“Auckland's Art Gallery is located in the city, a bus (25 mins) or uber (10 mins) away. Features permanent and rotating collections.”
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Botanical Garden
“Because it will show some Maori and pacific Isalnd Culture History of the early settlers in NZ”
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“Fantastic day out with the family. Young and old enjoy the Auckland Zoo. If you want to see a Kiwi while in New Zealand this is the place to go. ”
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Botanical Garden
“作为市立博物馆的Auckland Museum 位于占地 75公顷 的 Auckland Domain 里面。当你欣赏完博物馆内的历史贵迹后,出来就是满面的绿意,惬意极了。”
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“New Zealand’s tallest structure. Well known and surrounded by a ton of things. Also has a casino (tip: don’t play!)”
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“Ponsonby is a destination strip of restaurants and bars. It is a 5 min uber ride, or a pleasant 30 min walk away”
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“Expansive park with sheep and cows, great for walks and/or picnics. Lovely treelined paths and gardens.”
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“堡垒点 编辑 堡垒点(Bastion Point)(毛利语为塔卡帕拉法奥,即Takaparawhau),坐落在教会湾北部的尽头, 它对毛利人和欧洲人来说都具有战略意义。它对怀蒂马塔港口入口的绝佳视野使其成为保护毛利人定居点和后来奥克兰市的重要场所。教会湾和毗邻的奥拉基在1977年曾受到全国的重视,在当时毛利抗议者曾占领了堡垒点的空地。以前属于那蒂.法图阿(Ngāti Whātua)的土地几十年前就被廉价购买用于公共工程,该部落成员占领土地507天并要求归还。该地被基本上归还给毛利部落在长期的而且并不是完全不流血的占领后被归还。占领事件是官方制定调查违反《怀唐伊条约》的程序的关键起因。怀唐伊法庭成立于1975年,于1985年获得授权,其历史冤情可追溯到1840年。 堡垒点也是迈克尔.约瑟夫.萨维奇(Michael Joseph Savage)的墓于同纪念花园的所在地。他是新西兰最受欢迎的总理之一,并以福利国家的建筑师而闻名。由蒂博尔.多纳(Tibor Donner)和安东尼.巴莱特(Anthony Bartlett)设计的艺术装饰风格的合奏于1943年3月正式开放。 特雷沃.莫斯.戴维斯纪念喷泉 编辑 这个喷泉在教会湾保留地的中心之内。 特雷沃.莫斯.戴维斯(Trevor Moss Davis)是奥克兰白酒公司汉考克公司的董事,并于1947年45岁时因心脏病突然死亡而去世。他的父亲艾略特戴维斯,也就是1935年至1945年奥克兰市长欧内斯特戴维斯爵士的侄子,赠送了一座纪念喷泉在使命湾,以保持对他儿子的记忆。[]喷泉由建筑师乔治·托勒(George Tole)设计,由理查德·格罗斯(Richard Gross)设计,由西西里岛大理石雕刻而成,装饰着三个青铜海怪喷水以捕捉光线。纪念碑是该市海滨的标志性建筑,定期在空中发送高达12米(40英尺)的跳水喷头,晚上则有美丽的灯光秀。在夏季,幼儿将其用作戏水池。 公园 编辑 塞尔温(Selwyn)保护区 - 这是塔玛基大道和教会湾海滩之间的开放式绿地,通常被称为使命湾保护区。它以新西兰第一位圣公会主教乔治奥古斯都塞尔温命名。保护区和海滩一起是奥克兰市最受欢迎的海滨地点之一。在夏季,保护区会举办音乐,艺术和体育活动。 吉帕(Kepa)森林保护区 - 教会湾除了作为海滩度假胜地之外,该郊区还是吉帕(Kepa)森林保护区的所在地,位于普雷瓦(Purewa)河畔,经过奥拉基海盆Orakei Basin流入霍伯森(Hobson)湾。该保护区是一个袖珍的原生灌木丛,白天有鸟类生活,晚上在主入口附近的沟壑中有萤火虫。[15]保护区纪念蒂卡帕蒂兰吉希维努伊(Te Keepa Te Rangihiwinui),毛利军事指挥官和新西兰战争期间政府军队的盟友。他也被称为蒂卡帕,卡帕少校或肯普上校(Kemp)。在19世纪60年代的陆战期间,他为反对蒂科提Te Kooti和蒂托瓦鲁(Titokowaru)的政府军队而战。”
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“One of the biggest shopping malls of New Zealand with all the big names under one roof including supermarket”
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Surf Spot
“Views, black sands, wild swims (or not!), and surfing. Enjoy an invigorating walk on the beach and excellent light food and drinks at the surf club afterwards (open in summer). In winter it's wild and you'll feel you have been fully communing with the elements. ”
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“Beautiful seaside village, has good food and shops. A beautiful park where you can have a picnic and watch boats and action on the waterfront. Just a short ferry ride from downtown Auckland.”
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“Immediately to the west of Auckland’s Viaduct is Wynyard Quarter, a 36 hectare area undergoing an exciting 25-year urban transformation.  There’s lots to see and plenty to do –take in the view from the gantry in Silo Park, shoot some hoops at the Playspace, dip your toes in the water at Karanga Plaza, admire the Wind Tree sculpture and marvel at the super yachts, watch fish being unloaded, then enjoy the freshest seafood or a cup of coffee at the water’s edge at one of the cafes or restaurants along North Wharf. There is a regular programme of events and activities going on in the Wynyard Quarter, from the summer programme of movies and cinema in Silo Park to free kids Workshops on the Wharf.  ”
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Natural Feature
“激流岛(Waiheke Island)是个非常悠闲的岛屿。岛上有美丽沙滩、森林,山丘,还有很多葡萄庄园,咖啡馆。葡萄酒酿造业是激流岛特别蓬勃发展的产业,有众多无敌风景的酒庄,值得您开展一次异国浪漫的葡萄酒庄品酒之旅。小岛不大,可以实现环岛游。小岛上有很多山丘,偶尔能看到几户人家隐秘在茂密的树林从中。因为绿植特别多,又在大海边,给人的感觉特别舒适。”
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“Excellent views of the Auckland Harbour, lots of restaurants and bars with great sea views for a great day out. Would recommend taking public transport/Uber here as parking can be hard to find/expensive.”
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“The only aquarium in Auckland. Takes you see the wonders of the southem ocean. There are super cute penguins, will interact with people to say hello, very interesting! 奥克兰唯一的一个水族馆,有一条海底隧道,共设30个展览,超过80种物种和13个分区,带你全方位感受南大洋的神奇。有超级可爱的小企鹅,还会跟人们互动打招呼,非常有趣。”
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“Ponsonby is a destination strip of restaurants and bars. It is a 5 min uber ride, or a pleasant 30 min walk away”
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“The food was absolutely amazing and such a good astrosphere to have dinner in(normally closed in midnight)”
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“Local beer brewery just 20mins drive away. Great atmosphere and all day dining. ”
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“This is a wonderful restuarant (our favourite in Auckland), with incredible flavours, service and decor. It is modern Italian inspired, and the menu changes daily depending on what's in season. If you're looking for a fun night out as a couple or family, this is a great place.”
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“Again, going with the classics here... the ones that have stood the test of time. Always reliable. It's not for everyone, some people like a bit more grit but SPQR is a favourite.... you'll understand why as soon as you enter, it's a bit fancy but in an Auckland way... put your Gucci sneakers on ladies and put the Clicquot on ice and keep it coming”
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“Delicious Italian food on K Road, really fun vibe - yummy pasta, Good Happy Hour with seats outside.”
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“NZ chef Al Brown’s take on an old-school NYC Jewish delicatessen. Very delicious and reasonably priced with sumptuous selection of desserts. Choose any 3 great desserts for only $20 such as banoffee pie, NY cheesecake & lemon meringue pie. What’s not to love!”
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“I’ve been going to this restaurant for over 30 years. Beautiful Italian food. You can’t go wrong. No bookings so get there early. ”
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