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Settling in Lausanne?
In need of a temporary friendly place to stay the first few months?
→ I propose 5 furnished bedrooms, for individuals or couples;
→ And my help to survive the settling bureaucracy.

-130m2 apartement (80m2 of common space);
-4 indivudual rooms to rent + 1 studio next door (see the 4 other ads on my profile);
-2 brand new bathrooms;
-300mb/s internet everywhere + HD TV;
-Access to ALL common spaces and devices;
-Plenty of space allowing for social interaction AND privacy!


All common spaces are yours to use.
On top of high speed internet and HD TV (on-demand, replay, etc), you are also free to use ALL FACILITIES AND DEVICES, AT ANY TIME, in the kitchen, livingroom, balcony and bathrooms – including the washing machine. There are also common items you may use: bicycles, swimming pool pass, soap/softener, and all sorts of commodities.

-monthly participation to common charges, bills, cleaning, products, etc., etc., etc. (this is to be paid each month in a collective pot. Whatever’s left is used for common parties/activities).
-Parking (should you need it, we can ask the agency).

RENTS (all-inclusive)
All rooms are Fr. 850.- + charges
Add to this: AirBNB booking commission, for these months you book through AirBNB.

HOW TO BOOK? (tips)
-Read my profile.
-Complete YOUR profile.
-About 3 months before you come, send me a request for 1 or 2 months (specifying what would be the potential duration of your total stay – i.e. 2 initial months + maybe another 2 months).
-Ask any question you have – I’m always happy to answer them.

-I never book more than 1 or 2 months here, on AirBNB – but these are renewable upon arrival.
-I work on a 2-3 months deadline. It means I make room planning 2-3 months ahead only. Which means it’s useless to send me a request 6 months before you come, or the week before you arrive. It also means that once you’re living at my place, you have to tell me well ahead if you want to extend your stay.
-All rooms are somewhat similar, and each AirBNB ad is a description of all rooms, and portrays a picture of each other room. Booking a room on AirBNB means booking ANY room within the apartment. This being said, I’ll do my best to meet your needs and preferences!


→ I’m also experienced with the arrival bureaucracy and hassle foreigners have to go though upon arrival in Switzerland, and am more than willing to lend a hand:
-I provide the residence attestation you will need for residence permit and bank account issues,
-And can give you good tips to save you some time including:
-Insurances issues;
-Where and how to look for apartments/house;
-Translations from/to French;
-And put you in touch with former people in similar conditions who already stayed at my place, and successfully survived the Swiss settling!


额外房客 无需付费
押金 $1053
满1周立减: 14%



-Common sense respect (as far as other mates and neighbours are concerned)
-Please read and respect the instructions/explaination desplayed in the kitchen and bathrooms.
-Keep the main door locked at all time and lock your room if you have values.
-Please, GO GREEN, and save hot water and electricity as much as possible (because 1. we're limited in hot water and 2. that help me keep this place affoardable).
-Smoking legal stuff on the terrasse is okay.
-We have a couch/bed in the living room and -We accept trustable guests/friends overnight if you let us know AHEAD.




I stayed there for two months and it was the best. I had a great time with Jo and other mates in the apartment.

The week before that I arrived John started to send me some messages asking me when I exactly arrived and he sended a detailed indications to how arrive at house. He always brings at home different types of pamplhlet about Lausanne and their activities, the best way to know and enjoy the city. The flat is like the photos that you can see, believe it, it's amazing, the best apartment that you can find! The district it is very great and calm, you can catch the bus in 30seconds. Every question that you have ask to John, if he can helps you sure thaht he will do it! It will be a really good experience if you choose this flat, it is not just rent a room or share a flat, it is more than these, share your experiences with John and your colleagues! I hope return in Lausanne and I'm sure that I will return to John's apartment! Merci John!

John is an amazing host, a great friend and a charming personality. He is the best person to help you out with all the required information about living in Lausanne. His apartment is located in downtown Lausanne with a nice view of the lake and the hills. The rooms are clean, spacious and fitted with essential amenities. The kitchen space is carefully arranged and equipped with all possible kitchenware such that all the members can cook (their dish of choice) comfortably. The living room and common areas are spacious and decorated aesthetically with exotics collection of decors. I enjoyed staying here and I highly recommend this place!

Great room with unbeatable views, get up listening only birds is a luxury, the neighborhood is quiet and the apartment is well connected. John is charming and has well organized use of the apartment. Besides international parties that organizes are an excellent opportunity to socialize and improve languages. If I return to Lausanne I will try to live again in this apartment.

John and his flat mates where the nicest people ever! The atmosphere in the flat was very friendly, open minded and they made me feel at home straight from the first day! The flat is big and has a great view over the city. I totall recommend it!

john and the three other people at the house were very welcoming! they answered any questions i had, gave me directions to where i needed to be and even shared a meal with me. the location was very convenient, near the town center yet quiet and comfortable. nice and sunny!

Dia & Olof的用户个人资料
My husband and I stayed in this apartment for 4 weeks. The house is beautifully located in a great area of Lausanne. It is a 5 minute bus ride to the downtown area.   The apartment is nice and clean. The common areas as the kitchen and livingroom have plenty of space. John is a great host and very helpful with any questions you might have.   We highly recommend staying here.


洛桑, 瑞士注册时间:十二月 2012

I AM a Swiss fella, in his 30's, currently doing a PhD and working in International Relations. My girlfriend Sam and I are lucky enough to have a 5 room apartment downtown Lausanne in one of the most fancy part of the city, but unfortunately, it is waaay too expensive for us alone. Or fortunately actually, since months after months, year after year, it has become a fabulous opportunity to meet, host and live with facinating people of all walk of life and coming from all over the world. Most people I nowadays consider as close friends.

MY PURPOSE (beyond covering my rent!) is to help foreigners settle in Lausanne area by providing them with a safe place to crash at in the first month(s), and some advises to move on with their settling. As I already hosted and helped many people here, I do have some experience and contacts.

1. My place is not a hotel nor a hostel:
This is my homey and I want to share it with mates, not anonymous. I hold no reception hours or room service. We hold diner or parties altogether every now and then.
2. My place is not a "flat sharing" horizontal community either: I've invested a lot of effort, months of work, and money to make this place cosy. You will only spend a few weeks or months here. So I expect my things to be cared for, and my rules considered.

I don't do castings. I receive a continous flow of requests and have rooms turning free every now and then. And I fill them up with as much diversity as possible (because I like it!): gender balance, contrasting background, nationalities and ages. So LUCK has a lot to do with it.
Still, at the end of the day, we have to choose someone, so be it said:
I FAVOR people who:
-want to stay between 1 and 3 month;
-acknowledge they took the time to read my profile and ad descriptions;
-speak several languages and have had apartment sharing experience before;
-seem grown up people;
-raise good questions;
-have a nice project (not only a need);
-request from people with an empty profile who do not care to introduce themeselves;
-copy-past request asking 5 questions which answers are all in my ad.

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