Towels are available in 2 setsSmall fridge available in the private bedroom
Peaceful Nest you can call "Home"
Peaceful Nest you can call "Home"
一间私人舒适的客房,在高层豪华公寓内设有2张舒适的床。该建筑位于Fairview购物中心和Don Mills地铁站对面。多伦多市区距离酒店有35分钟的地铁车程。适合长期和短期住宿
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A private cozy room with 2 comfortable bed in a high rise plush apartment. The building is situated right opposite to Fairview Mall and Don Mills subway station. Downtown Toronto is a 35 minutes subway ride. Ideal for long and short term stays


位于17楼,与我和我的儿子(7岁)共享的公寓,私人卧室在一间2卧室公寓,2张舒适的床和令人难以置信的多伦多景色:)。房间里充满阳光,让您在加拿大漫长的冬季感觉温暖舒适。这个空间非常整洁,做得很好。客厅内设有有线电视和公寓内的无线网络连接。这个空间是理想和经济的长期住宿。 Fairview购物中心位于公寓对面,距离酒店有2分钟的路程。从商店,餐馆,杂货店和美食广场出发,商场都为您提供方便。 Don Mill地铁站距离酒店有4分钟步行路程。多伦多市区是一个容易的30分钟地铁车程。
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Located on the 17th Floor, shared apartment with me and my son (7 years old), Private bedroom in a 2 bedroom apartment with 2 cozy beds and an incredible view of Toronto :). Plenty of sunshine in the room to make you feel warm and cozy during the long Canadian winters. The space is incredibly neat and done tastefully. There is cable TV in the living room and wireless internet in the apartment. The space is ideal and economical for long term stays. Fairview mall is right across the apartment and can be reached in 2 mins. Starting from shops, restaurants, groceries and food court, the mall has it all for your convenience. The Don Mill Subway station is a 4 min walk from home. Downtown Toronto is an easy 30 min subway ride.


访客将可以访问 - 厨房 - 所有设施 2.洗手间 - 所有设施 3.客厅 - 沙发,电视,餐桌 4.WIFI 5.户外游客在建筑物内停车 洗衣访问卡 阳台享有壮丽景色 8.在私人房间里有大量的衣柜空间 9.小冰箱供客人个人使用 身体镜子在客房里可用 11.夏季小桌面风扇 客房衣柜内还提供额外的床单和枕头套
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Guest Will have access to -
1. Kitchen - All amenities
2. Washroom - All amenities
3. Living room - Sofa, Television, Dining table
5. Outdoor visitors Parking within building premises
6. Laundry Access Card
7. Balcony with awesome views
8. Plenty of Closet Space in the privet room
9. Small refrigerator for guests personal use
10. Body mirror available in the guest room
11. Small table fan available for summer time
12. Extra bedsheets and pillow cases are available in the guest room closet


1.请注意,游客停车场是建筑物内的室外停车位。如果你有车,请提前通知我。所以我可以安排一个免费的访客停车通行证从大厦管理。如果您忘记通知我,您仍然可以拨打停车场前面的号码来注册您的电话号码簿。记住,如果访客停车是满的,你需要把车停在路边停车场。 由于这个位置是一个公寓楼。有时由于某些维护目的,管理人员可以在上午9点至下午5点之间的某一天的预先通知中关闭供水。一旦我有通知,我会通知你。请在预订前保留此事。 虽然这个建筑是一个安静的地方。但墙壁不隔音。所以,有时候你可能会听到电梯运行声音,从其他公寓发出水冲击的声音,如果我的邻居在阳台上聊天,有人在走廊上说话,我的儿子有时会看电视(但我会照顾的电视音量),并且在洗手间有一个常规的轻微声音(它可能是从水管道或电梯,我甚至不确定)。如果您的声音敏感,请在确定您的预订之前,先保留所有这些细节。 该建筑物集中供暖服务。我的西装没有任何控制器。温度控制在适中。在建筑物或我的西装中没有空调。只有我的个人桌球迷可以在夏季短暂。如果您对温度敏感,请在确定您的预订前牢记这些细节。 请注意,我有一个7岁的儿子。他是说话和社会活跃的男孩。他喜欢和人交谈。请准备好这种情况,有时他会发出声音。虽然我会一直在努力处理这种情况。 请记住,我的公寓大门没有自动锁。所以,在你逗留期间,你必须手动锁定和解锁我的公寓的主门。建筑物的大门是自动的。当您到达时,我会为您提供详细信息。
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1. Please note that the visitors parking is an outdoor parking place in building premises. If you have a car please let me know in advance. So I can arrange a free visitor parking pass from building management. If you forget to inform me you still can call the number available in front of the parking place to register your number plate. Remember, if visitors parking is full you need to park your car on the road side parking place.

2. As this location is an apartment building. Sometimes due to some maintenance purposes management shuts down water supply with a prior notice for a certain day between the hours 9am - 5pm. As soon as I have the notice I'll inform you. Please keep this matter in your mind before booking.

3. Although this building is a quiet place. But walls are not soundproof. So, sometimes you might hear some kind of light sounds like elevators running sound, water flushing sounds from other apartment, if my neighbours chatting in their balcony, someone talking at corridors, my son may be watching tv sometimes( but I'll take care of tv volume ) and there is a regular light sound in the washroom ( it might be from water pipelines or elevators, I am not even sure ). If you are sound sensitive please keep all these details in your mind prior finalize your booking.

4. This building has centralized heating services. I don't have any controller in my suit. Temperature is controlled as moderate. No air conditioner available in the building or in my suit. Only my personal table fans are available for short summer period. If you are sensitive with temperature please keep these details in mind prior finalize your booking.

5. Please note that I have a 7 years old son. He is talkative and socially active boy. He likes to talk with people. Please be prepared for that situation and sounds he could make sometimes. Though I will be always trying to handle the situation.

6. Please keep in mind I don't have automatic lock for my apartment main door. So, during your stay you have to lock and unlock the main door of my apartment manually. Building main entrance door is automatic. I'll provide you details for that when you arrive.



入住时间为19:00 - 23:00

1. Please don't loose keys and laundry card. If you loose keys I have to charge you $70 to buy it back from building management and for loosing laundry card I have to charge you $10 to buy it back. Please keep that in mind.

2. Please don't keep your used dishes lying in the sink. Wash it right away or put it into the dishwasher.

3. I have a regular work to go. So, please keep washroom empty for me between 7am - 8am in the morning. But if you really need to use washroom between this time, we can resolve it by discussion.

4. No cooking please after 11 pm in the night.

5. If you have a car please let me know before arrival. So I can arrange a free visitors parking pass for outdoor visitors parking.

6. Please note that I can provide you a laundry card. But you need to refill that card using your own debit/credit card before use it for your laundry.

7. If you want to watch tv sometimes that is fine. But please watch for time, situation and content when my son is around. Also I'll request you if you are a movie bug or gammer please do not book this place. My recent experience was very very bad on this matter.

Thank you for following these rules




Wonderful! Exactly what was advertised, clean, welcoming, and Papia was a stellar host. She's very hospitable and kind- a true gem- and her son was so great with my boyfriend and I's company. Location was great! Close enough to downtown Toronto but just far enough that you aren't overwhelmed by the city. I really appreciated that we received our own set of keys for the apartment and room we stayed in. Thank you, Papia!

Papiya is a great host. She is super active and helpful. Room was clean and very beautifully decorated. I had no problem during my stay instead of that I enjoyed my stay at peaceful nest. I would definitely like to stay with Papiya again. A wonderful host I have seen ever in my life. I expected a host and got a friend. Good luck Papiya.

Papia is a great host. She's easy to communicate with and very welcoming. The room itself is also well stocked with a fridge, fan, two beds, towels, and a separate set of keys for guests.

Great Place!

Very good value for money .

Location is in a great place. Very close to everything you would need. Has a fantastic view of the city from the balcony.

多伦多, 加拿大注册时间:九月 2015
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I have a regular work to go for 5 days a week. But I will be available throughout the stay to help my guests with any questions that they may have. As much as I would love to be their friend and enjoy wonderful conversations with my guests, I respect their privacy and can assure that my guests will have complete privacy in their space.


I am a fun loving outgoing person who loves to meet new people from different countries. It is always a discovery to know about their culture religion food geography etc and make new friends in return :) I am very open minded person with no biases and prejudices whatsoever. I love to travel the world. I was born and brought up in Kolkata India and can be your travel planner if you want to explore the mystical lively and colorful country that is India. Besides that i have traveled in and around Canada and want to explore several other countries if this lifetime is enough :)
I love my life and family comes first. Airbnb is based on relationships. It is like one big family. Being a host and a guest is a privilege. Sharing my home and having the pleasure to be a part of some's home will be an experience to treasure.
I am a single working mother and love spending time with my kid.
Besides I love to watch movies, cook different kind of cuisines, listen to world music (especially bollywood).

语言: Bengali、English、Hindi
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