2 Story Plantation Home | Excellent Swimming Beach




2 - 12岁

"Heavenly Hauula"

This charming 2 story beach-front home offers a taste of old Hawaii's plantation style living with all the modern conveniences.

卫生间: 3
卧室: 3
床铺: 4
入住时间: 15:00后
退房时间: 11:00
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓


额外房客 $35 / 晚 多于6位房客
清洁费 $525


All guests will be required to sign a house rules contract and pay required State of Hawaii taxes prior to arrival. If you do not feel comfortable signing the house rules or paying the taxes outside of the Airbnb website please do not book online.

The house rules are standard, such as no smoking and no pets. One very strictly enforced rule is that we do not permit outside guests; all people on property must be registered. Our homes are intended for the enjoyment of our resident guests and not as a gathering spot for parties or events. This is in order to honor and respect the neighbors - we take pride in being great neighbors! If you would like more information about the rules please request a copy of our full contract before making a reservation.

The state of Hawaii requires that all short term renters pay both the GET and TAT (Transient Accommodation Tax) on rent and fees, a total of 13.962%. The Airbnb platform does not currently give us the ability to itemize and charge these taxes accurately. We are in contact with Airbnb regarding this, and hope to have the issue fixed soon. In the meantime, after making a reservation all guests will be sent a separate e-contract with house rules, and will be required to pay the taxes using a major credit card. We will not ask for or accept checks/cash. We collect tax only, Airbnb collects all other rent and fees.

Please don't hesitate to ask us questions prior to making a reservation, we want you to feel secure before booking with us. We urge you to read our profile, and search our company name online for more background info. We are members of the BBB, Chamber of Commerce in Honolulu and Haleiwa, and the VRMA. Though new to Airbnb, we have been renting homes for over 30 years and have thousands of online reviews. We look forward to your questions.






The location of this home is absolutely incredible. You are right on the water. The waves from the ocean crash up against the retaining wall around your yard. We don't prefer the crowded part of the island, so this place was perfectly located in that regard too. It's more of a "local Hawaii" feel than a commercial area, but that suited us well. Snorkeling right off the back of the property was a highlight. We loved it and did it for hours. Swimming is also very nice. My one criticism would be that they're clearly not set up well for renting through AirBnB. This made arrangements and communication more challenging that I would have liked. We worked through it, but it was a hassle. A few things to note: - There is limited indoor seating. On the main floor, where there could be a couch or something, there are two beds. The chairs around the table are ok, for seating, but limited. Depending on the size of your party, this might be a concern. The upper floor does have a single couch and a couple of chairs. None of this bothered us too much, but it surprised us a little. It's a great way to get enough beds in an affordable place though, so it's a trade off. - There is no A/C. If you open the windows and run the fans, it's pretty pleasant, but takes a little getting used to, especially if you're not used to humidity. - The 2 floors are connected only by an outdoor stair case. It isn't a huge deal, but something to be aware of if. We had our big kids sleep downstairs, and the little kids upstairs with us which worked fine. Overall we loved it. The location is phenomenal. You go to sleep each night listening to the crashing waves as an ocean breeze blows through your room. Get up in the morning and go snorkeling or swimming. Sunrise and sunset are mind-blowing. We pulled the outdoor chairs up to the edge of the yard and sat for hours in the evenings and marveled.

In short, my husband and I enjoyed this house more than we could have hoped. The built-out downstairs unit was where we cooked and ate, the upstairs bedrooms were our sleeping quarters. Screens on all of the windows kept out the dreaded mosquitoes (of which there were few but one is too many for me!). There were fans in each rooms to assist with the inside airflow during the afternoons. The house had wood floors and was immaculately clean. There were usually little kids playing in the tidepools outside the fence but no one disturbed our whale and surfer watching evenings from the downstairs patio. I heartily recommend you follow the instructions and PRINT OUT YOUR ENTRY NOTES - we lost them somehow and also missed our flight, so we got there at 11 pm and had a bit of a panic to get into the electric gate. The rest of the security was just enough to make us feel secure without being oppressive. THE BEACH IS 20 FEET from the downstairs patio and the water is warm enough to allow for midnight swims! The pantry is fairly well stocked (as each of us leave a few more items), and there are two close grocery stores, along with a CVS. It's a little awkwardly laid out, what with the upstairs and downstairs connected by an outdoor stair, but for the price, this was twice the guest space I was expecting. Finally, the ceilings are high, there is handcarved wood closet doors and trims, and bathrooms associated with each room. It's not delicate and fancy but such a wonderfully clean and attractive place that we are already planning a return trip! Note: The electricity goes out often enough that I would recommend flashlights (we left a few), and the parking is a bit tricky (we tried front end first, back end first, and lots of wiggling). The rental office (especially Sara) were welcoming and helpful when we wanted to extend out stay! Bottom line: Hearty endorsement - just don't be there when we want to come back again!

Overall our stay at this Beachfront home was enjoyable. The location is great for someone looking for the local flavor of the island. Away from the Touristy area of Honolulu/Waikiki, we found ourselves in a more residential area, while still close to the North Shore and the Polynesian Culture Center. If you want to do much sight seeing beyond that, prepare to drive quite a bit to see the rest of Oahu. The house is beautiful, and ideal if you rent both the top and bottom units as it is listed here. The top and bottom floors are separated by an exterior set of stairs, which is important to note when considering this place. The location right on the beach is ideal. The beach itself is semi-rocky as with most beaches on Hawaii. there is a bank of rocks right out from the gate. We were visiting in the early winter, when the surf is highest, and the water is very rough. I'm sure other times of the year it would be better. We were there during the Thanksgiving holiday, and the kitchen was equipped to cook a full meal. Good to consider: The communication with the host was a bit tricky, you will find that you have to have additional communication outside of Airbnb to book this place. We found this to complicate things. As a result, we had some difficult interactions with the Host/Rental Company. Also, be aware if you are a larger party, we were 5 adults, the water "heater" is not sufficient for showering, and washing, and dishes. We had cold showers despite switching to the non-solar heater. I found the parking a bit challenging, you have to back out of a long-ish driveway, with fences on either side and at the back, if you are comfortable with backing up, and have a back-up camera it's doable, but could be tough and nerve-racking for some (like me)! All-in this was a good place to stay, we really enjoyed the lower level with the sliding doors that open to the yard and beach. All things considered I would book a return stay here if we come back to Oahu.
Aloha Amber! Mahalo for your honest and thoughtful review. We sincerely look forward to hosting you again soon. :) -Hawaii Beach Homes

This house was far better then the pictures could show. It was absolutely a Priceless family vacation. Everyone went parasailing, jet skiing, zip lining, but they all said their most favorite part about our vacation was staying at the house, on the beach. There was a BBQ but no propane tanks. I emailed the host and told them there was no propane tank. Later that night they brought two propane tanks. Very responsive and very quick with any questions we had. The entire family is excited to plan our vacation for next year. And we are hoping to get the exact same house. Being on the beach with small children was absolutely Priceless. We did not have to do a day trip to go to the beach. We just walked outside the gate and you are on the beach. Absolutely breathtaking, give this a 12 out of 1 to 10 Thank you so much for your hospitality and for sharing your home with my family. We look forward to next year.

I would love to write a glowing review because the property is nice and oceanfront, but being robbed of sleep overwhelmingly overrides my experience there. It was pretty ridiculous. Topping it off, we received barely an apology from the host. Cons: (1)The biggest con of all was that we TERRIBLY ROBBED OF SLEEP not just one but TWO NIGHTS in a row! The first night we arrived late, exhausted from a long flight with a tired baby in tow. We were shockingly jolted awake at 2am by the shrill smoke alarm beeping LOUDLY right above our heads in the bedroom ceiling. A series of VERY LOUD, SHRILL beeps. 5 times over 1.5 hrs before finally stopping. We were distraught, exhausted, and the crying/screaming of a hysterical baby made it 100x worse. Since the management is only available during the day, we waited until morning to report the problem. They questioned whether we had smelled smoke, but we told them absolutely not and were 100% sure it was a malfunctioning smoke detector; we specifically requested it be deactivated completely to prevent any chance of it happening again. They sent a technician over, who came while we were out. Instead of deactivating it, his work note stated he had “reset” the detector. “If it happens again, press *** in the security alarm and that should solve the problem.” We were not 100% convinced the problem was solved, so we waited nervously for nighttime. Not surprisingly, we were rudely awakened AGAIN by the same shrill beeping. This time, it went off much more frequently, in 7-8 minute intervals! We knew it wasn’t going to stop at all that night, so after an hour in, my sleep deprived family started making calls. We were on our own since management was off duty. Finally, at 4:30am, a technician arrived and dissembled the smoke alarm. Topping it off, the host was barely apologetic, almost rude, the next morning. They said I should have told them during the day. But it had not been a problem during the day! THEY should have made sure THE FIRST TIME AROUND that the smoke alarm wasn’t malfunctioning, when we first reported the problem! Finally they admitted the battery was probably dying (again, no apology). (2) Be prepared to wake up to frolicking kids swimming/running right up to your fence. The property is beachfront indeed but the quiet, "private beach" experience is lost, since its beachfront is a hot spot for kids/families (apparently it is shallowest there?). I was surprised to find multiple families camped out right in front of our property, even sitting on our steps. (3) The stairway to level 2 is OUTSIDE. (4) Move-in instructions are long and complicated. We were nervous we'd have trouble getting in since we were arriving late night, had to drive an hour to the property from the airport, and the management staff was not available to help after 5pm, as we were warned. Inconvenient all around.

Great location and house. "Alligator Rock" is directly at beach access which attracts many families with young children--it was great for our family with our grand daughter, but not so great for a romantic getaway. No beach "toys" such as snorkels or boogie boards.


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Hawaii Beach Homes is a family owned business located in Honolulu, Hawaii. We offer a small selection of beach front rentals on the beautiful island of Oahu. Our business started over 35 years ago when our founders fell in love with a beach house on their favorite beach, Laniakea, and were able to purchase it for their family when it finally went on the market. Friends began asking to rent their home when they were not using it, and then other friends began asking them to help take care of beach homes they had purchased. The rest is history.

We are a boutique vacation rental company, and carefully choose each property we take on. All of our owners are part of our Ohana (extended family), and our small staff has spent lots of time in each home. We know every house, beach, and neighborhood well, and love nothing more than helping you choose the perfect spot for your own Ohana. We understand that a trip to Hawaii is an experience of a life time for many of our guests. Our goal is to ensure that you feel truly at home, and that you are able to experience the spirit of Aloha.

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