Donna Mara Classic Apt in Florence
2 - 12岁
优雅的公寓位于市中心的Via dei Fossi古老的佛罗伦萨建筑的二楼。它分为两层,共有3间房间和2间带淋浴的浴室(其中一间为套房)。最多可以睡4人。
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Elegant apartment located on the second floor of an ancient florentine building on Via dei Fossi, in the heart of the city. It is split on 2 floors and it has 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms with shower (one of them is ensuite). It can sleep up to 4 people.


外部描述: 位于二楼(有电梯),一个舒适的古老建筑与Via dei Fossi的门卫,步行即可到达佛罗伦萨火车站和重要的Santa Maria Novella广场,您可以在那里欣赏美丽的佛罗伦萨文艺复兴时期的教堂。在那里,您还可以找到许多酒吧和餐馆以及现代城市可能提供的所有服务。 抛光的公寓(110平方米/ 1184平方英尺)分为两层,两间卧室,一间双人床和一张单人床,最多可容纳4人入住,设有两间带淋浴的浴室,其中一间为套房。进入客厅,配有玻璃餐桌,您可以使用设备齐全的小厨房。从那里,您进入宽敞明亮的客厅,两件沙发在柔软的红色天鹅绒和锦缎织物中。 整个公寓都配有古典和抛光风格,非常注重细节和品质。主卧室设有带淋浴的连接浴室和宽敞的步入式衣柜。到二楼,有一间卧室和一个小客厅。 在左边的小客厅里有一张沙发床,可以作为阅读或放松的日间床。如果它被用作一个额外的卧室,房间可以关闭,因为窗帘变暗并完全关闭了房间。 右侧的卧室设有一张单人床(120厘米/3.1英尺)和一个宽敞的衣柜。在床上有一个天窗(可以在夜间阴影),让你欣赏天空和星星,同时漂流睡觉。 什么使公寓抛光和精致是家具和装饰品的设计,选择与味道和注意细节。整个公寓都设有空调。 一个完整的公寓,一个或两个孩子的家庭,为那些想要短期或中期生活在一个抛光和优雅的家具公寓,而不放弃所有的现代化舒适的家庭。 Donna Mara酒店也非常适合与佛罗伦萨市提供的主要博物馆和服务。 APE能源认证水平:每年132.5千瓦时/平方米
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External Description:
Located on the second floor (with elevator), of a cozy ancient building with doorman on Via dei Fossi, within walking distance from the Florence Train Station and the important Santa Maria Novella square, where you can admire the wonderful church of the Florentine Renaissance. There you can find also plenty of bars and restaurants and all services that a modern city may offer.

Polished apartment (110 mq / 1184 sq ft) split on two floors with 2 bedrooms, one double and 1 single, that can sleep up to 4 people and has two bathrooms with shower, one of which is ensuite. Entering the living room, with a glass dining table, you have access to the fully equipped kitchenette. From there, you enter the roomy and bright living room, with two sofas in soft red velvet and brocade textiles.
The whole apartment is furnished with classical and polished style, with great attention to detail and quality. The master bedroom has an ensuite bathroom with shower and a spacious walk-in closet. Going up to the second floor, there is a bedroom and a small living room.
In the small living room to the left there is a sofa bed that can be used as a day bed for reading or relaxing. If it is used as an extra bedroom, the room can be closed off thanks to a curtain that darkens and completely closes the room.
The bedroom on the right has a single bed (120cm / 3.11 ft) and a spacious closet. Over the bed there is a skylight (which can be shaded during the nighttime), allowing you to admire the sky and the stars while drifting off to sleep.

What makes the apartment polished and refined is the design of the furniture and decorations, chosen with taste and attention to detail. The whole apartment has air conditioning.

Perfect apartment for a family with one or two children and for those who want to live for short or medium-term in a polished and elegant furnished apartment, without giving up all the modern comforts. Donna Mara is also perfect for its proximity to the main museums and services that the city of Florence has to offer.

APE energy certification level: G 132.5 kWh/m2 per year


包括在价格:实用程序包括高达€(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)天),最后清洁,提供毛巾和床单,公寓费。 不包括在价格中:旅游税每人每晚2.50欧元(超过12岁),前7夜,水,电,天然气(30天以上)的公用事业超过115.00欧元;注册合同的费用(根据意大利法律必须用意大利语写成),租金超过30天,相当于总租金价格的1%(最低费用为33.50欧元)加上税款。
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Included in the price: Utilities included up to €115.00 (for stays up to 30 days), final cleaning, towels and sheets provided, condominium fees.
Not included in the price: Tourist tax of €2.50 per person (over the age of 12) per night, for the first 7 nights, utilities of water, electricity, and gas (for rentals over 30 days) if exceeding €115.00; fee for registering the contract (which in accordance to Italian law must be written in Italian), for rentals over 30 days, equal to 1% of the total rental price (with a minimum fee of € 33.50) plus tax stamps.



额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 $25
押金 $368

入住时间为15:00 - 19:00

We kindly ask all our guests to behave as if it’s their home, respecting both the property and the furniture.
We kindly ask you not to smoke on the premises.
We are sorry, but pets are not allowed.




We liked the Appt and it was absolutely comfortable. The location was very convenient, in fact we walked to the station on our return journey with the Trolley bags and reached within 12 mts. The host was not there to hand over the keys and explain the details of the flat , this was done by some girl on their behalf. The Appt was well located and all amenities were easily reachable. The Appt was well furnished and decorated, besides being very artistic. My children who are majors had privacy to themselves as well.

This apartment is hosted by a professional real estate company - not private family. Everyone at the office is polite, punctual and helpful. You have to sign a few contracts ad pay an extra tax which was a first for us (as normally been staying with private owners) but this was all very quick and efficient. They were very accommodating in terms of check in and check out times and we had no trouble reaching them whenever we needed to. The apartment itself perhaps needs a slightly different description. This is NOT a 3 bedroom apartment. It has ONE main bedroom downstairs with big bed, very comfy for 2 people with ensuite - And upstairs there is a small 'spare bedroom' with small bathroom - Next to this is a day bed in an alcove which has a curtain to separate it from the corridor. In other words, if you have kids or are a couple with a single then it works ok - But whoever gets the day bed behind the curtain clearly gets the short straw. The apartment itself is clean and comes stocked with all the necessary bits and pieces (coffee machine, pots, pans, etc...) and the building is truly fabulous - complete with old school caged lift. Location wise its just on the edge of things - an easy walk to the station or the river. It's a reasonably quiet street and we had a lovely peaceful stay.
Dear Howard thank you very much for such an accurate review! Some of my guests truly have a special gift in describing impeccably their sensations and help hosts improve their properties and adverts. You are surely one of them. My next move is to call one of the guys in Florence to help me change the description so that everything is clear! Have a great day and come back anytime! Bettina

Horrible! All in all...I would not recommend Bettina and her company to my worst enemy.  No space is worth this hassle. Two things were great about this apartment, the size and location...that's it! Everything else about it, staying there as an Airbnb property, Bettina and her colleagues was unacceptable.  No toilet paper!  When I emailed her, she said it isn't provided.  Paper towel holder and no paper am I suppose to keep the place clean?  Even if I had them, there was no dish soap!  It's these "essentials" that were not there and no one cared.  Bettina works for a company, the name never revealed, she lives in Milan, not Florence.  You are given the run around to call this person, this office (URL HIDDEN) one is responsible or no direct contact.  Our flight was canceled from Paris, and Bettina would not consider a partial reduction for the night we did not stay.  I am a host and know Airbnb's rules, this reflects poorly on Bettina.  I would never use her or her company again no matter how nice the space.  We were met by Giulia, then another person came, Lourdes to show us the apartment, she left out a lot of information and the remotes for the air conditioners were set to 82 degrees and we couldn't figure it out.  It was above 90 the whole time we were there.  Also, the electricity went out and Lourdes mentioned it might but did not tell us what to do when it happened at night behind a lower floor door that was locked.  The icing on the cake was that Bettina told me I'd have to sign a contract, I figured wait until I get there.  Lourdes brought this contract that was in Italian (I am not fluent) and part of it I could make out enough was for me to sign that they would charge me monthly!  I stayed for 4 nights.  The amounts were different from Airbnb and then she wanted cash for the city tax 2.50E per person/per night.  Bettina never mentioned that.  I contacted Airbnb to look into (URL HIDDEN) was shady, bad business and not the way I host or would ever treat my guests.
Dear Adrienne, I am extremely sorry to read your review. I will try and not take this personally as I am sure that it's pretty clear from all the reviews that I have received in years that I am an honest and professional host that always do her best to help her guests. There is nothing "tricky" or "shady" as you said about our rentals or about me since, as you can read in my profile, I work for Halldis and that I live in Milan (how I wish I could actually live in Florence!). I believe that the whole point here isn't the apartment, but the fact that I couldn't refund you for the one night in which you couldn't reach the apartment because of problems with your flight. I am sure that you can understand that you had a problem with the strike at Air France while my colleagues in Florence were ready to welcome you at home anytime. Welcoming our guests is vitally important for all of us and this is why my colleague Giulia went to the apartment the very morning you arrived to let you in immediately (also if we organize check in in the afternoon) but we believed that you could be tired and we did our best to welcome you in the morning. Then Lourdes, which is one of the kindest colleagues of mine that I know personally since I go to Florence every time I can, showed you the apartment, including essentials, like toilet paper, that we always provide to our guests. Not to mention the fact that for any problem you might have at home we provide you more than one way to receive assistance: in the apartment there is a booklet that shows how everything works with pictures; everyday in the hallway you can find the porter (a very nice guy) to which you can always ask for help on anything; you also have the emergency number, the Florence's office number and you can write me anytime on Airbnb. Therefore you are never left alone and you can find assistance in many ways. You see what usually happens to all of us when we are in a bad mood is that everything else seems tainted and we cannot see the good in the situation. Last but not least all rules and regulations that we let you sign are written in English (and I have the scans of your check in form and the general rules and regulations all in English that you signed with Lourdes). The amount to be paid for the city tax is clearly written in the description of Donna Mara and I quote "Not included in the price: city tax (€2.50 per person over the age of 12 - per night for the first 7 nights)". The worst part for me here is that usually I can learn something from these experiences and I can improve my service. Unfortunately I can't improve anything in this case since most of the things that are brought to my attention doesn't reflect reality. I am a very conscientious person and I take all my clients to heart. I don't want my clients to have a bad experience of Florence. Your journey here can be compared to a once in a lifetime experience and I want you to get the best out of it. Beside everything I hope that you will find a way to come back to Florence one day to have this once in a lifetime experience. I hope this time everything will go smooth and fine so that you can fully appreciate the exquisite beauty of the city and enjoy a priceless experience. Bettina

Jae Sun的用户个人资料
Antique! The apartment was absolutely gorgeous. It just fitted in with Florence. The apartment had everything I could desire as my house. The office was quite close and the staff was really friendly that they did my favor with pleasure. I really hope I can go and stay there again.
What a lovely review to read! I am so happy to hear that you had this lovely experience and I would be glad to welcome you back! I personally find that this apartment resembles a lot the ones of the locals living in Florence, I believe that it's a nice experience to live as they do! Ps. my staff in Florence say thank you! They were all happy to have you as a guest and also invite you to come back! :D Have a great day, Bettina

Bettinas apartment was amazing! The location on via dei Fossi was very central and the apartment itself was very spacious. I would definitely stay here again.
Thanks Gian! It's really lovely to hear that you had a great time in Florence...I love that city!!! Hope you will be back sooner or later! Bettina

We enjoyed the apartment very much, it was centrally located and well-equipped. However, When experienced several issues during our stay. The upstairs shower did not operate, and the downstairs shower did not drain adequately. During our second night of our stay, approximately 9:30 PM we had a power outage in the apartment. I made at least 12 attempts to contact the local concierge to resolve the issue without success and additionally left two voicemails for Bettina. The following day again made at least 10 phone calls to reach the local contact person. Approximately 10 AM I was able to reach ALEXANDER at the local contact person. He came to the apartment and fix the power strip. Interestingly he did not know which fuse box in the basement was the apartments and had to contact the owner to find out which one to turn back on. This was our first airbnb apartment rental. In the future I will only rent apartments where the owner is local in order to avoid these type of problems. We are still able to enjoy our vacation very much despite these few issues we encountered, and the apartment is beautiful. The pictures do justice to the apartment. One note is that the upstairs bedrooms have extremely low ceilings less than 5 foot.


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