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The Detroit Homestead: Sea Room




2 - 12岁

Private room with king-sized bed in our spacious first floor guest flat at The Detroit Homestead, a working urban farmstead and bicycle shop near Detroit's New Center.

可住: 3
卫生间: 1 (共用卫生间)
卧室: 1
床铺: 1
入住时间: 08:00 - 02:00(次日)
房间类型: 独立房间


额外房客 $10 / 晚 (房客超出一人后的人均费用)
满1周立减: 10%

2张沙发, 1张充气床垫


~PLEASE arrange a check in time prior to arrival. We do our best to be as flexible as possible, but we need a heads up so that we have something to plan around and are able to leave The Homestead to run errands or hop in the shower without worrying about folks arriving when we're out or otherwise indisposed. If your travel plans change significantly, please update us ASAP.
~IF YOU REPRESENT A GROUP, please try to arrange to do only one check-in for your group, where we can meet and get everyone oriented into the space at once. If this is not possible, please make sure that the first arrival is prepared to relay information to the rest of the group, meet them at The Homestead, and familiarize them with the space.

~YOU are responsible for all members of your party. Please ensure that everyone who will be staying at The Homestead as part of your group has read the house rules prior to arrival and respects them while here to ensure that together we all have a positive, memorable experience!

~No smoking indoors. Smoking outside is fine! Vaporizing inside is also fine as long as your fellow guests don't mind!
~Please put cigarette butts in the can on the front porch, not in the inside garbage or in the street/lawn.

~Please keep doors closed and locked (unless hanging out in direct proximity to them), and lock up when departing The Homestead.
~Please keep bedroom windows closed when not at The Homestead (in case of inclement weather, we don't want to have to intrude on your room to prevent rain from getting in!)
~RETURN YOUR KEYS before departing. A $50/set fee will be assessed for lost/un-returned keys
~Please smoke outside and close the front door if smoking on the porch to prevent smoke in the flat.

~To conserve energy, please turn off most of the lights when not home (leaving one or two lights on at night so you can see is fine, and so is leaving the fans on to keep it comfortable!)
~Please unplug hairdryers, curlers, irons, and other hot things when not in use.
~NO DOWNLOADING UNAUTHORIZED MATERIAL (i.e. pirate Game of Thrones on your own internet, if you gotta!)

~Please sort recycling into the white tubs in the kitchen. Don't crush your cans (otherwise we can't return them).
~Compost fruit/vegetable scraps, eggshells, tea bags, coffee grounds, etc. NO meat or dairy in the compost, please!

~Ants and flies and mice are gross to have inside. Please don't leave garbage/food/dirty dishes out.
~Please be considerate of other guests and keep common areas mess-free (includes hairballs in the shower and dirty dishes in the sink).
~Please take off your shoes inside (feel free to leave them in the entry area/front coat closet)
~Hang towels on the hooks in the bathroom and on the doors. DON'T drape them over the furniture!

~Please watch out for splashing in the shower/bathroom. One idiosyncrasy of the century-old Homestead is an annoying tendency to leak water into the basement when lots of splashy showers are being taken. We've tried to remediate this as much as possible, but being cognizant of splashing will go a long way towards help us prevent water leaks.
~DO NOT FLUSH ANYTHING OTHER THAN TOILET PAPER. Please don't make us snake out the sewer line (again). It's a SUPER gross job.

~Please let us know and get the OK if you're planning a gathering or party. YOU are liable for your guests; please make sure that everyone treats The Homestead kindly and abides by house rules.
~Please get our OK before using the bonfire pit so that we can ensure everyone's safety. NO bonfires without hosts on the property.
~Please respect The Homestead's guests, residents, and community and keep the ruckus down between 11PM and 8AM. You can still hang, but please keep it low key.

~Let us know if you would like produce from the garden! Please don't harvest unless we've discussed with you to prevent early harvest or over-harvesting.
~We'd LOVE to have you help out, if you want! Let us know before you start pulling weeds, though, so we can give you a brief tutorial!
~DON'T HESITATE to walk through/photograph/commune with the garden! And just ask if you've got questions for us about it!
~BEE mindful of the hive at the back of the garden. The colony is working diligently and won't bother you, but please don't disturb the hive unless we're there working on it together!

~Well behaved, spayed/neutered pets are welcome! Please check with us in advance of bringing them, though, so we can check with other guests about allergies if necessary.
~Maintaining a clean, allergen-free space is a priority for us, for everyone's comfort. If you're bringing a pet or pets, a flat $50 pet fee will be added to your booking to cover the extra time and energy of thoroughly cleaning the room and flat after your departure so that we can ensure that future guests won't be sneezing after you leave.
~While it's best if you can stay with your furry friend, if you'll be leaving them at The Homestead alone please contain them with what they need in your room while you're gone (unless more involved pet-sitting by hosts is discussed in advance).

需爬楼梯 - There is a single flight of five stairs (with handrail) leading from the sidewalk to the front porch.





2017年3月15日 - 2017年9月30日起最少住宿2晚


Detroit is a beautiful city...the view of the gardens out the window of Alyssa's were beautiful to wake up to .

Alyssa and Matthew were the perfect hosts. Their home was clean and comfortable, in a beautiful, peaceful neighborhood. We loved the gorgeous garden and the radiant charm that was everywhere. We highly recommend staying here and wouldn't hesitate to stay here again next time we're in Detroit!

Alyssa's place is very comfortable, clean, spacious and full of light. You cannot ask for more. Alyssa and her husband and very welcoming hosts. I would recommend this place with all confidence.

Upon our arrival to Detroit for a weekend visit, my partner and I were promptly intercepted and checked into the homestead by Alyssa and Matt. They were both warm and friendly, they made check in literally a breeze. Our gracious hosts were experienced in providing a clean, cozy, comfortable, also charming homestead. Our flat was furnished with thoughtful attention to every detail. We had every amenity supplied and even a few extra special treats such as fresh coffee in the morning :)) Alyssa and Matt went out of their way to make sure we had fully comfortable stay and were readily available to answer any questions we had about Detroit and locations of things to see and places to eat. The sea room was well staged with a comfy king size bed. The bathroom kitchen and common areas were well supplied, clean and intelligently decorated. Overall a wonderful stay we really enjoyed the homestead

Beautiful house, sweet neighborhood & amazing hosts. I stayed for all of January and really enjoyed it. Warm, comfortable, well-kept & nicely decorated. Had many a good chat over coffee with Alyssa and got a whole lot of solid recommendations to keep me busy while exploring Detroit. Thanks for a great stay :)

Zander (& Desirae)的用户个人资料
If you want to go for the "live like a local" experience, and get a sense of what the "real" Detroit is like -beyond the downtown/midtown area- than certainly check out Alyssa and Matt's place. Better yet, you'll still be extremely close to all the touristy things the city has to offer in and around those areas. In fact, you could even walk (yes, walk) to the Motown Museum! The apartment (which we had entirely to ourselves since there were no other guests while we were there) was well furnished and equipped with everything you need to feel like home, aside from a TV, which is entirely unnecessary anyways, but especially given the classic BSA motorcycle adorning the living room, you really won't need anything else to look at! There's even a fresh pot of coffee that magically appears each morning. A word of caution if you prefer a softer mattress -the bed is quite hard (more so than just "firm")- so just be aware of that if you prefer otherwise. But other than that, we had a very pleasant and relaxing stay in a space that felt very home-away-from-home.
We're so glad that you had a good stay with us, and thank you for your kind review, though I'm very sorry that you didn't find the mattress to your preference. We do everything in our power to ensure that all of our guests are comfortable - to the extent of putting an additional mattress from one of our other rooms on top of this one to ease any possible discomfort in this case - but I'm very sorry that was not adequate. We've hosted many guests over the years that we've been operating and everyone seems to have vastly different takes on what's comfortable for them in terms of a mattress - some guests have told us that mattress wasn't firm *enough*, others have asked us where they could buy one, and most seem to find it comfortable, but that's still no guarantee for every individual and we absolutely understand that. Unfortunately we simply can't guarantee that a given mattress will be perfect for everyone regardless of their needs and preferences, but we'll bend over backwards to do what we can to ensure our guests' comfort in any way that we're able! Thank you again for staying with us, Zander, and for all of your kind words. You're always welcome back at The Homestead!

Well, I'm very happy with this place, VERY HAPPY! I felt like I was living in Detroit. Alyssa, thanks for everything, I really felt like I was in my house. The idea of biking around Detroit using a bike was phenomenal. That's a PLUS! Everything that I could see in your pictures, it was exactly the same. Hope to see you soon and you have a friend in Miami anytime ;-) Gus Falkenhagen


底特律, 密歇根州, 美国注册时间:十月 2012

A few years ago, my partner, Matt, and I discovered Detroit on a somewhat aimless weekend trip. Although curiosity about the city's ruins and reputation inspired the initial visit, over two years of repeated trips, we began to understand that Detroit is much more than these two things. The people impressed us at every turn with their hospitality, warmth, creativity, and perseverance, while the place inspired us with its open spaces and opportunity for reclamation and restoration, not to mention the affordability of beautiful historic homes.

Realizing that my years of living a professional, office-bound existence had been stable but deeply unfulfilling, that we had exhausted our options in our then-home of Pittsburgh, and that there seemed to be something that kept drawing us back here, we made the decision to relocate on a particularly beautiful evening in July around a bonfire with friends in Southwest Detroit. Two weeks later, we arrived with all of our worldly goods in a truck as new Detroit residents.

Shortly after moving, we were fortunate enough to find and purchase The Detroit Homestead. Rough at first, we saw the potential in this unassuming brick duplex. Six weeks of frantic cleaning, repairing, and renovating later, we welcomed our first guests and entered into our new life as self employed innkeepers.

Since opening in November of 2012, we have had the privilege of hosting guests from around the world, sharing stories and experiences, learning more about what brings people here and their own perspectives on Detroit. We are honored to be ambassadors for the city that has captured our hearts and to help visitors explore the city and appreciate it for the unparalleled positives that are too often overlooked - the vibrant art and music communities, the wonderful food, the explosion of urban gardening, and the overwhelming kindness and spirit of Detroiters.

We are constantly at work making improvements to The Homestead and the land surrounding it, envisioning it as an integrated and self-sustaining community garden/farm, inn, bike shop, creative space, and a hub for visitors and residents alike in our neighborhood and rentals from Airbnb go directly towards that goal. Even after four years, we continue to look forward to expanding and refining of our small urban neighborhood farm here at The Homestead, growing as artists and homesteaders personally, and collaborating with other individuals and groups also at work re-imagining Detroit's future.

Living and creating a small business here has challenged us, inspired us, and gone beyond our expectations. Detroit is changing inevitably, and we feel lucky to be a part of the process, to help renew our block with the help of our community and support of visitors. We look forward to showing you why we love it here!

Alyssa & Matt
The Detroit Homestead

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