HIDEOUT BALI - Eco Bamboo Home
HIDEOUT BALI - Eco Bamboo Home
隐藏处是隐藏在Gunung Agung火山山脉的冒险旅客的独特生态住宿。全竹屋位于稻田美丽的河边。离开电网,体验巴厘村的真实生活。 如果您在日期完全预订了巴厘岛圣保罗酒店,请按照我们的Instagram Feed(@hideoutbali)宣布新的职位空缺。 或者看看我们最新添加的Hideout Lightroom(@hideoutlightroom)。 :) 链接:https://airbnb.com/rooms/18761574
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Hideout is a unique eco stay for adventurous travelers, hidden in mountains of Gunung Agung volcano. All-bamboo house is situated at beautiful river side among rice fields. Get off the grid and experience authentic life of Balinese village.

If Hideout Bali is fully booked for your dates, follow our Instagram feed (@hideoutbali) for the announcement of new vacancies.
Or take a look at Hideout Lightroom (@hideoutlightroom), our newest addition. :)
Link: https://airbnb.com/rooms/18761574


藏身处于2015年由许多本地工人的支持下建成并手工制作。竹本身主要来自一个靠近土地的Iseh小村庄。额外注意环境。 这种体验不像其他任何一样,我们不是一些奇特的酒店,我们真的是一个冒险的经历,乡村和正宗的巴厘岛村庄生活中。我们欢迎长期的旅行者,自然爱好者,精神上的人,徒步旅行者,背包客,艺术家,音乐家和生态爱好者,与我们分享我们的巴厘岛经验。我们对环保思想嘉宾感到非常满意,他们用爱和关心对待我们的家。 当您考虑留在巴厘岛的家中时,我们想与您分享一些客人的体验,作为快速的PRO&CON。 投票站 -Solitude。你是唯一的房子。最近的村庄距离是500米。 - 设备齐全的厨房。你是你自己的主厨。 -Scooter是免费的。 -音乐。立体声系统,ukulele? - 隐藏处也是庇护一只小猫,这是一个超级可爱和可爱。我们的小鹰鹰眼有时也是客人。 - 你可以体验巴厘岛的正宗生活方式,文化习惯,观察许多美妙的事情。 CON外 - 你不能锁住竹屋,没有安全的门。但是安装了一个保险箱。 - 不时,村民需要使用河流洗澡(裸体),洗衣服和表演仪式。 - 藏身处是当地的一部分,你会遇到一些昆虫,青蛙或老鼠。我们正在尽最大努力保持最低水平。 互联网很差,有时候根本不工作。我们建议为离网经验做好准备。 - 小猫或狗可以推定为不客气的客人。如果您有猫/狗过敏,我们不建议您访问我们。 - 我们不是酒店,我们不提供酒店服务或24/7接待。 因为这个房子位于河谷和稻田附近,所以你会与大自然保持联系。这就是为什么藏身之处最适合享受动物的客人,不怕一点野生动物。 :)你也可以见到我们非常友好的猫和狗!如果您对生物动物有任何疑问,请提前询问。 大楼有两层楼,一层可以找到一个整洁,设备齐全的厨房,舒适的起居/放松区域(配有额外吊床),带安全箱,浴室的大衣柜和室外淋浴入口。二楼设有一间宽敞的卧室,提供带蚊帐的特大号床(加床140厘米),如果需要,最多可容纳4名成人入住)。在独特的三角形窗口前面,您可以欣赏到闲暇时尚的阅读,拥抱和放松的休闲咖啡袋,这是冥想或演奏乐器的完美场所,都可以直接观赏闪烁的河流。竹子以其温度稳定而闻名,由于自然通风,不需要AC或风扇。竹屋里没有安全的门,你不能真正锁住房子,不要害怕,虽然这是一个非常安全的区域。
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The Hideout was built and handcrafted in 2015 by the support of many local workers. Bamboo itself mainly comes from a small village of Iseh, close to the land. Extra attention was paid to the environment.
This experience is not like any other, we are not some fancy hotel, and we are truly an adventurous experience, rustic and authentic right in the middle of Balinese village life. We welcome long-time travelers, lovers of nature, a spiritual-minded people, trekking-lovers, backpackers, artists, musicians, and eco-enthusiast to share our Bali experience with us. We are most happy with environmentally thinking guests, who treat our home with love and care.

We would like to share with you some of our guest's experience as quick PROs & CONs when you consider staying in our Balinese home.

-Solitude. You are the only house around. The nearest village is 500 meters far.
-Fully equipped kitchen. You are your own master chef.
-Scooter for free.
-Music. Stereo system, ukulele?
-Hideout is also shelter to a kitten, which is super cute and cuddly. Our puppy Hawkeye is also a guest sometimes.
-You can experience authentic Balinese lifestyle, culture habits and observe many wonderful things in nature.

-You can’t lock the bamboo house, there are no secure doors. But there is a safe box installed.
-From time to time, villagers need to use the river for bathing (naked), washing clothes and performing ceremonies.
-Hideout is part of local nature, you will encounter some insect, frog or mouse. We are doing our best to keep it at the minimum.
-The Internet is very poor and sometimes not working at all. We recommend being prepared for the off-the-grid experience.
-Kitten or dog can be presumed as an unwelcomed guest. We don't recommend visiting us if you have cat/dog allergy.
-We are not a hotel, we don't offer hotel services or 24/7 reception.

Because the house is located near river and rice fields you will be in touch with nature. That's why is Hideout most suitable for guest which enjoy animals and are not afraid of a little bit of the wildlife. :) You can also meet our very friendly cat and dog! If you have any questions regarding living animals, please ask us in advance.

The building has two floors, on the first floor, you can find a neat, fully equipped kitchen, cozy living/relaxing area (with extra hanging hammock), big wardrobe with safety box, bathroom, and entrance to the outdoor shower. On the second floor there is a spacious bedroom, providing king size bed with mosquito net (and extra bed 140cm) all possible to accommodate up to 4 adults if needed). Right in front of the unique triangular window, there is fun lounge bean bag for reading, cuddling and relaxing, the perfect place for meditation or playing a musical instrument, all with direct view to the shimmering river. Bamboo is well-known for its temperature stability, thanks to natural ventilation, there is no need for AC or a fan. There are no secure doors in the bamboo house, you can't really lock the house, don't be afraid though this is a very safe area.


在您抵达时,您可以期待欢迎篮下充满季节的水果和/或蔬菜。在厨房里,你会发现巴厘咖啡,茶,糖,盐和一些香料。厨房比你准备好了。如果你不喜欢做饭,别担心,在附近一个村庄里有一些很棒的马桶和餐厅 - 最多可以骑自行车10分钟。还有一个送货上门。还有大量免费饮用水。 最近我们有一个惊人的时间与SUKU Home合作。 我们非常感谢这个愉快的合作,感谢SUKU Home产品的惊人的集体,我们的客人很高兴体验他们在Hideout的超级流畅的竹床铺。 超薄柔软的床上用100%的竹人造丝,仔细地使用传统的蜡染技术手工染色。手缝,用爱做。竹子人造丝比任何高线程棉花软。它们也具有天然的抗菌特性,使其适合任何敏感肌肤的人。即使在最炎热的夜晚,这些床单也会保持凉爽。无需AC。 :) 踏板车免费!在您逗留期间,您将拥有两个头盔的一个简单,基本和较旧的滑板车。如果您是摩托车赛车手,您可能会失望:)还提供毛巾和床上用品。
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At your arrival, you can be looking forward to welcome basket full of season fruits and/or veggies. In the kitchen, you will always find Balinese coffee, tea, sugar, salt and some spices. The kitchen is more than ready for your cooking. If you don't feel like cooking, don't worry, there are some great warungs and restaurant in a nearby village - comfortably max 10 minutes by bike. There is also one home-delivery. There is also plenty of free drinkable water.

Recently we had an amazing time cooperating with SUKU Home.
We are very grateful for this happy cooperation, thanks to the amazing collective behind SUKU Home products, our guests have the pleasure to experience their super smooth Bamboo beddings in Hideout.
Ultra soft and delicate bedding made from 100% Bamboo Rayon, carefully & individually hand-dyed using a traditional batik technique. Hand sewn and made with love. Bamboo-derived rayon is softer than any high thread count cotton. They also have naturally antibacterial properties, making them great for anyone with sensitive skin. These sheets will keep you cool even in the hottest night. No AC required. :)

Scooter for free! During your stay, you will have available one simple, basic and older, scooter with two helmets. If you are a motorbike racer you might be disappointed :). Towels and beddings are also provided.


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There is Wayan, Made and their families. Our friends who take care of the Hideout. They can speak English and they will assist you with anything you might need.


河周围的土地很干净。您可以在河流提供的天然游泳池内畅游。如果你觉得冒险,可以沿着河流或上游,享受野性。你可以观察到许多惊人的动物物种,各种尺寸的蜥蜴,巨大的蝴蝶,所有你可以计数蜻蜓和萤火虫,变色龙,所有颜色的鸟,不要忘记我们的小猫Kikka和狗鹰。睡在窗户后面的萤火虫入睡是一种独特的体验。 :) 房子的景色直接集中在其中一个最神圣的地方,叫做Campuhan。 Campuhan是巴厘岛的一个两河相遇的地方。这个地方被当地人视为几个世纪的圣地。它是圣水来源的仪式,清洁身体和精神。在您逗留期间,您将有机会在仪式和洗澡期间观察巴厘岛人。 Campuhan是一个非常神奇的地方,吸引了良好的氛围和积极的能量。 根据我们在藏身之处的经验,您可以为您的写作,音乐,工作艺术找到一个非常鼓舞人心的环境。 藏身处是全世界和兴趣的人的完美隐藏的地方。你会在这里找到书籍,杂志,音乐乐器(包括快速指南如何玩ukulele),基本的艺术用品,棋盘游戏,瑜伽哑光,不要忘记这本书与许多提示,探索周围。
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River surrounding the land is very clean. You can take a refreshing dip in a natural swimming pool which river provides. If you feel adventurous, you can follow the river down or upstream and enjoy the wild nature. You can observe here many of amazing animal species, lizards of all sizes, enormous butterflies, all you can count dragonflies and fireflies, chameleons, birds of all colors and not to forget our kitten Kikka and dog Hawkey. It's a unique experience to fall asleep looking at the fireflies just behind your window. :)

The view from the house is focused directly on one of the most sacred places around, called Campuhan. Campuhan is Balinese term for a place where two rivers meet. This place is regarded by locals as a holy place for centuries. It's a source of holy water for ceremonies and cleansing the body and spirit. During your stay, you will have the opportunity to observe Balinese during their ceremonies and baths. Campuhan is a very magical place, attracting good vibes and positive energy.

By our experience in the Hideout, you can find an enormously inspiring environment, for your writing, music, art of for work.

Hideout is a perfect hiding place for people of all generation and interest. You will find here books, magazines, music instruments (including a quick guide how to play ukulele), basic art supplies, board games, yoga matt and not to forget the book with many tips what to explore around.

额外房客 $11 / 晚 (多于2位房客后开始收取)
清洁费 $11
1张特大号床, 1张地板床垫
入住时间为15:00 - 19:00

The Hideout was created in an environmentally conscious manner and we try to uphold this ethos. We have installed grey-water and biological septic systems. We do not use air conditioning as the house is designed for natural air flow. We keep the use of electrical appliances and equipment to a minimum.

We believe that you will support our endeavours. Please make yourself at home in Hideout.

Check in is between 3pm and 7pm. Check out is by 11am. Allow at least 2 hours between your flight arrival time in Bali and the earliest time you could get to the house. Late check-in is very complicated since Balinese are used to go to sleep very early! If you have a flight which arrives during the night, we strongly recommend spending the first night in the city and travel to Hideout the next day.

Please follow these rules:

- Do not use a hairdryer or other strong equipment

- Before you go to bed, make sure the toilet is not leaking - if so - all the water in the tank can be gone in the morning

- Keep the bamboo floor and kitchen counter dry (avoid big water stains)

- Store your food in the provided plastic box and do not leave any food open on the counter (it attracts ants!)

- Before you leave the house, be sure to turn off all the lights inside and outside the house.

- Don't leave your chargers plugged when the device is already charged.

- If you hear any unusual sound from the water wheel or if water wheel stops, please let us know immediately.

- The Internet is usually not so great in Bali, sometimes you might need to restart the modem. (never reset the modem) There is never guaranteed the internet will work.

- Please don't let the kitten or the puppy sleep in your bed, they are trained not to sleep there as not everyone appreciate it. If you let them they might get used to it.

- Breakfast is not included in the price because we want you to have the maximum privacy when preparing your own breakfast. However, we had a few guests who asked our friend Wayan and he prepared the breakfast right in Hideout for them. If you prefer this, we kindly ask you to give Wayan a small tip. You will see how grateful he will be :)



优点:1、一个非常美丽的全竹子结构的房子。2、花园很大很美,各色各样的花草让人陶醉。3、小猫和小狗都非常喜欢亲近人。4、管家做的饭菜好吃不贵,而且做的茶也很好喝。5、距离看二战沉船的海滩大概1小时车程,比较近。5、小溪远看很美。6、空气非常新鲜。缺点:1、蚊子飞蛾(SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN)很多,特别是晚上。2、用水有限制。第一个晚上我们没经验,最后一个人洗澡的时候没水了。3、洗澡间没上盖,连续2个晚上,洗澡的时候下雨,非常狼狈。4、小溪不能下去玩水,因为有很多你能想到和想不到的垃圾,一直随水而下。非常可惜。5、WIFI非常不给力,经常掉线

A true place of wonders. Come here to get relaxd and inspired. I am a bali regular and this is the best place i have stayed so far. The neighborhood is just like ubud twenty years ago. The room is equipped with almost everything you will need. I love sitting in the hammock watching the surroundings. The running river is like white noise to me, i got the quality sleep. Kitty and her babies made me feel like home..they just melted my heart. Cannot wait to come back.

The place was as amazing as it seemed. The drive up was beautiful and it was very easy to find with the directions given. As you walk into the gate the smell was intoxicating, and the place has so much charm. We were given a quick tour of the place and they had everything there you would need if you decided not to leave for your entire stay. Wayan’s food was delicious, he really is a great cook, and my wife and I were taking notes. You really have to experience this place to get a feel for how awesome it was. Thanks for having us!

Usually pictures make a place look cooler than it actually is in person. This was the opposite of Hideout. Seeing this place in person was jaw dropping. It is beautiful, cozy, and surrounded by amazing jungle and life. By far the coolest and most amazing place I have ever stayed. I cannot wait to come back.

Hideout is a great place to explore Bali. The people are very friendly and I haven't had any issues with anyone. It's an excellent place to explore local culture and especially nature. Wayan does everything he can to accommodate guests in every way. It's very easy to make the most of your stay and have a great time!

The hideout is definitely appropriately named! What an amazing, relaxing, and beautiful spot. We only spent two nights but enjoyed every aspect of this place. There were locals in the river, as described, but we still felt so secluded and private. The dogs and cat are super friendly and made for a nice addition! Great kitchen set up and everything you need is right at the hideout. The outdoor bathroom was so great. Hope we have a chance to visit again!

if you're considering the hideout- book it. it's been one of the best decisions i've made so far in bali. none of the pictures prepare you for the beauty and serenity of the home :)

巴厘岛, 印度尼西亚注册时间:四月 2015

Hi everybody!

It's great to meet you, even though it's just through the screen. Wayan, Made and Hideout Family, will do the best we can for you to have a great time with us.

We built our little Hideouts with love and good intentions, both places are very dear to our heart. We love the privacy they offer! We tried to do our best to make Hideout Bali, Hideout Lightroom and Hideout Prague perfect for short or long term travellers.

Hideout Family

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