There's an AC unit for this window in summer.Full-size bed with real mattress and access on both sides.
Cozy, Quiet Room in Whitneyville
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A comfortable room in a charming house in a safe neighborhood! Minutes to Yale, easy parking, and plenty of room for a longer stay. I love helping guests find their way and am happy to help out with tips and hints to make your stay memorable.


宽敞的卧室配有全尺寸床和迷人的维多利亚式家庭的工作空间,包括更新的厨房,按摩浴缸和高速有线网络。没有电视,但你可以通过无线传播,并在寒冷的冬夜里用木炉定居。 AC在夏天为您的卧室提供。 纽黑文市中心距离惠特尼大街(Whitney Avenue)仅有短短的10分钟车程或快速巴士,Whitneyville村距离酒店有三个街区。这个社区是安全可行的,你会发现图书和有限公司(附有咖啡店),惠特尼维尔食品中心,剧作家酒吧等等。汤姆小女孩也在步行距离之内,还有各种各样的日常汤(和可爱的蛋糕)以及Le Petit Gourmet美食,Le Petit Gourmet有一小段美味佳肴,可供选择甜品和咸味食物进餐或取出。 这个房间是一个很好的住宿地点,我已经主持了几个月的住客。您将拥有自己的步入式衣柜与梳妆台和大量的悬挂空间,您将可以使用熨衣板,熨斗,吹风机和其他可能需要的家常菜,但不想带上。在较长的住宿期间,您可以每周使用新鲜的床单和毛巾,以方便您更换。您还可以在入住的头几天分享一些谷物和咖啡/茶,但如果您在这里待一个多星期,应该计划自己做早餐。房子是“楼上的鞋子”,所以计划在较冷的月份带上一些拖鞋。 有人猫在居住。
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Spacious bedroom with full-size bed and workspace in charming Victorian home with all mod-cons: updated kitchen, jacuzzi tub, and high-speed cable internet. No TV, but you can stream over wireless, and settle in by the wood stove on chilly winter nights. AC available in the summer for your bedroom.

Downtown New Haven is a short, ten-minute drive or quick bus trip down Whitney Avenue, and Whitneyville village is three blocks away. The neighborhood is safe and walkable, and you will find Books and Co. (with its attached coffee shop), the Whitneyville Food Center, and the Playwright Pub among the many small shops around the corner. Also within walking distance is Soup Girl, with a delectable selection of daily soups (and ridiculously good cupcakes), and Le Petit Gourmet, which has a small but yummy selections of sweet and savory foods to eat in or take out.

This room is a great place to settle in for a longer stay and I have hosted several month-long lodgers. You will have your own walk-in closet with dresser and plenty of hanging space, and you will have access to an ironing board, iron, hair dryer and other homey things you might need, but wouldn't want to bring with you. During longer stays, you will have access to fresh sheets and towels every week to change at your convenience. You will also be welcome to share some cereal and coffee/tea during the first few days of your stay, but should plan to make your own breakfasts if you'll be here for more than a week. The house is "shoes off upstairs" so plan to bring some house slippers for the cooler months.

Personable cat in residence.


欢迎客人在白天和晚上使用厨房,用餐区和客厅,以及店内的洗衣机和烘干机。厨房提供早餐和轻便食物,请提前与我联系,如果您想在住宿期间准备多于偶尔在家吃饭的话。停车在街上,但总是可用。从晚上11点到凌晨7点的安静时间。 楼上的主浴室/淋浴是共用的,一楼有一个半浴室。
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Guests are welcome to use the kitchen, dining area and living room during the day and evening as well as the washer and dryer on the premises. The kitchen is available for making breakfast and light food prep -- please contact me in advance if you would like to prepare more than the occasional meal at home during your stay. Parking is on the street, but always available. Quiet hours from 11 pm to 7 am.

The main bathroom/shower upstairs is shared, and there is a half bathroom on the first floor.


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I like to make sure that I'm available as needed by my guests. Whether you need a restaurant recommendation or a lift to the train station downtown, I'm mindful of what it is that you might need most to make your stay better. Sometimes it's quiet undisturbed space to unwind after a day meetings and interviews, and sometimes it's a long chat over coffee and breakfast—every stay is a little different.


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A simple breakfast will be provided (cold or hot cereal, coffee/tea, yoghurt, fresh fruit, etc.).

额外房客 $10 / 晚 (从第2位房客开始收取)
满1周立减 16%
入住时间为17:00 - 22:00

Non-registered guests (that is, anyone not registered to stay at the house) not allowed without advance notice. No smoking, no pets.

Use of the woodstove is strictly forbidden. No exceptions.

Quiet hours from 11pm to 7am.



I stayed for 2 months at Christina's place and she was very nice and helpful throughout. The place is in a quiet residential neighborhood, 3min from bus stops. A short bus ride to the Yale campus and shops in downtown New Haven. The house is clean, and the kitchen is well-stocked with condiments (and tea!). The only downside is that you need to leave the air conditioning on even if the temperature is in the low 70s.

Christina is a lively and cheerful host. She was very kind and helpful. The location of her home in a quiet neighborhood easily accessible by public transit to downtown New Haven was excellent. We instantly felt the warmth of a cozy home, and we would gladly return.

This was airbnb at its finest: a spare room in a house, with a good double bed, a couple of chairs, a desk, a closet, a bath next door, breakfast downstairs, in a fun neighborhood with shoes and a bus line within walking distance.... and a wonderful and generous host with extensive knowledge of the area. If we weren't moving there, we'd be back on our next visit.

I often visit New Haven and stay with few different Airbnb hosts. My stay with Christina was one of the best. Christina was able to accommodate my schedule changes, and bend the the house rules to allow me to bring my pet with me. Christina is also an excellent conservationist and very knowledge about the area. The room itself was comfy, clean, and very hospitable with a walk in closet. The bed was comfortable and the room was kept warm during the day for my pet. I would recommend staying with Christina and hope to stay with her again.

I have stayed with Christina in the past and found her to be kind and engaging. During this stay something seemed amiss with her. Prior to our arrival, she inquired multiple times as to when my wife and I would be checking out. I found this slightly odd as Christina is a veteran airbnb host and has very clear check in/out times posted, but did not read too much into it. Our stay with her was very short and we basically used her place to rest our heads/sleep in the evenings, as our days were filled with activities which kept us out until the late eve. We had a brief conversation with her the first eve of our stay. She again asked when we were checking out? She then, also informed/revealed to us that she had a planned trip with Charles (significant other?) on the day of our checkout and would appreciate it if we could be out by 9am. Planned trip?, interesting?, would have been nice to know this prior to booking the room, but again not a significant inconvenience and we politely agreed that leaving early was not an issue. She went on to say that Charles is not very social and prefers not to interact with guests, again not an issue for us, during our brief stay we would most likely be spending little time in the home and turning in immediately while there. This was the extent of our conversation/interaction with Christina until the next morning. In the morning I spent five minutes warming an english muffin in the toaster. Christina was also in the kitchen and she instructed me very simply and precisely how to turn off the toaster, which I did exactly as instructed. “Turn the knob all the way back to shut it off.” Minutes later as we prepared to leave, Christina was in the kitchen with the toaster unplugged and visibly upset because the toaster was left on. She was slightly excited, and told me that she did not know what I did to her toaster, and although she was not blaming me, the toaster would not turn off. She went on to say that she did not have time to trouble shoot it, as she had to leave and requested I not use any appliances while there. I politely agreed, I felt terrible and would never want to behave irresponsibly in someone’s home. Christina left and I immediately checked the toaster to see what had caused it to stay on. Turns out the instructions she provided me, turn the knob all the way back caused it to stay on, and the toaster was performing exactly as designed. The knob should have been turned back 1/2 turn to turn it off, and an extra 1/8 turn (all the way back) actually kept the toaster on as intended by the manufacturer. A side note the writing on the knob is very small and the mistake in directions provided by Christina, could have happened...
A quick response: 1. I ask every guest what time they will arrive and when they will check out. I even asked Ray what time he would be arriving and checking out the last time he stayed with me. Like most Airbnb hosts I work outside of my home. Depending on the arrival and departure times I arrange to either be home myself, leave instructions for the key, or have another Airbnb friend stop by to check my guests out at the end of their stay. This is completely normal. In this instance I asked about their check out because I was in fact leaving on a trip. I needed to know how firm the departure was so that I could potentially arrange to have my friend stop by to check them out. I would have done exactly the same thing for any guest, and will continue to do so in the future. 2. My partner Charles works a full time job and also plays in theater pits. He often comes in late of a Saturday evening after having worked his day job and then played a 5pm and 8pm show. On Sunday morning he will often sleep in late and then relax a bit before Sunday matinee. I tell my guests that they may hear someone coming in late (and don't worry it's ok), and that they may hear someone moving about but not actually run into him as he's often not inclined to be too social on his morning off. Most of my guests appreciate the heads up because it is always a little disorienting to sleep in a strange bed, and can be particularly freaky to hear an unexpected creak on the stair. I want my guests to know that even though they may or may not run into Charles, he is a normal and expected member of the household. 3. I expect that my guests will use normal house-visiting manners in my home, and rather than being overly prescriptive about dos and don'ts, assume that guest would not do anything in my home they wouldn't do in theirs. I just find it hard to believe that Ray would have walked away from a new toaster in his own house with the light still on, and the burner still obviously heating. He asked about turning it off and I said to turn it to the left till it stops .... that is to say, the toast works on a timer and every time I had used it, when I see that the toast is ready before the timer is finished, I turn the knob to the left till it "dings" and then take out the toast. After sharing that information, I had to leave for work. I came back about 20 minutes later to grab something, and noticed immediately that there was a "hot" smell in the kitchen, even through the glass door to the mud porch. So yes, I was very upset to find the toaster still on. Though Airbnb has a robust co-insurance plan, in the event of a house fire, I have to go through my homeowners insurance first and face the potential for increased premiums. Also, there's having a house fire ... After reading the review, I am surprised to see Ray's continued insistence that following the letter of my instruction (turn the knob to the left, and quibbling over how *far* to the left) is more important than the common sense interpretation (taking personal responsibility to make sure the electric appliance is off before walking away from it ... if you don't know how, call, txt, or *unplug* it, but first and foremost leaving electrical appliances plugged in and on is obviously dangerous and to be avoided). I will also note that I have a sign saying as much on the wall in the kitchen above the kitchen table. OK ... it's in Romanian .... "Uitate in Priza Provoaca Incendii" ... but the graphics are unambiguous with a picture of a heater, iron, soldering iron, and hot plate all plugged in to an overloaded socket superimposed on a factory graphic with a huge red flame all around. So if you do end up staying with me despite the review above you can ask about how it was acquired. Lastly, I will continue to assume that my guests will apply their own common sense in staying at my house, though I will update my house rules to request that guests ask before using any electric kitchen appliances such as the toaster, rice cooker, and etc.

I couldn't have had a better experience. Christina was gracious, fun and helpful. The room and house were exactly as advertised. An added benefit was that house is an easy 3 miles from downtown New Haven and Yale.

Had a great stay at Christina's. She was a generous host, offering tips and ideas for things to do in the area while I was in town, and occasionally sitting down to share a meal and conversation. The bed was very comfortable and there were always plenty of fresh towels and sheets whenever you needed them. I would certainly recommend her as a host!

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I'm in the trades and interested in historical preservation technique and practice. I also play the accordion, and have traveled extensively in Europe and the states to perform, teach and research traditional eastern European music. I like meeting new people, and as a seasoned traveler—and travel writer—myself, enjoy providing a comfortable stay and whatever help you might need to navigate in New Haven.

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