2 - 12岁
室内石灰华大理石按摩浴缸浴缸/水疗浴池,可以游走里程。认真的,浴缸在床上!丰富详细的微型别致的印度主题床和私人浴室 - 在城市中度假!单人双床垫,温暖的坐浴盆马桶+使用室外空间 - 禅园和屋顶甲板 - 美丽的城市景观!
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In-Room Travertine Marble Jacuzzi Tub/Spa to soak away travel miles. Seriously, the tub is by the bed! Richly detailed micro-chic Indian-themed bed & private bathroom -spa getaway in the city! Single twin futon, warm bidet toilet+use of outdoor spaces - Zen garden & rooftop deck- gorgeous city views!


欢迎来到我们1925年的西班牙摩洛哥山坡之家,在groovy,rockin',arty Silver Lake的中心。 空间:寻找一个单一的上市只是为了你,但希望一些奢华的设施? 您私人温泉浴缸怎么样?添加一个亚洲式温水坐浴盆厕所为复杂的飞溅“楼下”?这是微型豪华。 此列表的价格为一位客人。您的房间是舒适的办公大小的空间,设有私人浴室。我们添加了一个豪华的大理石按摩浴缸,以分享您床上的空间。 还有一个带有杆和木衣架的衣柜挂起几件东西。 这个房间有很好的印度风格! 你会发现摩洛哥灯,唱歌碗,印度图标和瑜伽海报,蜡烛,香,羊绒地毯,串珠窗帘和扔枕头以及中东设计师的风格,有一个精品酒店的感觉,以波西米亚的价格! 请查看我的指南,了解当地餐厅,夜总会,画廊,购物和兴趣点的建议。。 步行到最好的餐厅和夜总会,时尚的酒吧,瑜伽工作室,精品店,唱片店,超级市场和酒类商店。 我们在一个私人露台上设有一个树荫阴凉的山顶房屋,可以欣赏到LA街道的噪音,令人难以置信的城市景观和夜间日落。
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Welcome to our 1925 Spanish-Moroccan hillside home in the heart of groovy, rockin', arty Silver Lake.

THE SPACE: Looking for a single listing just for you, but wishing for some luxe amenities?
How about a groovy situation with your own private spa bathtub? Add an Asian-style warm water bidet toilet for a sophisticated splash 'downstairs'? This is micro luxury.
This listing is priced for a single guest. Your room is a cozy office-sized space w en suite private bathroom. We've added a luxurious marble jacuzzi bathtub to share the space w your bed.

There's also a closet with a pole and wooden hangers to hang up a few things.

This room has great Indian style!
You'll find Moroccan lamps, singing bowls, Indian iconography & yoga posters, candles, incense, cashmere rugs, beaded curtains and throw pillows and Middle-Eastern designer touches that have a boutique hotel feel, at bohemian prices!

Please check out my Guidebook for local recommendations of restaurants, nightclubs, galleries, shopping and points of interest.

Walk to the best restaurants and nightclubs, trendy bars, yoga studios, boutiques, record stores, supermarkets and liquor stores.

We have a tree-shaded hilltop house on a private terrace off the noise of LA streets with unbelievable city views of the skyline and nightly sunsets.


Guests should consult House Rules in advance. Wifi password is listed under House Manual, the signal is called VIX. Password is my 10-digit phone number (last 10 digits).

Our front door has an auto lock deadbolt feature. The door automatically re-locks itself after 10 seconds.

SO-> YOU NEED TO RETRACT THE DEADBOLT BY HAND back into the door USING THE LATCH prior to closure.
DO NOT EVER SLAM THE DOOR, you will damage our doorjamb, incurring FEES.

There's instruments to noodle on and there's a tv w VHS tapes in your room for viewing. Help yourself to any of the magazines we subscribe to.

After you're done luxuriating in the Travertine marble jacuzzi spa tub, take in the city views from the rooftop deck, two Adirondack chairs and three outdoor dining tables.

Take your morning coffee or tea upstairs to enjoy the views or throw some bar-b-que on the gas grill. Chill out in the shady Zen garden w colorful murals from 'Where the Wild Things Are'.

Wanna borrow DVD screeners for your laptop? We have a great selection of current Oscar contenders.

You may prepare a meal in the kitchen, or make use of our rooftop gas grill which is always available, but our most successful guests plan on eating the majority of their meals elsewhere.

Your bath has complimentary soap, shampoo, conditioner and washclothes.


我们随时可以提供方向,警告,groovy活动,喜爱的兴趣点和俱乐部,精品店和餐馆的建议。 我们很高兴出去参加,并且从您的一天回来后,喜欢登记入住您,以了解如何享受您的住宿。 我们通常会在抵达酒店时参观,以及如何运作。一旦你高兴地安置在w将离开你。 Airbnb与酒店有根本的不同。你是某人的家中的客人您有责任自己清理,特别是在共享的空间。我们不提供女仆服务,清洁费用确保您到达您必须为其他客人保持的干净空间,所以每个人都享有同等的经验。 适合您的家庭家庭优雅地需要灵敏度和体贴的行为。确保你阅读并了解“房屋规则”的精神。请注意,您和其他住在这里的客人与正在托管您的房主分享空间,并尊重他们的空间。 查看我的GUIDEBOOK的本地建议:
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We are always available to offer suggestions for directions, caveats, groovy events, favorite points of interests and clubs, boutiques and restaurants.

We are quite happy to hang out, and like to check in w you after you return from your day to see how you're enjoying your stay.

We generally give a tour upon arrival of the property and how it works. Once you're happily settled in w will leave you to it.

Airbnb is fundamentally different from a hotel. You are a guest in someone's home. You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself, particularly in shared spaces. We do not provide maid service, cleaning fees insure you arrive to a clean space which you must maintain for other guests, so everyone enjoys their experience equally.

Fitting into your hosts household gracefully requires sensitivity and considerate behavior. Be sure you read and understand the spirit of House Rules. Be aware that you and the other guests staying here are Sharing the Space with homeowners who are hosting you and treat their space with respect.

Check out my GUIDEBOOK for local suggestions:


乘坐FlyAway班车从LAX到联合车站。它只需要45分钟,费用合理8美元。你会超越我们,靠近我们十字路口的Sunset Blvd。唐人街和Olvera Street街距离酒店步行范围内。 在Phillipe的法国蘸三明治街上吃午饭,我推荐羔羊和蓝芝士,这是辣芥末。 然后从那里赶上一个Uber到我们的地方。 我们有一大堆楼梯通往我们的家 - 伟大的隐私,但请谨慎使用!虽然我们很少在洛杉矶下雨,但如果我们这样做,楼梯会很滑,你需要采取额外的预防措施来避免潜在的伤害。在楼梯上佩戴合理的鞋子是审慎的。请不要急于使用楼梯! 我们想享受您与我们的住宿! 非美国公民:请注意,我们在这里有不同的交通法规。在选择街边停车时,始终将车停在与其他车辆相同的方向。这将阻止您的车被引用车票或被拖走。阅读可能停车限制的标志,不要指望该地区不会因违规而巡逻。在我的“环游”部分查看更多的注意事项。 另外,在访问我们的餐馆或光顾其他服务型企业,如酒吧,头发/美发沙龙,按摩,水疗等时,请记住,这不仅仅是习惯,而是要提供15-20%的服务。 美国是少数支付低于平均最低工资的国家之一。虽然洛杉矶的最低工资是每小时7.50美元,但像上面列出的一般工作往往每小时支付约2美元,而这些雇员在国家征收他们预期获得的技巧,而没有确认实际收入。洛杉矶的许多工作人员必须保留几个工作和室友才能负担租金和公用设施。房主挤压更多。 一个很好的经验法则是,如果您对服务感到满意,出租车,Uber或Lyft的费用为$ 5,服务器每次服务器提供食物或饮料,或20%的帐单,以较高者为准。在一个酒吧,每回合$ 1- $ 2,每次喝一杯饮料。美发沙龙或按摩服务,至少提供10美元至20美元。它允许服务人员住在这里。 洛杉矶是该国第三高的住房成本,仅次于纽约市和旧金山。这里的工资与我们的生活费用不相称,所以总是慷慨提示。 如果您希望在几个小时的呵护中将您的旅行提升到一个新的水平,请咨询这些服务! 或尝试附近的贝弗利温泉享受浸泡和服务。富含矿物质的真正地热蒸汽水使贝弗利温泉成为洛杉矶最好的水疗中心。 星期二至星期三他们在下午2点之前享有“欢乐时光”价格,按摩,面部护理等优惠。您购买服务时,免费入场,如果您只是去“享受水域”,则需要30到40美元。 **预订信心!当你到达时,浴室总是干净的!厕所座椅和瓦片地板已经被擦拭了,Windex和水槽被擦干净漂白粉。按摩浴缸已经清洗干净海绵和柔软的液体肥皂,以避免划伤表面。毛巾和床上用品始终都是新鲜洗涤的!在您入住期间,我将确保维护标准。 户外的共同区域被扫描并维持在我们的高标准。废物根据需要被移除,厨房水槽没有脏的盘子和碎片。 如果您有任何疑虑,请提请我们注意,并及时处理。我们努力保持最高的标准,并希望您拥有梦幻般的体验,同时留下我们! 请确保给我们一个审查,因为我们有动力达到超级主机状态! 再次感谢你!
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Take the FlyAway shuttle from LAX to Union Station. It only takes about 45 minutes and costs a reasonable $8. You'll be super close to us and near Sunset Blvd, our cross street. Chinatown and Olvera Street are walking distance.
Have lunch at Phillipe's French Dip sandwich across the street- I recommend the lamb and blue cheese w the spicy mustard.
Then catch an Uber to our place from there.

We have a long set of stairs leading down to our house- great for privacy, but please use caution! Although it's rare that we have rain in LA, the stairs will be slippery if we do, and you will need to be smart about taking extra precaution to avoid potential injury. Wearing sensible shoes on the stairs is prudent. Please don't use the stairs in a rush!
We want to enjoy your stay with us!!

Non U.S. citizens: be aware we have different traffic laws here. Always park you car in the same direction as the other vehicles when choosing street parking. This will prevent your car from being cited with a ticket or towed away. Read signs for possible parking restrictions and do not expect the area is not patrolled for violations. Check out more caveats in my 'Getting Around' section.

ALSO: While visiting our restaurants or patronizing other service-oriented businesses, like bars, hair/nail salons, massages, spas, etc. remember it is not only customary, but expected to leave a 15-20% tip for service.

The U.S. is one of the few countries that pay way below average minimum wages. While minimum wage in Los Angeles is a dismal $7.50/hour, tipped jobs like the ones listed above often pay around $2 an hour, and these employees are taxed by the state for the tips they are expected to earn without their confirmation of actual earned income. Many workers in Los Angeles must keep several jobs and roommates in order to afford rents and utilities. Homeowners are squeezed even more.

A good rule of thumb when tipping is $5 for a taxi, Uber, or Lyft, $1-$2 each time the server comes to the table to deliver food or drinks, or 20% of the bill if you're happy with the service, whichever is higher. While in a bar, tip $1-$2 per round, each time a drink is ordered. Hair salons or massages, tip a minimum of $10-$20. It allows service workers to live here.

Los Angeles has the third highest cost-of-housing in the country, just behind New York City and San Francisco. Wages here are not commensurate with our cost of living, so Always Tip Generously.

Please inquire about these services if you wish to take your trip to the next level with a few hours of pampering!

OR try nearby Beverly Hot Springs for a soak and service. Real geo-thermal water rich with minerals makes Beverly Hot Springs the best spa in LA.
Tue-Wed-Thur they have 'Happy Hour' pricing before 2pm, with deep discounts on massages, facials, etc. Admission is free when you purchase a service, $30-$40 if you just go to 'take the waters.'

**Book w confidence! The bathroom is always clean when you arrive! Toilet seats and tile floors have been swabbed w Windex and the sink is scoured w bleaching powder. The jacuzzi has been cleaned w a scouring sponge and soft liquid soap to avoid scratching surfaces. Towels and bedding are Always freshly laundered! During your stay I will ensure the standards are maintained.

Common areas outdoors are swept and maintained to our high standards. Trash is removed as needed and the kitchen sink is free of dirty dishes and debris.

Should you have Any concerns please bring them to my attention and they will be promptly addressed. We strive to maintain the highest standards possible and want you to have a fantastic experience while staying w us!

Please be sure to leave us a review as we are motivated to achieve Super Host status!
Thank you again!


清洁费 $20
押金 $250
周末价格 $69 / 晚

入住时间为16:00 - 22:00


CHECK IN IS @ 4pm.
This space is for ONE GUEST ONLY, no couples. No exceptions.
Sick guests should contact me prior to check in so we can arrange a refund.
We do not check guests in after 11pm, so plan accordingly. My phone goes into 'sleep mode' at 11pm and I will not receive texts or calls until 10am the following morning. Please do not contact me about your early arrival in the morning. Check in is @4.
I will be processing laundry, cleaning and attending to my own appointments from noon-4pm. Respect our schedules.

If you Must leave your baggage, open the gate to property and either stash it behind the wooden fence to the right of the gate or bring downstairs into courtyard by murals. If you have a car, please keep your things with you until check in.
My son's unit downstairs is not part of your Airbnb experience and you should respect their privacy.

PARKING: Residents park on Silverwood Terrace and you must respect the limited availability of parking and not displace them. Park around the corner on Angelus where parking is plentiful.
You must obey all traffic laws when parking in our neighborhood. Never park your car facing the wrong direction, you will be towed and ticketed by the city. Your car must be parked facing the same direction as traffic travels. Ignore this at your expense!

The Details:
1) You break it, you buy it:

Please DO NOT light the wall-mounted candles- they are decorative only and will drip wax on bedding and the soot will stain the walls.
We have a few tea lights in small candle holders, please choose the flameless votives that flicker realistically. They have a switch on the bottom and are the safest option.
NEVER leave candles unattended and always extinguish prior to going out or retiring for the night. The flameless option is best!

Bottom Line: your security deposit is there in case you break something. Airbnb will only charge your security deposit if a claim is filed after the fact.

2) Bathroom Etiquette:
Please maintain in good condition. The jacuzzi has a mixer that is used by turning the handle counter-clockwise in a circle from 6 o'clock (off) to 3 o'clock (hot) and then adjusting to your desired temperature probably at the 3:30 mark. The mixer does Not Pull Up like a typical shower mixer, this will break the mixer, incurring damages. If in doubt, Gently turn the mixer handle to the right, towards the window. Do not use force or sudden movements until you have learned the motion required.

Likewise, use care with the shower curtain. Our fixtures are not commercial and require a light touch to prevent breakage. Thanks!

3) Security:
Both the front and sliding glass doors must be locked at all times, even when you return home be sure to lock the deadbolt after you, and please avoid locking the front doorknob as we may find ourselves locked out during the course of quick trash removal, etc.

The sliding glass door cannot be secured from outside so please enter and exit by the front door and always take your key with you, just like a hotel.

While it may seem like a hassle to walk around to the door and use your key, we don't check to see if you are on the roof with your key before we go out, and don't want you to be locked out.

4) Kitchen:
Use the kitchen with deference to permanent residents: many of our guests arrive sick, so we expect you to leave us a germ-free kitchen by avoiding preparing meal here, our most successful guests anticipate eating the majority of their meals elsewhere. We are offering you a bedroom with use of a mini fridge, coffee maker and a microwave. These are standard motel amenities, our kitchen is for our daily use.
Please avoid using our fragile glassware or letting yourself into our cupboards. We will leave you coffee cups, and plastic water bottles next to the island you can fill for your use. We suggest you buy bottled water for your daily needs.
If you plan on bringing home to-go food, you must eat it immediately, no long-term storage. The fridge on the roof is for guest use, the kitchen fridge is for hosts only. Please, NO to-go Korean food leftovers. These are rarely eaten and extremely stinky to dispose of.

6) Afterhours:
Outdoors we ask you to use soft voices after 11 pm. but are welcome to hang out and enjoy the views as late as you like.
If you wear heavy or high-heeled shoes, please remove them once inside so our son who has his own apartment downstairs is not disturbed by sound of heels on our wood floors. You may see my son using the stairs, and he may be dressed for Cosplay. :D Don't be put off if he doesn't greet you.
If you've been out in rainy or muddy environments, remove your shoes and leave them by the front door so our floors and carpets remain clean.
While inside, use socks or bare feet.

7) Your Room:
Please make your bed upon rising.
It's just easier to look at a made bed, and we provide you with lots of pillows which we dislike seeing on the floor.

Avoid using your face creams with benzoyl peroxide before bed, please. They leave bleach spots on our pillowcases, spoiling our bedding. Please reserve strong facial lotions for daytime use and wash off before retiring. Likewise, we appreciate your cleaning your hands before using our musical instruments. Thanks!

Please help us keep our household expenses manageable so we can continue to keep our rates low. TURN OFF the LIGHTS and Heater in Bathroom, & Your Bedroom When You GO OUT for the day.

There's a closet in your room to hang your clothing and hooks and a towel rack for bath towels to air dry, or you can pop them into the dryer for a few minutes. Wrinkled clothing is easily remedied by popping into the drier with your damp towel for a few minutes- remove promptly!

8) Laundry:
If you would like to do one (1) load of laundry per week while you're staying with us, we will provide the liquid soap, and fabric softener. Please don't start a load of laundry late at night. The machines are above my son's bed and the noise will keep him awake.

9) Smoking:
We are a 420-friendly home, but would appreciate you smoking in one of our lovely outdoor spaces, and removing your own stubs.
Ashes and butts will blow freely around the property if not removed after use. Also please bring your empty bottles and cans in and place in recycling containers.
Airbnb is about personal responsibility and sustainability.

10) What's Free?
Coffee and tea are available on the island. You may use the coffee maker or boil water for tea.

Thanks for staying with us, and we appreciate you taking care of our home!

Vic & Mark

需爬楼梯 - Our property is at the base of a brick staircase. Another set of stairs accesses to rooftop deck. Please take your time and don't rush with luggage.
需公用某些区域 - The rooftop deck and Zen garden are shared spaces available for all guests and residents. Please tidy up and avoid leaving personal items out.
便利设施缺陷 - Please provide your own bottled water for your daily needs and limit bathing to 10 min water, once per day to help conserve scarce resources. Thanks!



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Great host. Excellent location. Perfect privacy and space for one person with a jacuzzi and shower in the room. I would definitely recommend anyone traveling to LA to stay here. Silver lake is an awesome neighborhood and this is fairly central to lots of activities and places.

This was a super lovely house that was in a secluded, scenic area, about a 5 minute drive from the Silverlake area with lots of shops, restaurants, and bars/clubs.

This place was great, Laid back and I was able to walk around super late to go get food.

Pretty cool spot! Sleeping in a bathroom was a tad strange, but the bathtub totally made it worth it!
While it's tempting and reductive to call the spa bedroom a bathroom, it's the size of a small bedroom with a 1/2 bath and a bathtub and marble tiles recently added. It's not like you're sleeping next to the sink. As a traveler, I've stayed in lots of hotels that have a jacuzzi spa en suite. Those rooms invariably cost $150/nt. A private en suite bathroom for under $100/nt is a find, and this one has lots of design elements that elevate it above the status of a bathroom. We specify that our guests thoroughly examine the photo gallery prior to booking and read the description, which is expected. None of this should come as a surprise.

The room was perfect. The house is super cute and lowkey. Everything was as described. The room had the perfect vibe to just zone out and relax. Also, having the hot tub right in the room was probably my favorite thing about the room.

Great hosts. I booked the room at the last minute to look at an apartment and they were so accommodating! Great shower too.

洛杉矶, 加利福尼亚, 美国注册时间:九月 2013

Hi! I'm Victoria, an indie filmmaker and musician/performer working on a self-financed rock musical with my partner Mark, who also lives with me part of the week, when he's not flying with the airlines.
Mark is a DGA member and an assistant director for 28 years.

We both love to collect guitars, exotic instruments and gear.

We also love our neighborhood and understand why you want to visit!

Silver Lake is the center of gravity for artists and free thinkers, yogis and performance artists, writers and musicians, foodies and vegans, and a magnet for every underground subculture.

We are locals steeped in the underground ethos of our neighborhood and the rock and performance art community we inhabit and nurture.

I spent the 90s putting on local events that combined various sub-cultures into themed parties called The Big Bang with my then-partner Greg Shaw, a rock journalist, indie record company legend, and music fanatic.

These days I'm usually home finishing editing our film with my partner Mark.

Please don't hesitate to ask if there's anything we can do to help make your stay memorable.

Thanks for reading my bio and we look forward to meeting you,
Victoria & Mark

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