Sunny private deckThis is your (morning) breakfast view from the back deck.
Great VIEW, safe, spacious, some kitchen access




2 - 12岁
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Access to an entire floor of the house. Great view from private deck with selection of indoor spaces for all types of weather. This is short-stay accommodation (a week or less). Work-space for laptop: office chair and desk. Kitchen facilities are available for light use. WiFi. Secure.


快速概述 40多岁的客人首选。 路边停车位(卧底)。 双人床,俯视玻璃门。 拥有大浴室。 空调/暖气 从甲板(卧室外)享有壮观的山景。 你的甲板是在树顶,与鸟一起! 独立的房间存放行李箱等 厨房可供轻便使用。你的区域一点点,你可以有时找到所有者。好的地方聊天早餐在厨房提供。 电视房。 良好的室内空间,如果有风或多雨,大甲板不合适。 日本人の方大歓迎です。这说“日本人欢迎” 更多详情 这个房子坐落在一个温柔的山坡上,位于一个安全的住宅,郊区街道上。客人可以使用2层楼的整个楼层。大厨房是一边,一点点分开。 你的楼层是家常的 - 这并不意味着不整洁!这意味着有分散的书籍,有趣的对象,室内植物和一般的家庭感觉 - 而不是简单的极简主义。 如果你想要CBD /'市中心'的嗡嗡声,请留下更接近城市。 (年轻的客人可以对这个物业的“行动”感到沮丧。)如果您想在城市边缘安静的撤退,那里的建筑从CBD混凝土转变为传统的昆士兰木制风格,配有阳台,树,彩虹(小鹦鹉)和大天空 - 考虑这个澳大利亚的住宿。 高背甲板有一个不间断的D'Aguilar范围的景观 - 其他房屋的屋顶下方,当你站在大阳台上,看着。 如果您有适合的车程和步行距离,那么餐馆距离酒店很近。 (真的不远,但有些人只是不是步行者!) 价钱 不收取清洁费。 一个人$ 62。 2人$ 72。请注意,额外费用包括早餐,独立毛巾,热水和第二人的淋浴。 没有楼梯的客人,这个房子真的适合成熟的客人。 (主机使用内部楼梯。)欢迎成熟的客人。超过35是一个很好的起点! 有一个完全私人的车棚,仅供客人使用。你走过一个入口室(如果你喜欢,请放下你的行李箱)去你的卧室。在这两间客房之间,您的大型私人浴室。大型甲板/阳台,客厅和私人电视。厨房可以进行轻便烹饪(通常客人可以在舒适的厨房桌子上吃饭,但在布里斯班,阳台大部分时间都可以享用早餐。 这个住宿是最多5晚和5个简单的,慢起点的早餐。当我们的路径交叉时,非常乐意回答有关火车/巴士和其他疑问的问题。 电视和客厅。分散的不同风格的椅子,可以互换,而不是沙发。 卧室细节 客卧位于房屋的后面(景色如此),因此远离街道。卧室是标准尺寸,但通往滑动玻璃门外面的大甲板上。在白天,请将门打开,并将大型,有盖的私人甲板作为卧室的延伸处理。桌子,带坐垫的藤椅,盆栽植物/草药,以及美景。 它的B&B,没有'空间' 像Airbnbs的80%,这是一个私人住宅,你是一个付费客人,不是空房。如果你有布里斯班朋友或亲戚,在他们的地方遇见他们,让他们在这里(外面)接你,在咖啡厅等见面 了解和关于 拥有两个世界的最好:将您的时光花在CBD(“市中心”),南岸或其他地方,恢复和平与安宁。 轻松前往巴士和火车。 巴士直接前往南岸,布里斯班的大型艺术画廊,大型艺术画廊,剧院,博物馆,餐馆等。南岸位于布列斯本河畔,也有“城市猫” - 双体船布里斯班公共交通系统的一部分。 购买公共汽车或火车的“Go卡”,您也可以使用城市猫 - 去某个地方或只是为了一个非常便宜的河流巡航!布里斯班市议会也提供免费渡轮服务CityHopper。这些CityHopper渡轮每周上午6点至凌晨30分钟每周运行一次,并为更多的“旅游”站点提供服务,如海事博物馆,南岸3号等。 有一个火车站距离公车站大约相同的距离(7-10分钟休闲步行,少如果你是一个轻快的步行者)。 5站,你在毅力谷或另一站,你在中央车站 - 布里斯班的心脏。 免费 城市环路巴士,使用您的搜索引擎寻找免费城市环路巴士,布里斯班。免费,节省了大量的街市/ CBD。
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Guests over 40yrs preferred.
Off-street parking (undercover).
Double bed, looking out at view through glass doors.
Own large bathroom.
Aircon / heating
GREAT mountain-view from back deck (outside bedroom).
Your deck is at tree-top level, up with the birds!
Separate room to store suitcases etc.
Kitchen available for light use. A little to one side of your area and you can find owner there sometimes. Good place to chat. Breakfast is provided in the kitchen.
TV room.
Good indoor spaces for sitting, if it is windy or rainy and the large deck is not suitable.
日本人の方大歓迎です。 This says "Japanese people welcome"

Set on a gentle hill, this house is in a safe, residential, suburban street. Guests have access to an entire floor of the 2-level house. The large kitchen is to one side, a little separate.
Your floor is home-like - this does not mean untidy !! it means there are scattered books, interesting objects, indoor plants and a general home-like feeling - as opposed to stark minimalism.

If you want CBD / 'downtown' buzz, please stay closer to the city. (Younger guests can be dismayed at how quiet and far from 'the action' this property is.) If you'd like a quiet retreat at the city edge, where the architecture changes from CBD concrete to traditional wooden Queenslander style, with verandas, trees, rainbow lorikeets (small parrots) and a big sky - consider this Aussie accommodation.

The high back deck has an uninterrupted view of the D'Aguilar Range - the roof-tops of other houses are below as you stand on the large veranda and look out.

Restaurants are within very easy driving distance if you have a car and walking distance if you are fit. (Truly not far, but some people are just not walkers ! )

No cleaning fee added on to price.
$62 for one person. $72 for 2 people. Note that the extra charge covers breakfast, separate towels, hot water and showers for the second person.

With no stairs for guests, this house really suits mature guests. (Hosts use internal stairs.) So mature guests are welcomed. Over 35 is a good starting point !

There is an entirely private carport, set aside for guest use only. You walk through an entry room (drop off your suitcases, if you like) to get to your back-of-house bedroom. Between these two rooms there's your large, private bathroom. A large deck / veranda, a sitting room and a private television. The kitchen can be accessed for light cooking (often, guests eat at the pleasant kitchen table - but in Brisbane the veranda is fine for breakfast for most of the year.

This accommodation is for up to 5 nights & 5 easy-going, slow-start-to-the-day breakfasts. When our paths cross, very happy to answer questions about trains/ buses and other queries.

Television and sitting room. A scattering of different styles of chairs, which can be swapped around, rather than a sofa.

BEDROOM details
The guest bedroom is at the back of the house (where the view is) and therefore away from the street. The bedroom is standard size but opens onto a large deck immediately outside the sliding glass door. In daylight hours, leave the door open and treat the large, covered, private deck as an extension of the bedroom. Table, cane chairs with cushions, potted plants / herbs, and great view.

Like 80% of Airbnbs, this is a private home and you are a paying guest not a renter-of-space . If you have Brisbane friends or relatives, meet them at their place, have them pick you up here (outside), meet at a cafe etc.

Have the best of both worlds: spend your days in the CBD ("downtown"), Southbank or elsewhere and return to peace and quiet.
Easy access to buses and trains.
Bus takes you straight to Southbank, the 'arts precinct' of Brisbane - big state art galleries, theatres, museum, restaurants etc. Southbank is set on the banks of the wide Brisbane River, which also has 'city cats' - catamarans that are part of the public transport system in Brisbane.
Buy a "Go-card" for a bus or train and you can use the city cats too - to get somewhere or just for a very cheap river cruise! There's also CityHopper, Brisbane City Council’s free ferry service. These CityHopper ferries run every 30 minutes between 6am and midnight, seven days a week, and service the more 'tourist' stops such as the Maritime Museum, South Bank 3 etc.
There's a train station at about the same distance as bus stop (7 -10 min casual walk, less if you are a brisk walker). 5 stops and you are in Fortitude Valley or another stop and you are at Central Station - the heart of Brisbane.
For free City Loop buses, use your search engine to look for Free City Loop buses, Brisbane. Free and saves a lot of walking around downtown / CBD.


*私人客人入口直接进入下盖客人停车场。在阴凉处卸下行李箱,防止雨淋。 *卧室和其他区域的空调/暖气,还有吊扇(非常有效)。 *大背面甲板,半盖,视野。 *你自己的大,一尘不染的浴室。 *大部分时间在树顶层甲板上吃早餐。 *没有任何年龄的孩子。 (树顶高的阳台和非门内楼梯对不起 - 没有例外。)
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* The private guest entrance leads directly into under-cover guest parking. Unload suitcases in shade and protected from rain.
* Aircon / heating in bedroom and other areas, also ceiling fans (very effective).
* Big back deck, half-covered, with view.
* Your own big, spotless bathroom.
* Most of year, eat breakfast on back deck at tree-top level.
* No children of any age. (Tree-top-height veranda and un-gated internal stairs. Sorry - no exceptions.)


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Different privacy requirements are respected.

可住: 2
卫生间: 1 (独立卫生间)
卧室: 1
床铺: 1
入住时间: 14:00 - 23:00
退房时间: 11:00
房间类型: 独立房间


额外房客 $8 / 晚 (房客超出一人后的人均费用)


入住时间为14:00 - 23:00

PHOTO on your profile which shows who you are (not a group).
No entertaining other people (mates, relatives). It is from one or two unpleasant experiences that we insist on this, alas ! It's not a commercial property.
You only have to look at the reviews to see that mature folks, who ‘get’ the deal, have a great time here. Quiet but enjoyable. (Party folks - elsewhere please.)

* It's called BnB (Bed and Breakfast) with the assumption that people will be out doing their thing for a few hours in the daytime.





Julia and Jay's place was our first AirBnb experience 3 years ago. The standard they set for others was very high and, despite having stayed in many AirBnB places since, that standard has never been improved upon. The hosting is superb, either as much or as little as you require, and the breakfasts are excellent. The deck is the jewel in the crown. Five stars are not enough.

Colm And Wendy的用户个人资料
Julia and Jay were great hosts. Having the whole upstairs area to use was more than I expected: with the large deck overlooking the view, it gave me a wonderful sense of spaciousness. Julia was very generous in every way: breakfasts were great, with lots of fresh fruit, she helped me with transport, even bringing me to my Conference venue! These are hosts who give above and beyond expectations!

This property was not only very central to transport, airport, and our family reunion but also secluded with giant trees overlooking the stunning D'Aguilar mountain range. Luxury to have our own car port and same level guest access to comfortable quarters and ensuite. Bonus was a fresh exotic fruit and muesli brekky.

Excellent stay!!...comfortable, clean, quiet and a great setting. Plenty of room and very private. Julia made sure we had everything we needed in the accommodation side of things and for breakfast. Communication was great and we had some lovely chats over a cup of tea after breakfast most mornings. We will definitely stay there on our next visit to Brisbane and highly recommend Julia and her accommodation.

I have stayed many times before. The bed is still super comfy, the bathroom is still spacious, the view is still great, the host is still wonderful. I look forward to next time!

My fiancé and I had a great time at Julia's place. It's beautiful, we had our own "wing" with anteroom, a private bathroom and bedroom, and access to the spacious deck and the rest of the house with a kitchen and sitting room. It was the icing on the cake of our trip. The breakfast was scrumptious, with fresh mangoes, a selection of cereal and toast. We are sad to be leaving so soon, and are sure to come back next time we are in Brisbane! Julia is a great host, she respects your privacy but is also available for a chat if you meet her in the kitchen. It was an all around pleasant stay. Thank you!

We arrived at Julia & Jays and were made to feel vey welcome. Julia coached us thru our first Airbnb experience with understanding and friendship. She was very helpful. All our needs were catered for including the most delicious fruit for our breakfast. Our room and space were extremely comfortable and we were able to relax and unwind after busy days out and about. We found Julia respectful of our privacy, but friendly for a great chat and very knowledgeable on local history and happenings. The area is easily accessible with a train station a short distance away. We would recommend Julia & Jay and will stay again if in the area.


布里斯班, 澳大利亚注册时间:八月 2012
Julia & Jay的用户个人资料

Julia - I'm the one who does the Airbnb! I have a strong preference for older guests. The property really suits older folks, as the Guest Floor is all on one level - from the carport through the house to the big back deck.

Helpful, cheerful and polite.

At least 3 days' notice is really appreciated - and a profile with a good ID photo and some info about you is lovely too.
As Airbnb themselves say - "no-one wants to host a cat or a landscape" so please make it a recognisable picture of YOU :-)

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