It is a comfortable Queen-size, slat-base bed hand-made by Gavin. It comes with a chiropractic-grade mattress, electric blankets, lambskin mattress cover, pure wool donna and a choice of three types of pillows - regular, feather or memory foam. Enjoy the original art on every wall by a variety of local artists. Note, some art may differ from what is shown in the photos -- some guests like the art so much they buy it to remember their farmstay experience forever more!
Farmstay; Own Ensuite; Friendly!
Farmstay; Own Ensuite; Friendly!

QS bedroom with private bathroom, in a family home on farmland. We are centrally located in the HEART of the Margaret River wine region. 20 minutes north to Yallingup and south to Prevelly; and minutes to anywhere in between. At home, you can see horses & cows; feed chickens & peacocks; pat dog & cat; photograph kangaroos that visit daily. Do not book this room if you can't handle farm things -- animal noises, poo in the garden, cobwebs, weeds or dust. Do book if you like mixing with travellers


Please note: This is not a "traditional B&B". It's a rustic weatherboard family home, with people that love welcoming travellers, WOOFers, and friends. (There's often a mix of all three gathered in the kitchen or on the porch!)

It is not a high-quality-hotel either... there will be sheep poo and weeds in the garden, peacock poo on the deck, and dust from the paddocks get into the house. The space itself gets cleaned for each visit, but the rest of the house is lived in by kids, WOOFers, and us -- it can get a little messy at times!

Do not book this room if you can't handle farm things -- animal noises, poo in the garden, cobwebs, weeds or dust. Do book if you like mixing with travellers and sharing a story and a beer around the kitchen bench.

Here is what is GREAT about a homestay / farmstay...

1. The animals are charming, mostly tame enough to feed, and I prefer their noises to city-noises.

2. The flowers and trees are unique to this corner of the world, and there are many walking trails you can take to get closer to nature.

3. The internet is crap. It frees me up to have real conversations with real people!

4. The fresh air smells GREAT!

Welcome to country life!

Here are the "downsides" (I can't think of a better word!) for Farmstay...

1. There are some animals that make noises (not the kangaroos though! They're quite polite!). The cattle don't say boo. Or moo. They just chew. The peacocks may yell in breeding season, but they are locked away in another part of the farm during this time. The rooster crows at dawn 99% of the time. So, bring ear-plugs if you're a light sleeper.

2. There may be pollen and grass seeds flying around, especially in Spring (October-November), so pack your hay-fever tablets if you have allergies.

3. Our internet is crap. *Limited* wi-fi is available in the house; password provided on request. (Warning: it's very slow!)

4. Being a rural property and a farmhouse style of home, it is not modern and shiny with a spit-polish finish. Expect a "lived in" feel. For many people this makes them feel right at home. However, this would not suit those who prefer 5-star-hotel level of mirror-finish-clean.

But geez it's BEAUTIFUL!

If you can cope with the above realities, you'll love this space!

And here's what is good about a HOMESTAY.

You'll be staying with locals, who are welcoming and friendly. You'll get the inside tips for what to see and do in the region, and hopefully you'll leave feeling like a part of the family.

Again, I'll remind you, we're not a hotel, and we're not a B&B -- you'll be mixing with a variety of people -- us, our daughter, other visitors, and the occasional WWOOFer too. Hopefully this will give you a richer experience than going to a hotel!

------ MORE ------

The QS bed is really comfortable, and is layered with a bamboo underlay, a lambskin, and an electric blanket for the chilly winter nights.

The view is westerly over farmland which has been in the same family since 1932. As Western Australia doesn't have daylight savings, the room has block-out curtains if you don't like rising with the sun.

The room used to be the master bedroom in the house, so it comes with its own ensuite (shower, toilet, basin), walk-in-robe, and air-conditioning.

Here are some of things you can look forward to which are included in the fee:

* Clean luxury linen at the start of each stay;
* Towels ;
* Access to our kitchen to make your own meals;
* Guest guidebook in your room with recommendations, emergency phone numbers, hiking maps and more.

There is also a little porch in front of the room which is the perfect spot to watch the sun come up. Either that, or watch it go down from our back porch -- whichever suits you.

You also have a range of second hand books in the bedroom if you like to stay in of an evening.

Being a farm house, it is fairly rustic. ("Rustic" means it is "lived in".)

Nevertheless, it is a clean and comfortable space, and hopefully welcoming!

Looking forward to meeting you on our beautiful farm! If you arrive at twilight we're most likely on the deck, drinking wine and watching the kangaroos. Come on over! :-)


You're welcome to use our BBQ or kitchen if you wish to cook proper meals. A washing machine and clothes line is also available upon request.


We are on hand for any questions, advice and recommendations, but on the whole, we respect your privacy and your space. We work from home, so we're always around if you need us. Having said that, we're both travelers ourselves, and love meeting people and hearing your stories.


DOGS are welcome providing they are on a leash and kept outside. We can provide a kennel if required.

There is room for up to two HORSES in the paddock neighbouring the room. Agistment is $20 per horse per night (choose 'extra guest' to book your horse in). Hay is not provided, but there's plenty of grazing space, and water.

There is plenty of room to pitch a tent nearby if you're bringing the kids. $20 extra per person, per night.


额外房客 $16 / 晚 (从第2位房客开始收取)
清洁费 $24
满1周立减: 18%
周末价格 $93 / 晚



Due to fire danger, no smoking please. No ifs or "butts".

This is not a party house, although we do like to eat, drink and be merry.

As we rely 100% on rainwater, please conserve water where possible.

Dog(s)、cat(s)、other pet(s) live in the house





Anita's farm stay was absolutely fantastic! The location was perfectly situated between tons of wineries, breweries and gorgeous trails. Both my husband and I felt so welcome in Anita, Gavin and Phoebe's home. They insisted we stay for dinner and Anita is also a great cook! I will most certainly be making the Hainanese Chicken Rice and the caramel squares (sooo addictive!!!) very soon. The only issue is that we wish we could have made our trip longer! :) Overall we couldn't have asked for a better Airbnb experience and the next time we visit Margaret River, we would love stay with them again!
Thanks for the beautiful review Ilana! I do hope you'll come again! I'll find another treat instead of those caramel squares to spoil you with ;-) xA

If you would like to a quiet break away from the hassle and bussle, this is a great place for a short getaway.

A great place to stay
It was great to meet you and Debs. I found the book (that I thought she would enjoy reading), after you left -- it is called "I Am Pilgrim" and is a ripper read. I'm sure that we will cross paths again :D

Great place to stay, vast and beautiful landscape! Anita and her family are wonderful hosts.
Thanks so much Michael! I do like that you're a spontaneous traveller (like ourselves!) I'm glad Tanya got to experience Liquorice Allsorts for the first time, in such a festive atmosphere - maybe she'll be tempted to try them again in the future LOL.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! We had a blast with Anita and her family... that includes the dog, kangaroos, cat, horses and sheep :) from the first moment we entered we felt comfortable and it was a true unforgettable Aussie experience :) Their hospitality was just fantastic and they went out of their way to see we were comfortable and entertained. All suggestions on where to visit on the area were fantastic. It was my best trip down south by far with many years of trips to compare to. We look forward to staying here again :)
Dean you are sincerely welcome any time! Glad you enjoyed the recommendations! (Including that secret natural spa spot hey?!) Thank YOU for fixing my mic stand ;-P That was an unexpected outcome to having a guest stay! Much appreciated ~Anita

Great place. Although the house was very with presence of other guest, but the room had an ensuite and private entrance so that wasn't a problem. All the guests were lovely so was Anita and her family. They invited us for pizza dinner with them that was great. Our toddler enjoyed the farm animals a lot. Especially the horse from the neighbor's farm and the sheep. Our dog enjoyed sniffing around the area. But since the farm doesn't have a fence we kept the dog on leash. All in all good experience and a wonderful weekend.
I'm sorry about the cobweb that led you to rate us 4-stars instead of 5. I wish you'd told me so I could fix it. I also state repeatedly in the description that we have a lot of travellers come through, so the presence of other guests shouldn't have come as a surprise. Personally I LOVED that Raj got to make true-blue Chinese dumplings made from scratch by a Chinese guest for Chinese New Year... What an experience! I hope next time you can tell your hosts if you have a problem so they can meet your needs better. Thanks for the website recommendation for Indian curry recipes! ~Anita

Anita and her family hosted a visiting family member for us. Wonderful experience for him they were gracious and welcoming hosts.
Thanks Suzy, we would welcome him back in a heart beat. He was like an extended family member by the end!

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My husband and I are living on land settled by his grandfather in 1932. Therefore, it is a very special place to us, and it's just one of the reasons we've named our property the "Margaret River Heartland".

We share our space with our five-year-old daughter, a golden retriever, 8 chooks, 1 bunny and a rooster, and 2 naughty peacocks. Sometimes the occasional WWOOFA is passing through also, meaning there'll always be a mixed bag at our place + many interesting stories to hear.

I'm an artist in my spare time, so with any luck you'll find some original pieces on the walls (if they don't sell first!)

We're not the types to watch much TV, but when we do we love the crime shows like Castle and Breaking Bad. You're far more likely to find us in the kitchen cooking up a storm, or on the deck watching the stars and sipping a brew.

Just to clarify... the guy in the photo is not my husband, (but in a parallel universe I'd certainly consider it LOL) -- Heston has an amazing brain and it was awesome to listen to him speak about the science of cooking at the 2013 Gourmet Escape. He reignited my passion for cooking, and exploring new ideas in the kitchen. For that my husband is grateful!

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