All the essentials for a comfy stay. The ladder to get to the bunk bed can be moved to have more space. Back curtain open. Look at that view!
"Melon" Off grid, FirePit, StarDeck, 3D VIEWS
"Melon" Off grid, FirePit, StarDeck, 3D VIEWS

We have 290+ reviews. PET FRIENDLY! Disconnect with nature, but be close to everything. Stellar views of the National Park and miles of desert.

This trailer can sleep 4 comfortably with 2 full beds, hot water shower, compost toilet, and all amenities. Feel free to bring more people and camp outside in a tent.
We have acres of land to explore! Enjoy coffee outside while watching the sun rise or star gaze on our Star Deck- it's truly an unforgettable adventure


"Melon" is a 70s trailer that we made into a cozy off grid home. Melon can sleep 4 comfortably with 2 full size beds. We have an air mattress that can fit in there if you would like to have more people or bring a big group and camp outside in tents - bring your own tents. We have plenty of space.
There is a kitchen with a 4 burner stove and refrigerator / freezer. We provide all the basic pots, pans, and utensils for cooking indoor and out.
The bathroom has a water based toilet, sink , and hot shower. No toilet paper is to be thrown in the toilet. Please put in trash.
Get the full Camping experience! We believe NO light pollution! You'll be able to enjoy a magical night by lantern light without any over head lights interfering with your view of the stars.
Winter time - we have a propane powered heat source and plenty of blankets for the cold Winter nights.
No air conditioning at the moment, but we have plenty of battery powered fans for Summertime.
We are solar powered so it's a good idea to be energy conscious once night falls.
Clean linens, towels and all the necessities for a comfortable stay.
There is no wifi. Come be unplugged and reconnect with nature while still being safe and comfortable with all the basic necessities of home.
All pets are welcome. We love seeing dogs be dogs and get dirty, dig, explore, catch sense of all the wild creature creatures we have, and just wear themselves out playing. Our dogs LOVE to play with other dogs but please let us know if yours would rather have their privacy. One thing we do ask is that no fleas come to our land.
Coffee provided in the style of French press with cream, sugar, and honey.
All the bedding for the outdoor stardeck is provided inside as to keep them clean and undamaged by the weather.


The trailer and outdoor space is all yours to enjoy and be free. We have another rentals on other ends of the property. It's a relatively new property and we are continuously adding new amenities to it.


到达时,我们将在这里迎接您,并乐意为您提供内外游览。我们希望你享受这个土地,就好像是你的,并且拥有什么样的性质。 我们可以留下来,喝一杯,或者完全消失,让你享受沙漠的静谧。与我们的狗一样,他们在我们的土地上漫游,但如果你害怕狗,过敏,或者只是喜欢他们不要过来,请让我们知道,我们一定会让他们离开。当你到达时,你一定会从3个摇摆的尾巴得到一个大的快乐的问候!他们喜欢会见新朋友,帮助我们参观
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We will be here to greet you when you arrive and happy to give you the tour inside and outside. We want you to enjoy the land as if it were yours and take in what nature has to offer.
We can stay, hang, and have a drink, or totally disappear to let you enjoy the stillness of the desert. Same with our dogs, they roam free on our land but if your are scared of dogs, have an allergy, or just prefer for them not to come over please let us know and we will be sure to keep them away. You will definitely get a big happy greeting from 3 wagging tails when you arrive! They love meeting new friends and helping us give the tour


Because we are solar powered and 100% off grid things take a little more work here. Everything you have here to enjoy, such as, water, hot water, a fridge, heat, and lights all have to be powered by propane or solar. This means they can run out if certain instruction are not followed because once the sun goes down all you have for power is from the battery bank. We work hard to make sure that you stay comfortable and all tanks stay full. We ask that you stay mindful of this and do your part to conserve by turning off pumps and switches when not in use.

As mentioned in the description before, there is no air conditioning at the moment (though there is a powered heat source).

Please be mindful of other guests if they are sharing the land as well. We get a lot of great guests so you may meet your next best friends!



1张大床, 1张双人床


- There are two other rentals on our 1.25 acre property, but there is plenty of space for privacy and to enjoy the outdoors, play music, and be secluded.
- Please he respectful of all trying to enjoy the magic of the desert
- Remember, we are 100% off grid in the hi desert so conservation of power and water is key to RV/desert living. There is plenty of power, but just no leaving power on if you are outside enjoying the fire or charging phones overnight.
-Smoking outside is allowed but please leave the desert clean by picking up butts, and be careful with ashes if it is windy.
- Absolutely no toilet paper in the Compost Toilet or other "unnatural" items.

房源里养有宠物 - we have 3 dogs and a kitten. They are all friendly to other pets, humans, and babies. See photos for pics



The Melon RV was amazing. We brought our three dogs and they had a blast explore all around the area. The descriptions were accurate and instructions clear.

Chris and Lorren were very helpful and responsive hosts. The space was great...especially the outdoor bed for stargazing!

The Melon is a gem! The outdoor bed is truly amazing at night for stargazing. It's conveniently located close to Joshua Tree park west entrance. Loren was quick to respond to all my questions before booking, thank you! My husband and I definitely plan on coming back here.

Melon is so fun and so fantastic! It's different and sweet and beautiful and quiet. The bed was super cozy and the whole space was well-equipped and well organized. Chris and Loren couldn't be nicer and more helpful - especially when I got stuck in the sand. They came quickly to my rescue! Make sure to make time to use the star deck bed and enjoy the spectacular view!

I would HIGHLY reccomend allowing yourself to get lost in this desert oasis! For whatever activity you have planned, staying in "The Amigo" will only add to your experience.

Had such an awesome time! We star gazed all night long on the bed outside. We made a campfire and the Solar lights made it a magical, quiet and peaceful evening! Highly recommend. RV Is nicely set up.

Great spot in the middle of the desert. Unforgivable stary nights. Will definitely stay there again.

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We are a free spirited couple who moved away from Los Angeles to be connected with nature and ourselves and meet like minded people. Lorren is a southern belle and animal lover born in Central, South Carolina and living all along the South. Chris is a musician and business owner born and raised in LA. Our plan is to be self sufficient and off grid on our land.

We enjoy meeting people and introducing them to the wonders of the desert. During your visit, you can expect us to respect your privacy but have the reassurance that we are on / near the property should you need anything during your visit.

Our lifestyle is very casual, free, and low key. We love to explore the stars and talk about life. We enjoy road trips and love all types of animals. Our 14 year old Miniature Pinscher / Poodle, Marbles, is an experienced traveler as well. Kida, our 8 month old Blue Nose Pitbull is usually the first one you'll meet. She'll race to your car eager to meet her new friend.
Whisper is our youngest . She is our 5 month old Pit bull. She is Kida's shadow and best buddy. You can be sure you will feel loved by these 2. As sweet and snuggly as they are, they are also our protection here on the land. So feel safe in knowing you have loving guardians watching over you.

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