Another view of the living room and kitchen. The stairs lead up to the master bedroom. The short hallway leads to a half-bathroom and the washer and dryer.The roof deck is perfect for summer dinners
Modern & Spacious Apartment with Private Roof Deck
Modern & Spacious Apartment with Private Roof Deck

A bright and spacious apartment spread across the top floors of a beautiful townhouse. There are two full bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, and an open-plan living room and kitchen that is filled light. You can see the Washington Monument from the roof deck, and the apartment is minutes from the metro and great restaurants and bars.


This bright and spacious 1250-square foot apartment is spread across the top floors of a beautiful townhouse that sits between Adams Morgan and Columbia Heights. It has two full bedrooms, each with their own bathroom, plus a half bath on the main floor. The metro is two blocks away. Great restaurants and bars are within easy walking distance.

As an added bonus, you will also get a 140-square foot private roof deck form which you can see the Washington Monument. Now, now -- don’t be jaded. The monument is cool to look at. You can see it from the master bedroom as well.

The apartment is spread across three floors. There is bedroom on the first floor of the apartment (which is not the first floor of the building; fear not – there are no ground-floor windows or anything like that). This bedroom has a set of twin beds.

The second floor of the apartment is an open-plan living room and kitchen that is filled light and spacious yet cozy at the same time. It’s a neat trick, and the apartment pulls if off nicely.

The third floor is entirely taken up by the master bedroom. It is also where you can access the roof deck, which will be yours and only yours for the length of your stay. No one else has access – in fact, none of the neighbors can even see onto it.

The apartment is also kid-friendly. So don’t be afraid to bring them along.

Four people can sleep comfortably. If you’ve got more people, let’s discuss. It is certainly possible, but it would take a bit more advanced planning.


Keyless entry. Code set before arrival.


We'll be in touch by email or phone before head to Washignton. I usually check in by phone the day you arrive or day after to make sure everything is working out and to see if there is anything you need.

I will most likely be traveling overseas during your stay, but I have family and friends in Washington who can help sort out any issues. And I am available at any time by phone or email.


The washer, dryer and dishwasher are there for you to use. If you, please use the detergent pellets that I have left in the apartment. They will help avoid any overflowing suds or other little dramas.

You will find the laundry detergent pellets on top of the dryer. You only need one per load. Just toss it in the machine with your clothes, pick the cycle you want, hit the start button and ... viola. The pellet dissolves on its own, and your clothes come out clean and fresh.

There are also dryer sheets on top of the machine for you to use.

The dish washing detergent pellets are under the sink. Stick one in the little place on the interior of the dishwasher door where you would put ordinary detergent, and then hit start and close the door. That's all you have to do.

If the dishwasher is not turning on, look for a little switch in the cabinet under the sink. It's located to the bottom right at the front of the cabinet.

There is also regular dishing washing soap and sponges if you feel the desire to clean by hand. Obviously, pots and pans are not going to work in the dishwasher. But most everything else will.



额外房客 $20 / 晚 (多于2位房客后开始收取)
清洁费 $100
押金 $600

1张沙发, 1张充气床垫


My basic rule is that you don't do anything to my place you would not want done to yours. If something is not working, let me know straight away, and I'll do my best to have it fixed.

If you want to use something, and you cannot seem to figure out how it works, shoot me an email or give me a call. I am sure I can talk you through it.

If something breaks, let me know promptly. I won't care that much if you broke it. But I will care if you broke it and did not tell me. That's not cool.

My main concern is that you feel at home. You may be in DC for a working trip, or you may be having a look at the capital or visiting friends. Either way, you want a place to relax. You can't do that if there is a long list of rules, now can you?

A few other quick but important notes. All are actual rules, so please read carefully. Thanks.

SMOKING is NOT tolerated under any circumstances. Do not smoke inside the apartment. I do not smoke in my home, and I do not want others doing so. Apart from my own health and safety concerns, I have small children who often spend time here with me, and the residue from smoke can be harmful to them.

If any evidence of smoking within the apartment is found after check-out, you will be charged for the entire $500 security deposit to cover the cost of cleaning.

By agreeing to stay in my apartment, you are agreeing not to smoke on the premises. You are also agreeing to assume all liability should you cause harm to yourself or others or cause any property damage because you were smoking.

DRUG USE. What you do in your own place and on your own time is entirely up to you. But when you are my guest, even a paying one, I am going to ask that you not use any illegal drugs in my apartment. If you choose to disregard this rule, you will be solely responsible for any resulting penalties, civil or criminal.

LIABILITY. By agreeing to stay in my apartment, you are agreeing to assume all liability for any injuries and harm that may come to you or others during your stay, up to and including death.

Pardon the grim language on that one. What it basically means is that if you trip down the steps or fall in the shower or fall off the roof deck or do whatever, you are not going sue me for damages (you'd lose if you tried, in any case). If something should happen to you during the course of your stay, you alone will be responsible for the costs of your care and the care of others who may have been harmed as a result of your actions.

By making a reservation, you are also agreeing to not seek any financial damages or compensation from me in the result of an accident the leaves you injured or leads to your death. At the same time, you are assuming liability should any of your actions on the premises lead to others being harmed or killed.

Sorry about the whole spiel. I'm assuming that you are not a litigious nightmare. But those kinds of people are out there, and thus the need to cover my butt. I appreciate your understanding.

需爬楼梯 - There are two flights of stairs in the apartment.






Matt's place was one of the best last-minute finds I've ever landed on (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN). It is convenient, comfortable, and has an attractive set up, along with all the amenities one could need on a stay. My guests and I really appreciated the roof deck too. I definitely recommend a stay at Matt's place.

My family and I had a great time at Matt's place. He really made us feel at home. His place was in a great location, it was clean and it was spacious. No complaints whatsoever!

I enjoyed my stay. Matt was very responsive to messages and phone calls about any questions as they arouse. Very accessible apartment with plenty of food options around.

We were very comfortable staying at Matt's place. The apt was as described and in a great location, and Matt made everything work easily. We would definitely stay there again.

We enjoyed our stay in Matt's apartment. It's a very comfortable place to relax after rambling around the city. The roof top deck was great and adds that something extra. The space is modern and nicely appointed, convenient to the metro and an easy stroll to restaurants and shops in Mt Pleasant, Columbia Heights and Adams Morgan. Matt was a great host. Communication was easy and despite being out of the country, Matt checked in a couple of times to make sure everything was fine. Hard to go wrong here.

I had a lovely stay! Matt was an informative and gracious host. There's a very cool and easy to use code system which you can personalize so no hassle with key pick-up. The place was spotless when I arrived and very near the metro which really improved my visit. I was hoping for some restaurant suggestions in the area and Matt gave a couple of great places (there's a delicious Laotian restaurant a couple blocks away!) I highly recommend staying here.

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I am a writer who is often on the road for very long stretches, and that is why my apartment is open to you.

My place, I like to think, reflects the needs of someone who is often just passing through. It has everything you need to walk right in and feel at home. It is cleaned weekly, there is wireless internet, plenty of channels on the TV and appliances that are easy to use.