In a quiet, family oriented neighborhood ideally located to explore North Phoenix/Scottsdale and beyond.Open space living room.
Desert Style Home 2B/2B, Den & Pool
Desert Style Home 2B/2B, Den & Pool
2 - 12岁

Sonoran desert home, lots of light, ideally located in North Phoenix. Easy access to AZ 101, 51 and I 17 to explore Phoenix, Scottsdale and beyond (Flagstaff, Sedona). In a quiet neighborhood, close to movies, dining, shopping, spas & golf courses.


额外房客 $20 / 晚 多于2位房客
清洁费 $150
押金 $250
满1周立减: 14%




Welcome to Desert Ridge…

We look forward to your stay and hope you will enjoy your time at our house, so please make yourself at home.

Find below some useful information as well as rental rules.

House Keys

Lockbox Code: [provided in advance via text message to Guest]
You should have two sets of house keys. One at the lockbox and another next to this binder. The small red key is for the backyard gate padlock in case you need to open it. The gate is on the right side of the house facing the street, you can access it from the backyard or via the back door in the garage where the trash is located. Next to this binder you should find also a garage door remote control.

Lost Home Key or Garage Remote: if you lose the key or the Garage remote control a $150 fee will be assessed.

During your stay:

Keep it clean: It goes without saying; this is our primary residence. We divide our time between CA and AZ and come back once a month. So please treat it as it was your home. Please return it in the same condition as you found it!.

Guest: The Guest as in the Short Term Rent Agreement will be present for the entire length of stay and should be over the age of 30. As such, Guest will be completely responsible for the actions of other invitees, if any, for whom Guest invites to the property.

Maximum Occupancy: The maximum number of overnight guests is limited to 4 persons. Overnight guest are limited to the number set during the online reservation. No weddings, graduations, receptions, large parties, or similar events is permitted at the property.

Term of the Lease. The lease begins at 3:00 p.m. on the Arrival Date (the “Check-in Date”) and ends at 11:00 a.m on Departure Date (the “Checkout Date”). We are flexible both with arrival and departure time if no guest is schedule to arrive before or after you. Feel free to contact us and will try to accommodate.

Absolutely no smoking in the house.

No pets allowed.

Desert Ridge is a family oriented community, very peaceful and quiet. We have lived here over 10 years and know our neighbors well. We have a great relationship with them and plan to keep it that way. Please keep noise within acceptable levels when in the front and backyard. No loud conversations, noise or loud music between 10:00PM and 8:00AM.

No kids: We love kids. Believe us, we have two of our own. But sorry, we only allow guests over 10 yrs. old at our home for the duration of your rental. Specially in the backyard, as the pool is not fenced.

Home Alarm: Our home is equipped with a remote monitoring security system which will be disconnected during your stay. You don’t need to worry about setting the alarm ON, it should stay OFF during your stay. You will still hear the alarm beep every time you open/close a door/window. This is normal even when the alarm is off. We have a security camera located in the living room ceiling which is disconnected and covered for your privacy.

Thermostat: We have an “Nest” smart thermostat located in the Den that will sense when someone is home and adjust itself. We keep it between 70-74 degrees. Usually you will not need to adjust it. If you do, and want to raise or lower the temperature, just adjust the desired temp by rotating the dial. If you have any questions please call or email us.

Front Door Lock: The front door has a “august” smart lock system that can be locked/unlock remotely. During your stay you will operate it manually with the key to lock/unlock the door from the outside. From the inside just simply rotate right the large black knob manually to lock it.

Lights: The outside lights on the front porch and back patio are programmed to turn on automatically at Sunset and off at Sundown.

Smoke Detectors: Do not tamper with or disconnect the smoke/CO2 detectors. If the alarm is going off or the batteries are running low please notify our handyman Gunther at (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN). The smoke/CO2 detector by the Kitchen is a “Nest Protect” with smart features and will provide voice warnings in case of high smoke or CO2 levels. A white or green light is Okay, Yellow or Red are not.

Garage Door: Do not leave the garage door open for long periods of time. Although the neighborhood is quite safe, for your security we ask you to close it after you come in and only keep it open when loading/unloading from your car. Remember to close it when you are not at home. The Garage Door has a timer and will close automatically after 10 mins.

Fireplace: The fireplace is vented gas. Please ensure vent is open upon use and close it completely once done. Please do not throw any paper or other combustible materials in the fireplace. Fireplace need to be turned off from March through October. The key to the gas fireplace is behind the frame on top. A firelighter can be found in the drawers by the dining table. Please remember to leave the key where you found it and turn off the gas after use!

Housekeeping: There is no daily housekeeping service. While linens and bath towels are included, daily maid service is not included. 1 washer/dryers and detergent are on the property for your use. Extra linens, bath and beach towels are in the linen closet. We do not permit towels or linens to be taken from the unit. We may include in rental fee one hose cleaning service for every two weeks stayed by guest.

Bicycle: Feel free to use the bicycle located in the garage. There is Cashman park behind our house and some nice pathways that can take you to Desert Ridge Mall. The key to the lock should be hanging by the laundry wall. Carry the same lock and use it when you park it. Homeowners are not responsible for any accidents, injuries that may occur while riding the bicycle. A fee of $250 will be assessed if the bicycle is lost or stolen.

Sofa Bed: The sofa in the Den can be turned into a sofa bed by pulling it out and up from below. To close do the same.

Pantry: Extra linen, blankets and towels are located by the pantry closet next to the guest bedroom.

We keep one bedroom and closet locked with our belongings. There are other cabinets and drawers locked with plastic zip ties. Please keep them that way. If you are looking for some specific item and cannot find it, please contact us.

Internet Access, TV and phone

o WIFI Network: D1DEFD

NOTE: the Internet wireless modem is located in the locked bedroom. If for some reason there is no connectivity please call our handyman neighbors Gunther & Linda and should be able to help you rest it can rest it.

TV: There are two TVs in the house. A 50” Led HDTV located in the Den with a Sony DVD player and a wall mounted flat panel TV located in the Guest bedroom. Both TVs have COX Basic Cable with over 150 channels. The HDTV in the Den has also (SENSITIVE CONTENTS HIDDEN) Chromecast for video streaming from your Neflix, Hulu, or cable on demand service directly to the TV. To operate the Chromecast set the TV to HDMI input and you will see the name of the device: Chromecast_(PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN)thPl. For more info on how to connect to it from your iPhone , Android phone or PC/Mack Browser go to: (URL HIDDEN)

NOTE: The Bose Home Media system by the Den is currently disconnected, please do not try to connect it.

Phone: Since we do not have a landline on the house, please make sure you have your cell phone during your stay.

Kitchen and Laundry

Feel free to use any appliances, silverware and consumables you find in the kitchen or laundry.

Water filter: We have a reverse osmosis filter by the kitchen sink for drinking water. Also connected to the fridge.

Electric Oven: To operate the Electric oven press the Bake button, set your desired temperature and then press the “Start” button. Once the temperature is reached, you will hear a “beep” sound to indicate it’s ready. Press “Stop” to turn it off.

Dish washer: When operating the dishwasher, use the dish soap located below the sink. Press the Start button and close the door to run it. Please do not put any cooking pans or cutting knifes in the dishwasher.

Washing and Drying: we recommend you use the “Speed” cycle on the washing machine, and the “Cottons” or “Delicate” cycle on the dryer.

Backyard and Pool

Feel free to enjoy the pool, terrace and backyard patio. The sliding door in the living room to the backyard has a child safe mechanism: an auto lock and slide close itself.

No diving in the pool.

The pool is not heated and about 4 ft deep in the dept zone. No kids under 10 yrs allowed by the pool.

Pool Service: our pool guy comes once a week on Wednesday mornings. The pool pump is on a daily schedule and will turn on/off itself during the early morning. DO NOT operate or change any of the valves levers in the pool pump system. Remember to turn off the pool light when finished.

Landscaping: our landscape comes once a month, usually on Monday. Please allow them to do their work. They should be quick.


Trash bags are below the kitchen sink. There are two trash bins accessible by the side door by the garage. Blue for recycle, Green for everything else. Leave your trash there.

City trash collection on Tuesdays: Gunther, one of our neighbors who takes care of the house, will put the trash bins outside to be picked up by the city every Monday afternoon. Please remove trash and place it on bins by Monday morning and don’t worry about getting them out yourself.


We recommend you use the garage for one car only and the driveway for additional cars. Two cars fit rather tight inside the garage.

Do not leave any vehicle parked on the street for more than 12 hrs as we can get fined by the community association. Always park on the driveway if you bring additional cars.

Departure instructions before you leave

Turn off all candles and make sure the gas fireplace is off.

Close all windows and sliding door.

Remove trash and leave in outside trash bins.

Dont worry about removing and washing bed linens and bath towels, our Housekeepers will do that for you once you leave.

Put all the dirty dishes and used silverware in the dishwasher.

Remember to close the garage door before you leave. Make sure the door to the trash bins also locked. Do not need to lock the laundry door to the garage.

Leave the house key with the small red key and the garage remote control inside the house by the kitchen granite countertop. If you use the bicycle key leave it hanging by the laundry wall.

Turn off all lights.

Lock the front door and deposit the other key in the lockbox after you leave and lock the lock box.

Contact info:

In case of an emergency please dial 911 first.

If you find something not working or broken please contact Gunther and Linda at (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN). Mention you are staying at Agustin/Patricia’s home, they live a few houses away and are our property managers and should be able to help rather quickly.

If you need to contact us please call or email at:

o Patricia Sotomayor: (PHONE NUMBER HIDDEN) | (EMAIL HIDDEN)

Hope you will enjoy your stay....

Agustin and Patricia





The house looks better than in pictures. The pool was great as it was 108 when we stayed in June/July. We spend 4th of July in the home and their was fireworks that you can see in your back yard. Quite neighborhood. The kitchen is well stocked and had everything that is needed for a 12 night stay. Towels great! Had Pool towels! Love the instructions!

Agustin was very responsive and polite and the visit could not have gone better. The house was exactly as described (maybe even a little better). The neighborhood was quiet and convenient. I would highly recommend this rental to anyone that needs to be in the northern Phoenix area.

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