Casoli seen from the other side of the valleyLa Fontana at the bottom of the picture - and Casoli
Beautiful house with pool in Tuscany - La Fontana
Beautiful house with pool in Tuscany - La Fontana
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There are no real house rules but please remember that this old house is our home for most of the year, so please treat it with care. It would be a great help if you could ensure that the plants are watered. It can be a relaxing activity in the evening, especially with the hose pipe in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.
We hope you enjoy playing boules and kubb. You should find all the equipment necessary in the store room (there are steel boules and plastic ones for the children). Don't forget to put them away when you've finished with them.

Please don't get water on the parquet floors upstairs or the oak will swell and deform. And please try to leave the house as clean and tidy as possible. Marina and Elena (the cleaners) are wonderful, but they can't check that every item in the kitchen has been properly washed up!
It would also be a great help if, when you leave, you could take the sheets off the beds and leave them in the laundry room.
For the rest, just have a lovely, relaxing time!




Ulla und Patrick haben im Vorfeld schon mehrfach Kontakt mit uns gesucht, so dass wir freudig und entspannt ankommen konnten. Die Beiden haben uns auch empfangen und wir hatten eine sehr nette Stunde zusammen. Das Haus in seiner fantastischen Umgebung kommt einem kleinen Paradies gleich. Wir konnten ganz für uns sein, ringsum ist kein Mensch zu sehen, dennoch ist die Anbindung an den Ort ideal, so dass man fußläufig eine Bar und einen Tabacchi sowie herrliche Ristorantes erreichen kann. Der Quellwasserpool sorgt immer für eine kühle und ganz besondere Erfrischung. Wir waren mit drei Kindern dort, die ebenfalls begeistert waren. Rundum ist diese Unterkunft mehr als empfehlenswert. Wir kommen mit Sicherheit mal wieder.
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Thank you so much Thrall and Christiane. It was a real pleasure meeting you and your children. We are so glad you enjoyed the house & garden and the surrounded area. Thank you so much for taking care of the house so well and thank you again for watering the plants. Warmest regards, Ulla & Patrick

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We, Ulla and Patrick, are a Swedish-British couple living partly in Solna, Sweden and partly in Casoli, Tuscany. Patrick teaches at Pisa University and when he´s not there (during the summers) we rent our house, La Fontana. In that way we can be together much more. We therefore travel back and forth between Sweden and Italy and try to be together in our house in Tuscany as much as possible. Every season has its charm - everything from sitting under the cherry tree with a good book or lovely dinners on beautiful evenings with friends on the terrace with a view overlooking the Mediterranean to the pleasure of relaxing indoors in front of the fire roasting chestnuts on a cold winter's evening.

Patrick has lived in Italy for more than 30 years and in La Fontana for the last 12 years.
We have lived in and renovated La Fontana together over the last ten years. The last project we worked on is the kitchen, which we think turned out very well and we are very happy about it. We have also built a small pool in the back garden.

Ulla works in the public sector with equality issues and corporate social responsibility (CSR). We live together on a house boat and our two adult children (22 and 24) have left home to travel and study. We feel very happy and privileged to have these relatively unusual places to live which give us a sort of holiday feeling wherever we are.

We really love to stay in La Fontana. When we are there during the summer we´re mostly outdoors in the garden, playing boule or kubb (a swedish outdoor game). One of the really nice things is the lovely fruit and vegetables, good cheap wine and delicious delicaties - prepare it all in our lovely kitchen and then dine outdoors on one of the lovely terraces on a warm summer's night.

We really hope you wll enjoy and appreciate La Fontana as much as we do and we wish you a wonderful stay in the house and the surroundings :-)

Ulla och Patrick

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