Retro Vibe at Danish Modern HouseCalifornia Misters around the pool cool the air by 20 degrees in summer
Danish Mid-Century Modern House
2 - 12岁

Danish Mid-Century Modern House: 2 Blocks to El Paseo Drive! 5 King bedrooms, 3 baths, 7 HDTVs, huge heated salt-water pool & spa, Misters, heated outdoor dining, Cabana, Gas Fire-pit, gas BBQ, 10 chaise lounges, Mountain views, Pool table & Foosball


The Mid-Century Danish Modern House is the coolest house from the 1960s completely renovated and only 2 blocks from El Paseo! We renovated it from head to toe and outfitted it with the best in comfort and style! You can relax in the living room surrounded by mid-century authentic decor and furnishings, or hang out in the indoor/outdoor cabana on the deep-seat sectional. You will be able to cook a full meal in the fully-equipped kitchen and then enjoy it at the gorgeous Danish Modern dining Table for 10! You will never be bored - play a game of pool or foosball or simply relax by the fire-pit. Everywhere you are - you can listen to your favorite music on the Sonos sound sytem which is hard-wired throughout the house and yard!

You will spend the day lounging by the pool, listening to your favourite music and taking in the beautiful Mountain Views. If you are feeling energetic, you can go for a nice hike on the Santa Rosa Mountains. Come back for a spa where you will be amazed by the silhouettes of the Palm Trees surrounding the Danish Modern House. Take a short walk to El Paseo and have dinner and drinks at Mastros, Mama Ginas or Il Corso. When you come back, relax with a nightcap under the incredible desert stars by the firepit while listening to your favourite music. You will then sleep like a baby on a plush-top luxury mattress with fine linens in your bedroom with black-out blinds! When you wake up, have a coffee while watching the sunrise behind the Palms to the east!


The whole house, the entire yard and every inch of our incredible Danish Modern House is at your disposal! We provide the following:

* luxury bed linens (one per bed included in cleaning fee)
* bath towels, face cloths, bathmats
* pool towels and chaise lounge covers
* 10 chaise lounges
* 3 sunbrella umbrellas
* outdoor dining for 10
* 4 pool floats
* 5 blow-dryers
* pool table
* foosball table
* outdoor heaters
* California Misting System
* Sonos sound system inside and out
* free long distance anywhere in the USA and Canada
* free Wi-Fi
* 7 HDTVs with over 200 channels (some are PVR capable)
* wood-burning fireplace
* personal fans in every bedroom
* clock radio in every bedroom
* plenty of closet space, hangers and drawer space for your items
* fully-stocked kitchen with microwave, blender, ice-machine, filtered water, food processor, coffee maker, tea kettle, panini-maker, plenty of pots & pans, lots of dishes and drinkware
* natural gas barbecue
* natural gas fire-pit


We have over 230 5-star reviews of our 6 Holiday Home Rentals. We do our best to ensure that our guests have an enjoyable vacation. We take pride in all our properties.

The owners and our professional office staff and property manager ensure that any questions or concerns you have are answered promptly. Our Property Manager will greet you and show you around the property upon your arrival, demonstrating how to use all the equipment and answering your questions. The Property Manager is available 24-hours a day. The best way to reach the owners is through email.


Check-in and Check-out

Our Check-in time is 5pm and our Check-out time is 11am. These Check-in and Check-out times are firm due to the extensive nature of the indoor and outdoor cleaning and laundry required in between rentals. It is not possible to check in any earlier than 5pm on the Check-in Date or to check out any later than 11am on the Check-out date if we have guests leaving on the same day that another guest is arriving. Therefore, if you wish to check in earlier than 5pm, the only way to ensure that you will be able to do so, is to book the property for the night prior to your intended arrival date (assuming it’s available). Likewise, if you wish to check out later than 11am on the Check-out date, the only way to ensure that you will be able to do so, is to book the property for the night following your intended departure date (assuming it’s available). Please select your dates carefully in accordance with this notice and the firm check-in and check-out times. If we have no guests departing or arriving on the same date as your arrival or departure date, then we will likely be able to accommodate an early check-in or a late check-out, but we will not know until a day or two prior to your arrival and/or departure date. If you wish to inquire about an early check-in or a late check-out, please send us an email a few days prior to your arrival date and we will ascertain whether we are able to accommodate your request.


Cleaning fee is based on one linen change per bedroom. If additional linens are used, an $80 fee (USD)/set will be charged. Extra charges will apply for excess use of towels.


Umbrellas must be closed and tied when not in use. We experience sudden high winds in the desert at times; umbrellas will break if left open. If an umbrella breaks during your stay, you will be charged a $400 fee (USD) per umbrella.


Please be advised that as this is a residential home, some defects to the property, equipment, electronics, plumbing or amenities at the home may arise from time to time. We make our best efforts to address and resolve any such defects in a timely fashion and with as little disruption as possible to our guests. While we recognize that such defects or their repair may be an inconvenience to our guests, we do not provide any discounts or refunds arising from same.


Garbage is picked up on Thursdays. If you are staying at the property on a Thursday, please take the garbage cans to the curb on Wednesday evening and return to the area by the garage on Thursday evening. Thank you for your cooperation!

Pool Cleaning:

Pool/Spa are cleaned each Tuesday and Friday afternoons.


Gardeners attend at the property on Wednesdays for approximately 3 hours. They will be using lawn mowers, blowers, trimmers and the like.

Additional Charges

The Guest will be responsible and liable for any damage caused during his or her stay including but not limited to the following:

i.Damage to the property or furnishings whether caused by the Guest or his or her invited guests;
ii.Damage to any umbrellas ($400 USD/broken umbrella)
iii.Dirt or other mess requiring excessive cleaning ($75/bed for use of any additional linens; $10/towel for excessive laundering of towels)
iv.Unreturned keys, fogs or Garage door openers ($100 per unreturned item)
v.Late, unauthorized check-out;
vi.Excessive noise and/or fines incurred for same;
vii.Breach of any of the Rental Rules; and
viii.Any other cost incurred by the Homeowner due to the Guest’s stay.

Palm Desert Short Term Rental Licence #45634



额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 $400
押金 $5000
满1周立减: 7%
周末价格 $700 / 晚



Palm Desert Short Term Rental Rules Apply. No additional guests other than those included in the original reservation are permitted to stay at the property. No smoking inside. Smoking is permitted outside away from the house provided that proper ashtrays are used. No parties. No events. No music outside after 10pm. No loud noise outside after 10pm. No diving in the pool. No glassware at the pool (plenty of acrylic drinkware is provided). No lifeguard is on duty - you are responsible to supervise yourself, your guests, and most importantly, any children. No pets are permitted. All guests must be at least 28 years of age unless children travelling with parents or grandparents.

1.Smoking is allowed outside only using proper ashtrays. Smoking inside the house is strictly forbidden.

2.This home is privately owned; the Homeowner is not responsible for any accidents, injuries or illness that occurs while on the premises or its facilities. The Homeowner is not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest. By accepting this reservation, the Guest and all persons in the Rental Party are expressly assuming the risk of any harm arising from their use of the premises or others whom they invite to use the premise.

3.Keep the property and all furnishings in good order. Do not move any beds or furniture.

4. Only use appliances for their intended uses.

5.Pets are NOT allowed on the property at anytime.

6.Noise: It is imperative that the noise level is reasonable at all times, and in particular, between 10:00 pm and 10:00 am. No music is permitted outside after 10 pm. No loud noise is permitted outside after 10pm. Be considerate of the neighbors.

7.Parking: All parking must be on the premises. Parking is available for 5 vehicles. Vehicles are to be parked in designated parking areas only. Any illegally parked cars are subject to towing; applicable fines/towing fees are the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner.

8.Housekeeping: There is no daily housekeeping service; only departure cleaning that has been included in the Rental Cost. We do not permit towels or linens to be taken from the house. Maid service can be arranged. Please contact the Homeowner.

9.Pool and Spa: The pool contains certain risks, especially with children, if not used with attentive care and caution. The pool is not fenced or gated, therefore use at your own risk. The Guest acknowledges that the safety of yourself and the Rental Party and any children depends on you. Your attentive personal supervision is absolutely required to avoid risk of serious injury and/or death. The Guest and the Rental Party agree that you use pools and spas completely at your own risk. The pool and spas are cleaned and serviced each Tuesday and Friday afternoon. This takes approximately 30 minutes per cleaning.

By accepting this reservation, the Guest agrees to ensure that you and all members of the Rental Party will abide by all important pool safety guidelines:

•Child safety. Never leave a child unsupervised near a pool. During social gatherings at or near the pool, appoint a designated adult to protect young children from pool accidents. When not in use, clear the pool area of toys.

•No Glassware. Do not use glassware in or near the pool or spa. Use plastic glasses. Plastic drinkware is provided.

•Spa. Note that consuming alcoholic beverages and/or drugs and use of the spa can be dangerous and cause serious health risks. Avoid immersion in the spa for prolonged periods of time. Spas are a risk to children in particular or to persons with medical conditions.

•No Diving. Diving into shallow water can cause serious injury, paralysis, or death. The pool is not deep enough for any diving. Diving is strictly prohibited.

10.Garbage: Garbage is picked up on Thursdays. If you are staying at the property on a Thursday, please take the garbage cans to the curb on Wednesday evening and return to the area by the garage on Thursday evening. Thank you for your cooperation!

12.Good Neighbor Policy: The Guest agrees to ensure that he or she and all the persons in the Rental Party abide by the Good Neighbor Policy. Please note that a copy of the Good Neighbor Policy is posted on a bulletin board at the property. Where there is a conflict between these Rules and the Good Neighbor Policy, these Rules prevail.

12.Plastic Drinkware Only Outside: No glasses are to be used outside. We have plenty of plastic drinkware, including wine, beer, martini, margarita, highball and smaller drinking cups. If glass breaks and gets into the pool, the entire pool has to be drained to properly clean it for glass shards. Feel free to use the plastic drinking glasses in the pool and in the hot tub.

13.Gardener: The Gardener comes to the property on Wednesday mornings to cut the lawn and tend to the gardens. This takes approximately 2 hours each Wednesday.


1.Property: The property is located in South Palm Desert close to El Paseo. You will be provided with the address once we have received your deposit and completed and signed Rental Agreement.

2.Term of the Lease: Commences at 5pm on your check-in date and ends at 11am on the check-out date.

3.Pest Control: Please be advised that we have pest control spraying pesticides at the property on a regular basis. These pesticides may be harmful to you or your children. We also have rodent poison boxes at various locations in the outdoors at the Property. The contents of the rodent poison boxes are poisonous and may very well be harmful to your children. If you are concerned about your children coming into contact with the rodent poison boxes, when you arrive at the property, kindly ask the Property Manager to identify the rodent poison boxes for you so that you can remove them during your stay. You will be responsible to return the rodent poison boxes to their original location prior to your departure. We take no responsibility whatsoever for the safety of you, your guests, or your children. We make no representations or guarantees of any kind regarding the safety and health of you or the Rental Party while at our Property. For a complete list of the pesticides that have been sprayed at the Property, kindly email our office and we will send you a complete list.

4.Defects: Please be advised that as this is a residential home, some defects to the property, equipment, electronics, plumbing or amenities at the home may arise from time to time. We make our best efforts to address and resolve any such defects in a timely fashion and with as little disruption as possible to our guests. While we recognize that such defects or repairs to them may be an inconvenience to our guests, we do not provide any discounts or refunds arising from same.

5.Rental Party: Our minimum age to rent the property is 28 years (except for families with children). No persons other than the number indicated on the reservation are permitted at the property.

6.Maximum Occupancy: The maximum number of guests is limited to 10 persons.

7.Rental Rules: The Guest agrees to abide by these Rental Rules at all times while at the property and shall cause all members of the Rental Party and anyone else the Guest permits on the property to abide by the following rules at all times while at the property. In the event of a conflict between the Rental Rules and the Palm Desert Short Term Rental Rules these Rental Rules in shall apply.

8.Access: The Guest shall allow the Homeowner or his/her agent access to the property for purposes of repair and inspection. The Homeowner shall exercise this right of access in a reasonable manner.

9.Insurance: We encourage all renters to purchase travel insurance.

10.Waiver of Liability:

(a)The Guest voluntarily accepts all risk of personal injury, death and property damage (including personal property) to himself or herself, his or her family or anyone on the Property with his or her permission, including but not limited to the Rental Party, which injury or damage results from his or her, or the any other person’s use of the Property during the rental period. Furthermore, the guest agrees that he or she will not make a claim against or sue the Homeowner or their agents, employees, family, or related entities, for any bodily injury, death, or property damage. The Guest understands that this is a release of the Homeowner and their agents from any and all liability with respect to any claims brought by the Guest or my invitees for any damage or injury.

(b)The Guest hereby releases and holds harmless the Homeowner from all liability, claims, demands or causes of action for any injury, disability, death, or loss of damage to person or property incurred by the Guest, members of the Rental Party and/or any minor children for whom the Guest is a parent, legal guardian, or otherwise responsible, whether caused by the negligence of the Homeowners or otherwise, including those persons in the Rental Party.

The Guest agrees to save harmless and indemnify and hold harmless the Homeowner from any and all liability for any damage to property of or personal injury to any third party, resulting from the use of the Property during the Rental Period.

All booking guests must provide a list of the names and ages of all persons who will be staying at our Danish Modern Estate, inclusive of the booking guest.

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Wow! What an amazing holiday weekend. We have traveled the world and spent many weekends in Palm Springs, Palm Desert, La Quinta and Indio. This house is now our favorite place to stay in this area. The homes decore and the overall vibes are amazing and felt like we were living in an era of some of the most iconic entertainers ever. All appliances worked great and are easy to use. The house was very clean and had everything we needed from clean towels, dishes, soaps and wine glasses for the pool. Also the misters around the pool are an incredible feature and very cinematic on camera. We didn't want to go home!! ❤️

Family of 7 plus in-laws had a GREAT stay. Plenty of room for all, king beds sleep comfortably. Kids played "DJ" with the Sonus sound system throughout the house, as we swam in the pool each day - even though 108 degree heat outside, the misters, shade, and salt water pool were awesome. Right by upscale El Paseo shopping and restaurants. Wife and I enjoyed taking early morning walks throughout the beautiful neighborhood to see the lovely homes in the area. Thank you, Craig and Tracey, for a wonderful and memorable vacation!

House location - right near a ton of restaurants and shops. Walkable to most. Bedrooms - great beds, clean linens and king beds everywhere Kitchen - completely stocked, and all appliances were high end. Plenty of plastic glassware for poolside cocktails Game room with pool table and the outdoor foosball were a lot of fun Sonos throughout the house and by the pool was perfect Big private yard with a beautiful fire feature and great furniture everywhere and a misting system which saved us when it got too hot. Pool was big and warm and private. With a jacuzzi. Overall - fantastic and can't wait to get back. Absolutely terrific place.

The house was wonderful for our family group of 10. We wanted for nothing and appreciated the well stocked kitchen and all the thoughtful touches. Proximity to El Paseo, yet the quiet location, were a terrific combination. Pool, patio and fire pit a hit.

House was wonderful and the location was ideal. Quiet neighborhood, great amenities, stylish furnishings. We had everything we needed for our family weekend and made some wonderful meals in the kitchen. We also really enjoyed the pool and jacuzzi. The beds and linens were also soft and comfy! Great stay all around.

The home is amazing! The setting magical and the proximity spectacular! This is a true gem of a residence to enjoy your vacation.

This house was fantastic! Had everything we needed. Great location, clean, and packed with amenities and entertainment. We were very happy with with our choice.


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We are a professional couple (Doctor and Lawyer) from Vancouver in our early 50s. We have two young adult children and we love to travel, ski, golf, hike and swim in the sun! We have carefully selected 6 vacation properties to purchase over the past 6 years in Palm Desert, California and Whistler, BC, Canada to best suit the needs of families. We love bringing friends and family to our vacation properties and we know that you will too. After all, we all tend to like the same things in a perfect vacation property for our families: space, open-concept, HDTVs, comfortable sofas, large dining tables, privacy, lots of bathrooms, hot tubs, music, luxury linens, professional kitchens and above-all, incredible views! If you have all this, your family vacation will be incredible!

Palm Desert is the best city in the whole desert as it's luxurious, tasteful and centrally-located. We purchased 5 homes in south Palm Desert very close to El Paseo, the Rodeo Drive of the desert. Location is key - you can walk to excellent shopping and great restaurants from any of our Palm Desert homes.

In Whistler, in the winter of 2017, we purchased a luxury 5-bedroom large chalet on the 1st fairway of the Nicklaus North Golf Course in the Green Lake Estates. It's just a 3-minute drive into Whistler Village, and just a 30-minute walk along the Valley Trail. It has the most incredible unobstructed views of Blackcomb Mountain that we've ever seen! Our Northwood Chalet Whistler has floor to ceiling windows in the living room and dining room to ensure that you will not miss the amazing views of Blackcomb Mountain!

All of our Vacation Properties share the common theme of fabulous locations, great amenities, fully-stocked kitchens, tasteful decor, music (key!!!), family-friendly, and great views. We have high standards and know that you do too! As such, we try to maintain all of our vacation properties to the high standards we expect. We take great pride in knowing that our guests have enjoyed our home. We have sourced and hired top-notch property managers to ensure that your stay is seamless. We are available by email throughout your stay and personally take care of answering your questions and then delegating tasks to our property manager if required. We ensure that your vacation is stress-free. If something does come up such as a required repair, we are on top of it immediately with as little disruption and inconvenience to you as possible. Every year, we have several families return to our homes for another vacation, which is the greatest compliment we can receive. We have over 230 5-star reviews of our Holiday Home Rentals. Whether you are coming to Whistler or to Palm Desert, our high standards are the same! If you reserve one of our vacation properties, you will not be disappointed. We look forward to having you! Craig and Tracey

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