Remodeled original Hardwood Flooring - Living Room
Simple Life Cottage
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Enjoy a Lovely 1920s 1 br classic Little Cottage 10-15 min drive to the Airport. The house was originally built on an dairy farm property and now is a clean, remodeled and well maintained; with a great view of the Mountains.


请享用!! 舒适的一卧室大床和一人大床房在客厅。 新鲜(有时30分钟以内)可根据要求提供牧场鸡蛋。 提供所有必需品(干净的肥皂和洗剂),床单,毛巾等。 卧室,客厅和厨房都有吊扇。 提供锅,平底锅,菜肴。 CUTCO餐具可用。 洁净水(无氟/氯气等),坐浴盆等其他设施。 10-15分钟到机场,15-20分钟到市中心,12分钟到犹他州奥林匹克椭圆形,35分钟到所有主要的滑雪胜地。 (基于私家车) 夏天,您将可以享受花园,徒步旅行,攀爬,骑自行车和玩耍等等。随意挑选自己的蔬菜,草本和水果 - 蒲公英,羽衣甘蓝(4-5种不同品种),甜菜,西红柿(所有传家宝) ,黄瓜(柠檬黄瓜),豆类,萝卜,茄子,豌豆,西葫芦,覆盆子,草莓,枸杞,黑莓,辣椒...所有传家宝,非转基因... 冬季,您可能会在当地的滑雪胜地和滑雪技巧(和/或指导)上获得一个很好的指导,因为我们中有一个有许多滑雪认证。
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Cozy 1-Queen Bed in Bedroom and 1-Queen Futon in living room.

Fresh (sometimes 30min old or less!!!) pastured eggs available upon request.

All essentials (clean soap & lotion), linens, towels, etc. are provided.

Bedroom, living room and Kitchen all have ceiling fans.

Pots, pans, dishes are all provided. CUTCO Cutlery available.

Clean Water (no fluoride/chlorine/etc.) , Bidet, and other such amenities.

10-15 min to the airport, 15-20 min to downtown, 12 min to Utah Olympic Oval & 35 min to the all major ski resorts. (based on private car)

SUMMER you will be able to enjoy the garden, hikes, climbing, cycling and canyoneering, etc. Feel free to pick your own veggies, herbs & fruits - dandelion, kale (4-5 different varieties), chard, tomatoes (all heirloom), cucumber (lemon cucumber also), beans, radish, eggplant, peas, zucchini, raspberries, strawberries, goji berries, blackberries, peppers... All Heirloom, non GMO...

WINTER months, you may have a great guide at local ski resorts and skiing tips (and/or instruction) as one of us has many ski certifications.


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Enjoy a full access to the house and yard.


我们既是世界旅行者,也喜欢选择一个新的目的地,或者获得技巧并听取旅行故事。 你可能会找到我们在后院照顾动物和(4)花园(一个生物动力园/农场),我们住在隔壁的房子里。随时加入我们,加入我们一起喝一杯新鲜的沙拉。我们教导生物动力农业和生活活力,健康,幸福的生活。 我们希望你们按照我们的共同愿望享受你的时间。我们喜欢分享故事,也重视您和我们的隐私。
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We are both world travelers and love to pick a new destination or get tips and hear travel stories.

You may find us in the backyard taking care of the animals and (4) gardens (a biodynamic garden/farm), we live in the house next door. Feel free to join us to join us for a drink and a fresh picked salad. We teach about biodynamic farming and living vibrant, healthy, happy lives.

We would like you to enjoy your time according to our mutual desires. We love to share stories, but also value your and our privacy.


提供所有必需品,床单,毛巾等。 提供锅,平底锅,菜肴。 CUTCO餐具可用。 当您在车道上行驶时,缓慢行驶,因为它有两个大的“颠簸”的份额洪水灌溉。 入住和退房时间可能因当前预订而有所不同,请随时与我们联系。
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All essentials, linen, towels, etc are provided.

Pots, pans, dishes are all provided. CUTCO Cutlery available.

As you drive in the driveway, drive slowly as it has 2 big 'bumps' for the share flood irrigation.

Check in & check out time may vary depending current bookings, please check with us.

额外房客 ¥68 / 晚 (多于2位房客后开始收取)
清洁费 ¥137
押金 ¥2050
满1周立减 15%
周末价格 ¥512 / 晚

There is absolutely NO Smoking (including e-cigarettes)!!!



Deb & Scott's place was a unique & comfortable experience. They made you feel welcome in their spacious home. We loved the gift of fruits and eggs. If you want privacy, they give it to you. If you want some great stories, they have plenty. We just had an awesome time.
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来自Deb & Scott的回复:
Thank you, Jennifer! We had lots of fun sharing stories! Come back soon!! Your private review put big, big smiles on our faces! Thanks again.

Great location and easy to find, sweet cottage exactly as described.

Not at all what we assumed we would find from a "Biodynamic" farmer/teacher and I feel that was the most disappointing of all; zero demonstration of the assumed ethics and integrity that go along with teaching that philosophy. We were hugely disappointed with the responsiveness to our issues (the 12 hours we spent there we were freezing (52deg in the house with a broken propane heater and not enough blankets for my daughter and I to stay warm in individual beds), overloaded with traffic noise (busy road) and airplane noise (directly in the flight path of the airport) and poor communication (repeated phone calls for help were unanswered) and accountability (denial of the facts instead of attempts to resolve them "oh, its cold in SLC tonight" "we've never had a noise complaint in 25 years", "theres mildew in the shower?" (although there are several complaints in reviews attesting to that fact), etc.) for any of it.
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来自Deb & Scott的回复:
Hmm, a very interesting review. After reading your review, I wonder if you are in fact writing about another place. You claim that we did not respond to phone calls. You were fully aware days, if not weeks before your arrival that we were traveling. As we were traveling in the Indian Ocean, many areas we traveled, we had no phone service at all, hence not getting any calls from you. You claim you were freezing. Very unlikely, as freezing is 32 degrees F. You, as you claim were 20 degrees above that. We have zero propane heaters in said cottage. Therefore, it is impossible to have a broken one. Once again, you could not be speaking of our cottage as we have 5 extra blankets, (3 are heavy blankets). Also, in addition to the 5 blankets an electric blanket, making a total of 6. Road noise, airplane noice??? Where were you? Really, I ask were were you? In 20 + years of having guests in our cottage I believe we have zero complaints about such noise. Another inaccuracy in your comments is the mildew. None exsists as per the report from a home inspector. As I wrote in the review of you, if you were indeed cold, you had 3 options as I see it. 1. closed the window; 2. turned on the heaters, (4 of them), 3. used the extra blankets. Most certainly, numbers 2 and 3 would have kept you very warm. If indeed you stayed only 12 hours, and maybe it was in our cottage?, then you missed out in staying in a very nice cottage, with biodynamicly grown food and pastured eggs.

We crashed at Scott & Deb's place on a cross-country trip. It was spacious, they were gracious hosts, and the fresh veggies from the garden were delicious!

Staying at Deb & Scott's place was amazing! They provided everything we needed and more, like food in the fridge and toiletries in the bathroom. We felt very welcome and had great communication. Their place is just like a little getaway from the city, in the city. Would recommend to anyone!

In town for my daughters swim meet. Location was perfect for me running between the pool, my office in Cottonwood and my sons summer camp in Murray. It was nice to be able to stock the fridge and use the washer and dryer for lots of wet swimmer towels. I was a little disappointed that there wasn't a garden since it seemed to be the highlight of the ad, and the reviews. The property was pretty cluttered and I am a minimalist and a little OCD by nature so that was probably my only complaint. Oh, and the swamp cooler. It was very loud and placed directly over the kitchen sink making spending time cooking or eating at the table a bit annoying. Deb was a great host and was very welcoming. I only met Scott briefly but he seemed kind as well. Seaira is darling. Because of our schedule we did not spend much time at the house at all, but the little we did worked out just fine. They were also very accommodation for my late checkout request which I appreciated very much. Cheers~

I enjoyed my stay with Deb and Scott. The cottage has everything you need and the fresh eggs and veggies were an added bonus. I prefer to stay in airbnbs when I am traveling for work but if a picture of the condition of the shower had been posted in the listing, I would have chosen to stay in a hotel this time. If you don't mind that though, the rest of the space is great!

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Deb is from Brazil, worked in the airline industry for a few years in São Paulo and moved to Japan, where I taught English as a Second Language for Elementary & Junior High Schools in the Yamaguchi Prefecture area (between Hiroshima & Fukuoka).

Scott has lived in Hawaii, Alaska and oth parts of the US. Has worked in different fields and loves helping people to live a simply & healthier lifestyle.

We (my husband & I) live in Salt Lake City. We are pretty active (skiing, swimming, hiking, camping...) & love to travel.

We are biodynamic farmers. And always learning about living the way nature intended, with Balance in life, real foods, etc.

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