Omshanty jungle lodge

The bungalows are nestled in the 2 hectares secondary jungle land where the abundance of wildlife (flora & fauna) delight our guests.
We also arrage a wide variety of activities, treks and tours in the jungle.
Our lodge is focused on those who love nature.
The ones that look for monuments, museums, town and/or party, please refrain from reservations, in Omshanty raw nature.


Omshanty is a farm located at the outskirts of Leticia in the Amazon rain forest.
The farm have 20.000m2 of pure nature in which you can see many wild life.
We offer lodging in rustic & comfortable cabins (38m2) with porche with hammock, livingroom with two simple beds, bathroom, kitchen equiped and a bedroom with a double bed.
The farm is in front of the Uitoto indigenous community "Patio de ciencia dulce" ('sweet science courtyard')
You can get to the farm by bus (every day each 25min) that stops in the main gate.

At the surrounds you can do jungle treking, visit indigenous communities and natural reserves, swim in small rivers or do kayaking, canopying, bird & wild life watching and several other activities.

The best place to know the jungle at the first-hand!!!


Large land for walking and observe the flora: timber trees, medicinal plants, parasit plants, bromelias, orchids and lots of blossoms inour garden.
And fauna: insects, birds (tucan, parrots, oropendolas, hummingbirds, hawks...), colorful frogs, monkeys (titis, saimiri and others), spiders, tarantulas, opossums and lots of lizards and other fauna.
Shared refrigerator.
Shared area to lie on a hammock.
BBQ area.
Bikes for rent.


In Omshanty we have all the legal requirements to host, as is required by the Colombian law.
Some other hosts in the area doesn't, what could be a problem for both: host & guest. This is not our case.



1张双人床, 2张单人床





We were very excited to stay at Omshanty, judging on all the positive feedback. We weren't expecting a five star hotel, and were actually excited by getting an experience which seemed "off-the-beaten path". Unfortunately, just because a place is off the beaten path is no excuse for not taking care of the establishment. The cabins themselves are a decent size, and have amenities like a stove, shower, and dishes. However, everything seems extremely worn down and not well taken care of. The 3 beds in our cabin were all under large windows without any kind of curtain. Whenever it rained (which is a lot, it's a rainforest), 2 of the 3 beds would be absolutely SOAKED. And the 3rd bed would also have a considerable wet spot. As a result of this happening time after time, the beds all smell strongly of mold, and always seem slightly wet. Also, we were led to believe Omshanty was out in the country, far from city-life. However, it Is actually right alongside a main road, a few miles from town, but by no means remote. It's right across the street from a bar, which blasted loud music every night until 2am, which made it hard to sleep, in addition to the moldy beds. There is no breakfast offered here, and the inexpensive room price is made up for with the not-so-inexpensive tours. The management also seemed disorganized. We really wanted to like Omshanty, but in the end we left early and found places that were much better taken care of.

great place, beautiful location. cant go wrong staying here. everyone had a great time. km 8 swiming hole is just down the road, all the locals hang out there to let the kids swim and drink cheap beer and enjoy picnics. rio ticana is also a great n frills spot to spend an afternoon... todos tranquillo

If you have the right expectations, this is a fantastic place. It is actually ‘in’ the jungle, as distinct from in the pleasant but basically nondescript town of Leticia. You can certainly arrange jungle tours in and from Leticia, but we wanted the experience of going to sleep and waking up in the middle of it all, so we chose OmShanty and we are very glad we did. The accommodations are basic but are accurately represented in the airbnb description. We stayed in Omshanty's ‘high end’ accommodation, a standalone cabin. The cookery etc. is rudimentary but sufficient and we cooked several meals without problem. The bed was comfortable, the mosquito netting in good shape, the porch hammock divine, and a cold shower is not a problem in the hot jungle. What is most special here are the in-jungle location and the host, Kike (pronounced Kiké, short for Enrique). He is originally a computer programmer (IBM!) from Madrid who has lived here for ten years. He is totally informed about every aspect of the jungle and is deeply connected to the local indigenous people and committed to their welfare. And he is totally committed to his guests’ well-being. We put ourselves in his hands, on a day to day basis, and we were so happy we did. The guides he referred us to were wonderful and he himself constantly went ‘above and beyond’ to make sure we got where we were going and knew how to get back. Everyone in Leticia seems to know him fondly. A nice part was that even though you are 11 kilometers from town, it is not at all hard to get there. The bus (2400 cop) does come every half hour and if you don’t want to wait for it upon your return, a cab is 20,000 cop In summary, bring plenty of mosquito repellent and anti-itch cream (dinner’s on you—repellent or not—you can count on it) and immerse yourself in Kike’s capable hands and in the amazing part of the world that is the Amazon. Ps. Lonely Planet, inexplicably, tells you about a ‘supermercardo' called Hiper in Leticia but doesn’t mention the fantastic fresh food and fish market next to the docks. That’s the place to go for your food shopping!

Las cabañas están muy limpias y en buen estado, los mosquiteros hacen su trabajo y no entran los mosquitos. Justo cuando llegamos acababa de pasar una tormenta que tiro varios arboles. Muy cerca a una reservación donde se puede hacer canopi y caminar por el bosque, el restaurante que tiene el complejo cumple con su cometido y sirve comidas bastante decentes y típicas. También la recepción y la guía sobre los planes a realizar super útil, en general muy bien!

Omshanty is a wonderful place. Unfortunately a few days before we arrived a massive storm destroyed much of the beautiful vegetation so it was a chaos if downed trees while we were there. The cleanup was in full swing too, which was inconvenient one day when we were too exhausted do anything. - after a fantastic night walk and another amazing day gong up the river and trekking to a hotel piranha lake (all advised by Enrique and his friendly team). We were sad not to see his beautiful property as it was but still would recommend it because the jungle will grow back fast).the people around KM 11 were real kind and welcomed more no to us, as well. We wish Enrique and family all the best for the rebuild.

Omshanty is probably the best lodge in the area. I was truly impressed. The cabin is authentic and the surroundings incredibly beautiful

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I live in my house in the land, when you need me I can help you.


Soy Kike, biólogo y viajero afincado en el Amazonas colombiano.

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