Inviting new kitchen with granite countertop and island.View of the part of the kictchen and dining area.
2 - 12岁
这个较低级别的公寓非常明亮,开放,可以使用一个漂亮的露台和花园。它被大树,一条小溪包围,设有一个私人入口。它位于一个漂亮,舒适,和平和安全的社区,在波托马克,医学博士。靠近NIH,Redline地铁,Rockville City,Bethesda,DC餐厅,自行车道,公园和I495和270.许多餐馆,杂货店,健身房和购物中心距离酒店有2到3英里。现场有充足的停车位。
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This lower level apartment is very bright and open with an access to a nice patio and garden. It is surrounded by big trees, a creek and has a private entrance. It is in a nice, cozy, peaceful and safe neighborhood in Potomac, MD. It's close to NIH, redline metro, Rockville City, Bethesda, DC restaurants, bike trails, parks and I495 and 270. Lots of restaurants, grocery places, gym and mall within 2 to 3 miles. There is ample parking space on the site.


公寓设有一个宽敞明亮的开放式起居和用餐区,享有美景;你会喜欢通过窗户的早晨的阳光。该地区装饰精美,装饰品和来自不同国家的家具。它还有一张书桌。可以长期出租;请问我们。 公寓配有精美改造的设计师厨房和花岗岩顶级岛屿,用于早餐,午餐和晚餐。厨房有新的SS电器,全尺寸的法式冰箱,洗碗机,灶具和带排气的微波炉。厨房锅和平底锅,餐具,餐具等的清单放在带有安全卡的厨房岛抽屉里的文件夹中。 大卧室,连接浴室和步入式衣柜,配有大号床,夜床,电视和咖啡桌。大客厅和沙发的一天床可以在晚上变成床,另外两名客人。折叠床可容纳第五名客人。 您还有一个大露台俯瞰美丽的花园,树林和溪流区域。人们可以坐在露台上用日报或小说,一杯咖啡或茶,享受周围的宁静。
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The apartment has a large bright open living and dining area with a nice view; you would love the morning sun through the windows. The area is beautifully decorated with decorative pieces and furniture from different countries where we lived before. It also has a study desk. It can be rented out for a longer-term; please ask us.

The apartment comes with a beautifully remodeled designer's kitchen and granite top island which is used for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The kitchen has new SS appliances, a full-size French refrigerator, dishwasher, range and microwave oven with an exhaust. The list of the kitchen pots and pans, dining items, flatware etc. are placed in a folder in the kitchen island drawer with the safety card.

The large bedroom, with an attached bathroom and walking closet, has queen size bed, night table, TV, and a coffee table. One day bed in the large living room and the sofa can be turned into bed at night for two additional guests. A folding bed can accommodate a fifth guest.

You also have a large patio overlooking the beautiful garden, woods, and creek area. One can just sit on the patio with the daily newspaper or a novel, a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy the serenity of the surrounding.


欢迎您以自己的意愿来走。如果回家迟到,请保持噪音水平下降。在主门右侧的公寓内有一个外部的灯开关。你可以打开它;太阳落山后,它会开启,早上关掉。晚上11点以后,车道外和周围的灯光都熄灭了。你迟到的那一天,请让我们知道,以便我们可以让他们为方便起见。 您可以使用露台,背部和侧院,在穿过附近的小河的树林里散步。请避免在挡土墙上行走或靠近挡土墙,以免发生任何意外。对于任何意外事故的疏忽,我们不承担任何责任。如果您不遵守我们的这个规则,我们的保险将不会覆盖。 下层还设有一间洗衣房,您可以使用标准费用。每个负载的洗衣机为2美元,烘干机每次装载2美元。请告知我们何时使用,以便我们可以安排您进入洗衣房。只有当我们在家时才能做到这一点。 长期客人每两周可免费洗涤一次。请让我们知道您想要使用。如果我们不在家,我们可以给您一个访问权限,并请跟踪您的使用情况。我们相信你,给你一个访问,请跟踪你的使用。我们相信你。
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You are welcome to come and go at your own will. If coming home late, please be considerate by keeping the noise level down. There is an outside light switch inside the apartment beside the right-hand side of the main door. You can turn it on; It turns on after the sun sets, and turns off in the morning. The lights outside on the driveway and around the house go off after 11pm. The day you come home late, please let us know so that we can leave them on for your convenience.

You can use the patio, back and side yards, walk in the woods crossing the creek attached to the house. Please avoid walking on the retaining wall or going too near to the retaining wall to avoid any accidents. We will not be liable for any negligence on your part for any accidents. Our insurance will not cover it if you don’t follow this rule of our house.

There is also a laundry room at the lower level which you can use for a nominal fee. Washer per loads is $2, and dryer per load $2. Please let us know when you would like to use so that we can arrange your access to the laundry room. This can be only done if we are at home.

Long term guest can have one free washing and drying every two weeks. Please let us know when you want to use. If we are not at home, we can give you an access, and please keep track of your usage. We trust you.give you an access, and please keep track of your usage. We trust you.


我们相信总体隐私,但是我们乐意为客人提供有关城市,餐馆,食品和其他事宜的任何疑问。我们很乐意分享我们关于城市及周边地区的经验。 第一天,抵达后,如果时间允许,我们愿意见面并迎接客人,并提供并走过公寓展示必要的东西,分享安全卡,以及公寓里的一些事情。如果我们不在周围,我们将重要信息留在厨房岛上的一个黑色文件夹中。 公寓配有一些植物。我们想在隔天喝水。如果客人想要他们的全部隐私和水源,这将是对我们的罚款。否则,我们想同意一个时间进入公寓给植物浇水。请让我们知道你想要哪个选项。 如果有关于公寓的任何问题或要求,我们希望我们的客人在步行通过和第一天让我们知道,以便我们能够立即考虑到他们的顾虑和需求。您也可以根据您的要求致电,发短信或发送电子邮件给我们。 另外,事故可能会发生,在这种情况下,请立即通知我们,以便我们也可以帮助并致电911。 我们很乐意尽早听到您的反馈,以便我们立即解决您的疑虑。 如果您尊重房屋规定,我们将不胜感激,如果您决定在不保留全部条款的情况下取消预订,请勿退款。
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We believe in total privacy, but we will be happy to help our guests out with any questions they might have about the city, restaurants, food, and other matters. We would love to share our experiences about the city and surrounding areas.

On the first day, upon arrival, we would like to meet and greet our guest, if time permits and provide and walk through the apartment to show necessary things and share the safety card, and a list of things that are in the apartment. If we are not around, we will leave the important information in a black folder on the kitchen island.

The apartment comes with some plants. We would like to water them on alternate days. If guests want their total privacy and water the plants, it will be fine with us. Otherwise, we would like to agree on a time to access the apartment to water the plants. Please let us know which option you want.

If there are any concerns or requests about the apartment, we would like our guests to let us know during the walk through and on the first day so that we can immediately attend to their concerns and needs. You can also call, text or email us with your requests.

Also, accidents may happen, in such cases, please let us know immediately so that we can also help and call 911 if urgent.

We love to hear your feedback early on so that we can address your concerns immediately.

We would appreciate it if you respect the house rules, and don't ask a refund should you decide to cancel your reservation without staying full term.


•我们住在房子的上层。我们的女儿去上学,我们早点醒来让她准备好了。早上7点左右,平日的清晨,您可能会听到一些噪音。 •如果噪音水平在下午9:30之后的平日可能会下降,我们将不胜感激。请除非是紧急情况;那时候别打电话给我们如果我们的电视对你来说太大了,请告诉我们。 •请注意,厨房垃圾桶位于厨房岛的右侧。一个黑色文件夹将留在岛上,其中有其他信息。 •为了收费,我们可以提供纸巾,额外的肥皂,洗涤剂,以及客人可能想要使用的任何其他附加设施。 •没有单独的恒温器来调节加热和冷却系统。如果夏天太冷了,请告诉我们,我们将关闭通风口或打开风扇,以便热空气进入下层。 •冬天,我们将恒温器保持在72,晚上6点左右增加到74点,睡眠时间晚上10点后降低到70点。凌晨6点多,热量再次增加。 •我们不希望客人在冬天使用任何区域加热器,因为费用太高。
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• We live in the upper level of the house. Our daughter goes to school and we wake up early to get her ready. You might hear some noise in the early morning around 7am during the early morning during weekdays.

•We would appreciate it if the noise level can be down during the weekdays after 9:30 pm. Please unless it is an emergency; don’t call us after that time. If our TV is too loud for you, please let us know too.

•Please note that the kitchen trash can is located on the right-hand side under the kitchen island. A black folder will be left on the island which has other information.

• For a nominal fee, we can provide paper towels, additional soaps, detergents, any other additional amenities that guests may want to avail.

•There is not separate thermostat to regulate the heating and cooling system. If you are too cold during the summer, please let us know, we will close the vents or turn on the fan so that hot air goes to the lower level.

• In winter we keep the thermostat at 72 and increase in the evening around 6pm to 74, and lower to 70 after 10pm at the bed time. In the morning the heat is increased again at 6am.

•We don’t want our guests to use any area heater during the winter as it costs too much.



可住: 5
卫生间: 2
卧室: 1
床铺: 1
入住时间: 15:00后
退房时间: 11:00
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓
自助入住: 智能门锁


额外房客 $35 / 晚 多于2位房客
清洁费 $70
押金 $1000
满1周立减: 5%
周末价格 $105 / 晚


The following house rules are long but drafted based on our experience with some guests. Please talk with us if you have any questions.

•Only approved guests are allowed to stay overnight. Please inform us beforehand if you are expecting any guests to meet up during the day/evening.
•Please lower the noise level after 9:30 pm. No calls after this time unless it is an emergency.
•Please remove your shoes when you enter the bedroom or walk on the through rugs to keep them clean.
•No drugs, parties, smoking.
•Accidents Happen. Please report spills or breaks right away.
•Please clean and return all kitchen tools/dishes after use in the drawers. We would appreciate it very much if you don’t use the dishwasher for one or two dishes only. Also please do not leave any dirty dishes in the sink. Please be environmentally conscious when using water and electricity.
•While using range and oven, please don't forget your food! Fire hazard is one of the largest problems in the USA.
•Please clean the microwave, refrigerator, range, and oven after using them so that we don't require a deep cleaning, which cost extra in our area.
•Please remove all the used bed sheets and used towels, and place them in the laundry basket in the closet on the day you depart. If you are a long-staying guest, please leave them in the washer.
•If you are only one or two guests staying for a short time, please do not use four sets of towels or extra sets of towels and linens in the apartment and be green, thank you.
•For long-term guests, we have five sets of towels and extra linens, comforter and blanket. Four extra pillows -- total four soft and two hard pillows in the apartment, as each guest likes to have a different softness in pillows. We would like you to have good night sleep!
•Kitchen trash bin is on the left-side underneath the island. Trash days are Mondays and Thursdays. The recycling day is on Thursdays. We would usually put them on the end of the driveway roadside curve.
•Please clean after yourself periodically as you do at your own home, and remove all the garbage from the bathrooms, kitchen and other areas as needed and on the day you depart/check out.
•We would appreciate it very much if take showers and not baths every day or twice a day as done by some guests before. We feel it is not environmentally friendly. Thanks for your understanding.
•The apartment can be accessed keyless. However, an additional key will be left in the apartment if you need. Please remember to return the key. If you lose the key, a fee of $300 will be charged as the whole lock system needs to be replaced by a contractor/handyman.
•No items from the house should be removed.
•We are here to give you the best service and we tried to note our expectations and house-rules as much as we could, based on our experience with the guests on this site to avoid any surprises. We would like your cooperation.

With due respect, this is a home, not a hotel and we expect you to treat our home as though it is your own home. Enjoy your stay.





A very comfortable and clean basement apartment in a beautiful home, with hosts who are friendly and helpful and interesting but also respect your privacy. We had a couple of lovely dinners with them during our five-week stay. Very few negatives. The only very slight issue we encountered was a kitchen stocked a tad too sparsely with essentials such as pans, pots, silverware, glassware, etc.). There were enough for two people, but any more and you might be sharing or washing dishes a little more often than you'd like. That said, I'm quite certain the hosts would have brought more if we'd asked, as they did promptly when we asked about a baking pan early in our visit. All in all, high marks for this place!
Thank you Michael for your kind review, much appreciated. We loved having you both. We would have gladly given more utensils, glasses, and other things if we knew! We will supply more of these for our future long term guests.

Kowsar's rental suite was spacious, quiet, and extremely clean. The kitchen is modern and beautiful. Furnishings in the suite are understated and elegant. Large screen TV in bedroom is great. This is a walkout lower level unit with a patio that enables guests to enjoy a wooded, private backyard setting. Parking is convenient. Access to the rental unit from the parking area is achieved by walking across the driveway and then down a multiered patio with a number of steps. We found this to be easy going, but someone with stairs/walking limitations might find it difficult. The weather was very changeable during our stay. When we arrived the outside temperature was in the 90's. The morning we departed, it was raining and the temperature was in the 50's. The air conditioning was excellent, but as outside temperatures cooled, It would have been nice to able to change the temperature settings in the unit. This isn't an option; however Kowsar subsequently has told us that she would have changed the house temperature settings if we'd asked. Entry/exit is via a sliding glass door. We had some difficulty locking and unlocking this door; Kowser has indicated that she plans to remedy this minor issue. Overall we had a good stay, and felt that Kowsar was outstanding.
Thank you, Steve, for your kind words and constructive feedback. You were wonderful, and we would love to have you again.

Very nice place in a lovely neighborhood. I highly recommend it and would stay there again. The garden was very pretty.
Thanks, Ilene. It was indeed awesome having you.

Great place to stay. Just 5min to I270 and shopping areas. Kowsar us a fantastic host and takes care of everything.
Thank, Rainer. Hope to host you again soon.

Nice quiet place, safe neighborhood and worked well for our family for an overnight.

Great place Highly recommend it
Thank you, Kevin.

This apartment is in a beautiful, quiet, safe, residential neighborhood with private entrance. The apartment was very clean and the owners are extremely welcoming, delightful and professional. We highly recommend this airbnb and look forward to our next visit.


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I am a development worker; worked at two multilateral development banks in Washington, DC and the Philippines. I completed my graduate studies in Canada, and New York while my husband did his from Moscow, Russia. We returned to DC area after many years of work in Asia and the Pacific countries. We love to travel, meet new people from around the world, try exotic food, and experience different cultures. We enjoy entertaining our friends and family, gardening, interior designing, collecting paintings, music and sometimes just having quiet quality time. I feel Airbnb will give us more opportunity to expand our friendships with people across the globe. So far it is an amazing experience.

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