Theater room raised couch
Be and Be Zen Room

Welcome to a lovely home! Unique private zen bedroom! Private bedroom, shared bath. Please state the nature of your stay on booking inquiry. Thanks!


Theme rooms such as parlor, theater, deck cafe.... Very kind and welcoming Turkish and Canadian hospitality, fun and real. The parlor is quiet, exotic with a water fountain and a Turkish style dining table with floor cushions. There is a professional mini movie theater in your room with karaoke in the finished basement level of the home. The garage has badminton rackets, baseball mitts and balls, flotation devices, some camping equipment and bikes to use on the nature trails of the nearby Greenbelt. The fenced in backyard has a large deck with baby gate, gas BBQ, hammock, cafe table and garden furniture with a fire pit. Also a charming herb and flower garden.


See House manual provided.


For additional cost per service I can provide airport service by request, parking by request, all day breakfast by request, housekeeping by request, laundry by request, tours by request, theater use by request, sauna use by request, hosting guests guests by request and can be approached about anything else that the guest needs by request. Guests can buy their own groceries or use mine and cook their own breakfast. No lunch or dinner unless by request.


There is WiFi in the house. I will put the password on your devices for you. No illegal downloading or activity/no illicit material or adult browsing! Strict!


1张大床, 1张沙发
1张单人床, 1张沙发


House Orientation Red Door Wellness Be and Be
Revised April 22nd

Guest must lock the door when they leave. You are responsible for your key and replacing it if lost.

Upper side of house is private host space. No entry at anytime other than using the shower.

No unauthorized overnight guests of guests. No smoking anything inside the house. You can smoke whatever you smoke outside away from the house on a walk or something as to not disturb host and neighbours and other guests.

No wild behaviour or excessive inappropriate drinking behaviour.

NO cologne, perfumes or artificial plugs or sprays or scents. Natural oils etc are ok if we all like them.

Bath mat is mandatory in the showers or use at your own risk and must be removed and hung over tub after each use to prevent mold and to preserve the tubs enamel coating as it wears out with the mat down.

Visitor parking is the bottom right hand corner of the driveway so I can get out. Or park on the street. There is a snow blowing contract so you may have to move your car.

In dj room shower to turn on shower : leave shower mode on not tub mode or air will get in pipes and knock.

Make sure gas stove is off on all four burners and oven when done (or we could die) and all other things used, especially lights and garage lights.

Heat or air con is programmed/preset so move arrows up or down only to adjust to a reasonable temperature. Turn down heat to 16 or turn AC off when leaving!
All candles and incense blown out when leaving the house! No electronics on flammable surfaces such as laptops on beds! Unplug laptops and all electric items when away or unattended or we could burn the house down!

Water fountain turned off when away or in another room at length or it will burn out.

Gas fireplaces not to be left on if not enjoying them. They are not a heat source rather a comfort and scenery. Open a window upstairs to let the off gassing smell out.

Theatre must be with authorized and oriented use! turned off properly or it will burn out, see blue note and complete and it's door open when not in use due to fireplace ventilation hazard.

Laundry room door to be left open too as the natural gas furnace needs ventilation.

Garage entry door, back patio door (with safety stick) and window on ground floor locked when away and at night. Make sure the red doors inner safety latch is not on if you leave from the garage or we can't get in.
Kitchen use possible and laundry service or self service possible pay per use. Use Sauna with permission and orientation only. NO food in the bedrooms! Bed bugs are not fun. Wash dishes but don't put them away or I can't find anything in the wrong places. If you eat it replace it. Compost for all foods is underneath the kitchen sink. No food waste in the garbage and rinse out meat plastics and all other food soiled packages or it will smell as our garbage is picked up every 2 weeks.

For laundry machines don't overfill them or they will burn out and leave the doors of the machines ajar to dry out. Do not leave wet clothes in washer or dry clothes in dryer. Store laundry in your room and keep common areas clean and tidy.

Do not disturb signs on your door will ensure privacy. If you are not home and need housekeeping then leave door open with housekeeping indicator. Door closed with DND sign means you are home.

Read books but leave them here at my house, that goes for anything else. If you have packed something of mine in error, simply return it.

Quiet times midnight to 8 am or communicate your needs. Use theatre room in basement if up at night on the phone or restless. Use headphones as much as possible to create a neutral zone for everyone. Use of headphones is preferred in the house for your devices unless you are in the theatre room Respect noise levels at quiet times. Use basement plugs for loud morning kitchen actions such as blender coffee grinding etc.

Wireless internet is unlimited and there are 2 connections. No illegal downloading or activity. Wifi codes will be entered into your devices by Host.

Off peak electricity hours are 7pm to 7am. Try to use dryer at those times. And all things electric. Lights must be turned off in rooms not in use unless you need them for safety reasons except for night lights.

There is storage in the garage and in the basement for guests with larger to smaller items to store and a basket on the oak stairs for keys etc.

Garbage and recycle nights are Thursday (or a day ahead if there is a holiday that week) with Friday early morning pick up.

Note: Garage door is noisy going up and down, more so in the winter.

Emergency? Dial 911. Assistance? Call me first Yesim (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) or call or go to my neighbours 103 Tarquin or 78 Tarquin! Add 1 if not local call.

*Randi or Robert (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) at 103 Tarquin across the street add 1 if not local call
*Merilda at 78 Tarquin to my left call (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) cell or (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) add 1 if not local call



Yasim was a great host. I like to stay in their house, she always try to make sure everything is fine and perfect.
Thank you! Welcome back anytime!

Words can not describe how great a hostess Yesim is. She went beyond the call of duty as a hostess. She shared her home with us and we felt so comfortable there. We felt like we were at home the minute we arrived. Yesim you rock. Kudos to your BE and BE Theater
Awe guys thanks! You were both like long lost relatives and I miss you! Xoxoxo

Best host ever... It was a perfect stay, nice, clean and private... I love it.. Thanks Yesim

Yesim is the best host I had so far. The accomodation she offers to her guests is absolutely clean, well decorated and comfortable. It is a quiet house in a quiet neighborhood. Nevertheless restaurants and supermarkets are all in walking distance. Yesim was more than welcoming and hospitable. She literally moved the world for me. She was spot on with all communicattions before, during and even after my stay. 5 stars are just not sufficient to say thank you.
WOW, my first official and amazing guest and I have tears filling in my eyes after reading this review and my heart is full! I worked hard to make sure every detail was ready for a guest and I think I succeeded! I was nervous to have strangers in my house but Daniela quickly put me at ease to trust and let go which was huge for me. Thank you Daniela!


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