Vintage MCM sofa & chair (desk no longer here)One of Pittsburgh's most unique homes!
*Dome Sweet Dome!* 2BR for up to 4 guests
2 - 12岁
“匹兹堡杂志”2014年10月号的文章(“远离家园”可以在线查看)。这个列表是出租2个圆顶的3间卧室,最多可容纳4人。 我们的新床垫和枕头来自高度评价的Nest Bedding。
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Featured in the Oct. 2014 issue of Pittsburgh Magazine (the article "Dome away from Home" can be viewed online). This listing is for rental of 2 of the dome's 3 bedrooms, for a maximum of 4 people.

"Love Where You Sleep" with our new mattresses & pillows from the highly rated Nest Bedding.


额外房客 $10 / 晚 多于2位房客
押金 $300
满1周立减: 7%



• We schedule check in times between 5 PM and 9 PM. In order to coordinate a mutually agreeable check in time, we require that you inform us of your expected arrival time at least 7 days prior to arrival date (or immediately upon booking, if reservation starts in 7 days or less); this is to be done via the Airbnb messaging system.
• Unless we agree IN ADVANCE to a later arrival time, GUESTS MUST ARRIVE FOR CHECK IN BY 9 PM on the scheduled arrival date.
• If you cancel your booking, eligibility for any refund will be strictly as specified by the listed cancellation policy.
• The Guest who made the reservation must be part of the traveling party, must be present at check in, and must remain in residence throughout the reserved period.
• Airbnb policies prohibit third party bookings. What this means is that reservations for personal travel cannot be made on behalf of another person, and we will not give the keys to someone other than the Guest who booked the reservation. The only exception to this is if the booking is made by an official booker under the Airbnb for Business program, and the booking shows up as such on the itinerary.
• ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING IN THE HOUSE OR ANYWHERE ON THE PROPERTY, and no lighting of candles, incense, or other similar items is permitted. We also do not permit the use of e-cigarettes, vaping, or smokeless tobacco in the house or on the property. Violation of this rule will result in immediate termination of your stay with no refund for unused nights, possible charges against your security deposit, and we will notify Airbnb of the violation.
• For the safety and security of our home, ourselves, and any other guests in our home, YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BRING ANYONE TO OUR HOME OR ONTO THE PROPERTY WHO IS NOT ALREADY ACCOUNTED FOR AND PAID FOR IN YOUR RESERVATION. Any visiting (regardless of whether it is with family, friends, business associates, or someone you met online or while out) must be done elsewhere. Violation of this rule will result in immediate termination of your stay with no refund for unused nights, possible charges against your security deposit, and we will notify Airbnb of the violation.
• ABSOLUTELY NO PETS ARE PERMITTED IN THE HOUSE OR ANYWHERE ON THE PROPERTY. Violation of this rule will result in immediate termination of your stay with no refund for unused nights, possible charges against your security deposit, and we will notify Airbnb of the violation.
• Guests are not permitted to enter the 3rd bedroom (the one that isn't included as part of the offer in this listing), the interior storage room, the outdoor storage shed, the furnace room, or anything that is locked, and are not permitted to access anything that has a "NOT FOR GUEST USE" label on it or on the place it is stored in. Guests are also not permitted to have any mail delivered to this address or to access our mailbox. Any such unauthorized access of these rooms or things will at our discretion result in our asking the guest(s) to vacate our home immediately. IF WE FEEL THAT THE SITUATION IS SEVERE ENOUGH TO WARRANT OUR NEEDING TO REQUIRE YOU/YOUR TRAVELING COMPANION TO LEAVE OUR HOME, violation of this rule will result in immediate termination of your stay with no refund for unused nights, possible charges against your security deposit, and we will notify Airbnb of the violation.
• Be courteous to other occupants.
• Quiet hours are 11 PM to 7 AM, and excessive noise is not permitted at any time.
• As a courtesy to us and any other guests in the home during your stay, clean up any messes you make in the bathroom and other common areas, and keep those areas uncluttered. Store your toiletries, shoes, clothing, and other personal items in your room when not using them, and put your food away in the cabinets or refrigerator.
• Do not remove the first aid kit from the home, and return it to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom when finished using it.
• Do not place used towels or other damp/wet items on the floor or on the furniture. Hooks and towel bars are provided for towels you plan to reuse, and any towels you are finished using are to be placed in the hamper in the hall closet.
• Coasters are available and are to be used under any drinks placed on wooden furniture.
• Wash, dry, and put away any kitchen items you use as soon as you've finished using them, and promptly clean up any spills, crumbs, and cooking splatters.
• To prevent household pests, no food or beverages other than water are to be taken into the bedroom.
• Recycling is mandatory in City of Pittsburgh. The "House Manual" section of your Airbnb itinerary will include the URL for you to use to view the City of Pittsburgh's recycling instruction sheet.
• Do not mix garbage and recyclables.
• Recyclables (including any from the living room, bedrooms, and bathroom) must be put in blue bags in the blue recycling container near the kitchen trash can. Please note that while corrugated cardboard is a recyclable item, it cannot be placed in the blue bag; it must instead be flattened (and placed between the recycling can and trash can) so it can be bundled together before we take it out.
• For trash, use the small bedroom and bathroom wastebaskets (absolutely no food waste or dirty food wrappers/containers are to be placed in these wastebaskets) or the kitchen trash can (for food waste, plastic grocery bags, Styrofoam, non-recyclable food containers, and any other non-recyclable trash).
• Appropriate recycling bags, wastebasket liners, and trash can liners must be used... don't put items into an unlined receptacle. Extra liner bags are stored in a drawer in the kitchen and/or in the hall closet.
• Turn off lights/fans/TV/coffeemaker when not using them.
• Do not turn the heat higher than 72 degrees Fahrenheit.
• Do not turn the air conditioning below 76 degrees Fahrenheit... also, do not turn the air conditioning to a setting that is more than 20 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature, as doing so may cause improper functioning and/or damage to the system.
• By using our home's internet connection or allowing your traveling companion to do so, you agree to accept full legal responsibility for any internet activity that you or your traveling companion engage in while using the internet connection at the house.
• No torrenting, P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file sharing, or similar bandwidth extensive online activities are permitted.
• Harassing or illegal internet activities are strictly forbidden.
• We provide WiFi access only; you and your traveling companion(s) will not have access to the modem/router, and will not be permitted to attach any devices to the modem/router or to attempt to change any modem/router settings.
• You are responsible for reimbursing the full replacement cost of any furnishings or other household items damaged as the result of any action by you or your traveling companion(s), regardless of whether such action was intentional or not.
• If any action of you or your traveling companion(s) results in damage to the home or its mechanical systems, you are responsible for the full costs of the repairs, regardless of whether such action was intentional or not.
• You are fully responsible for your own behavior and actions. You are also fully responsible for the behaviors and actions of your traveling companion(s) while on the property, and are responsible for ensuring that you and they are informed of and abide by the House Rules and any other terms and conditions included elsewhere in the listing.
• CHECK OUT TIME IS BY NO LATER THAN 11 AM. Sorry, no exceptions. If we are not present when you leave, you agree that you will check out by notifying us via text or the Airbnb messaging system to confirm that you have departed. When you leave, close the bedroom doors behind you.
• If you have not officially checked out (as outlined above) by 11:15 AM, you will be considered to have overstayed without permission, and will be subject to Airbnb's policies regarding such.
• If you fail to ensure that all keys that were given to you upon check in are upon check out left in the designated location (on the nightstand in the King bedroom), you agree to pay $75 to cover the time and costs of rekeying the locks and having new keys made.
• In order to comply with the terms of the AirBNB Host Guarantee and other Airbnb terms, we are hereby informing the "Responsible Guest" (guest who booked the accommodation) that he/she has an express obligation to pay the host for damages or losses for any Covered Property that directly or indirectly occurred as the result of any action or omission by such Responsible Guest or Invitee. This obligation applies regardless of whether the cause of the damages or losses was intentional or accidental.
• None of the above statements in any way limit or restrict our rights to pursue legal action against any party whose intentional or unintentional actions we believe may have been the direct or indirect cause of any losses or damages to the home or our household property.
• By completing a booking, you are agreeing to all the terms contained in these "House Rules" and in the rest of the listing and in Airbnb's policies and terms of service. If any of the above "House Rules" or any terms in the listing are found to be legally invalid, or to be contrary to the policies of Airbnb, this shall not in any way affect the validity of the remainder of the "House Rules" and listing terms.
• DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES CONTINUE PAST OUR HOME TOWARDS THE LAST HOME ON THE LANE (the home at the dead end is a private residence, and we expect you to respect the owner's privacy). Also do not in any way otherwise disturb or intrude upon the residents/premises of that property or any other homes on the lane. By making a booking, you are agreeing that you and your traveling companion will not trespass onto our neighbors' properties.





Being a resident of Pittsburgh, I had couple of friends visiting me from NYC and I decided to book Lisa & Lee's dome for a weekend as a fun/quirky staying option. Easily one of my best booking decisions in the recent past - my friends and I totally loved it! It was quite an experience to stay in the dome for a weekend - it's everything that the description says and more! I got a chance to meet Lisa and had a wonderful time talking to her about her experiences and local recommendations. Would strongly recommend!

Such an awesome place to stay, I've seen anything like it! Quiet area yet close proximity to downtown. Lisa was extremely nice, definitely a great first experience with airbnb

Fun experience to stay in the house for a night. Has everything you need and in a quiet neighborhood- but you do have to drive through a slightly sketchy neighborhood to get there.

The description of the house is completely accurate. It's very cool and surprisingly spacious. In order to get to it though, there is a bit of rough neighborhood to go through, but it's not that bad. You are about 5-10 minutes from anything you need (Whole Foods, Target, restaurants and bars). I stayed there three nights while on business and really enjoyed the space.


匹兹堡, 宾夕法尼亚州, 美国注册时间:八月 2012
Lisa & Lee的用户个人资料

Hi we're Azhar (but everyone calls me Lee) and Lisa. Lisa usually handles the bookings and other communications on our listings. Our listings include an entire dome home, 1 & 2 BR apartments, and Private Rooms (please note that if you're viewing one of our "Private Room" listings, most of those are for rooms in the home we live in, which is NOT the dome house... we only very rarely offer "Private Room" rentals in the dome home, as it is usually offered only as a whole house rental).

One of our listings, our Yaca-Dome, has been featured in Pittsburgh Magazine, and it may be the most unique Pittsburgh property that is offered on Airbnb. We call it "The Igloo" (take a look at the listing photos and you'll see why), and it's usually available only as a whole house rental. With 3 bedrooms, the home can accommodate up to 6 guests. The Igloo offers a relaxing, private setting while still being within the city limits and close to all the great amenities and attractions Pittsburgh has to offer.

The private apartments we offer are located on bus lines that provide easy access to Oakland and Downtown. There is also free on-street parking available.

While we occasionally offer private room rentals in the Yaca-Dome or in the 2 bedroom apartment, most of the private rooms we offer are at the home we live in. In our home, you can rent individual or multiple rooms (including one room with its own private en suite bathroom), depending on availability. Our home is conveniently located near all the amenities Pittsburgh's East End has to offer, and is less than a 10 minute walk to Bakery Square/G**gle. We are also located near a CMU and Chatham shuttle stops. And if you bring a car, plenty of free street parking and off-street parking is available.

Lee has already added numerous green features to our properties, such as an in-floor radiant heating system (in the 1st floor and basement of our home), changed all the lighting to LED & CFL bulbs, installed many low flow water fixtures, etc. We plan to use part of our Airbnb earnings to add more green features. Ultimately, a Net-Zero house is Lee's goal.

Thank you very much for considering us for your Pittsburgh stay,
Lee & Lisa

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