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Guest house B&BTrouloulou grandbaie
Guest house B&BTrouloulou grandbaie
entiere.9 pers 3 chbr沙龙SaM.2别墅浴室 La套房Trouloulou或保罗浴室集成。 房间保罗与普通浴室(与弗吉尼亚州)。 弗吉尼亚州的房间(和保罗)。 游泳池,网球,B&B,餐饮,出租车,自行车,海洋
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The entiere.9 pers 3 chbr salon SaM.2 villa bathroom

La suite Trouloulou or Paul bathroom integrated.

La room Paul with common bathroom (with Virginia).

La room in Virginia (with Paul).

Pool, tennis, B & B, meals, Taxi, bicycle, ocean


您的预约 请注明您选择的房间,或出租车... 可能的住宿:价格在房子里的套房整个别墅... 您希望租:请确认您的选择: •整个别墅。 •套房Trouloulou浴室集成。 •随后保卫浴室着陆。 •保罗房间设有普通浴室(与弗吉尼亚州)。 •弗吉尼亚州的房间设有普通浴室(带保罗)。 你留下: 空调预设无处不在。共用厨房,儿童花园和游泳池儿童和成人共享,短网球共享汽车和海滩150米... 自行车巴士附近。 自由 WiFi免费,国际频道免费橙色 计算机使用优先权。 免费(SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN)。 免费电话接收。
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Please indicate your choice of rooms or, taxis...
Possible accomodations: prices in the House where suites where entire villa...
You wish to rent: Please confirm your choice:
•The whole villa.
•The suite Trouloulou bathroom integrated.
•Subsequently Paul bathroom reserved on landing.
•Paul room with common bathroom (with Virginia).
•Virginia room with common bathroom (with Paul).
Your stay:
Air conditioning pre set everywhere. Shared kitchen, child garden and swimming pool child & adult shared, short tennis shared cars and beaches 150 metres...
Bikes. Bus nearby.

WiFi free, international channels free Orange
Computer use available priority governess.
Free phone reception.


与客人分享:休息室,餐厅,厨房,游泳池,网球场露台。 你留下: 空调预设无处不在。共用厨房,儿童花园和游泳池儿童和成人共享,短网球共享汽车和海滩150米... 出租车机场或短途旅行。 自行车巴士,租车或活动,附近。 自由 WiFi免费,国际频道免费橙色 免费或定期付款,橙橙图书馆 计算机使用优先权。 免费(SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN)。 免费电话接收。 别墅于2015年2月完成修订
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Common to share with guests: lounge, dining room, kitchen, swimming pool, tennis... terrace.
Your stay:
Air conditioning pre set everywhere. Shared kitchen, child garden and swimming pool child & adult shared, short tennis shared cars and beaches 150 metres...
Taxis airport or excursions.
Bikes. Bus, rental cars or activities, nearby.

WiFi free, international channels free Orange
Free or scheduled pay, Orange orange library
Computer use available priority governess.
Free phone reception.

Villa completely revised in February 2015


接近服务和海滩: *距离沙滩GRANDBAIE海滩有200米。西湾我们的管家必须通知您,进入海滩不是由海洋酒店,而是在杂货店和在九重葛右侧的药房前面 *距离美丽的pointe aux canonniers海滩有2公里,步行或骑自行车,巴士站5分钟。 *距离Pereybere海滩有5公里。 *距离大理中心15分钟步行路程。大约4Kms喜欢典型的公共汽车 距离海滩不重要,可以步行完成是可以乘坐公共汽车50米,非常普通和便宜12卢比是30个欧元。 *现场市中心不到10分钟...不需要车 *大湾中心和港口4公里,沙滩比色杯2.5公里。 *不幸帽6公里 *毛里求斯最美丽的海滩少于。 2.5公里。 *您可以在10公里的海滩上漫步,步行距离众议院300米以内,平静而野外。距离海滩经常光临的风景总体变化,查看前方和圆岛的目标。精湛的投掷 我们的服务: 餐厅在晚上和中午接近200米。否则恢复九重葛指挥...€11每人... 8€10至15年,...€6少于10年,..。不到5年 *游泳池和网球场在您的住宅公园集体处置 *服务机场和出租车游览活动...特色九重葛看现场。 *每间客房的QUOTE,客户数量。 *非常安静,舒适,Wifi +电脑免费借用,雅虎,(SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN),字,由椰子包围的花园,香蕉,变色龙,红雀,在典型的克里奥尔语气氛和舒适。空调预设。提供开水。儿童花园和游泳池成人和儿童 克里奥尔人在浪漫的国家保罗和弗吉尼亚州的房子... *守护者7/7 24 / 24.Jardinier,游泳池维修。政治大约每天6小时5/7。 附近的所有活动,整个地方都很有趣。 Ilot Gabriel,焦点,潜水,kyte_surf,benitiers岛,ile aux cerfs ...现场用餐,船快艇或双体船... 茶园的豪华达令木,公园鳄鱼,与狮子一起散步,与海豚游泳...市场与路易港,马赫堡海军博物馆的蔬菜... *游船钓鱼大,潜水,骑马和步行游览,国家公园令人惊叹和多样化的...柚子花园的家庭指南。 *高尔夫,轻松的海边海滩所有的亲戚,佩雷耶,Pointe aux canonniers ..美丽...一个令人愉快的程序... *在船上和所有可能的游览附近。可能的预订... 高尔夫30分钟 *你有两个网球场和一个共享游泳池,假期好。 1楼的客房。 新: 租一辆自行车挂锁=€6 jour.4€每半天。存款=€120支票/自行车不兑现。建议和平发现周围环境 租一辆汽车:根据型号的时间和持续时间,约20-30欧元。靠近和预订可能离开九重葛岛150米
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Proximity to services and beaches :
* A 200 metres from the sandy GRANDBAIE beach. West Cove. Our housekeeper must inform you that access to the beach is not by the OCEAN hotel but just in front of the grocery store and the drugstore that is on the right side of the bougainvillea
* 2 km from the beautiful beach of pointe aux canonniers on foot or by bicycle, bus side, 5 minutes.
* A 5 km from the beach of Pereybere.
* A 15 min walk from the Centre of GRAND BAIE. About 4Kms prefer the typical bus
Distance to the beaches is not important and can be done on foot over it is Possible to take bus 50 metres, very common and cheap 12 rupees is 30centimes euro.
* On-site city centre in less than 10 minutes... NO NEED FOR CAR
* Grand Bay centre and port 4 km, beach cuvette2.5 km.
* Unfortunate cap 6 km
* the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius to less than. 2.5 km.
* You can stroll on 10 km of beaches to walk within 300 metres of the House... Calm and wild. Total change of scenery away from the beaches frequented, view target in front, and round island. Superb throw.
Restaurants evening and noon close to 200 metres. Otherwise restore bougainvillea on command... € 11 per person... 8€ 10 to 15 years,... €6 less than 10 yrs,.. .gratuit less than 5 years
* Swimming pool and tennis courts at your collective disposal in the residence Park...
* Service airport and taxi excursions and activities... Special bougainvillea see on-site.
* QUOTE per room, for the number of clients.
* Very quiet, comfortable, Wifi + computer lent on office for free, (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN), (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN), word, surrounded by a garden with coconut, bananas, chameleons, Cardinals, in a typical creole atmosphere and comfort. Air-conditioning preset. Provided boiled water. Children garden and swimming pools adults and children
* Creole House in the romantic country of Paul and Virginie...
* Guardian 7/7 24/24.Jardinier, swimming pool maintenance. Governess about 6 hours a day 5/7(URL HIDDEN) All activities nearby, really fun all over the place.
Ilot Gabriel, focus, diving, kyte_surf, the benitiers Island, ile aux cerfs... on-site dining, boat speed boat or catamaran...
Tea factory of sumptuous Darling wood, Park crocodile, walking with lions, swimming with dolphins... Markets with vegetables from Port Louis, Museum of Mahébourg Navy...
* Boat trip fishing big, diving, equestrian and pedestrian excursions, National Park stunning and varied... Family Guide to the grapefruit garden.
* Golf, relaxing seaside beaches all relatives, Pereybere, Pointe aux canonniers.. beautiful... a whole program to delight you...
* in boat and all possible excursions nearby. Possible reservations...
* Golf 30 minutes
* You have two tennis courts and a shared swimming pool, good holidays.
Rooms on the 1St floor.
Rent a bike with padlock = €6 jour.4€ per half-day. Deposit = €120 cheque/bike rendered not cashed. Recommended to discover the surroundings in peace...
Rent a car : Count approximately € 20-30 depending on the model period and duration. Proximity and booking possible left leaving Bougainvilleas 150 m


操作一般说明 我们的客人将会在出发当天上午9点之前,放心房间:行李可以保持一天没有问题。 谢谢你的服务。 注意如果客户决定用自己的食材准备自己的饭菜,可以:(...但是损害毛里求斯的美味可口)... 一个冰箱冰柜,客户可以使用,厨房必须共享。在这种情况下:客户必须绝对地进行RID洗涤,并将其自己的面板和眼镜,餐具,平底锅和排列物(因为在床和早餐或小屋里随处可见)。 桌子和椅子应按顺序进行清洁,包括夏季休息室休息室,以尊重所有人的基本卫生规定。 感谢您对所有人的良好可用性的理解。 保留专属于管家的私人地区有: 公司钥匙,我们的客人不可访问 后厨房作为一个功能室,厨房旁边的走廊 楼下的柜子是私人主人 (但是,九重葛厨房里的冰箱和冰柜不能提供给客户,因为它们是为客人准备的餐点而准备的,并且是严格保留给员工的)。 客户已经提到了他们常用的冰箱。 弗吉尼亚州保罗的Trouloulou每间客房均设有冰箱地板 在为客户提供的所有方式中,每人每天消毒2升淡水,以便现场消费。家庭和床包括每周5天最少和供应毛巾和床单... 不提供沙滩毛巾。 帮助 - 我们保持有吸引力的价格关闭灯光和ventilos或Rajesh外面你的存在
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Our guests will think to kindly release the rooms before 9 a.m. the day of departure: luggage can be kept the day without problem.
Thank you for the service.
Attention If customers decide to prepare themselves their meals, with their ingredients, it is possible: (... but damage the Mauritians meals are tasty)...
A refrigerator freezer, customers is made available and the kitchen must be shared. In this case: customers must absolutely RID and wash themselves plates and glasses, cutlery, pans, and rank, (as it's done everywhere in bed and breakfast or cottages.)
The table and chairs shall please be handed in order and clean including the summer... lounge order to respect basic hygiene rules for the good of all .) ….
Thank you for your understanding for good usability of all.
PRIVATE areas reserved for exclusive use of the housekeeper are:
Firm keys and not accessible to our guests
The back kitchen serves as a functional room, the hallway next to the kitchen
The cupboard under the stairs which is private owner
(The refrigerator and freezer in the kitchen of the bougainvillea are however not available to the customer. They are reserved for the preparation of meals paid by customers and are strictly reserved for the staff.)

Customers have as already mentioned a common at their disposal refrigerator.
A refrigerator floor is reserved for each room Trouloulou, Paul, Virginia
Of all the ways it is offered to customers 2 litres of fresh water sterilized per person, per day to consume on the spot. Household and bed included 5 days per week minimum and supply of towels and sheets...
Not supplied beach towels.
Help - we maintain attractive prices turn off the lights and the ventilos or Rajesh outside your presence

额外房客 ¥176 / 晚 (从第2位房客开始收取)

We are to your services .Don't hesitate to ask us we try to satisfy you.
Normal behaviour quiet and good holidays.
No pets, no cigaret, no forbiden noise.



Accueil très chaleureux et professionnel de Diana. Chambre et résidence correspondant à la description. Les autres invités étaient étonnés de partager la maison.
Bonjour Soraya et merci encore pour votre excellent contact. Pour information il existe des contrats ou les personnes sont seules dans la maison et d'autres ou on peut louer une ou plusieurs chambres et c'était très bien indiqué dans leur contrat : bien indiqué location deux chambres et prix correspondant... Les surfaces partagée restent bien agréables dans tous les cas.Penser à réserver la maison entière même pour deux personnes, tarifs adaptés en fonction .....Cordialement Eric

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