Be at the comfort of your home with spacious living area. (High ceiling accented with Swarovski Chandelier, Georgian Furnishing with 4-seaters & 2-seaters sofa)  With Internet Connectivity and Cable TV PROVIDED! Spacious Living Area ( High Ceiling) Accented with Swarovski  Chandelier
2 - 12岁

Are you an expat looking for a long term lease, for family use or home base office? This unit is definitely all you need. This flat is fully furnished, fully equipped kitchen, with centralized hot and cold water system. Internet and cable tv are also provided.


We'd like to welcome you to our fully furnished Two bedroom Victorian-inspired unit along ADB Ave. Corner Garnet Road Ortigas Centre,Pasig City.

Unit is on the 35th floor, high floor ceiling, a corner unit with splendid views of shimmering lights of Makati Skyline.
With Unit Area of 99.79sqm.
Master's bedroom with king size bed
1Guestroom, living,dining and fully-equipped kitchen,2shower rooms, laundry room, extension shower room with huge bath tub. Unit has centralized hot and cold water system.
Fully-fitted and fully-furnished.

Easy access to shopping malls such as SM Megamall, Robinsons Galleria, The Podium, Shangri-La Plaza, St Francis Square, Metrowalk, The Greenhills Shopping Center and Tiendesitas and the most successful corporations, state of the art office towers, luxurious hotels, finest restaurants and nightspots. Schools like La Salle Greenhills, Poveda, University of Asia and the Pacific, St. Paul 's College Pasig. Hospitals such as the Medical City and Cardinal Santos Medical Center and the rest of Metro Manila. The building is accessible with MRT-3 Ortigas Station, nearby EDSA and C-5.

Experience flair, prestige, exclusivity and a lifestyle you never thought possible. Live in convenience, the center of all- Ortigas Centre. Where integrates distinctive living with extraordinary opportunities for a truly innovative lifestyle.


- gym
- swimming pool
- children's play area
- spa
- coffee shop
- casual dining
- beauty salon
- convenience store
- 2 high speed elevators for residential
- 3 high speed elevators for offices
- lobby with reception
- fire alarm system with smoke & fire detectors
- guaranteed 24-hour security


额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 $20
押金 $200


*For non-return of unit key, lost, stolen, damaged, replacement keys - a fee amounting to Php.3000.00/card shall be charged.

*Strictly Non Smoking Unit (breaking this rule will cost you the whole deposit fee of $200)

*It is requested that utilities are used in a reasonable manner. Lights, heater, air-conditioning should be turned off when not needed.
*Do keep the apartment clean so it'll be a pleasant experience for all.
*Wash all cutlery and utensils after use.
* Garbage Disposal is located on each floor.
Directions; It is located in the hallway; coming from the unit, go straight, turn left, on your left side, there are stairs going down, you may see the signage garbage chute, please open the door and there where you can leave the garbage.

HOUSE RULES AND REGULATIONS:SHALL abides by the existing rules and regulations pulmulgated by the Condominium Adminstration as well as the Master Deed and Restrictions affecting and governing subject to Leased Premises.

Long Term Lease:
Lease of Contract will be sign upon mutual aggreement of both parties.
UTILITIES: All expenses on WATER,ELECTRICITY,TELEPHONE,and CABLE,if any shall be for the account of the (website hidden(URL HIDDEN) TERMs;

Security Deposit: Equivalent to 2 Month's rent (Refundable at the end of the term)

ADVANCE RENTAL PAYMENT or PDC's (post dated cheque)
6 month's to 12month's rent. Payable via 1 lump-sum.

TERMS for Minimum of (3) months with post dated-checks. If any post dated checks bounce,Lessee agrees to voluntarily vacate the unit, or else risk shutdown of the water and electricity by the Lessor/ Unit Owner.

TERM: Minimum of six (6) months to 1year, with option to renew upon mutual agreement of both parties.

For Sale: Php(phone number hidden) Million (Philippine Currency) /$ 180,000 (US Dollars)
For Lease: Php: 44,000 Thousand (Philippine Currency)/ $1000 (US Dollars)

(URL HIDDEN)Leased Of Agreement;

1. ASSOCIATION DUES- LESSOR undertakes and agrees
to be solely liable for the monthly Association Dues.

2 UTILITIES- All expenses on water, light, cable, if any and the
telephone shall be for the account of the LESSEE

3. RESIDENTIAL PURPOSE- The Premises shall be used for residential
purposes only and for no other purposes without the written consent of the
LESSOR/OWNER. The subject premises shall not be subleased without
the written consent of the LESSOR

abides by the existing rules and regulations promulgated by the Condominium Administration as well as the Master Deed and
Restrictions affecting and governing subject to Leased Premises

5. FIRE HAZARD AND OBNOXIOUS SUBSTANCES- The LESSEE shall not keep deposit or store in the LEASED PREMISES any obnoxious substances or inflammable material that might constitute of fire hazard.

6.IMPROVEMENTS-The LESSEE shall not make any changes, alteration and improvements on the PREMISES Without the written consent of the LESSOR; any improvements so introduced by the LESSEE in the Premises shall upon termination of the contract automatically become the property of the LESSOR without any obligation on the latter's part to pay or refund its value or cost to the LESSEE

the property clean, no smoking, no pet-policy and in good condition. The LESSOR/UNIT OWNER shall be responsible for
all major repairs on the LEASED PREMISES on the water, electrical and sewage
installations caused by the ordinary wear and tear, except repairs due to the
fault or negligence of the LESSEE, its guests and their visitors. Regardless of repairs resulting from the defects and brakeage of the building is out of LESSOR/ UNIT OWNER'S responsibility, those should be address to Condominium Building Administration Section.

Minor repairs costing less than $120 (US dollars) or in Philippine Currency of FIVE THOUSAND PESOS (Php.5000,00.)
for each occurrence shall be for the account of the LESSEE
Clause for minor repair shall take effect immediately after LESSEE has move in.
In the event of fire in the LEASED PREMISES due to fault
or negligence of the LESSEE, its members of his households,
visitor and guest, the LESSEE shall take
full responsibility in paying the cost of the damages.

8. TAXES AND INSURANCE- Real Estate, fire insurance charges and
other government assessment shall be for the account of the LESSOR.

the PREMISES in good and tenantable condition and for such purpose of the
LESSOR/OWNER reserves the right and reasonable times with prior notice to enter
inspect the premises and to make the necessary repair thereof.

10.CALAMITIES AND OTHER ACTS OF GOD- If the premises or any part of
there is destroyed or rendered untenable by fire, war, civil disturbance,
earthquake, floods, typhoon. Or any other calamities, or by criminal vandalism,
the LESSOR/OWNER shall not be responsible the restoration of the property, it
being understood and agreed upon by the parties that the LESSEE has the sole responsibility to provide against such contingency by
insurance upon enter into Contract.
In case the premises have totally destroyed or untenable by reason of
any of the cause above mentioned, this contract shall be extinguished and The
LESSEE shall hold the LESSOR/OWNER free and harmless from any
damage of liability or responsibility to any person or property arising out of a
consequence of use of the PREMISES by the LESSEE, its agents
or employees.
LESSOR/OWNER shall not be accountable to its LESSEE or his representatives to reimburse/refund for any payments has been made, advance
rentals, security deposit with no further obligation on the part of the
LESSOR/OWNER. In the event. however, that the premises are only partially
destroyed or rendered untenable, the LESSEE may elect to
either terminate this contract after giving written notice to the LESSOR/OWNER at
least ten (10) days in advance with the same consequence as those in case of
total destruction, or remain in the premises and pay a proportionally
reduced rent/balance from the agreed CONTRACT PRICE, acceptable to the

11.PRE-TERMINATION CLAUSE- Should the LESSEE pre-terminate
this contract for reason other than article ( 1(URL HIDDEN)the aforementioned security
deposit/down payment shall be forfeited in the favor of the LESSOR/OWNER.
Furthermore, the LESSEE shall be deemed liable to pay the
LESSOR/OWNER all the remaining utility bills and damages to the premises, before
the LESSOR/OWNER can consider the LESSEE released from this Lease of Contract.
a.) When the leased premises or any part thereof is rendered less
useful or habitable that its condition when LESSEE occupied
the premises, by written notice the LESSOR at least ten (10) days in advance of
the date the termination is to become effective. Among other reasons would be
security treats to LESSEE and his/her family continuous lack
of basic utilities ( water, telephone, electricity, cable) and services
provided by the Association. All claims made by the LESSEE in writing accordingly.
b.) In the event of death or serious illness to the LESSEE or member of his immediate family in which case, written notice must
be given to the LESSOR/OWNER at least thirty (30) days in advance of planned
termination date. Provided that, in lieu of terminating the lease, the LESSEE's
representative may option to do shorten the remainder of the lease term by
informing the LESSOR in writing accordingly.

The LESSOR/OWNER shall no further be in obligation for any refund; All payments from its LESSEE shall not be refundable.

LESSOR free and harmless from any damage of liability or responsibility to any
person or property arising out of a consequence of use of the LEASED PREMISES by the LESSEE, its agents or employees.

13.RETURN OF THE LEASED PREMISES- Upon termination of this contract, it
is understood that the LESSEE should clear or make full
accounting of liabilities on all bills, and accountabilities pertaining to or
restoration of premises to its original before LESSEE may be
totally be cleared to vacate the PREMISES shall be turned over by the
LESSEE to the LESSOR/OWNER in clean and orderly manner.

14. DELINQUENCY- Should any check be dishonored for the reason
like insufficient fund or closed account, penalty of ten (10%) percent of the
amount of the check is hereby imposed monthly. A dishonored check is sufficient
to hold the LESSEE in break and /or violation of this LEASE OF CONTRACT.





此行有二个小问题出现:1.入住当晚因房东没有交待好管理处,差点不能入住, 2. 没有把中央热水器开好,以致于第一晚洗澡没热水。后来房东找人来打开。 其它一切都很不错,推荐大家入住此家庭,适合4-5个人住。

Good host communication, and location for those who want to stay in this area. Recommended for anyone who wants a no-frills, live like a local accommodation.

The host is very understandable and constantly offers to provide us with better service. The apartment is clean, fully furnished and just as described by the host. One drawback is the internet connection and I strongly advice future tenants to subscribe to line cable rather than to use the 'stick' and the best provider is Globe.


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