, расположенный на побережье реки Свислочь. Это живописное место по-своему неповторимо, ведь здесь сосредоточены уникальные памятники прошлого, позволяющие оценить и прочувствовать веяние многих эпох. Не зря Троицкое предместье называют визитной карточкой белорусской столицы и его посещение непременно включают в экскурсионные маршруты по городу.”
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“Lithuanian fashion and home design shop on the 3rd floor+all boring international brands ”
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“Очень интересный музей как для детей, так и для взрослых. Тут можно увидеть много экспонатов: настоящие военные танки, самолёты и даже подбитый вагон поезда, оружие и многое другое. Увидите полевой военный госпиталь, полевую школу, мастерскую и кухню. Тут погружаешся в военную атмосферу, равнодушным не останется никто. ”
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“One of the city’s most famous landmarks, St. Anne’s has a history that starts with the alleged construction in the 14th century of a wooden house of worship on this spot in honour of Ona, the wife of Vytautas the Great.”
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“Новый торговый центр в шаговой доступности с продуктовым магазином и большим фуд-кортом.”
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“Vingis is more than just a park; it’s a real urban forest and a unique phenomenon, especially with all the urban activities that go on within it. Concerts, workout and play areas for adults and children, games, and even acrobatic training are common sights in this park. It’s a place where you can spend your leisure time staying active or doing nothing, engage in some small talk while sitting in one of the cafes located in the middle of the forest, or take a walk along the charming paths.”
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Opera House
“This is a memorial of the Soviet-era constructivism. Initially, the building was supposed to have four floors, however in the course of construction the money abruptly ran out. Nevertheless, the building is still majestically impressive thanks to the ideal symmetry of the park, the statues on the pediment, and the abundance of marble and crystal inside. With tickets starting at € 2 it would be a shame to miss it. ”
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“Огромная библеотека с панорамным видом на весь Минск. One of the biggest libraries in Europe with the beautiful view.”
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“В Минске появился четырехэтажный торговый центр «Замок», который стал самым большим и продуманным ТЦ в Беларуси. Стоит посетить это к тому же интересное архитектурное творение на проспекте Победителей. Шопоголики будут в восторге!)”
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Place to shop
“Biggest shopping center in Kaunas, has restourants, shops, cinema and other activities.”
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“The Gate of Dawn (Lithuanian: Aušros vartai), or Sharp Gate (Polish: Ostra Brama, Belarusian: Вострая Брама, Russian: Острая брама) is a city gate in Vilnius and one of the most important religious, historical and cultural monuments.The Chapel in the Gate of Dawn contains an icon of The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Mercy, said to have miraculous powers. For centuries the picture has been one of the symbols of the city and an object of veneration for both Roman Catholic and Orthodox inhabitants. Thousands of votive offerings adorn the walls and many pilgrims from neighboring countries come to pray in front of the beloved painting. ”
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“Лидо - прекрасный вариант для тех, кто хочет быстро перекусить и не тратить на это много денег. Радует большой ассортимент: вне зависимости от того,кто что любит или не любит, постится, сидит на диете или просто привередлив в еде - блюд множество и они на любой вкус и размер порции. Само бистро чистое и уютное, обслуживание быстрое и доброжелательное. Прекрасное заведение... Lido - perfect for those who want a quick meal and do not spend this much money . Pleases large assortment : no matter who he likes or does not like fasting , dieting or just fussy food - dishes are many and they are for every taste and portion size . The very clean and cozy bistro , the service prompt and friendly . Great restaurant ...”
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“Want to grab a hamuburger? A lot of locals like this restaurant. Maybe you will love it too.”
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“One of the best options for traditional Lithuanian dishes in Old Town, this is a jolly, warm-hearted, meat-and-potatoes place with welcoming cavernous rooms downstairs and window-side tables at street level. Feast and drink amongst antiquated folk utensils and cartoonish wall paintings and be served by smiling young locals in old-fashioned costumes. The potato pancakes with bacon and mushroom sauce are outstanding. Plenty of vegetarian options too. ”
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“" Раковский бровар" ресторан со своей пивоварней, интересный интерьер, но кухне петь дифирамбы не стала бы, хотя многим нравится. А вот пиво, которое они сами производят достойно похвалы!”
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“cozy Lithuanian cuisine a bit outside the center but definitely worth to try :)”
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“Famous for the presidential love manifested between Trump and Putin, as well as the smoking hot pulled pork BBQ. Stop by to feel a little cooler and fuller. Packed with attitude and a big middle finger to the establishment, Keulė Rukė arguably started a contemporary food-revolution in the Lithuanian capital, and is one of the key places in making everything great again.”
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“It is the place where you will find a new take on Indian inspired food. Especially serve great lunch and fine dinner!”
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“Вкусное пиво, хорошая кухня с множеством разнообразных мясных блюд и сыров ”
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