Nice porch for coffee or wine.View into living room from entry.  Lots of jams!
Beautiful Flat in Historic District
2 - 12岁
每个人都欢迎:即将到来的书籍没有歧视的做法#DisforLove。 安全,干净,舒适的私人房间,位于底特律最好的多样性和建筑学区 - 哈伯德农场之一的绿树成荫的街道上。毗邻科克镇,墨西哥城/墨西哥村和河边;靠近市中心和COBO。
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Secure, clean, comfortable private room in a warm home on a tree-lined street in one of Detroit's best neighborhoods for diversity and architecture - Hubbard Farms. Adjacent to Corktown, Mexicantown/Mexican Village and the riverfront; close to downtown and COBO.


这个3 bd / 1.5巴禁烟的家庭提供1间私人配备齐全的客房,配有私人1/2浴室(共享浴缸)。舒适的起居区,设备齐全的厨房,用餐区和宜人的门廊,以度过夜晚。这个家庭保持了其历史悠久的美学,具有现代化的电器和便利。在家里有一个小,高能量的拳击手/哈巴狗。 位置在一个安静,安全的历史区,步行可达科克镇,标志性的火车站,墨西哥城/墨西哥村,河畔,社区花园,大型公园和娱乐。 El Club音乐厅距离酒店有不到4个街区。 市区和COBO距离(约2.5英里)很短(距离Lyft)或乘坐自行车即可轻松。 距离酒店约3.5公里,距离福特Hsp~4.25英里。 自行车提供*可退还*保证金。公共交通工具可以在房屋前面或街对面进行。 重要提示:1.这是一个低气味的房子。产品已培训了许多人,将“干净”与激进的香水联系起来,您将不会在这里找到。每位客人使用后,所有床单和毛巾均会洗涤;事实上,如果任何人应该把亚麻布弄错,那是因为洗涤频率比实际更换的速度更快。如果有任何标记或棉绒或任何东西,这些只是正常的洗衣限制,没有迹象表明任何东西是不舒服的。如果你真的感觉到真正的东西,请让我知道什么时候我可以纠正它,并改善你的经验。 图腾,我的狗,住在这里。她不允许在客房(虽然有些客人作弊),或任何床上(虽然有时候她是骗子)。然而,她的存在的现实意味着客人可能经常遇到适量的狗头发 - 这远远少于我们遇到客人头发的多少,所以似乎是公平的。 图腾也非常重视她的看门狗工作,当客人进入时,有时候他们在大厅里吠叫。走过门,问候她通知她,你是客人,而不是入侵者。我们都非常感谢Totem的警惕,因为我们没有人会希望入侵者没有足够的通知让我们的裤子。图腾是一个完整的膝盖狗/注意猎犬,但她不能期望了解复杂的社会关系,需要明确的提示。 如果你发现有一点狗头发是污秽的信号,或者你害怕20磅适当的树皮,这可能不是你的地方。对于Totem作为一个Airbnb主机的轻微有趣的评论,您可能想在我的博客hicdracones dot com上阅读“Hostess with the Someness”。
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This 3 bd/1.5 ba non-smoking home offers 1 private, furnished guest bedroom with private 1/2 bath (full bath is shared). Comfortable living area, full kitchen, dining area and pleasant porch to spend the evenings on. This home has maintained much of its historic aesthetic, with modern appliances and convenience. There is 1 small, high energy boxer/pug mix dog in the home.

The location is in a quiet, safe, historic district within walking distance to Corktown, the iconic train station, Mexicantown/Mexican Village, the river front, a community garden, large public park and lots of entertainment. The El Club music venue is within 4 blocks.

Downtown and COBO are a short distance away (~2.5 miles) and cheap by Lyft or quick by bike.

WSU is ~3.5 miles and Ford Hsp ~4.25 miles from the house.

Loaner bike available with *refundable* security deposit. Public transportation is accessible either in front of the house or across the street.

IMPORTANT NOTES: 1. This is a low-scent house. Products have trained many of us to associate "clean" with aggressive perfumes, which you will not find here. All sheets and towels are washed after each guest use; in fact, if anyone should fault the linens, it's because frequency of washing wears them more quickly than is practical to replace them. If there is any mark or lint or whatever, these are just normal laundry limits and no indication that anything is amiss. If you really feel something is genuinely off, please let me know when I can actually correct it and improve your experience.

2. Totem, my dog, lives here. She is not allowed in the guest room (although some guests cheat), or on any beds (although sometimes she cheats). Yet, the reality of her existence means that guests are likely to encounter modest amounts of dog hair in passing - this is far less than how much we encounter guest hair, so it seems fair.

Totem also takes her watch dog job very seriously, and barks when guests enter and sometimes when they're in the hall. Stepping through the door and greeting her notifies her that you are a guest and not an intruder. We are all thankful for Totem's vigilance, since none of us would want an intruder to get in without enough notice to put our pants on. Totem is a complete lap dog/attention hound, but she cannot be expected to understand complex social relationships and needs clear cues.

If you find any bit of dog hair a signal of filth, or you are terrified by 20 lbs of appropriate bark, this may not be a place for you. For a mildly funny commentary on Totem as an Airbnb host, you might want to read "Hostess with the Someness" on my blog, hicdracones dot c-o-m.


客人可以进入房屋的所有区域,但主人的卧室和书桌除外;鼓励您使用房屋图书馆! 请仔细检查入场/出发时间。有时候我有时可以适应延迟退房或提前入住,但是当我有连续的客人的时候,我确实需要时间把房间翻过来。即时预订+同一天预订*不* =即时访问。入住时间可能需要更改,您应该确保我已经确认。
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Guests have access to all areas of the house except the host's bedroom and desk; you are encouraged to use the house library!

PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF THE CHECK-IN/OUT TIMES. I may sometimes be able to accommodate late check-outs or early check-ins, but I do need time to turn the room over when I have successive guests. INSTANT BOOK + SAME-DAY BOOKING DOES *NOT* = INSTANT ACCESS. Check-in times may need to be altered, and you should ensure I have confirmed with you.


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Guests should expect a fair amount of autonomy. Host will be available for check-in orientation and at least daily for recommendations on local attractions, directions, etc.


当天预订。这个列表也是即时的书,所以你不需要联系我来获得批准,虽然请电子邮件与任何问题!不过最后一刻,*当天的预订可能需要等待几个小时以上才能办理入住手续。 从机场乘坐可以安排最少的收费(提货车只容纳1人,但一吨行李)。机场实际上并不在底特律,并且可以乘坐出租车,但是有一个新的班车服务,SKOOT,提供与我所收取的费用相同的乘车费($ 20)。 请注意,房间内有一个“电视”,它有一条HDMI线,用于流式传输;它不意味着提供有线接入。 如果您对“健康”休闲感兴趣,可以附加有机绿色果汁和冰沙,另收费。按摩和催眠疗法也可收取额外费用。 一个小狗在酒店,当所有者不在家时,是箱子。您的宠物被考虑,但您应该联系我来确认和讨论,因为这是一个例外。 由于Airbnb的集合的限制,“额外的客人”费用可能适用于宠物客人,而不是客人(不超过2人的房间);并批准提前或未经批准的延迟退房。您同意这个可能的附加组件,如果它适用于您的预订,当您预订。
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Same day booking available. This listing is also instant book, so you do not need to contact me to receive approval, although please email with any questions! However, last minute, *same-day bookings will likely have to wait several hours or more before check-in.*

Ride from airport may be arranged for a minimal charge (pick-up truck only accommodates 1 person, but a ton of luggage). The airport is not actually in Detroit and can be pricey by cab, but there is a new shuttle service, SKOOT, which offers rides for the same as what I charge ($20).

Please note that there is a "TV" in the room, which has an HDMI cable for your streaming; it is not meant to provide cable access.

If you are interested in a "healthy" retreat, organic green juices and smoothies can be included with additional charge. Massage and hypnotherapy also available for extra fees.

A small dog is on the property and is crate housed when owner is not at home. Your pet is considered, but you should contact me to confirm and discuss, as it is an exception.

Because of the limitations of Airbnb's catgories, the "extra guest" fee may be applied for a pet guest, not people guests (no more than 2 people for the room); and approved early or unapproved late check-out. You agree to this possible add-on, if it applies to your reservation, when you book.



SAME DAY BOOKINGS MUST VERIFY CHECK IN TIME. Normal check-in beginning at 3pm is not guaranteed with same-day bookings.

Only available to out of town visitors or people relocating who need a short-term place to fill a housing gap.

There is strictly no smoking. I also try to minimize strong scents, for those who are sensitive - please, enjoy your vacation Axe-free.

Outdoor shoes are not worn inside.

No *illegal* drug use. Medical marijuana is legal in MI with documentation, and Detroit has a no enforcement ordinance for certain amounts. However, I don't consume and don't really want a 420 house party in my living room, so *necessary* use should be discreet in your private space.

In general, let's enjoy the opportunity to make this a good experience for both of us. Rinse the shower and remove hair from the drain - with sinks, too; keep the toilet clean; wash your dishes; clean-up after cooking, especially if you've fried something; avoid picking your teeth/toenails/nose/ears/scabs in the common areas; don't kill my bed linens with crazy oils; do your best not to break things; only yell at neighbors who really deserve it; don't believe you're the one who will convince me that physical humor is funny.

I want everyone to have an enjoyable stay and to be able to relax; please just keep in mind that I have to live here after you leave.

房源里养有宠物 - 22-lb boxer-pug dog
房源里不能停车 - Street parking is abundant and typical in Detroit.
需公用某些区域 - Shower area (private 1/2 bath is for guest use, in addition); kichen, dining room, living area.



Marlena was extremely kind and friendly. Very easy to talk to and helpful with suggestions on things to see and do. The living space was clean and comfortable and it was an enjoyable stay!

Marlena's house was beautiful and our stay was excellent. We were only there for a night and left early in the morning, but Marlena explained where everything was so that there were no questions. She was very communicative and Totem (her dog) was a little treat. Her house is located in a quiet neighborhood but very close to downtown. Would stay again!

Great stay, awesome host!

This was a lovely place to stay. Thank you, Marlena. Super sweet dog too!

Marlena was very gracious about accommodating me last minute, especially since traffic caused a late arrival. Totem was vocal but friendly and completely harmless. The only thing of note is that since it is an older building, sound travels easily. Marlena offered a white noise machine which I should have used in retrospect.
Usually the building is very quiet - people remark on that more, since the area is quiet and the building is brick and plaster. However, the upstairs neighbor can be a night owl, depending, and he does seem to not use anything but heel when he walks. There is also a shared back stairway that is used to access laundry, and transit there can be heard when in use. Sarah texted me after I fell asleep about noise outside her window. Although she mentions this only in private comments, it seems to inform the other noise comments so I address it here. Based on concerned response to some generalized noises outside the window which she didn't get up to look out the window to identify, I suspect that some of Sarah's noise sensitivity was a more general hypervigilance and concern with being in Detroit, as some people have. Detroit is an odd city in that is both suburban in its spacing, yet yards are small and abut each other, so hearing either a cat or possibly even the neighbor outside was not particularly concerning without an underlying worry already present. This neighborhood has periods of petty property crime, but no random violent crime that I'm aware of.

Our stay was very short but Marlena was a great host. The room and bed was super comfortable and clean . We loved her dog , she was adorable! Will be staying here again !

Marlena does a wonderful job accommodating guests, as well as clarifying how to navigate the space. She's a lovely hostess and an excellent conversationalist, as well. We were very pleased with our stay; her adorable dog made it all the better. Thanks, Marlena!


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