Beautiful house close to lake
Beautiful house close to lake

The house is located in the region of Smaaland less than 2 hours from Copenhagen. It has everything for a great vacation. Perfect located close to a lake with beach, forest and fantastic nature. Close to towns and things to do


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big house, very light, in the middle of the forest. about 2 km walk to a nice bathing place at the lake (or you take the car, parking is available). we enjoyed the nature a lot. better go shopping before you arrive

Dank der Info-Email einen Monat vor Anreise war es ein Leichtes die Unterkunft zu erreichen (Top Wegbeschreibung) und alles andere war darin auch erklärt. Leider war der Gastgeber nicht persönlich anzutreffen, liegt aber daran, dass er in DK wohnt und das Haus in Schweden ist. Während unseres Aufenthaltes hatten wir aber mehrmals sehr freundlichen Email Kontakt. Die Unterkunft war genauso wie beschrieben und einen Elch haben wir am 3. Abend auch gesehen. Es ist genau das Richtige für Ruhesuchende! Die Nachbarschaft (das nächste Haus ist ca. 500 m entfernt, kein Blickkontakt zur Asphaltstraße oder den Nachbarn) war sehr freundlich. Alles in allen ein wunderschönes Ferienhaus mit Ruhegarantie.

We stayed at Brian house five nights. It's a place with very much potential to be great for vacation, because of all the place, the nice furniture and the landscape. For our children there was enough room to crawl and run around in the house and we saw mooses and deer from the terrace. But on the other side-we have to say, it isn't the best place for vacation with small children. Brian put rat poision and mouse traps all over the floor and in the house are loads of stuff, which can be dangerous like little legopeaces and a saw just lying against the fireplace. It took us at least one hour to get everything ready for our kids. We didn't meet Brian in person and beside the discription of how to find and handle the house, he didn't answer our SMS. Although you have to note, that there are hidden costs- you have to pay for the electricity. Our conclusion: not quite nice for families with little children.

We – four adults and two kids (2 and 3 years old) – had planned to stay for six nights. We left after four nights and would have liked to leave right after entering the house. Unfortunately this was not possible, due to organizational reasons. The house is situated right at the edge of the woods. It has a nice few and a big terrace. Unfortunately the house and its furniture is getting a bit long in the tooth and some of the furniture is damaged. The oven only works partially. The dishwasher does not well clean the prockery. The doors to the bathroom and to the bedrooms do not close properly. Rat poison was spread in the house as well as about 15 (!) rattraps and mousetraps. An airgun was easily accessable. The house was not clean at all. Crockery and cutlery were dirty. The rooms had only be cleaned superficially. Especially bathroom and toilet were a little disgusting, because of hairs and mold in the shower. At our day of arrival we could not find the house, because the stated address was not correct and a location plan did not exist. We had asked for both in advance – no answer by Brian (the host). After several telephone calls and 1,5 hours later we finally found the house. All further attempts to contact Brian were not successful. He did not answer to texts. We do neither recommend the house nor the host.
Marco has been visiting our house. It has not been a good experience neither for us, to have Marco and his family as our guests. Marco have exspectet a 5 star hotel with all services provided. He even asked for a guided tour. I must remind that the house has been a frame for some very good vacations for me and my family and many other guests. In the house there is maps, brochures and lots of inspiration about what to do in the area. Marco asked for a housekeeper which we provided. This is airbnb and not the Hilton hotel group. We have a very detailed description of how to find and how to operate the house which we always send to our guests prior to their arrival. As it shows in other guest feed backs, these descriptions are very detailed, followed with photos and very easy to understand. So far, we have not provided, nor charged for cleaning services but exspected the guests to clean after themselves after their stay. This may be a little naive from our side. This we have to change. About availibility, My family and I have been in the USA in the same period. So there have been a difference in timezone. Marco knew this, but even though this was known I was called in the middle off the night. Sorry for sleeping. I have talked to both airbnb and Marcos wife no less that 6 or 7 times on all time of the day during only 3 days, so there has deffinitely been accessability to me. Regarding complaints about our house in general, this is the first time we have experienced that kind of bad talk about our house and furniture. This is our private home so we are very surprised of the rude tone. I really have nothing to say about their opinion about our furniture taste. The house is a Swedish wooden house, and not a high tech decor Pent-house in Berlin. All other guests have found the house and its not so straight doors and walls charming and a part of the Swedish country atmosphere. The house is located in the outskirts of a forest. In the forest there are animals. From the terrace we have seen Moose, deer, rabbits and birds passing by when we sit and enjoy life. In the late fall november/december just before the hard frost sets in, mize try to get in to all houses in the woods. To prevent this from happening we always keep traps and a little poisen in the house. Just for safety reasons. This means that the house is mouse free. I guess most guest will be satisfied with this. I explained to Marcos wife that they weren´t in use during the summer so the could just ignore them. Conclusion: What has come out of this is: 1 - In the future we will provide housekeeper service as a mandatory thing and charge for this when booking along with a safety deposit. This will be changed on our house profile today and will be effective from the 6th. of agust and forward for new guests reservations. 2 - We will in the future put some more pictures on the airbnb profile to show our guests more of the house and sorroundings. The attack on me personally I do not understand either. I have tried the best I could to help them. I am always helpfull and keep a good tone. You can´t help people that don´t wan´t to help themselves. When I was presented for a wish to leave the house early, I accepted immediately. We must accept that we are not able to satisfy all people in the world. Some are more pedantical than others and there is nothing we can do about that. We have been hosts with 2 locations for almost 2 years now and this is the first time we recieve this kind off feed back. Thats the way life is. It has been impossible´for us to provide service to Marco and his family to their satisfaction. We can not recommend other hosts to have Marco and his family as guests.

Udmærkede klare vejledninger fra værten, meget komfortabelt og ualmindeligt veludstyret sommerhus i en smuk natur. Kort køreafstand fra gode svømmesteder, restauranter, ridning, kanoture, gårdbutikker - og velplaceret for ture til de mange smukke områder ved og nær Carl von Linnés fødested som var hele turen værd.

We just finished our stay and it was a great place to spend a couple days away from Denmark. Nice and quiet, just like one expects from a retreat to Sweden :) The house was clean and had everything we needed

This house is a nice Swedish house in the forest close to a road. It has a big trampoline in the yard and the house had plenty of Lego and games for the kids to use. The house was cleaned by the former tenant and it wasn't as clean we could have hoped for. On top the house was full of mouse traps - fortunately we did not see any mice. Brian was a great host and helped us in finding some fire wood at the next door neighbour. The living room area and fire place was nice. We had a great time.


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