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2 - 12岁

We are committed to offering guests and visitors an experience of a lifetime at our world class eco-lodge where EVERY MEAL IS INCLUDED and you will learn about sustainability, self-sufficiency and organic agriculture while relaxing in the rainforest.



Each spacious bungalow is equipped to house couples or families of up to four people. Bungalows are available with two queen beds or one queen bed and two single beds. Beds feature orthopedic mattresses set within handcrafted frames. All furniture, right down to the rocking chairs and the bedside reading lamps, is built on-site with locally grown teak.

Bungalows have private bathrooms with a shower stocked with our handmade soaps. Additional amenities include ceiling fans and mosquito netting.

With a total of 17 deluxe bungalows, we have the capacity to host large groups. Please contact us prior to reservation submission.


Prices listed on AirBnB reflect a reservation for 2 PEOPLE per room, per night. Additional persons and/or children age 6+ are extra.



All guests at Rancho Margot receive a plethora of amenities, including:

- Buffet-style Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner each day of your stay
- Guided 2-Hour Ranch Tour
- Twice Daily Yoga Classes (7am & 4pm)
- Use of Hot & Cold Pools
- Wireless Internet Access (in Reception area only)
- Access to Hiking Trails
- Daily Cow-Milking Opportunities
- Regular Soccer Games


Our Front Desk is open daily from 7am - 9pm to answer any questions and offer assistance with your travel needs. Additionally, during your time here you will become familiar with our knowledgable tour guides, bartenders, chefs, farm workers and volunteers all of whom are committed to making your stay as enjoyable as possible. We also have overnight security guards who can provide assistance after Reception is closed.


In 2004, the Sostheim family bought 400 acres (162 hectares) and chose the name Rancho Margot, in honor of Juan Sostheim’s mother. At that time, the valley was an over-grazed cattle ranch, barren of trees and wildlife. Today, thanks to reforestation and efforts to propagate indigenous species of plants, the Ranch is alive and teeming with hummingbirds, butterflies and is home to one of the largest varieties and densities of birds in Costa Rica. At Rancho Margot, we recognize that education is the key to progress. By preserving and expanding the rainforest, we live what we teach everyday. At Rancho Margot, students in our Eco-Literacy Program, guests, volunteers, residents and staff are constantly planting. In sync with the seasons and our changing environment, we continue to paint on an ever-changing living canvas. We especially enjoy experiencing this landscape through the eyes of our returning guests who come back year after year to experience our growth…and to renew.


额外房客 $70 / 晚 多于2位房客


At Rancho Margot we are committed to proving our visitors and guests with an educational experience that is unforgettable! We take great pride in simplifying your time here by offering a complete set of packages that are tailored to meet the needs of every possible type of guest. When you stay at Rancho Margot you receive far more than a room in which to rest your head – you receive access to any of the operations of the Ranch during your visit!

Dog(s)和other pet(s) live in the house




From the moment we entered the countryside roads on the way to Rancho Margot, my bf and I immediately fell in love. Everything has so much character from the chickens and livestock munching on fresh grass, to the cute little coffee shops scattered along the way. We rented a car to get to Rancho Margot and followed (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) maps which is pretty accurate in CR since (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) acquired Waze. As you get closer, the scenery changes from countryside farm to rainforest. Once we arrived, we were warmly greeted at the parking lot and brought to our rooms right after check in. We got there just in time for dinner which was amazing! The ingredients were fresh and mainly from the ranch itself. The flavors were very clean and there was a good variety (meals are included with your stay). The following days, we went kayaking, horseback riding, and toured the ranch. Everything was so personal and that's the main reason why our stay was so amazing. The tours were really just me, my boyfriend, and the tourguide. We really felt like we were in our own world here where everything moved slower and the little things mattered. I HIGHLY recommend this stay to anyone who feels DRAINED from everyday life and needs a REAL getaway. This isn't your all inclusive pool side beach kind of get away. This is a more holistic self exploratory type of trip which I think everyone needs especially nowadays when we're constantly plugged in. p.s. I am really scared of bugs but managed to survive. The bugs are harmless except for the biting flies and mosquitoes (bring bug spray and long pants!) The bungalow we stayed in was pretty bug free considering it was IN the jungle and very clean/comfortable.

Awesome Experience! Amazing food! As a business owner, it was the perfect get away for me. Cut off from everything, just connected with Nature.

They. Were. Great. I arrived later than expected, having travelled 4 hours from Liberia airport (in Costa Rica) in my rental. I caught the back end of dinner, and it was delicious. While it wasn't quite gourmet - which I realized when I signed up - it was ..... excellent. Almost all the ingredients were sourced on the farm, and everything was very fresh. This carried through with all the meals, which are buffet style, and provided in the cost of your stay. The folks at Rancho Margot could not have been better. I dealt primarily with Christopher at the front desk, who came to know me by name and frequently asked how I was doing, & if there was anything he could help with. He gave me feedback on local things to do, and made the reservations for the zipline for me. Jonathan gave a great tour of the grounds and history as well. The Ranch is *far more* than just a place to stay. It is it's own ecosystem, and you'd be wise to plan to do a lot more than just sleep there. It's a great place to escape the grid for a while, while still knowing that you can plug-in when/if you need to. I've done yoga maybe 5 times in my life before RM. While there, I ended up doing it twice a day (the instructors were great - thanks Michelle and gal from NY), as the setting is quite serene and class moved at an easy pace. There's also 2 pools that you can swim in. I only did the hot pool. Just ran out of time and didn't get a chance to do the cold one. And I was alone in the pool for almost 2 hours (8-10PM), making it even more relaxing. If I had it to do over again, what would I do different? I probably would have hired a driver, or tried to coordinate rides up there. I rented a car, which ended up costing abt $100 a day after the mandatory extra insurance required that rental places don't advertise). I would also have allocated more time to stay at RM, I was only there 3 days. If I went back, I'd do a lot more hiking and time at the volcano. Make sure you bring a raincoat. It can, and does, rain at anytime. You're in the rainforest peeps, so expect it. I'd carry mine to all meals, despite being a 3 minute walk from the dining area. Last piece of advice to folks heading in - bring, and use, mosquito repellant, as well as a mosquito net over your bed. One night foolishly foregoing the net cost me lots and lots of bites. My fault, not RM's. In summary, I'd highly recommend this place. The people were great, the food was great, and it was a perfect getaway.
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Thank you so much for your incredibly thoughtful recap of your experience at Rancho Margot - we couldn't have said it better ourselves! We are so glad that you realized, in advance of visiting and during your stay, that we are not just a hotel at which you can arrive and be an ordinary guest. It is so much more, you're right, and we are so glad that you were able to share in that experience during your time here. Next time you're Costa Rica bound, let us know, and until then... PURA VIDA!

The bungalow was even better than the pictures had shown. To our surprise there was actually two full queen beds (even though it was just me and my gf) the balcony view was spectacular along with the cleanliness of the room. We were lucky to have one of the bungalows closer to the kitchen/bar/reception area so it's a quick morning stroll to get coffee and food. The entire ranch is beautiful and lush. While we unfortunately didn't see any wildlife from our bungalow you could still hear all the wonderful sounds of the wild from your porch. It does rain ALOT there (2 of the 3 days we were there, even though it was technically the beginning of the dry season) so I would advise picking up some waterproof hiking shoes (Merrells) for your adventures in the rainforest, even though we managed with just some outdoor running shoes, but DEFINITELY a raincoat is a must. Everyone that runs the ranch is extremely friendly and helpful, even with my complete lack of spanish abilities, me and my gf were able to communicate effectively and plan our day trips. Alot of people there stay on the grounds for their entire stay relaxing in the pools and part taking in the 2 free yoga classes everyday. We had our own car which was very helpful because this place is extremely remote (at least for a city boy like me it seemed so) it was about a 30/40 minute drive on a very rough unpaved road. They do offer shuttles to and from the ranch if you're planning on going on adventures, but having a 4x4 car was really vital in our ability for spontaneous trips like driving down to the natural hot springs and parking on the side of the road to jump in a hot river with the locals. We also did ziplining which was only about a 30 min drive down the road and was spectacular (sky adventures I think it's called) absolutely amazing flying over the forrest hanging by a thread over a few hundred feet. The food at the ranch is all local and mostly comes form the farm. It was all very fresh and pretty good (personal opinion to follow...) We were there over New Years eve and they had a special dinner of an entire roast pork which was fantastic, we had wished there was more of that, but breakfast, lunch, and dinner tend to be more subtle (and usually very similar day to day): pizza, rice, salad, soup, chicken. I think the addition of simple herbs and spices would have kicked all the flavors of the food up. But that being said we ate very well as there was always enough of everything to go around. It's also fun to sit at the large family style tables and chat with fellow travelers about the days' adventures and get great recommendations. There is wifi at the main area, but does not extend to the rooms.
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Thank you so much for taking the time to write about your experience at Rancho Margot. It was such a pleasure to host you both during your visit in Costa Rica! Wishing you all the very best in the New Year - PURA VIDA :)

Rancho Margot is an amazing experience. The food is incredible, and is also grown or raised on site. The bungalows have a wonderful rustic quality while still having all the amenities one might need. My wife and I loved bird watching from the porch. Juan, the owner, is incredibly passionate about sustainability and sees what he is building as far more than just a get away, but as an example of a different way to live. Rancho Margot is a very special place and I can't wait to get back there again.

It so hard to put into words, how incredibly special our time at Rancho Margot was!!! The property is absolutely stunning. Our cabin was a slice of heaven, and i am truly going to miss walking down to the main house every morning past all those beautiful flowers to get coffee. Well we are on the subject. The food is outstanding. I am vegetarian and I picked up a few new ideas well I was down there on dishes. Everything was very healthy. Wish I could have brought those cooks home with me. For all you parents out there, I can't express how safe I felt having my daughter here. She is 7 and ran around all day doing her own thing. It was wonderful, as it was just the two of us on this trip to feel more safe then home, on the ranch . This is officially the first place I have cried leaving, and my daughter cried for the first two hrs of our trip to Tamarido. We found new friends and will miss all of them! Next yr we are coming back for a month. Special thanks to Freddie, Diana, Able, Ginger, Wagner, Yiandra, Paola, and. Oscar! You guys are superstars! Hope to see u all again next yr!


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Rancho Margot is a family enterprise focused on sustainable business operation and living. With a staff of 30 people, an average of 8 to 10 rotating volunteers and upwards of 10,000 annual visitors, Rancho Margot is a remote and dynamic place. We are located in a lush lakeside valley between rain and cloud forests in a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Biosphere Reserve. In addition to providing a peaceful place that facilitates connection with nature, Rancho Margot strives to inspire each visitor to relax, enjoy and explore ways in which they can incorporate the concept of sustainability into their own lives.

Along with a 5-Leaf Award by CST in 2012, Rancho Margot was also featured on ‘The Next List’ on CNN (Cable News Network), a program devoted to innovation and forward-thinking individuals from around the globe highlighting big ideas and events that will help to shape our collective future. “What Juan Sostheim does better than most is create that ‘Aha!’ moment’ when you say, “Yeah. I get it! We’re all part of the same cycle – the same circle of life,” reported Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN. Rancho Margot is also recommended by the most recent Lonely Planet as the ‘Best Place to Stay’ in Northwestern Costa Rica.

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