Large living room with imported Italian Furniture.Mickey's room to share with the kids
Sun Lake 3/BR 2/BA Next to Disney
新装修的1500 SF单位开放式平面图。设备齐全的现代家具,陶瓷/瓷地板。这是过敏患者的理想选择。三间卧室设有一张特大号床,一张大号床和两张单人床。销售税包含在价格中。 长期逗留迪斯尼实习生可以查询。
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Newly renovated 1500 SF unit with an open floor plan. Well appointed modern furnishings with ceramic/porcelain flooring. This is ideal for allergy sufferers. The three bedrooms contain 1 King, 1 Queen, and 2 twin beds. Sales tax included in price.

Long term stay for Disney interns available, pls inquire.


入住期间需要注意的事项: 请报告任何故障的设备或服务丢失。我们对优秀和敏感的客户服务感到自豪,但如果我们不了解,我们将无法帮助。示例:您丢失了WIFI 4天,并没有报告,直到你退房。你不开心,因为你不能上网,我们不高兴,因为我们失去了一个客户。由于使用量大,我们的调制解调器和路由器需要重新设置,只需要5分钟即可完成所有操作。是的,咖啡壶,搅拌机,烤面包机在某种程度上都是坏的。我们有很多库存可以在现场换货。但是,如果你告诉我们,只能做到这一点。 (EMAIL HIDDEN) 到达之前,我们的地板被擦干净。然而,与地毯不同,天然石材地板不能吸收灰尘。每次门打开时,灰尘和沙子都会吹,而且鞋子里面也装着沙尘。我们在设备外部和内部都有地板垫,以便在进入前清洁鞋底。在您与我们同住的第三天,您的赤脚自然会拾起灰尘。推荐使用一双拖鞋走动。 请不要在厨房里使用面巾布或手毛巾,或者擦拭地板上的溢出物。我们为此提供纸巾和厨房毛巾。 我们提供WIFI,但是我们不提供电话,电脑或笔记本电脑 WIFI用途: 请注意,使用我们的WIFI时,客人非法下载受版权保护的资料是被禁止的。如果这个活动被Comcast标记,我们会发送一个法定通知(它们具有日期和时间以及所访问的资料),我们将把客户信息转发给他们,以便他们直接联系非法用户。请不要在我们的公寓里做任何你不会在自己家里做的事情。 安全: 请注意您的个人物品。离开当天,请确保天井门被锁住。确保您随时拥有公寓钥匙。如果您锁定自己,可能会收取服务电话费。 用品:所有属性都配备了初始设置的卫生纸,纸巾和垃圾桶内衬。租户必须在出租期间提供食物,清洁用品和个人物品。所有床单由Sun Lake Rentals提供,并包含在预订费中。克里斯和珍妮对客人留下的任何物品不承担任何责任。任何要求退回的物品都须遵守客人支付的所有运输费用或25.00美元的服务费,以较大者为准。 亚麻布:将提供初始的床单供应(一套毛巾,包括一个浴巾,每个人的睡眠数量为一张洗衣布,每张床一张床单)。所有床都将被制作。厨房用品包括一个菜布。任何损失或损坏的床单将被扣除您的损坏押金。 以下是更换染色(EX:血液,体液,食物,化妆品,晒黑油或乳液)或缺少亚麻布的价格表: SHEETS: 双床(平或安)$ 8 女王(平或装)$ 12 国王(平或装)$ 15 枕套$ 3 毛巾: 浴:$ 6 手$ 4 毛巾$ 2 浴垫$ 4 请确保如果您将浴巾带到池畔,请将其带回本机。退房后的毛巾将被扣除您的押金。 我们不是酒店,不提供女仆服务到公寓。如果您在逗留期间想要新鲜的毛巾或床单,则必须将其放在洗衣机中并洗涤。 昆虫 请不要离开前门或露台滑块打开,因为昆虫会进入单位。请确保厨房里的所有食物都被覆盖。否则,会出现糖(SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN)。如果发生这种情况,请给我发电子邮件给一些Terro(SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN)诱饵陷阱。他们非常有效,将在48小时内照顾(SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN)。 (EMAIL HIDDEN)
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Things to be aware of during your stay:

Please report any faulty appliance or loss of service as it occurs. We pride ourselves on excellent and responsive customer service, but we can’t help if we don’t know about it. Example: You lost WIFI for 4 days and didn’t report it until you were checking out. You leave unhappy because you could not go online, and we are unhappy because we lost a customer. Our modems and routers need to be re-set occasionally due to heavy usage and it only takes 5 minutes to get everything running again. And yes, coffee makers, blenders, toasters all go bad at some point. We have plenty in stock to swap out on the spot. But it can only be done if you tell us.

Have a problem? Email: (EMAIL HIDDEN)

Our floors are mopped clean before you arrive. However, natural stone floors, unlike carpet, cannot absorb dust. Dust and sand blow in every time the door is open, and it is also carried inside by your shoes. We have floor mats outside and inside the unit to clean your shoe bottoms before entering. It is natural for your bare feet to pick up dust by the third day of your stay with us. Bringing a pair of slippers to walk around the unit is recommended.

Please do not use face cloths or hand towels in the kitchen or to wipe up spills on the floor. We provide paper towels and a kitchen towel for that purpose.

We supply WIFI, but we do not provide telephones, computers or laptops

WIFI Usage:
Please be aware that illegal downloading of copyrighted material by our guests while using our WIFI is prohibited. If this activity is flagged by Comcast and we are sent a legal notice (they are very specific with date and time of use as well as the material accessed), we will forward our guest information to them so they can contact the illegal user directly. Please do not do anything in our condo that you would not do in your own home.
Please be mindful of your personal belongings. When leaving for the day, please make sure the patio doors are locked. Make sure you have the condo key with you at all times. A service call may be charged if you lock yourself out.

Supplies: All properties are equipped with initial setup of supplies such as of toilet paper, paper towels, and trash can liner. Tenants must furnish, food, cleaning supplies and personal items for the rental period. All linens are provided by Sun Lake Rentals and are included in the reservation cost. Chris and Jenny will assume no responsibility for any articles left on the premises by the guest. Any items requesting to be returned are subject to all shipping costs paid by the guest or a $25.00 service fee, whichever is greater.

Linens: An initial linen supply (one set of towels including one bath towel, and one wash cloth per number of persons the property sleeps and one set of sheets per bed) will be provided. All beds will be made. Kitchen linen include one dish cloth. Any lost or damaged linens will be charged to your damage deposit.
The following is a price list for replacement of stained (EX: blood, bodily fluids, food, makeup, sun tan oil or lotions) or missing linens:

Twin (flat or fitted) $8
Queen (flat or fitted) $12
King (flat or fitted) $15
Pillow cases $3

Bath: $6
Hand $4
Washcloth $2
Bath Mat $4

Please make sure that if you bring the bath towels to the poolside, you bring them back to the unit. Missing towels post checkout will result in charges against your deposit.

We are not a hotel and do not provide maid service to the condo. If you want fresh towels or sheets during your stay, you will have to put them in the washer and launder them.

Please do not leave the front door or patio sliders open as insects will make their way into the unit. Please make sure all food items in the kitchen are covered. Otherwise, sugar ants will appear. If this happens, please email me for some Terro ant bait traps. They are very effective and will take care of the ants in 48 hours.

Report any broken dishes or malfunctioning appliance as soon as possible, via (EMAIL HIDDEN) Most likely you will not be charged. It makes life much easier for our staff and the next family renting the unit.


轻松检查程序 退房时间:上午10点 逾期和延迟退房: 入住时间为下午4点。结帐时间为上午10点,除非经过经理书面授权后续批准。如果客人在上午10:00之前没有离开酒店,则可能会在信用卡上收取$ 100的费用。我们的清洁人员在10:00后不久到达,需要足够的时间让设备准备好下一个客人和/或定期维护。我们有一个紧张的时间表,感谢你的帮助和理解。 客人同意按照许可协议中规定的退房日期和时间,将房屋的任何日期和晚间的租金率提高至每晚300美元。 我们会要求你按照你发现的顺序离开你的财产;这包括但不限于内部和外部家具的放置。请确保洗碗槽里没有脏菜。所有的厨房用品应该是干净的,并返回柜子。 将所有脏毛巾放在洗衣机的顶部。我们的清洁人员将洗涤它们。 将卧室电视遥控在梳妆台的顶部,客厅电视/有线电视盒遥控在咖啡桌的顶部。 确保所有天井的门和窗都被锁定和固定。 当您离开本机时,请关闭所有灯。 垃圾: 请帮助我们保持这个区域尽可能美丽和原始。当您离开时,由停车场将垃圾箱中的所有垃圾丢弃。 把钥匙放回锁箱。要关闭锁箱盖,您需要放入代码并拉下OPEN按钮。如果您错过密钥,请在中间清除CLEAR开关,然后重试。 如果您在退房时无法将钥匙放回钥匙盒,请将钥匙盒盖和钥匙放在咖啡桌上,并确保门在您离开时被锁定。
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Check out time: 10 AM

Overstays and Late Checkouts:
Check-In time is 4pm. Checkout time is 10am unless a later time was approved by written authorization of Manager. If Guest(s) does not vacate the property by 10:00am, then a $100 fee may be charged to the credit card on file. Our cleaning staff arrives shortly after 10:00 and need enough time to get the unit ready for the next guests and/ or scheduled maintenance. We have a tight schedule and appreciate your help and understanding.
Guest agrees to increase the rental rate to $300/ night for any days and nights the premises are not vacated by check out date and time as defined in the License Agreement.

We would ask that you leave your property in the order that you found it; this includes, but is not limited to, the placement of interior and exterior furniture. Please insure that no dirty dishes are left in the sink, dishwasher. All kitchen items should be clean and returned to the cabinets.

Leave all dirty towels on TOP of the washing machine. Our cleaning staff will wash them.

Put the bedroom TV remote on top of the dresser, and the living room TV/Cable Box remote on top of the coffee table.

Make sure all patio doors and windows are locked and secure.

Turn off all lights when you leave the unit.

Please help us in keeping this area as beautiful and pristine as possible. Throw out ALL the unit garbage in the dumpster by the parking lot as you leave.

Put the key back in the lockbox. To close the lockbox cover, you will need to put in the code and pull down on the OPEN button. If you miss-key a number pull down on the CLEAR switch in the middle and try again.
If you are unable to put the key back in the key box when checking out, please leave the key box cover and the key on the coffee table and make sure the door is locked when you leave.


额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 $90
押金 $250
周末价格 $95 / 晚


Behavior & Noise Ordinance
Sun Lake is a residential and vacation community. Manager kindly asks Guests to respect their neighbors and limit noise after 10 pm. Loud or unruly behavior is strictly prohibited. Management reserves the right to Evict, without refund, any person who creates a disturbance or becomes a nuisance. Violation of any property rules, including but not limited to the throwing or dropping of any object from patios and balconies, will result in immediate eviction and forfeiture of rent and damage deposit.

Damage Deposit
We hold a $100 REFUNDABLE Damage deposit, credited back to your account via (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) within 48 hours after a successful* checkout. (A successful checkout is one that does not require an extra cleaning assessment related to special laundering of soiled items or replacing broken or missing items in the unit.)

Damage Policy and Inspections
Guests are responsible for the property, its contents, and themselves during occupancy. Guest must lock windows and doors securely when not in the premises and upon checkout. Rearranging the furniture or removing any items from the unit is prohibited. After checkout, the Manager will thoroughly inspect the unit for damage, missing items, and abnormally dirty appearance. If the Manager determines that damage is present, items are missing, or the unit is abnormally dirty, the Manager will repair the damage, replace the missing items, and/or perform a deep clean of the unit.
Guest authorizes Manager to deduct from the Damage deposit, and/or charge the credit card on file to reimburse the Manager for any such expense, including deep cleaning, carpet cleaning etc.

Reporting Damage is a MUST. If the air conditioner, cable TV, dishwasher malfunctions, please report immediately via email: (EMAIL HIDDEN) or by cal(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN).

Entry of Premises
The Manager or an authorized employee or repairman may enter premises during regular business hours for any purpose connected with the repair, improvement, care and management of the premises.

Linens and Towels
Manager will supply linens and towels for the Guest's use. All linens and white bathroom towels are not permitted outside the unit or shall be used for cleaning and mishaps. Manager will supply (for a nominal fee) pool towels upon request by Guest. Guest will be responsible for fees associated with damage/stains to towels and linens beyond normal wear and tear.

It is the Guest's responsibility to promptly report any maintenance problems to the Manager. No refund or rate adjustment will be made for unforeseen failures such as the supply of electricity, water, air conditioning, television or cable/internet service, appliances, etc. The Manager will attempt to repair or schedule a repair within 24 hours of notification of issue, but will not be held responsible if an issue occurs and/or cannot be repaired prior to or during a guest's stay. Manager conducts a thorough inspection in between all guests and completes regular maintenance on the property. At times, issues arise out of our control and we try to address them in a timely manner.

Maximum Occupancy & Parties
No more than 6 adults are allowed in the 3 Bedroom/ 2 Bath units and no more than 8 adults are allowed in the 4 Bedroom/ 3 Bath Units. Fire Rules and Eviction will be enforced. An additional charge of $50 per person per night will be assessed should additional guests arrive or be seen on the property. If there is more than the maximum number of guests on the property, then Guests will be asked to vacate the property and all rental payments forfeited. Parties are NOT permitted on the property. If there is an unapproved party or the number of people exceed the number on the reservation, Owner or Property Manager reserve the right to immediately evict all guests and the entire reservation amount/payments will be forfeited.

Minimum Guest Age
All guest must be at least 21 years of age or older if not accompanied by a parent. Additionally, parents must accompany all pre-approved minors under the age of 21 at all times. Owner reserves the right to verify age and names of guests prior to check-in and /or deny access to the unit if this term is violated. If terms are violated prior to stay or during stay, owner reserves the right to evict guests and/or not allow check-in, and all monies collected will be forfeited.

No Daily Housekeeping Service
The unit will be cleaned to high quality standards prior to Guest's arrival and after Guest's departure. Additional cleanings can be arranged during Guest's stay for an additional fee and must be arranged prior to check-in. Guest will be responsible for the cleaning of the unit during their stay and for leaving the unit in good condition at check-out. If the unit is found abnormally dirty at checkout, additional fees will be charged to Guest's damage deposit or credit card to assist in performing a deep cleaning of the unit. All debris, rubbish and waste must be placed in outside trash bins, and soiled dishes put in the dishwasher and cleaned.

Each condo unit comes with 2 parking spots. Commercial vehicles are not allowed overnight and extra long vehicles and SUVs are not allowed to back into a spot or they will block sidewalk access. Illegally parked cars are subject to towing. Owner/Property Manager is not responsible for parking violations incurred by Guests.

Personal Property Protection
Management is not liable for personal property left in or on the owner's premises during their stay.
It is the vacationer's responsibility to safeguard their belongings and to have the appropriate insurance.

Smoking & Pets
No pets allowed. Guests with pets will be asked to leave and guests will incur a $300 pet cleaning fee. All rental charges and monies collected will be forfeit.
Smoking is absolutely not allowed in the unit. If Guest smokes outside and/or in any approved common area, Guest is responsible for removing cigarette buds and any debris after EACH USE. If Guest does NOT remove, additional cleaning charges will apply and be charged against the Guest's damage deposit and/or credit card on file.

The condo unit will have sufficient amount of initial supplies (starter kit) upon check in. It is the
Guest's responsibility to purchase additional items should Guest's consumption exceed what was provided upon arrival. A list of supplies provided by Manager is available upon request.

Thermostat Control
The lowest temperature of the thermostat setting in Cool mode is 70 degrees. The maximum temperature of the thermostat setting in the Heat mode is 75 degrees. This is in keeping with our philosophy to keep guests comfortable and also to do our part to minimize our carbon footprint.

Water and Septic
Please DO NOT FLUSH anything other than toilet paper. No feminine products should be flushed at anytime. If it is found that feminine products and any other item beside toilet paper have been flushed and clogged the system, Guest (s) could be charged damages of up to $200.





This place is a definite gem for people looking for a convenient location VERY close to the Disney parks. It was perfect for our family of 4 plus my 2 in-laws, as staying on resort for our group would have cost more than double. The Mickey Mouse mural in the kids room made it extra special. We'll be back for certain.

Spacious place to stay, close to Disney and restaurants. Thanks for the stay.

Great place to stay while visiting parks in Orlando. Very responsive and reasonable host. Outstanding experience.

This place is huge (3 bedroom, 2 bath, huge kitchen... no one will feel crowded. Chris is an EXCELLENT host and was lightning fast in his responses to us when we had questions. Very close to Disney (5 miles) and in a private condo development so it is quiet at night. Very close to stores, nightlife, Disney, and many restaurants. I would highly recommend this rental to anyone! Very satisfied!

The place has a lot of space and is very roomy. Close to the Disney parks.

This was a great property for the price.

Chris was super responsive since day one and throughout the booking experience. Place matched the Airbnb description. Comfortable, and even slightly bigger than we imagined. Definitely a good place to stay if you're going to Disney with the family.

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