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2 - 12岁


Come enjoy a furnished traditional DC townhouse English basement apartment in sought after Georgetown location for a few nights or weeks!

The house is situated in a great location with no need for a car. Although parking is easy if you do have a car. There is easy public transportation (bus, capital bike share, zipcars, and gocars) less than a block away to access the Monuments, Smithsonian Mall and Museams, free concerts, and other DC neighborhoods.

But no need to go far for fun and relaxation. There are lots of things to do within walking distance.

Georgetown University is about 5 blocks away; less than a block away is the Social Safeway (grocery store), starbucks, and several restaurants. On weekends there is a farmers market, and flea market even closer! There are lots of good restaurants in either direction of the house; a whole foods and gym are within walking distance also.

There is a neighborhood park with tennis, outdoor pool, baseball diamond, and an area for dogs close by also.

Georgetown Harbor is nearby and provides a great atmosphere to just relax, get a bite to eat, and enjoy the water views. Water taxis are available to take you to Old Town Alexandria and the National Harbor.

All of this closeby, but also quiet enough to sit out on the back deck with your morning coffee or tea (provided) and listen to the birds sing.

Apartment has a fireplace, full kitchen (no dishwasher), eat-at counter, small yard with patio, good closet space, and separate entrance.

Detailed Description:
You walk into a small living area and open kitchen. The closets are located here also.
As you walk down the hallway, the bathroom and washer/dryer are off to the left.
The end of the hallway opens up to the back room with the fireplace (the fireplace mantel is right above the pipes in the 3rd picture). There is no door to enter this room.
From the back room, there are french doors that lead to the patio and yard. Note: This is the potential of the yard; it does not look like this right now but I am working on it!

Drivers: Plenty of safe neighborhood parking.

Bikers: The C&O canal is an easy ride downhill; although you do have to come back at the end of the day! The bus system here is bike friendly so for $1 you could take the bus back up the hill if so desired.

Public Transport: We are on several bus routes - Metro Bus and Circulator

Other Adventures Nearby: By car or bus to shopping and restaurants in downtown Bethesda, Old Town Alexandria, and Arlington.
Outdoor Adventures: short drives (10-20mins) to scenic Great Falls Park (I have a pass you can use), hiking on D'C's hidden gem the breathtaking Billy Goat Trail overlooking the Potomac River and Mather Gorge, scenic; Fletchers Boat House - rentals for canoeing via canal or Potomac River; bike to downtown Bethesda.

Media: includes internet access; there is no TV but I can show you how to watch shows on your computer if so desired.

Pets: Negotiable

Groceries: Let us know if you would like specific groceries waiting for you - we could have the fridge stocked ! Receipt left for reimbursement + $15 fee

Meals: Coffee/Tea available at all times. Other meals can be prepared for a fee plus cost of groceries.

可住: 2
卫生间: 1
床型: 实体床
卧室: 1
床铺: 1
入住时间: 16:00后
退房时间: 11:00
房间类型: 整套房子/公寓


清洁费 $105





The apartment was in a quiet location in Georgetown and had everything it needed. Safeway is only 1 block away, which really convenient.

Basement apartment. Functional.

I had a great time staying at Mary Beth's place for several months. Mary Beth herself was very friendly and responsive, and I was quite comfortable. I think renters will be very happy here as long as they know what the situation is. It's a basement apartment in a very expensive neighborhood and there are some things that go along with that. It is, for the price, very spacious but narrow. It's not the absolute cleanest place in the world, but it is quite comfortable, with nice furniture. By far the best selling point here is the location. Georgetown itself has everything, and you're a few blocks from Glover Park which also has a lot of great restaurants and shops. Right outside your door, more or less, is the D2 which goes to Dupont Circle, and one block a way are all the buses that go up and down Wisconsin, including the Circulator which comes every ten minutes and goes all over the city. I stayed here a few months and was very happy with my choice. Obviously if you're not someone who's going to be comfortable in a pretty typical basement apartment, this is not the place for you but there's a lot of good things to say about the place for everyone else.

My stay in "Chateau Bleu" was a miserable experience. Just two days after arriving, the front door--it and the doorframe are quite quite decrepit--jammed, and I found myself stuck in the unit. There was no way to exit the rear because the host had not maintained the backyard, which was overgrown with weeds taller than me. I attempted, in vain, to climb over back fences, only to find myself in others' yards. In the end, I was "rescued" by one of the upstairs tenants, who let me pass through their unit, also owned by Mary Beth but rented out on a non-Airbnb basis. The tenant there told me that she had had numerous problems with Mary Beth. I called Mary Beth immediately and to her credit she sent a handyman to "shave down" the door and frame to prevent jamming that day. I also asked if she would consider a discount, both because of this issue (also a major safety issue--what if there had been a fire?) and because of the general state of the unit, but she refused. I felt stuck because I had just started a new job and the terms of the Airbnb contract did not allow for easy cancellation, so I decided to stick it out. In the ensuing weeks, problem after problem emerged. The air conditioner in the bedroom continually spewed debris of some sort and it spilled onto the bed. The couches smelled so badly of dog (the previous tenant, Mary Beth had told me, had a dog--and since the unit was leased on a non-Airbnb basis, I am not sure how the review previous to mine even appeared on here--the smell was so overpowering that when I put my clothes on either of the two couches they absorbed the smell. There is mold and dust throughout the unit, and an area near the bathroom where the heating unit stands is filthy. The stovetop is constantly too hot too touch because a pilot light heats it to unsafe temperatures. There was Internet in the unit at first from the previous tenant's subscription, but when that ran out Mary Beth promised that a new router upstairs would reach the basement. It did not, and I had spotty coverage for the remainder of my stay there. During the last two weeks, Mary Beth had workers at the house constantly, and they entered my unit without prior notification. When I learned that my job training would end early and asked Mary Beth for a refund for the last four nights (out of a 50 night stay), she refused again. Besides renting a unit that is in no state to be rented at any price, Mary Beth also proved herself to be stingy at every step of the way, at a cost to my mental and physical health. I ended up moving out a week early but received no discount/refund despite numerous requests.
Mary Beth的用户个人资料
来自Mary Beth的回复:
I'm sorry that Mieczyslaw's stay was so miserable. I will address what he stated as a safety issue but mostly I just want to say that there are two sides to every story and we all have different expectations. It is a basement apartment; I've been renting this unit since 1991 and I have never had anyone so unhappy in the unit. I addressed each of his concerns within 24 hours and some I didn't even know about until I read this review. Additionally, since Mieczyslaw complained about the living conditions, I lived there for 3 days after his airbnb term ended and I liked living there. I also asked the next airbnb person who was in town early visiting his brother to come by and look at the apartment to see if he had any issues with anything. (I was ready to get rid of the couch if necessary). He thought that everything was great and he saw it before it was cleaned. I offered to steam clean the couch and anything else he wanted steam cleaned. He told me he didn't think that it was needed. He's been there over a week now and I have not had any complaints. He's staying until mid-December so it will be awhile before you can see his review. In terms of what is described as a "major safety issue" - I have never had someone not be able to get out of the apartment thru the front door, including the 60 year old woman with health issues that lived there for 2 hot and humid summers before Mieczyslaw's stay. More importantly, there is NOT a safety issue. There is both a front and back exit from the apartment and a gate in the back fence that goes thru my neighbors' property and leads to the alley for safety in case there was ever a fire or some other emergency where you had to exit the apartment from the back. I hope this response helps and if you are considering renting the apartment and have some concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you, Mary Beth

MaryBeth is an incredible hostess! She is quick to respond to messages. She has creative ideas and solutions for anything that comes up. Easy to talk with. She was flexible and great to do business with. Location was perfect. The basement apartment is adorable. It is long and skinny but much roomier than we thought. We will use and recommend any of her properties in the future.


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I am an optimistic, easy going, kind, creative, open-minded, flexible, and independent woman (how’s that for a string of adjectives!) who is very comfortable with herself and happiest when laughing with others. I love entertaining, cooking, sailing, tennis, and dancing.

I own my own business but don’t ask me what it is that I do exactly. The business is comprised of an eclectic group of activities, any one of which I may be working on at any given time. Currently, I make most of the money that I need to live on a daily basis with rental property.

I also love traveling (particularly to sun and water destinations) so perhaps I will see you at your place someday!


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