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D-Street Share House is located on SE Division Street. There are four private rooms. All have queen size beds. The common areas include the salon with cozy sectional, a mid-century booth for gathering, efficient kitchenette & outdoor space.


Do you have friends or family visiting you in Portland that need a place to stay? Please have them create a profile and place an inquiry.
Rates and availability are subject to change.
There is no pro-ration allowance for additional guests or partial stays. When adding a guest to your reservation you will be charged a guest fee for the entire stay for the total number of guests accepted regardless of each individual guest's length of stay. Please consider that before inviting others.


Off street parking may be available for an additional fee. Please inquire.
Street parking is free.


We check in our guests personally. Provide you with your keyless access code and answer any questions that you may have. After that we are just a telephone call or text away.
Check in 3 - 10 pm by appointment. Please provide us with your proposed arrival time when you place your inquiry. All guests must be present for check in with identification.


Children and pets are considered guests. Please include them in your guest count and discuss their needs with host prior to booking
Please note that check in is 3 - 10 pm by appointment. Please inform host of your check in time when placing an inquiry or reservation request. Please be prepared to provide us with your travel itinerary.
Please note that there are no check ins past 10 pm for any reason. Please be prepared to find alternative accommodations should your travel be delayed for any reason.
Should arrival past 10 pm occur we will reschedule your check in for the following day between 9am and 12noon by appointment. Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund your first night's stay. If you have questions regarding check in policies please feel free to discuss them with us prior to booking your reservation.
We reserve the right to re-book the room if it has been vacated and the guest removes their belongings from the home prior to the expiration of their reservation.

可住: 2
卫生间: 1.5
床型: 实体床
卧室: 1
床铺: 1
入住时间: 15:00 - 22:00
退房时间: 11:00
房间类型: 独立房间


额外房客: 5 / 晚 (房客超出一人后的人均费用)
清洁费: 45
押金: 500

入住时间为15:00 - 22:00

Only registered guests staying at this home can be checked in at the appointed hour. We cannot check in by proxy. Early Check In or Late Check out may be possible at a rate of $25/hr. Please inquire

Peace, Love and Harmony
Please show courtesy to our neighbors. No gatherings greater than the number of registered house guests.

The Environment Inside
Windows must be closed when the house is being heated or cooled.

The Air That We Breath
This is a non-smoking, burning, vaping property.

The Kitchen
Please wash, dry and put away your dishes.

Keeping it Clean
This home is self-housekeeping. Please keep all common areas clean and your personal belongings in your room. Please return the room to us in the condition that you received it in.

Check Out
Check out is prior to 11 am. If you require a late check out please inquire at least 48 hours in advance. Late check out is subject twenty-five dollars per hour fee paid in advance.

When it is time for you to leave please wash, dry and put away your dishes. Tie up the garbage and take it to the garbage shed.

We reserve the right to re-book the room if it has been vacated/abandoned and the guest removes their belongings from the home prior to the expiration of their reservation

No bicycles storage within the home. Please do not bring bikes or strollers into the house. Bringing a bike lock and tethering your bike outdoors is required.

There is no mail service available at this location. Please rent a P.O. Box in order to receive mail or packages.







If you have a talent for working with difficult people, then you might be okay. The manager and keeper for this place, Kim, is rough around the edges. I asked for the heat to be turned up a couple degrees (it was set at 67degress and is inside a locked box), and this was her response: "Have you considered investing in a sweater? Super helpful in Oregon. Best, Kim" I ended up buying a small electric heat pad, which I would carry around with me. I de-escalated the situation after the turning-up-the-heat conversation, and she was nice to me, but I was on pins-and-needles the whole time. She talked badly about other tenants to me, and said offensive things in my presence about tenants in general. I got the sense that she resents her guests and doesn't like managing and keeping the space clean. Another interaction story: when I arrived there was a lot of rotting food in the fridges that had been left behind. (No system for labeling food or throwing it away...) At one point, there were only a couple of us left so I suggested it was an opportunity to clean out the fridge and make some space (there was little to no space to put new food). Kim took the opportunity to tell me I should do this and suggested that I might also clean the fridge while I was at it. I said I'd be happy to help with the process of throwing out stuff (I'd already thrown out some of the most obviously moldy stuff) but that I wouldn't be cleaning the fridge, to which she responded (in a mode of expert passive-aggressiveness) that I should do it if I wanted a hygienic place to put my food. When I was getting ready to leave, I tried to ask what needed to be done to check out successfully and her answer (I felt) was less than helpful. I feared she would charge me something random from out of the deposit, and hope she doesn't do so after reading this review, in retaliation. At one point, a former tenant posted a note outside the place advising: "get out of this place as soon as you can." This space is completely overpriced for what it is. The location is good, but there are mostly plastic dishes, the kitchen stuff is low quality and in bad shape and most of the appliances don't work: oven hasn't worked apparently for 7 months; toaster oven doesn't really work; only one stovetop element works and that only on high; plate inside microwave doesn't quite fit; clothes washer/drier takes a long time and doesn't dry clothes properly; shower on ground floor is so tiny I couldn't use it. Finally, there are a lot of rules posted everywhere as well as a double sided rule sheet in the room. Makes you feel like you are living in a dorm or halfway house.

Host was very welcoming. Met us immediately at the door and took us through all the house rules. Location was great, on a main but quiet street packed with restaurants etc. And the place itself had everything you could need from washer dryer to a great balcony!

This is a great space! Very clean and an awesome way to meet other travelers!

Great place to stay in a fun neighborhood. There are amazing shops, bars, and restaurants near the building, and public transportation to downtown is very convenient. Kim was very professional, checked us in and went over the rules. We never had to call her since the building was run well. The facilities were clean and supplies were readily available.

I had a great stay at this residence! Kim was very inviting and clearly articulated all of the rules for keeping the place neat and orderly. The house was clean and had all of the accommodations I needed. Parking was not too much of a hassle and the bus to downtown was only a minute walk from the front door. There were also some great restaurants within walking distance. I have no complaints!

Kim and her husband were great host. They exactly what they were doing and provided more than enough accommodations. The house/room fit exactly as the description. The house was located in a great neighborhood/street. There were great spots to eat and very close to the bus stops if we needed to head downtown! Will definitely recommend them for all our friends who plan on making a trip to Portland.


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