your own tepee in the red rocksYour own private Teepee.
RentaTent/The Sedona Tipi Adventure
RentaTent/The Sedona Tipi Adventure

Please note that between Oct 18th and 30th gear pick up is in Cottonwood.

Ready for red rock adventure, spending the nights beneath the stars? Rent camping gear & find your own FREE & BEAUTIFUL camping spot with our guidance on forest land.

Your tipi listing includes space and gear for up to four guests. However you may wish to use it with fewer guests.
Bring a spirit of adventure and we will help you with the rest!

This listing welcomes travelers of all nationalites, religions and genders.


Ready for a red rock adventure?
Love nature and want to connect?And save money?
Cut to the chase with the advice of a Sedona guide and explorer.
There are three main camping options in Sedona. One requires a high clearance vehicle, some camping experience and a sense of adventure. It is closed in winter for safety reasons by the Forest Service,
The other two can be accessed with a passenger car, and have either views or are on Oak Creek. More info on specific places after booking.


您的预订包括两个音频文件,一个有露营信息和路线,一个关于伟大的远足,餐馆等,以帮助您计划您的Sedona冒险! 你有几个露营选择取决于你的车辆。露营不是在私人住宅,而是在森林服务的土地上。你仍然在红色的岩石与你周围的其他世界的意见。下一个最接近的地方是超级奇特的高美元附魔度假胜地,一个晚上十亿美元(是的,他们如果你买一顿饭或者在那里喝酒,会让你进去)。这是原始的法定营地,意味着您的露营地上没有水或浴室(该地区有一些没有水的足迹浴室)它是免费的。你需要一辆汽车才能远离城外。你会在一条土路上,但只要慢一点,你会没事的。 你最好的选择之一是克里克一个很棒的免费营地。它的华丽和一个几乎秘密的位置。附近还有附近的景色令人敬畏的景色。 预订后或接送时要披露的地点。
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Your booking includes two audio files, one with camping info and directions and one about great hikes, restaurants etc to help you plan your Sedona adventure!

You have several camping options depending on your vehicle. Camping is not at a private home but on forest service land.You are still in RED ROCKS with otherworldy views all around you.The next closest place to stay is the super fancy high dollar Enchantment resort for a zillion dollars a night(and yes they will let you in if you buy a meal or drinks there). This is primitive legal camping, meaning there is no water or bathrooms on your camping site.( there are some trailhead bathrooms without water in the area) It IS free. You will need a car to get this far out of town. You will be on a dirt road but just take it slow and you will be ok.
One of your great options is a great FREE campground on the creek. Its gorgeous and a almost secret location.There are also places nearby with awesome views.

Locations to be disclosed after booking or on pick up.


你的问题?我知道你有很多他们,如果你仔细阅读我的列表,你会发现很多人都回答了他们中的95%将在我发送给你的音频文件中回答。一世 请注意,虽然我喜欢会见我的客人,但如果我们的日程安排不匹配,这并不总是可能的..但请放心,我们将通过电话和病假来确保您拥有所有您需要的顺利的自助。
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Your questions? I know you have a lot of them and if you carefully read my listings you will find many of them answered.95% of them will be answered in the audio files I send you. I

Please be advised that while I do enjoy meeting my guests, this isnt always possible if our schedules dont match up.. but rest assured we will speak by phone and ill make sure you have all you need to a smooth self pick up.


You will need a car as this is a car camping adventure.

Weather related inquiries- Its a leap of faith! If its April and usually warm we still could have a rare snowstorm.. it could rain in July. Winter can be cold. If you really need specific temps so you can camp, all I can suggest is to wait till the week before you come, check the weather then and then hope there is an available booking. Camping means being outside and thats part of the adventure. Mama Nature decides.

Please read carefully before booking and check cancelation policy.

The camping is NOT at my house and does not include anyone showing up to set up your gear.

You agree not to leave any trash at the campsites. You can drop of off at a gas station trash can the next time you get gas.


入住时间为16:00 - 19:00

Any renting camper agrees to abide by any current fire restrictions.

No smoking in the tent please or you just bought me a new one.

Please note and approve of check out/check in times.. checking out the gear is between 4pm and 7pm by appointment. Check in is anytime by 10 am (and billed for $15 an hour starting at 10.15 am after that)unless another arrangement is made in advance.

You understand and agree to the cancelation policy.

便利设施缺陷 - one bathroom in camping area, no running water.



T was amazing and so helpful with everything we needed. An experience you do not want to miss.

Had an awesome time with the Tipi tent and really enjoyed our stay in Sedona!

Great host! Always responsive and made sure we where prepared to camp! Thank you for giving us clear instructions and introducing us to your lovely cat :)

The tent was a great experience. Go early enough to find your spot and set up camp.

T was a great host! She is very knowledgable about the area and provided with excellent directions to an amazing camping spot that we would have not found otherwise. The gear was clean and in working order, and we received a back up tent in case of any problems. Would highly recommend renting from T for your next Sedona trip.

Although I wasn't able to make it up, T was very helpful and made the whole process accommodative and enjoyable. Definitely still on my wishlist and recommend.

T was great! She was helpful with where to camp, how to get there, where to eat, where to bathe. The gear was clean but no-name brand type stuff. I love that she gives a blanket with the camping stuff - like a mint on your pillow. Excellent decision for my trip - would do it again!

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