Acogedor y cómodo estudio amoblado


Ubicado en el corazón de la Zona Norte de Maracaibo, cerca de las Universidades Rafael Belloso Chacín y LUZ.
Cómodo estudio de 25 mts 2, super acogedor, luminoso, seguro, tranquilo, equipado y con baño privado.


Queremos que se sienta como en su casa, así que sea cordialmente bienvenido!


Relájese en un alojamiento confortable y privado, prepárese y descanse aprovechando el acceso gratuito a la piscina y sala de juegos (tabla de ping-pong, etc).
Al momento de su llegada, si no estamos en casa para recibirle, dejaremos las instrucciones y las llaves al portero para que le dé una cálida bienvenida.


No dude en preguntarnos cualquier información que necesite o simplemente para ayudarle mientras se encuentre en la ciudad!


En la ciudad puede utilizar el transporte público, pero recomendamos la utilización de vehículo alquilado o taxi para no extraviarse en la ciudad.


额外房客 无需付费
清洁费 $6


Respeto y responsable.




My stay at David's was very relaxing and enjoyable. David's family was very amiable and caring. David's brother was very helpful and assisted me in several ways.

I spent around one week at David's place and everything went well and smoothly. David has been very nice and helpful prior to my arrival and during my stay. The room has a private bathroom with shower with hot water. The accommodation offers all is needed for short stays. A/C was fine, as well as WI-FI connection and cable TV, a comfortable double bed. Quiet and relatively safe neighborhood, quite central to reach other areas of the city. Across the street where the apartment is, there're some dining options and a nice coffee shop. I appreciated David's availability for flexible check-in and check-out. I would recommend this accommodation to any future guest.

It was a big and unpleasant surprise for me and my friend that there was practically no water in the apartment. The shower was a weak flow of cold water and the toilet only flashed 30 minutes a day! The rest of the time we had to pour water into the toilet ourselves using a small cup (which naturally did not help at all). David explained that the “water situation” in Maracaibo is difficult and that the same thing can be encountered anywhere in the city. Well, I personally believe that the host must warn his residents in advance about such things in his advertisement on the website.. Not everyone in the world knows about the “water situation” in Maracaibo. Additionally, there was no lighting in our room. Instead – a table lamp and a floor lamp. David was out of the city the whole time of our stay in Maracaibo, so he asked his cousin to help us if we needed anything. She was very nice to offer us help with washing the clothes, but unfortunately I did not receive my shorts back after the washing – they were simply lost. The money rate that David offered for exchanging dollars was ridiculously low – 800 bolivares per dollar. The average rate on the black market (where everyone changes money) is 1000 bolivares per dollar minimum. At the same time, when I asked David’s cousin to change some bolivares that were left at the end of my stay into dollars, she offered me the rate of 1300 bolivares per dollar.. Summing up, unfortunately I cannot recommend this apartment to anyone, especially for the price requested by the host. It is a rip-off.
I have a general policy to attend my guests the best as I can. I m a little surprised about the comments Elena had said, because she never said anything in that way during the stay. At any case, I ask her the apologizes, if she was not confortable in my place. I would like to address some remarks: Regarding the situation of water: I have a water tank inside the apartment, just for providing water 24 hours per day. It is a water tank that enforces the water provision which is supposed to be provided by the municipality. In Venezuela currently we have problems -in general- with the provision of public services (electricity, water, internet, etc). For that reason I bought by my own different means to enforce the provision of these services in favor of my guests. About the temperature of water in shower, it is remarkable to say that Maracaibo is one of the warmest cities in the planet (with around 40 centigrades per day for 365 days a year). People here is not used to have any kind of equipment to become warmer the water on shower. It sounds a little bit excentric here. At any case, the guests had the opportunity to turn the air condition off whenever they wanted, if they prefer to have a warmer temperature in the apartment. At any case, I will try to find a equipment to become warmer the water to garatee the confort of guests. About the lighting in the room, I don’t understand the claim. There were the main light on the ceiling just under the fan, and four lamps inside the room (1 on the refrigerator, 1 on the main table, 1 under the tv, and 1 floor lamp. Unfortunately, I had to travel out of the city some days during the stay of my guests, to attend a very important issue. But, my cousin was 24 hours available to attend the guests. She speaks English and is used to be a very kind person. She told me that it was not true that any piece of clothing was lost. About the money rate for exchanging dollars, in Venezuela it is blocked the currency exchange by regular ways, as in any country it is possible. I m not used to cash money to my guests, so I I asked for help and what I found was a media rate between the official Simadi and the black market rate. In addition, companies charge you a percentage of the operation for cashing money. So, I wanted to help my guests. Unfortunately, they didn’t understand the situation related the “currency exchange in Venezuela”. About my personal offer... Indeed, if you compare the price I request, you may notice that some offers in the worst areas of the city are even more expensive than my offer. My apartment is located in one of the best commercial and residential areas in Maracaibo, with the best shopping centers close in the area. If you compare the prices of the hotels here, they are much more expensive than mine. So, I try to keep the best offer I can, considering the confort and advice to my guests the best way I can

Wonderful Time with David. Very nice Appartement, safe Area, lot of Restaurants around. David is absolut fantastic. He told me a lot things to do. Orderd me private Taxi. Pics me up and return to the Airport. 10 from 10 Points !!!! Will come back. Thanks a lot.
Thank you Andreas! I was very pleased to have received you. You were an excellent guest too! Whenever you want to come back, please do not hesitate to contact me, regards, David.

David was very receptive and incredibly helpful and went a long way to make us feel welcomed in his place. The only downside was the intermittent internet service (which I needed for work while on holidays) but other than that it was a very good experience.

David is a gracious host and a great communicator. He made the whole booking experience much easier!

david is the best guy in venezuela by far!!! very friendly, very helpful, from day 1 was there to gimme all the info and help i needed to travel to maracaibo!!! his place is in a great location, very safe and very central. nice house, clean, comfortable... whoever goes to maracaibo, THIS is your choice!!!!!

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