Plenty of counter space, professional appliances and cookwareGlass bar with 3 barstools
Luxury By The Gorge

The Gorge Amphitheater is a 15 minute drive
Gourmet designer kitchen
Tournament-quality Pool Table & Darts
Modern comfort + rural peace & quiet
Self check-in with Smart Locks, no need to coordinate your check-in time.
an hour's drive from Leavenworth
close to Quincy-area wineries, Crescent Bar
We welcome Data Center contractors!


We have a modern, comfortable luxury home with a fully-equipped gourmet kitchen, a professional pool table, and a patio with a Weber Genesis gas grill, picnic table and a fire table - all located mere minutes from the Gorge Amphitheater, 40 minutes away from Wenatchee, and an hour away from Leavenworth. This home is a luxurious gem with no peer in the area. You and your guests will be able to relax in comfort in our contemporary oasis.


Guests have access to the entire home and 2 acre property except the garage, downstairs utility room and the storage space under the stairs. Those areas are expressly off-limits.

Feel free to take advantage of the well stocked pantry, and let us know if there is anything you would like to have stocked in the kitchen for your visit. Please take a few moments to review our excellent House Manual if you want to use our fabulous kitchen, it has several things you should be aware of regarding the dishwasher, water faucets, cookware, range, oven and grill.


We are available via phone and video chat for remote check-in and check-out. You will have complete privacy during your stay, we will not "check in to see how you are doing" unless you specifically contact us and request something. Feel free to contact us at any time of day or night (preferably via the Airbnb messaging system) for any questions or to notify us of any issues or problems. Our immediate neighbors - Cliff & Mary to the east and Ed to the west - are very nice people and good friends that are aware of and comfortable with our home being listed on Airbnb. Ed's white lab Snickerdoodle may wander onto the property, as may Sochi, a mastiff pup of Cliff's.


We do not provide Satellite or Cable TV. We make up for that by having ridiculously fast internet. The TV has an AppleTV and Chromecast to allow you to stream whatever you want from Android or iOS devices.

If you use the kitchen, please take care when using the gas range, it puts out more heat than a regular home range, especially if you have limited experience cooking with gas - too much heat can damage aluminum nonstick pans. Loose-fitting clothing and big 80's hair are also bad things to get near to open gas flames.

There are 2 extra water faucets at the kitchen sink. The one on the left is Reverse Osmosis filtered water - use for cooking, drinking, making coffee, and so forth. The one on the right is a 190°F (88°C) Instant Hot Water dispenser. Please be careful, it can scald.

Our home has a water softener. What does this mean? It means that soap works 10 times as well as it normally does. Have a *VERY LIGHT HAND* with soap in the kitchen, laundry and bathroom. Use less than a quarter of the amount of soap, shampoo and laundry detergent that you are used to. If you don't - you'll be spending a lot of time trying to wash the soap out.

Also mentioned in the house rules but bears repeating - use _moderate_ amounts of toilet paper and flush often. We are on a septic system, and a blockage that backs up into the house would be unsanitary and unpleasant for everyone.



额外房客 $50 / 晚 (多于8位房客后开始收取)
清洁费 $250
押金 $1500

1张沙发, 1张充气床垫


We require the booking party to have verified their Government-issued photo ID with Airbnb, and for that ID to be presented upon demand at check-in. The names of all guests must be listed on the booking. The booking party agrees to be responsible/liable for any damage caused by any guest.

The only allowed third party bookings are made through Airbnb's Business Program. Please refer to and for more information.

Please use the Airbnb messaging system to document your check-in, check-out, and to communicate any questions or problems. We document the condition and contents of the home before your arrival and after your departure.

There is an additional $2000/day fee for any events that would involve more than 12 people on the property at any one time. Events must be disclosed to and approved by us beforehand. Please communicate your request via the Airbnb messaging system.

Our home has an excellent HVAC system, but it only works if windows and doors are not left open. We are also in the middle of agricultural farmland, and dust is a huge problem. Please do not open the windows and do not leave doors open. If the AC freezes up because doors get left open, the AC must be shut off and the fan left running for several hours while you wait for the ice on the evaporator coils to melt. A previous group saw the temperature in the home spike to over 90F. A future home automation upgrade will include door and window sensors that will cause a loudspeaker to play a recording of Donald Trump reading Vogon Poetry at full volume if any door or window is left open longer than 2 minutes.

If you use the kitchen, please wash any cookware, dishes or cutlery you use. Please use the dishwasher for dishes and cutlery only. Cookware and sharp knives should be hand washed. There is an additional $100 fee for leaving a mess in the kitchen. The cleaning fee that is charged only covers cleaning the bathrooms, washing the bedding and light vacumming. Any messes/additional cleaning required will cause extra fees.

No smoking in the home. Period. If you smoke, you must do so outside and dispose of your cigarette butts properly. Proper disposal means you either a) use the provided pole-style ashtray or b) eat the cigarette butts.

If we have to pick up cigarette butts outside after your departure, there will be a $50 charge per cigarette butt. Take care to smoke a good distance away from doors and windows, and do not enter the home immediately after smoking, give it a few minutes to let the smoke dissipate. Smoking within 15 feet of doors is prohibited. If the home smells like tobacco smoke after your stay or burn holes are discovered on bedding, carpets, furniture or anything else, you will be charged for professional cleaning services, replacement of the damaged item(s) as well as lost revenue from missed booking opportunities. The person that books is responsible for the behavior and actions of any guests on the property.

Treat the pool table with respect. Do not set drinks or food on it or allow others to do so. Please enjoy the pool table and darts, but use due caution and keep in mind you are still liable for any damage that occurs.

Our home is on a septic system. This requires that only 2 things go into the toilets - human waste and _moderate_ amounts of toilet paper. Other items - including, but by no means limited to: condoms, baby wipes, condoms, paper towels, condoms, feminine pads, condoms, tampons and condoms - could cause a very unpleasant, unsanitary and expensive sewage backup into the house. We would like to prevent that. Avoid putting prohibited items in the toilets and flush early, flush often.

We offer a $25 RTFHR discount. Mention 'Slartibartfast' in any Airbnb message to get the discount.

No pets inside the home, please.

Small (less than 20lbs) short-hair breed dogs may be considered with a pet deposit, please inquire about this via the Airbnb messaging system and secure permission before bringing a pet.

Service animals, of course, are permitted but we ask that you keep your service animal out of the kitchen area and not allow them into the rooms with carpet. You will still be liable for any damage caused by your service animal, and you must inform the host before arriving that a service animal will be on the property.

The property has security cameras outside, in the garage and utility room. Disabling or tampering with the security cameras is strictly prohibited, as is trespassing in the garage, utility room or the storage space under the stairs.

Check-Out procedure:
1. Make sure all trash is bagged and placed in the bin at the end of the driveway. Do not leave trash in the home.
2. Verify all windows are shut and locked.
3. Make sure downstairs and landing front doors are locked.
4. Confirm the fridge and freezer doors are fully shut.
5. Do one final walkthrough, documenting the condition of the property before you depart with video/photos if you like. (I would recommend it)
6. Inform us via the Airbnb messaging system that you have departed and the home was left orderly and secure with all windows and doors shut and locked and all trash properly disposed of.

Unfortunately some of the rules and fees that appear here were added as the result of the bad behavior of prior guests. We know *you* won't be one of *those* guests and will be respectful of our property and the rules contained herein.

需爬楼梯 - The home has 2 levels, 2 bedrooms on each. Home is not wheelchair-friendly.
房源里养有宠物 - Our neighbors have large farm dogs that could be mistaken for a small horse. They are friendly and not aggressive or territorial.





10/10 ... This place went beyond my expectations. The home was just beautiful and well put together. You'll have everything you need in the household, from kitchen utility, to a great sounding speaker system, to plentiful supplies for the bathroom and house overall. More importantly, Bob was a great help. He is very responsive, and completely open when it comes to suggestions with the surrounding area or the home itself. Would definitely stay there again!

Great central location for concerts at the Gorge or boating on the river/lake. It's a Beautiful home with all the amenities you could need. Bob is a great host and was great to work with. His communications was prompt and very accommodating with anything we needed. Would definitely stay again! Thanks Bob!

Bobs house is gorgeous, backyard is perfect for the summer, shaded with room for activities. 15 minutes from the gorge, 10 from downtown Quincy to grab more supplies. My large group had a great time.

Great location for concert goers. The kitchen really is equipped with all you may need. We will definitely stay again!

This is the second time we have stayed in Bobs home and we enjoyed it just as much as the first time. He added a fire pit outside on the patio so we were all able to sit around it at night and make smores and chat. The house was very clean and stocked with absolutely everything we could have needed. We went to a concert at the gorge and it's a perfect place to stay if you are doing so considering the short drive. I cannot wait to come back again! Thank you Bob.

Bob was a great host. The kitchen was well stocked with all of the essentials, as well as great beer, soft drinks, and breakfast items. Great location for concerts at the Gorge Amphitheater!

Great experience staying at this residence for the weekend. Bob (the home owner) was very explanatory, helpful and very prompt with responding to any questions we had throughout our stay. The home was clean, stocked with all the right amenities listed in the posting and then some! Plenty of activities from board games to darts to the pool table. Home was very well air conditioned being as it was 95 degrees out and we were able to adjust the temperature to our liking. We have already booked another weekend trip as we enjoyed it so much. Thank you Bob!
I am so happy you had such a great time and can't wait to host you and your group in a few weeks!


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