Full size bed can accomodate two, not just one -- spoon and get cozy!Pretent to fall asleep under da' big waves of Hawaii.
2 - 12岁

Spend a little vacation on the mainland, pretending that you're on an da' beach of Hawaii. No worries, no stress because that's left at the office and at your own home. Your room is nestled above our carport, away from the rest of the house.


额外房客 $19 / 晚 (房客超出一人后的人均费用)
清洁费 $13
满1周立减: 10%


My home is quite peaceful as my neighbors are mostly retired and love that they don't hear much, if anything at all. The house is sort of secluded so you can mostly just hear birds outside chirping. Please be conscious of the noise -- aka, no pounding music blasting from my speakers. Turn it up as loud as you want, as long you stand outside you can't hear the "boom-boom" shaking. Haha.

My home is a smoke and pet free home. Oh, and island style: "please remove your shoes when entering my home…but no leave with the bettah kine!"

Laundry: Due to past guests asking to use my washer/dryer in access for just one night stay, I ask that the washer/dryer be only used for those staying more than one night. Its just cost effective for me as I am also using my washer/dryer for the linens to be used by you as well as the laundry that you need to wash for yourselves. Upon the second night of staying, the first load of laundry is free, again due to my low cost in base rate, I ask to charge $5 for additional per load of laundry. I am a conservative energy girl, paying for my further education through airbnb funds as well.

Please, NO smoking in my home; I am allergic to smoke. Mahalo.

Important note to state is that if I feel uncomfortable or feel you have stepped out of boundaries, making myself feel unsafe in my own home, I do have the right to say, "Sorry, you gotta go! Auntie doesn't like your style or I gonna tell da' neighbors to boot you out.."







Auntie is the sweetest and so welcoming. We loved the homemade breakfast and lattes :)

Had a wonderful stay with Auntie. She was super friendly and easy to talk with. Provided us with cookies upon our arrival and home cooked breakfast in the morning. The candies in our room were also a nice treat. The screened in porch was a particularly relaxing place for drinks and breakfast. She offered to Uber us for our concert at the dome and in the morning. The accommodations and atmosphere were exactly as described in the synopsis. And, she was very responsive in communication. If we're ever in the Tacoma area again would definitely stay with Auntie again.

Auntie has a gift for hospitality and made us feel very welcome with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of wine set out for our arrival. She also picked up fresh breakfast treats each day. For visitors new to the area, she provides a wealth of information (magazines and brochures) on things to see and do. We appreciated a quiet neighborhood setting to return to each night after full and busy days. We enjoyed our stay here, and even added an extra day!

Auntie is a fantastic host with an outstanding residence. As I guest, I felt more that I was at a 5-star hotel with a laundry list of amenities. She cooked breakfast, provided warm cookies at check-in, surprised with chocolates, provided a relaxing morning in her sun room, made coffee with her espresso machine, and more with access to most of her residence. Auntie is a great host to chat with and a true ambassador of the Airbnb culture. Accommodations were clean and as advertised. University Place is a great place to stay with many close attractions (Tacoma, Tacoma Narrows, Chambers Bay). Auntie has a great working knowledge of things to do in the greater Tacoma area.

Michelle is literally the best host ever. We've been at (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN)s and AirbnBs for years and she is the sweetest, kindest, most accommodating host. She made Martha Stewart waffles, phenomenal chocolate chip cookies, and a breakfast for the ages (biscuits and eggs and POG juice (Hawaiian juice wins over everything). She made our room cool and comfortable with water and glasses, treats (who ever thought you would need almond roca after a night of drinking), and tons of tourist pamphlets. Additionally, she was so kind. She drove us to chambers bay for a wedding after we said it was absolutely unnecessary for her to do so. I can't say enough good things about our experience. Everything was perfect and I would recommend her any day. She also is amazingly clean, and her floors were impeccably spotless. Lattes for life.
OMGoodness! I laughed outloud with the first sentence and all smiles throughout this review. Thank you! Its so much fun hosting guests that appreciate you (and your floors. Haha!). I was just so happy to have helped two nice guests, especially since you booked with me far in advance. It is those that appreciate your service that you just want to keep giving (I also try to volunteer whenever I can, so smiles are addicting!). And really, its about me…it makes ME feel oh soooo good to see people in my home with all smiles. Life is just too short to not share; so much hate and war in this world, we all need to be kind to one another, even to strangers. As I said, "What good is money and the stuff you own if you can't share it with others, and see them equally smile?". I try to treat my guests as if they were family…and that means, if you like a talkative Auntie you like visiting, that's me. Haha…its hard for this girl to be quiet, yikes! Islander-Filipinos…we love to eat, eat, eat, and share our food talking and getting to know one another…its our culture to show "LOVE AND ALOHA" with food! Believe me, my Aunties keep talking (we all have diarrhea of the mouth. Haha) and are always feeding me when I come to visit Hawaii. Its like okay, stop, Auntie, I'm full! Haha. So its natural in my home to be the same. Joey and Mike, come visit any time! p.s. Next time more POG Hawaiian juice for you too, Joey!

Michelle was such a gracious host! She goes out of her way to make guests feel welcome and comfortable. She really has the right idea of what AirBnB should be, and we had a great evening at her house! And she makes a great cup of coffee. :)

Everything about our stay in the "Secluded Island" was great! Michelle went above and beyond as a host and made my brother and I all sorts of delicious treats, including a latte in the morning. The neighborhood felt safe and the drive to the house was lovely. I would recommend this listing without any hesitation.


大学城 (University Place), 华盛顿, 美国注册时间:二月 2014

I'm the youngest child of two older brothers, raised by my brothers and father. Should that sum me up? The dare-devil, adventure-seeking, tomboy (however, my daughters have tapped into my girly-girl side), born and raised in Hawaii. Lived here in Washington for many years. Attended WSU. I snowboard, snowshoe, rock climb, cross-country ski, surf, scuba dive, hike…basically anything adrenaline rushing doing it outdoors being challenged and laughing out loud at myself (and my daughters -- I mean, why did we have kids? haha). If I'm not on a mountain, or down under the water, I'm enjoying adventure at home, delving into any kind of domestic hobby there is. From baking the impossible French croissants from scratch, to conjuring up the best chocolate chip cookie, to seeing if I can knit a beanie via youtube. My high in life is watching others smile, even if its trying my foods saying, "Is it good? Is it good? I need more feedback!" Or giving my hand knit beanies to friends, saying, "I made that sh*&^%t!". I also recently started my own Etsy account if you're interested: "soylattesandknits". You'll see a ton of my obsessive knitting designs online…and well, in my own home. Anything bought, I always wonder how much money it would cost if I made it my own. I'm that girl who enjoys recycling, thrift store shopping, being earth friendly (no comment about my Ford truck, yikes!). I'm also in patient care as well and grew up in customer service in a family owned business, so hosting AirB&B is sort of chump change when you already have a Doctorate's in Motherhood. Haha! My first AirB&B guests, I was like "This is weird. I always have friends over, but to charge them money this time??" Entertaining/hosting, I believe has always been natural to me -- did hula competions and bank commercials as a kid. Ah, youngest children...

5 things I can't live without: my daughters, dark chocolate, soy lattes, chocolate chip cookies, and as much as I can carry on a conversation, I enjoy lots and lots of quiet time.

My motto in life: You are who you are from and through other people...

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